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Chewbaccawakka's page

58 posts (1,434 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 10 aliases.


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1d10 ⇒ 1

Freaking A! >:(


I would prefer your roll...


1d10 ⇒ 3

Well, some is better than none, no? I think centipede might (heh) be best. I know they're venomous?

Maybe Beorn, could you try summoning a giant centipede, to chase him out of the tunnels? We deprive him of one of his advantages and it'll help leveling the field.

Mot has an Intelligence of 7.


Heh, sorry. I just caught up reading the boards today. Been super busy these past few months. I moved, got two jobs and am now working 70 hours a week. And THEN there's Destiny... Heh.

I really hope I can start posting soon, but I still only have access to my phone. Which kinda sucks for posting... :/

Mot's sheet should be in order, but Mott's might not be... :P

Heh speaking of, guess who bought Destiny today and will be playing tonight! :D

Who's Mr Spanish guitar?

Probably a bunch of climb/strength checks...?

I vote we send mr sneaky mc sneakerston a ahead to scout, no more than 80ft though. Themp, you'd probably want to travel on foot and have one of us hold daisys reins. Keep the squishy Druid between Mot and Nme'an. Maybe Mot in front? He's the fastest and can respond quickly in case of ambush?

Heh, I was just gonna mention that for once I was ready to do a Mot post. :P

*shakes a fist towards the heavens*

How did you know?


My first weeks schedule was off the wall and left me about 2 hours a day to actually do stuff. That stuff usually being getting ready to go back to work.

My schedule is changing though and so hopefully I'll be able to start posting again sometime this week. Until then, I see Mot is in Nethers most capable hands. :)

To address the first issue: Yeah, I can understand how this side of Mot could come as a surprise to Nme'an, to be fair though, this is the first creature that we've neutralized WITHOUT killing it outright. Mot has no problem with annihilating ANYTHING that is an active threat to him or his friends, but once the threat has passed the Urlghain doesn't particularly enjoy killing beasts or men.

Regarding the second issue: Yes, I agree. It is difficult to play a dumb character intelligently. :P

I feel that the fault is primarily mine in this instance. Whether I've not made Mots position clear enough, or just haven't posted as often as I should to make his case apparent. My apologies for that and before we go on allow me to make it clear.

Mot wanted an owlbear to ride.

Mot is stupid and short-sighted.

Mot found out about baby owlbears and was willing to let the old one alone.

Nme'an tried to kill a helpless neutral creature after neutralizing the threat.

Mot views that act as an evil one.

Mot isn't trying to defend his (admittedly AWESOME) idea to have an owl-bear mount.

Mot is trying to defend a helpless creature who he thinks doesn't need to die.

Creature is now dead.

Mot is furious at the "needless" waste of life. (As a barbarian he grew up closer to nature than some)

Mot will do something violent. But it was NEVER my intent to kill Nme'an, or even seriously wound him. Mot considered him a friend up to this point.

Ok, whew. I think that covers it. Anything else I can clarify from my side of things?

Ps. Did I mention how much I DESPISE PC/PC conflicts?! Such a hassle! :/

So, was talking to Nether when he realized that We could also roll Knowledge Nature (at a higher DC) to get info on owlbears. So, I say roll them if you got them. :)

Hey Beorae, I think you've got two standard actions going on right now. Intimidate and the fireball attack...?

*EDIT* Also, Shark having been reduced to negative HP and then revived puts him in the prone position. ANY movement (that I know of) would provoke an AoO. Not sure moving him is the best option...

A round is a six second period of time. In it a person can do a move action and a standard action, ect, blah blah blah. But if the casting time is one round, that suggests that the spell isn't complete until a full six seconds have passed. So the summoned ally would appear on the turn and act immediately, once the spell has been completed?

At least that's what it sounds like to me.

Yes, but it also says that casting time is one full Round. So Beora would still be casting until her next turn, upon which the ally would act.

I think.

Nether can set it straight when he sees the boards. :P

Hey Beorn, I think Summon Eagle (Or whatever it's called) doesn't take effect until your next turn? It should say somewhere in the spell description.

Don't forget some strength checks Nme'an! :)

Nether meant to add that Beoraes Detect Magic detected a Moderate Conjuration Aura. Just so you know. :)

Cool beans! I've never used an Animal Comp.


Not sure about Shark, I don't have much experience with animal companions. But Beora would get 1d8 + 1 (CON) every level.

Just like Mot would get 1d12 + 3 (CON) every level.

In addition you can use your Favored Class Bonus for an extra 1HP, OR 1 extra skill point. Your choice.


Hey Beorn, where is that new feat coming from? Is there a Druid ability that gives it to you?

Honestly with this song, most songs probably but ESPECIALLY this song, you COULDNT sing an play at the same time. That's why he's singing the verses, but playing the melody on the choruses. If you want to get real technical, in order to play it on the pipes it would probably have to be in the key of D, or maybe Eb. Which is not a good key for Mot to sing in. At least not with how I picture his voice. :P

But whatevs we're playing a game right? Heh. As for perform, it's trained only I think. So in lieu of having ranks I just used Diplo. I suppose if Nether wants one, Mot could try for the max-10, but unless it's asked for I'll just leave it as is.

Neat! I'll have to check that out when I get a chance!

No, the thing with Stealth is that it's a catch-all. The idea being that maybe Themp was simply TRYING to be discreet, but he is SO naturally stealthy that he just kinda melted into the background. Similar thing with Donovan, his stealth is so naturally high that none of us saw him when we first entered. He had to turn the page for us to see him.

Or if you want, that scene with Aragorn and Boromir in Rivendell.

Essentially if Themp (or anyone for that matter) rolls a stealth, an opposing perception must beat it in order to notice him (them). As long as he doesn't take another, non-stealthy, action in the interim.

Make sense?

Remember Nme'an you'll need to pass a perception check DC: 28 to notice Themp by the door. Otherwise you'd just be hollering into an, apparently, empty room.

Hey just wanted to let everyone know that it'll be a couple days until Netherfire can reach a computer to post. So if you have any sort of lives outside of the game (pff, I know right? Ridiculous.) now would be the time to attend to it. Heh.

Hey just wanted to let everyone know that it'll be a couple days until Netherfire can reach a computer to post. So if you have any sort of lives outside of the game (pff, I know right? Ridiculous.) now would be the time to attend to it. Heh.

Hey just wanted to let everyone know, Netherfire will be posting later on today. He's been busy, but I'll let him fill in any details as he will. Anyway, keep an eye out for it!

Hey just wanted to let everyone know, Netherfire will be posting later on today. He's been busy, but I'll let him fill in any details as he will. Anyway, keep an eye out for it!

@DSP: Mythic Stealth? Hmm, that's almost as good as Angas! ;D

@Raga: Aye, more or less. The discussion thread will be where we should hang out now.

@Raga: Usually you just plug your background stuff into you char profile. If you'd like, you can post it here for us to read. Or if you think you can work it into the game proper, feel free!

@Gwath: Take your time reading up and getting comfortable with the boards. As for playing "Shank/Shark the Cat." That's up to Netherfire and Beorn both. Though you should know cats cannot speak. So the char wouldn't have much to do outside of combat...

Gwath Gil wrote:
I exist. I think.

Hello World!

Haha, that's it more or less.

Critical hits work like this:

If you roll a natural 20 with your attack roll you threaten a critical hit. You then roll another attack roll. If this second roll beats your foes AC then that confirms the critical hit.

If you confirm a critical hit, you get to double your attack damage on that strike. So a damage roll of, say 5, would be doubled on a critical to 10 damage.

Now the above is super simplified, but the core of the rules are there. As we play and questions arise, I'm sure Netherfire would be happy to elaborate.

It's up to Netherfire, but traditionally you pick from your Deities domains. Iroris domains are: Healing, Knowledge, Law, Rune, and Strength.

Things are coming together!

Zack is correct in his assessment, though using it to track an Evil character/creature might be kind of difficult.

Usually Detect Evil is used if you're unsure about a thing. Be that a person, monster, or even a piece of equipment or place. Some people will be evil, but try to convince you they are good for their own reasons. And sometimes there can be confusion and a good creature might attack you. Using Detect Evil (and it's goody goody brother Aura of Good) will help strip away the fog surrounding uncertain situations.

Best I can tell, Aura of Good is like Detect Evil, only for good stuff. Netherfire will probably know more about it.

It usually comes with time, though with characters like your Paladin, and my Barbarian we get it at first level! Woot! But other, less staby-based, chars like Beorns Druid and Sigs Cleric get it later, in their cases level 2.

beornlake wrote:
Ragashingo wrote:
So it seems that sheathing or readying a sword or shield is a move action. Does that mean it takes the place of moving during a turn?

I'm going to chime in because I think I know the answer! (And apologies if I botch this…)

Yes, readying a weapon takes the place of an actual move. If you need to move AND ready a weapon, then you can ready the weapon as your Standard Action for the round instead.

Beorn has pretty much got it. Though there is an important distinction. If your Base Attack Bonus is +1 or greater, you can draw/sheath a weapon as part of your move action. Like pulling out a sword as you run into battle.

Also Beorn, if you want to start setting up your char sheet, click on my avatar and look at one of my aliases. You can get an idea for how you might want to format your character profile for easy access.

Quirel wrote:

Skill points:

Skills are... well, basic abilities that every character possesses. By putting ranks into those skills, you are better able to use them.

Take note that some skills are 'class skills', and some are not. For example, as a Paladin, your class skills would be:
Craft, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Heal, Knowledge(Nobility), Knowledge(Religion), Profession, Ride, Sense Motive, and Spellcraft.

The skills that aren't class skills take two skill points to level up, and are thus harder to increase.

And yeah, Multitalented just makes it easier to multiclass.

Finally, I don't see anything about weapons hindering supernatural (Spell-like abilities) so I'd say it's up to the DM.

Uh, sorta.

First Raga, while ultimately it is up to Netherfire, Lay on Hands does state that; "Despite the name of this ability, a paladin only needs one free hand to use this ability." Since most shields require a hand to use properly it would seem that you would be able to use Lay on Hands if you were using a shield OR a one-handed weapon. But not if you were using both at the same time.

Multitalented is a Racial Ability that allows Half-Elves to pick two Favored Classes at level one. A Favored Class is a class that your character excels at. Whenever you gain a level in a Favored Class you get an extra skill point, or an extra hit point, depending on your preference.

Most people, for obvious reasons, pick the class that they are playing as their Favored Class. IE; A Paladin would have a Favored Class of Paladin, a Rogue a Favored Class of Rogue, ect. That way, any time the level up, they get the bonus skill/hit point.

With Multitalented you can choose two Favored Classes, and yes this basically makes it easier to multiclass later on down the road.

For example: Let's say I wanted to play a Fighter/Sorcerer. If I were a Human I wouldn't get Multiclass, and consequently I would only get the bonus skill/hit point whenever I took a level in my Favored Class (In this case Fighter).

But if I play a Half-Elf, I would get the Multiclass ability. I could choose BOTH Fighter and Sorcerer as Favored Classes, and anytime I gained a level in either I would get the bonus skill/hit point.


Now, as for skill points in general:

As Quirel said, skill points are used to put ranks of training into the various skills available. 'Skills' themselves are basically the things that allow you to do most everything in the game besides combat. Want pick that lock? Use a skill. Want to jump that gap? Use a skill. Want to lie to someone? Use a skill. As you can see they are quite integral to the Pathfinder experience.

Now, some skills can be used without any training. If you don't spend any skill points on them to raise their rank, they only get whatever bonus/penalty that would be incurred with your general ability modifiers (A whole different kettle of fish we can get into later).

Conversely there are some skills that require training to use. If you want to, say, Use a Magic Device, you have to have put at least one point into ranking up that skill. Now of course there are a myriad of rules that define what skill can be used for what task, and whether or not you can use a "trained" skill when you don't have training. I'm not going to get into that here because honestly I'm not sure I know all the ins and outs of it well enough yet.


Now the bit about Class Skills, I wanted to point this out before you built too much of your character Quirel, so you don't have to go back and re-do it.

A Class Skill is a skill that your class is especially suited for. As such you get a +3 bonus the first time you put a skill point into ranking it up.

Or as the PFSRD puts it: "In addition, each class has a number of favored skills, called class skills. It is easier for your character to become more proficient in these skills, as they represent part of his professional training and constant practice. You gain a +3 bonus on all class skills that you put ranks into."

Non-class skills are just regular skills. They only require 1 skill point to rank up, though they are still subject to the bonuses/penalties from your ability scores.

I'm sure Netherfire will be more than happy to elaborate with any other details I missed. But like I said I just wanted to put this up so you don't have to re-tweak your character after you get them just how you wanted. Boy do I know how frustrating that can be. :P

Hey Quirel, unfortunately I don't think the Crossbowman archetype is a part of the Core Rule Book. It looks like if you still want to play a Fighter that's fair game though!

I will be building my own char, since I've got a good bit of experience with it. But I anticipate having quite a few questions with the nitty gritty, as always.

@Beorn: Of course you are! The potential to shape-shift into a bear?! It's perfect! :D

I wanna play a Bard! Or maybe a Barbarian! Or multiclass as a...


It'll pretty much be straight RPG fantasy. All the tropes, cliches, and commonalities you've come to expect when you hear "D&D". It will be using the Pathfinder rule set, which I'm told is similar to D&D 3.5.

DM will likely be either myself, or a good friend of mine who has lots of experience running these beginner games.

We'll know for sure in the next day or so. We've heard from Leviathan and Kermit, unfortunately they won't be joining us for this one. I want to give Hyokin one more day to respond before we pull the trigger. Odds are we'll be getting started on Monday.

Anybody else have questions? General or specific?

Still here. We remain at five (I haven't been counting myself). Which is fine if we only run one group. I just hate the thought of the others not getting a chance to jump in.

I now realize that if I wasn't counting myself then the tally should be five of eight. Let me counter with this: Hur dur dur.

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