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Sword of Glory

Chernobyl's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 664 posts. No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 9 Pathfinder Society characters.


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The Exchange

Claxon wrote:

Well it seems ultimate combat and ultimate equipment are in conflict.

But looking into this it shows exactly the same propulsion requirements for all three types of wagon in Ultimate Combat despite the fact that a light wagon is 10 x 10 and a heavy is 10 x 20 (literally double the size).

I believe it's pretty obvious that Ultimate Combat is in error here.

Also, Ultimate Equipment was published after Ultimate Combat. I know for conflicts with the Bestiary the general precedent was to use the more recent publication.

I see no problem with your general idea of placing a chariot on a larger vehicle to carry your group and the chariot. And only attach the chariot for combat.

However, your mount simply cannot pull a heavy wagon by itself. If you can find a small enough vehicle that still accommodates the size you desire and only requires one horse then you're alright.

the second printing of UC still has the error in it. The heavy wagon has the same team of animals the medium wagon does, which is a big giveaway that its wrong.

as an aside, if you have all these wagons, and two chariots, why not just tow one of them, rather than carry it?

The Exchange *

not sure this is a good idea. on the one hand limiting access will be great for new players and new GMs alike, but on the other hand, based on my experience with LFR, adding more replay will make it harder to get people to GM. I'm also not thrilled with the concept of having to have a second character on the fly. Show up to play a 5-9 or 7-11 and find out one of the players signed up with his core PCs because he's replaying? and you don't have a CORE pc of the correct level? so now you're playing a pregen or nothing?
this is going to make organizing signups more complicated.

I still miss the Core/Metaregional/Regional scenario system of Living Greyhawk.
Imagine the Core scenarios would be PFS missions, Regional and metaregional games would be "day job"/outside/faction-focused adventuring...

The Exchange

so really no then. ok, I'll have to look at a retrain then for that level.

The Exchange

can a gunslinger who takes a level in fighter, choose a grit feat as the bonus feat?

The Exchange *

A man is now a seeker...
He seeks the wardens of the forge who wish to be reborn...

Eddie Arlette, my third 12th level PFS character
Kitsune Zen Archer Monk 2/Divine Hunter Paladin 3/Bard Archeologist 7
Along with Farmer Zucherman, a 13th level Cleric of Eristil, currently a champion of the Ruby Phoenix Tournament
and Venture-Captain Sigvard (who was there too!), a double sword wielding Barbarian 2/Fighter 17, currently retired to an island off the coast of Absalom somewhere.

The Exchange

3 levels of paladin + a certain bracelet give you 3/day smite as a 7th level paladin

The Exchange *

considering that 4 prestige can get you 2x750 GP items, it seems a waste to reuse the the time it becomes equivalent to 4 prestige (10th level, 1500 gp) and you would have to forgo two more day job rolls to re use it.

The Exchange

Rerednaw wrote:

+1 to Avatar-1.

Also if funds are an issue.
Cold iron arrows cost 2x normal arrows.
Silver blanch is 5 gp to treat 10 arrows.

Sadly, adamantine blanch is 100 gp for 10 arrows, still spendy at low levels. I don't know of any other way to drop this cost down.

buy 5 adamantine arrows, and get the spell abundant ammunition.

if you can get your bow to +3, all arrows are treated as cold iron and silver.
if you are playing an archeologist, you also want to consider fate's favored trait, increases all your luck bonuses by one. This can improve many items down the line, like the Jingasa of Fortunate Soldier, Dragonbone Divination Sticks, and others, depending on your build.

The Exchange

I like the saddled animal companion - it would be great to see a large "big cat" with a saddle for all the medium size heroes!


The Exchange

sanctioned! woot!!

The Exchange *

trollbill wrote:
Chernobyl wrote:
I played LG for the last 4 years of the campaign, and most of the games we played were at cons or game stores. Two-rounders can easily be scheduled at cons (many are running 3 round modules all day long now anyway) and when we scheduled them at game stores at night, we would simply schedule it for two sessions, one week following the other, or some other arrangement. You just don't play the character in something else until you finish the two-rounder. worked for years, no reason it can't continue to do so.
Just because it worked for you doesn't mean it works for everyone else. If I gave my players the choice of either you must play in two consecutive play days or you can't play, a lot would simply not play because they can't guarantee they could make both nights. Many simply don't know more than a few days in advance if they will be able to make it to a particular game day.

I understand that also. But for those who it doesn't work for can organize longer games on weekends, or try to catch it at a convention. I imaging that's how they are playing the sanctioned mods (effectively 3 rounders) now anyway.

They need to go into a two rounder with that understanding. Find a schedule that works for two different dates, or play it at once at a con or weekend. there's nothing wrong with a little planning.

The Exchange *

Michael Brock wrote:
Chernobyl wrote:

I'm not sure the faction change goes far enough. Using the dark archive example, you need to get 10 texts. say you get them. what developments will getting those texts have on the direction of the faction? Sure, I get a reward, but why did they want them in the first place? what is the outcome of getting that goal?

Fourth bullet point under faction card explanation:

The back of the card will also feature a form of the revised write-up of the faction described in bullet number two above, as well as a summation of season-long goals in descriptive text. This descriptive text will explain why the PC is trying to achieve the 10 goals for the faction and how it will aid the faction in the future—likely in the form of the faction head letters.

I'm not sure if we're talking about the same thing. I believe you're talking about, is a piece of fluff story we can point to and say, "we did that", and what I'm hoping to see is something that impacts the direction of the campaign. right now it seems that the plot for the season is fixed and the faction stories don't really have anything to do with it. for example the plot for scenario 22 should be based on the outcome of reported results from earlier in the season. or maybe it influences events in the next season. There's no carryover storyline from season to season. The "fiend" series was an example of what that could have from one scenario could influence events in the next scenario in the following season. Right now the "season" concept compresses a story line beginning to end in one season, but the development of the product lead time means that you don't really get much feedback by the time the story is set for scenarios late in the season, and so it appears that we don't get to really influence events much, as a campaign. sorry if I rambled a bit there, but does that make sense?

The Exchange *

John Compton wrote:
Chernobyl wrote:

I also would not be so harsh about games fitting into the 4 hour block - I would go the opposite direction, and revive the concept of the two-round adventure. To date, only Eyes of the Ten part 1 has been a 2-rounder in PFS. But previous living campaigns used them often.

Some examples of PFS scenarios that could be great two round games - Quest for perfection part III, Assault on the wound, Fate of the Fiend, there's probably many more.

I can see where you're coming from here, but one very important lesson I've learned in co-managing this campaign is that every region (even every event location) is different. Mike and I heard from a very significant portion of the venture-officers that events they oversee take place in settings where going over the 4.5 hour mark is very problematic--to the point of the game just having to stop or not run at all. These include places like game stores that close at 10, but the earliest the community can assemble on that weeknight to play (after work, with traffic) is 6 pm. Reducing the no-paperwork-involved calculation to four hours doesn't perfectly solve that location's problem, but it does give them a very good chance of completing the adventure and not having to skip important parts. The same case is true for conventions that run 4-hour slots, often as a convention-wide policy and not as a Pathfinder Society choice.

There are great roleplaying, story-telling, and encounter-building opportunities involved with extra-long scenarios, yet it's hard to justify creating many of those if (making up a reasonable number based on feedback) half of the players won't have the means to play them. I think doing a two-parter tends to make more sense here.

I played LG for the last 4 years of the campaign, and most of the games we played were at cons or game stores. Two-rounders can easily be scheduled at cons (many are running 3 round modules all day long now anyway) and when we scheduled them at game stores at night, we would simply schedule it for two sessions, one week following the other, or some other arrangement. You just don't play the character in something else until you finish the two-rounder. worked for years, no reason it can't continue to do so.

The Exchange *

It might be useful to have the monster stat blocks in an appendix to the adventure, rather than with the text. That page can just be text and printed out separately from the adventure to help GMs. a lot of the time the stat block gets spread over two pages.

the Gamemastery Guide has also been used several times as a reference for adversary stats, not just the new NPC Codex.

I like the inclusion of the blank maps that we can print for the players.

I'm not sure the faction change goes far enough. Using the dark archive example, you need to get 10 texts. say you get them. what developments will getting those texts have on the direction of the faction? Sure, I get a reward, but why did they want them in the first place? what is the outcome of getting that goal? Are the scenario reporting information blocks going to have checkboxes to let paizo know how many players get to the 5 or 10 goal benchmark?

I also would not be so harsh about games fitting into the 4 hour block - I would go the opposite direction, and revive the concept of the two-round adventure. To date, only Eyes of the Ten part 1 has been a 2-rounder in PFS. But previous living campaigns used them often.
Some examples of PFS scenarios that could be great two round games - Quest for perfection part III, Assault on the wound, Fate of the Fiend, there's probably many more.

I'd also love to see PFS depart from the simplified XP system and go back to using regular medium track XP rewards. The simplified XP system has given rise to a lot of issues, both perceived and real, in dealing with wealth by level. Change the Tier/sub-tier system to an more reasonable "within one level of the subtier" rule. Currently you have strange results where a level 4 can play down into a level 1-2 game but cannot play up into a 5-6 game. With medium track XP and wealth, playing up or down evens out - you are also getting more XP when you play up to account for getting more wealth, and less XP when you are getting less wealth.

something to keep in mind for season 7.

The Exchange *

fate of the fiend...many combats and roleplay as well.

The Exchange

TheLoneCleric wrote:
Jade Regent can be done Mythic, but you would half the time it would take the PC's to complete the AP.

only if you run the encounters as written. I've put some mythic in my JR campaign starting with forest of spirits, and we're about half way through book 6 now, the players are Tier 4 or so. It is a lot of work, because I'm adding about +5 CR to every encounter and switched to slow progression, but really, even that doesn't do it once you're above +2 CRs...there needs to be an XP adjustment for awards once mythic is included and not just slow progression. something that fully accounts for Tiers that characters have.

The Exchange *

Kurthnaga wrote:
roysier wrote:
Dragnmoon wrote:
roysier wrote:

For NorCal here is what I know in just 1 year:

Eyes of the Ten (all four scenarios): 9 tables in 1 year (at least 4 more times that I know of prior to this)

Roysier have all 13 of those eyes of the ten been reported? Because that is a significant chunk of all EotT ever reported world wide all in one area. I don't even think Denver has that many, and according to the post above Atalanta another very large PFS area has only ever ran 6.

Edit: and 9 in one year!

More Edit: doing some quick math that would be 36 to 63 individual players that have gone through EofT in your area all in 1 year, since you can only ever play it once baring GM replay star credit. That is a damn lot in one year.

As far as I know yes, I do know the one I played in was reported.

The number of 55 EOTT reporting I hear thrown around I think is outdated I heard that same number over a year ago. I'm willing to guess that number has doubled over the past year.

The Details are:
2 games run in Sacramento: one by Will J. the other by Erik B.
1 game in San Jose run by Jerry C.
3 games run in the East Bay by David L, Steven S., Stephen K.
1 game run at Black Diamond Games
1 game run at Kublacon 2013 by Will J. (Also one run at Kublacon 2012 by Pirate Rob).

So I guess that's 8 not 9. But there are probably a few I'm leaving out.

There are also 2 more are being planned that I know of.

One was just run in Castro Valley by Steven G., and is reported. This was also run with 4 of the players playing PFS for only about a year beforehand, which I also found amazing. And we have another prospective group looking to get to 12 very soon and play in our store alone, and Scott K., a local frequent, is planning to play in a game to be run by...I wanna say Will J is gonna run another. The Bay Area truly is a booming area.

EDIT: Right he doesn't use his proper last name. Well that's the other two prospective groups I know of, and we are...

You can add Vincent A.'s table, he ran us though it a couple years ago, those characters are now 19th.

I'm open to running it for a sacramento area group if one gets together.

The Exchange

Magical knack is great to make up for multiclassing. I was pretty happy when the ban was lifted on that one.
One of my favorites is Faith's Favored + Jingasa.

The Exchange

don't forget when you enlarge you lose 2 Dex and therefore 1 AoO.

The Exchange

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
Goblingreen wrote:
my newest player's girlfriend showed up to play, no warnings given.

This is the point where you should have done something. But, since it seems that is ancient history now, I endorse the lower level game idea, but running perhaps three sessions instead of one. It will make a better learning tool. Are we to assume that the female player has a character made by her boyfriend? You didn't say which other player made it. For this short-term game, do what you can to make sure she makes it herself or that someone with less personally involved helps her. Bearing more responsibility for the creation of the character herself will also help.

Make sure that the third session ends decisively, and that the players know ahead of time that it has a limited life span. If you are intent on continuing this AP (I know I would be), then make sure it happens. No loose threads to follow. TPK might be fun for the noob too. ;)

yeah, have to agree with this. As a DM I approve players who play in home campaigns. I didn't invite you, you're not playing. bringing in a new player is usually fine though, but you needs to give a heads up to see if there would be an issue. bringing in an unskilled new player to a high level campaign is discourteous to the other players, high level games aren't for teaching in my opinion.

The Exchange

You can only have one trait of a type - Racial, Faction, Regional, Combat, Faith, Religion, Social, etc.

You can pick up additional traits later on through the feat (which I've done on several of my PFS characters, they can be very useful) but yes you need the source material, though there quite a few available via the free downloads previously mentioned.

The Exchange

I have an intimidation inquisitor and I'm interested in this spell but its description is a little confusing. The Range is "personal" and the target is "you" but in the body of the text description, it describes the bonuses you get and how they apply to ONE creature.

Now, this spell lasts for 10 min/level, so I'm thinking it makes for a decent long term buff. So my question is,

A) do I cast it, and the bonuses only apply to one creature at a time?
B) if A=true and if that creature dies, I can apply it to a different one, or is that it, one and only one?
C) Do I have to perceive the creature as I cast the spell?
D) Could the creature be designated later?
E) if D=true, could I designate an ally now and an enemy later?

The Exchange

1 person marked this as a favorite.

...and this is why I like legendary games. still care enough about their product to edit it and make corrections a year after release. thanks guys!

The Exchange *

Dylos wrote:
Furious Courageous weapons, both Furious and Courageous are +1 enhancements, but when raging they make the weapon more powerful then a straight +X. First of all, Furious increases the Enchantment value of the weapon by +2 when raging, then Courageous increases any morale bonus hint, rage gives morale to Strength and Constitution by half the Enchantment of the weapon. This means that if you have a +2 Furious Courageous weapon that the weapon is +4 when raging and gives an additional +2 Str/Con when raging all for the cost of a normal +4 weapon.

and it won't get through material DR all the time.

it was REALLY +4, it would count as silver, cold iron, and adamantine, ALL THE TIME...
In my opinion, the most effective weapon you can use is a +3 adamantine Holy weapon...gets through most every DR, and ignores hardness of 20 or less.

The Exchange

Matthew Downie wrote:
Giving the party access to unlimited Protection From Cold just before they go into a book where most of the dangers are cold-related makes things rather easy for the PCs. I toned down Suishen's powers.

yeah that was a major complaint of mine for the sword.

" at will? come on."

The Exchange *

played this over the weekend. took us about 6.5-7 hours, and the swarm combat was just annoying.

I really don't see how anyone can expect to run this in a 4 hour convention slot. There's lots of explanation of new rules mechanics using the armies, there's lots of army combat, then when you get to use your actual character, you fight a mob, which has its own special rules. great.

Paizo should consider this an opportunity to bring back 2-slot adventures. Two slot games were not uncommon back in the days of LG, so many of the PFS demographic understands how they run.

The Exchange *

nosig wrote:
Chernobyl wrote:

have to agree, played thornkeep part 1 at a con and it took about 6 hours. most of the other levels have been taking anywhere from 5-7 hours.

did you do this in the St. Louis area?

no, sacramento. I am originally from St. Louis though, coincidentally :)

Lived in Jennings...

The Exchange

Ran this last night as a PFS game. used the pregen bloodrager and warpriest, and two players brought their own rogue and sorcerer PFS pc.
two dead pregens, and two fled PCs.
very tough game for a four person party. lots of APL+2 encounters.

The Exchange *

1 person marked this as a favorite.

have to agree, played thornkeep part 1 at a con and it took about 6 hours. most of the other levels have been taking anywhere from 5-7 hours.

The Exchange

what nefreet said. Your best bet, and most efficient use of coin, is +3 adamantine holy weapon. +3 weapons count as silver and cold iron, and having the base material be adamantine rather than steel and going for +4 (where the pluses make it count as adamantine) is now it ignores hardness 20 or less and has the improved hitpoints and hardness itself.
cold iron weapons cost an extra 2000 to give the first +1 to and that money could be spent on other things, like a ring of protection, or a +1 to armor and +1 to a shield, etc. So masterwork cold iron weapons are useful back-up weapons, when you need to get through that DR at low levels, but I really wouldn't waste the coin making them magic.

The Exchange

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:

As one of the authors of Star Wars Saga, who also writes Pathfinder (and wrote for 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 D&D), I'll also note that one of the reasons SWSaga scaled differently was that we were emulating a different genre with different exemplars. As long as raising the dead is considered an ability appropriate for 9th-level characters and wish is available to 17th level characters (both fairly iconic elements of the game Pathfinder is built off of), 20 levels of Pathfinder characters are going to scale differently that 20 levels of Saga.

Altering those elements in the way it would take to be closer to Saga scaling would be a big step towards having a different game altogether.

my biggest problem with SAGA was using skills to attack with some things and BAB to attack with others.

that's why our group switched to a Savage Worlds star wars.

The Exchange

Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
thejeff wrote:
A 1 level dip into Cleric

You mean 3 level dip.

Divine Protection wrote:
Prerequisite(s): Cha 13, Knowledge (religion) 5 ranks, ability to cast 2nd-level divine spells; blessings, domains, or mystery class feature.

Emphasis mine.

And even then it HAS to be cleric. Its a 4 level dip for oracles, inquisitors, and warpriests.

thejeff wrote:
It's even better for all of them than it is for Paladins, since Paladins are much more MAD.


Paladin divine grace (which does the same thing) comes in at 2nd level. So a bard could take a 2 level paladin dip and get the same bonus. Plus you'll have a better BAB, smite, etc. When all is said and done, a 2 level dip into paladin is better than a 3 level dip into cleric + splitting ability scores for spellcasting + a specific feat being used.

could be certain races all could qualify with inherent spell like abilities.

The Exchange

thejeff wrote:

In fairness, there is also a perception that rules bloat is bad for the game in general and can lead to problems for the company. Whether that's true or not is debatable and largely irrelevant: People can be concerned about even if it's wrong and that's a different concern than "Stop making stuff I don't want"

its the rules bloat, and the 'power creep' for me. in something like PFS it becomes harder to judge because you've got a whole nother book of classes you need to be fairly familiar with so that you can tell if players are using them correctly at a table. in a home game or campaign its not as much an issue but in pfs everythings open

The Exchange

was not a fan of the ACG. might as well have called it players handbook 5. were more classes really needed? i'd much rather see more setting books, I'm holding out hope for a hardback Guide to Tian Xia, like the ISWG.

The Exchange *

most useful flip-mats?
the blank ones.

The Exchange *

Eric Saxon wrote:
But there are things other than that that you can also do to get that last exp. There are even a few lvl. 18 groups running around. Apparently one in the Bay Area here in CA is also in the 18+ range.

One of our high level group is in the bay area, the rest of us are in the sacramento area. We played runelords part 6 to stop our PCs at 19th.

The Exchange *

Imbicatus wrote:
So no more Pageant of the Peacock. I don't mind to much, but I imagine there are going to be some angry bards.

Yes, my Kitsune Bard Archeologist/Divine Hunter Paladin/Zen Archer Monk is pretty upset at this. I only ever used it at the beginning of the adventure because it takes a standard action to use so was never useful in combat and with the Archeologist's limited round of bard song (ie luck) I really never used it a whole lot.

but it hardly matters with all the changes to factions this coming season I'm questioning whether or not I want to continue playing PFS. I mean, as overpowered/broken as a lot of combat options are, I never would have expected something granting knowledge would be banned from PFS.

The Exchange

Quatar wrote:

I just found out about "Under Frozen Stars" and have to say I'm quite impressed and will include that into my game.

Now I found this thread and read about "The Baleful Coven" which is supposed to take place before they cross into the Crown of the World. Since my players are long past that point (entering the Storm Tower next), that's no longer possible.
It mentions that there are scaling instructions to run it after Book 3 basically and I'm considering doing that, but how well does that really work?
Also would anyone mind telling me which NPC those 3 witches/hags believe the PCs have wrongfully murdered? (maybe in a spoiler)

Lastly, are there any other AP-plug-ins like those for the last 3 books? If so I'd much rather find out about that now when I have time to prepare for it all, than too late again ;)

Legendary Games has three plug ins, Under Frozen Stars (book 3), The Baleful Coven (between 2 and 3) and Road to Legend (Book 1).

I believe the hags got bent out of shape over Goti Runecaster, but that's from memory, so I might be wrong.
On the Forest of spirits thread there's a lot of info regarding encounters around the house of withered blossoms gardens area, that had been dropped from the book.
I added baleful coven during book 4, but had to pump the CRs quite a bit, I think +4 for my group. Haven't seen any further legendary plug ins for book 4-6 yet.
I've also added Mythic to my campaign, and the group is now mostly Tier 4 in book 5. I instituted slow XP progression at 13th level as the mythic started building up. I've scaled back Mythic power attack. With all the plug ins and random encounters my players are 1 level ahead of where the mod wants them (+1), I also have a 6 player party (+1), and 4 tiers of Mythic (+2) so I'm rewriting each encounter +4 CR from here on out, at least, might be more by the end.

The Exchange

my home made character folio is about 28 pages now, all form fillable pdf

The Exchange

too bad that a capstone adventure for the season is set so low. most of the characters played though the season may be too high to play this!

The Exchange

at a recent con, a GM ruled that a bloody rag had no scent, nearly completely negating a PC's build.

The Exchange

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that remembers playing this, but for the life of me I can't remember the adventure. I thought it was a society mod, but now I'm thinking it might have been a LFR adventure.

The Exchange

A little upset that I can only buy these from Paizo...typically I buy my flip mats and map packs from my friendly local game store so they stick around, I like to give the local guys some business...since I buy all my book items here and I don't really need PDFs of the flip mats.

The Exchange *

I suspect is has more to do with convention play where people get introduced to the game and plan an intro or low level scenario, and then never play again.
Personally, my PFS characters are levels 19, 13, 11, 7, 6, 6, 5. And I've been playing since season 1. I'd be happy with more 7-11 and seeker play.

The Exchange

I gave the NPCs to the players to run, so for caravans they have a couple characters to play. Playing both sides during a fight isn't fun for them so I let them control the NPCs for that.

The Exchange

As for the caravan rules, I stopped using them after book one, it was clear they weren't scaling with the encounters so I left them out and ran the encounters as actual combats or RP obstacles.
Actual combats while in caravan can be challenging in their own right; PCs are often spread out among wagons at the beginning, hardly a good tactical position, or may be off scouting/hunting and not even there. Scouts might have their own combat.

I ran Under Frozen Stars (great addition - they all are, give us more legendary games!) as an "outer city" to the storm tower as Jason suggested - no point having two different locations, and it makes a good story. With Under Frozen Stars you have less need for random encounters if you are tracking XP and not hand-waving level advancement.

Baleful Coven was not released in time for my group to encounter it in the correct location, but I plugged it in during "Forest of Spirits" between Ordu-Aganhei and the Forest proper. Everything got advanced by about 4CR though, so that was a bit of work.

The Exchange

there's several things in RotRL that you'd have to change regarding shalelu if memory serves

The Exchange

I became a backer for all 3 print/pdf, and a character illustration...
they're looking really great!

The Exchange *

Sior wrote:
nosig wrote:
Don Walker wrote:

Also, for those Tier 1-7 adventures (sub-tiers 1-2, 3-4, 6-7), you can not play more than 1 sub-tier away from your character level.


If you are level 1 or level 2 you can not play in sub-tier 6-7.

If you are level 5, 6 or 7, you can not play in sub-tier 1-2.

Mr. Walker, not that I would, but I was under the impression that you COULD play the level 5 in sub-tier 1-2. Not the 6 or 7, as they are clearly in the higher sub-tier, but the 5 is between 3-4 and 6-7...
Sadly no. As level 5 is not in either sub-tier 3-4 or 6-7, those two sub-tiers count as the "one away" from character level. Besides, how on earth would you figure the out of tier gold amount for a lvl 5 playing a 1-2? They're already getting the out of tier between two other sub-tiers!

I'd average the 6-7 and 1-2 gold and use that value


this is why we should be using actual XP and actual Gold for subtier
you wouldn't have to scale gold awarded because with actual XP you'd be getting more or less XP than normal, making more or less progress in advancement. so the higher or lower amount of gold would keep pace.

The Exchange

Legendary have also done several Adventure path plug ins, for Jade Regent, Kingmaker, and Carrion Crown...

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