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Chewbaccawakka's page

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Can't think of anything to pool resources on. I think Mots gonna buy some stuff for hisself.

Hey guys, are we splitting up the credit value of the armor we found fighting the vegpygmys?

What does that give us in terms of individual credit?

Okay, so:

1d12 ⇒ 12


+4 Skill points go to:

+1 Diplomacy = +7

+1 Intimidate = +10

+1 Survival = +4

+1 Swim = +4

BAB is now +3

REF is now +5

WILL is now +4 when raging +6

And now he gets:

Trap Sense

At 3rd level, a barbarian gains a +1 bonus on Reflex saves made to avoid traps and a +1 dodge bonus to armor class against attacks made by traps. These bonuses increase by +1 every three barbarian levels thereafter (6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 18th level). Trap sense bonuses gained from multiple classes stack.

Oh and +1 Ability point going to...

Intelligence! Yay Mot got smarter! :D

Int now = 8 or -1 as opposed to -2.

Grand total HP is now 50, 58 when raging! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Sure that's cool.

I think that's a pretty jaded perspective for someone to take. Kinda like what Saren might say...

*looks closely at Beorae for signs of indoctrination*

Hey, just wondering if I'm the only one who thinks it's kinda weird that our party of good adventurers just practically ignored an evil creature killing babies...?

Sorry to keep hijacking your discussion, Nether. But I just wanted to ask Quirel if he'd had a chance to think about his character for the new campaign? When you're ready, just send me a PM with your char and backstory.

Oh, and the name of the starting town is Sharlstown.

Technically Hangouts, but yes! Our first Live game with the five of us! :D

For real. That's what, the 3rd? 4th in a row that's been utter rubbish?

Hey cool! I know Raga will be excited to play alongside ya. Sweet, that's four chars. I just got my new computer, so I play on starting work on the campaign this week. Depending on my schedule I might be able to get the game going within a week or so.

So fingers crossed and welcome to the team, Quirel!

Hey, just checking to make sure no one else was interested either? If not no worries, just wanted to give y'all the option! :D

Hey guys, just wanted to drop in and extend an offer to y'all. I've recently decided I'd like to give GMing another shot. I've got an idea for a short campaign and I'd like to try it out. I've got 3 spots filled already, but that leaves one or maybe two slots open if anybody here would like to play. It'll be a similar world to Thalenial/SilverScale. But not the same one. We'll be starting at level 2, using the CRB only.

Anyway, if you'd like to add another Play-by-Post to your repertoire please let me know! It'll be a few weeks until I've got something up (New computer is in the mail now) but go ahead and start thinking/building your characters for when everything's ready to go.

Thanks for your time!

1d10 ⇒ 1

Freaking A! >:(


I would prefer your roll...


1d10 ⇒ 3

Well, some is better than none, no? I think centipede might (heh) be best. I know they're venomous?

Maybe Beorn, could you try summoning a giant centipede, to chase him out of the tunnels? We deprive him of one of his advantages and it'll help leveling the field.

Mot has an Intelligence of 7.


Heh, sorry. I just caught up reading the boards today. Been super busy these past few months. I moved, got two jobs and am now working 70 hours a week. And THEN there's Destiny... Heh.

I really hope I can start posting soon, but I still only have access to my phone. Which kinda sucks for posting... :/

Mot's sheet should be in order, but Mott's might not be... :P

Heh speaking of, guess who bought Destiny today and will be playing tonight! :D

Who's Mr Spanish guitar?

Probably a bunch of climb/strength checks...?

I vote we send mr sneaky mc sneakerston a ahead to scout, no more than 80ft though. Themp, you'd probably want to travel on foot and have one of us hold daisys reins. Keep the squishy Druid between Mot and Nme'an. Maybe Mot in front? He's the fastest and can respond quickly in case of ambush?

Heh, I was just gonna mention that for once I was ready to do a Mot post. :P

*shakes a fist towards the heavens*

How did you know?


My first weeks schedule was off the wall and left me about 2 hours a day to actually do stuff. That stuff usually being getting ready to go back to work.

My schedule is changing though and so hopefully I'll be able to start posting again sometime this week. Until then, I see Mot is in Nethers most capable hands. :)

To address the first issue: Yeah, I can understand how this side of Mot could come as a surprise to Nme'an, to be fair though, this is the first creature that we've neutralized WITHOUT killing it outright. Mot has no problem with annihilating ANYTHING that is an active threat to him or his friends, but once the threat has passed the Urlghain doesn't particularly enjoy killing beasts or men.

Regarding the second issue: Yes, I agree. It is difficult to play a dumb character intelligently. :P

I feel that the fault is primarily mine in this instance. Whether I've not made Mots position clear enough, or just haven't posted as often as I should to make his case apparent. My apologies for that and before we go on allow me to make it clear.

Mot wanted an owlbear to ride.

Mot is stupid and short-sighted.

Mot found out about baby owlbears and was willing to let the old one alone.

Nme'an tried to kill a helpless neutral creature after neutralizing the threat.

Mot views that act as an evil one.

Mot isn't trying to defend his (admittedly AWESOME) idea to have an owl-bear mount.

Mot is trying to defend a helpless creature who he thinks doesn't need to die.

Creature is now dead.

Mot is furious at the "needless" waste of life. (As a barbarian he grew up closer to nature than some)

Mot will do something violent. But it was NEVER my intent to kill Nme'an, or even seriously wound him. Mot considered him a friend up to this point.

Ok, whew. I think that covers it. Anything else I can clarify from my side of things?

Ps. Did I mention how much I DESPISE PC/PC conflicts?! Such a hassle! :/

So, was talking to Nether when he realized that We could also roll Knowledge Nature (at a higher DC) to get info on owlbears. So, I say roll them if you got them. :)

Hey Beorae, I think you've got two standard actions going on right now. Intimidate and the fireball attack...?

*EDIT* Also, Shark having been reduced to negative HP and then revived puts him in the prone position. ANY movement (that I know of) would provoke an AoO. Not sure moving him is the best option...

A round is a six second period of time. In it a person can do a move action and a standard action, ect, blah blah blah. But if the casting time is one round, that suggests that the spell isn't complete until a full six seconds have passed. So the summoned ally would appear on the turn and act immediately, once the spell has been completed?

At least that's what it sounds like to me.

Yes, but it also says that casting time is one full Round. So Beora would still be casting until her next turn, upon which the ally would act.

I think.

Nether can set it straight when he sees the boards. :P

Hey Beorn, I think Summon Eagle (Or whatever it's called) doesn't take effect until your next turn? It should say somewhere in the spell description.

Don't forget some strength checks Nme'an! :)

Nether meant to add that Beoraes Detect Magic detected a Moderate Conjuration Aura. Just so you know. :)

Cool beans! I've never used an Animal Comp.


Not sure about Shark, I don't have much experience with animal companions. But Beora would get 1d8 + 1 (CON) every level.

Just like Mot would get 1d12 + 3 (CON) every level.

In addition you can use your Favored Class Bonus for an extra 1HP, OR 1 extra skill point. Your choice.


Hey Beorn, where is that new feat coming from? Is there a Druid ability that gives it to you?

Honestly with this song, most songs probably but ESPECIALLY this song, you COULDNT sing an play at the same time. That's why he's singing the verses, but playing the melody on the choruses. If you want to get real technical, in order to play it on the pipes it would probably have to be in the key of D, or maybe Eb. Which is not a good key for Mot to sing in. At least not with how I picture his voice. :P

But whatevs we're playing a game right? Heh. As for perform, it's trained only I think. So in lieu of having ranks I just used Diplo. I suppose if Nether wants one, Mot could try for the max-10, but unless it's asked for I'll just leave it as is.

Neat! I'll have to check that out when I get a chance!

No, the thing with Stealth is that it's a catch-all. The idea being that maybe Themp was simply TRYING to be discreet, but he is SO naturally stealthy that he just kinda melted into the background. Similar thing with Donovan, his stealth is so naturally high that none of us saw him when we first entered. He had to turn the page for us to see him.

Or if you want, that scene with Aragorn and Boromir in Rivendell.

Essentially if Themp (or anyone for that matter) rolls a stealth, an opposing perception must beat it in order to notice him (them). As long as he doesn't take another, non-stealthy, action in the interim.

Make sense?

Remember Nme'an you'll need to pass a perception check DC: 28 to notice Themp by the door. Otherwise you'd just be hollering into an, apparently, empty room.

Hey just wanted to let everyone know that it'll be a couple days until Netherfire can reach a computer to post. So if you have any sort of lives outside of the game (pff, I know right? Ridiculous.) now would be the time to attend to it. Heh.

Hey just wanted to let everyone know that it'll be a couple days until Netherfire can reach a computer to post. So if you have any sort of lives outside of the game (pff, I know right? Ridiculous.) now would be the time to attend to it. Heh.

Hey just wanted to let everyone know, Netherfire will be posting later on today. He's been busy, but I'll let him fill in any details as he will. Anyway, keep an eye out for it!

Hey just wanted to let everyone know, Netherfire will be posting later on today. He's been busy, but I'll let him fill in any details as he will. Anyway, keep an eye out for it!

@DSP: Mythic Stealth? Hmm, that's almost as good as Angas! ;D

@Raga: Aye, more or less. The discussion thread will be where we should hang out now.

@Raga: Usually you just plug your background stuff into you char profile. If you'd like, you can post it here for us to read. Or if you think you can work it into the game proper, feel free!

@Gwath: Take your time reading up and getting comfortable with the boards. As for playing "Shank/Shark the Cat." That's up to Netherfire and Beorn both. Though you should know cats cannot speak. So the char wouldn't have much to do outside of combat...

Gwath Gil wrote:
I exist. I think.

Hello World!

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