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Cheapy's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 6 Season Marathon Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 17,006 posts (17,312 including aliases). 21 reviews. 5 lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 12 aliases.


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2 people marked this as a favorite.

There are a number of people I'd like to play (or play more with). I played with Rogue Eidolon only once, but would be fun to play again with. Same with Ssalarn. A game with Endzeitgeist would be very interesting (and he uses so much 3pp that I wouldn't even be able to metagame capabilities!).

Wraithstrike would be good fun as well, I feel.

RavingDork would be amusing to watch play. Not sure if I could handle his type of games tho.

I'm also wondering once again where Mikaze went.

I'd enjoy a game with CalebTGordon, Abraham Spalding (Who is back from serving, apparently!), Umbral Reaver, Steel Draco (who I learned from another forum is doing Savage Fallout. I'll join that one, thanks.), Diego Rossi, TacticsLion, Robert Brookes, ....

Now that I think longer on it, as long as there's pre-gens and beer, I'd probably play with most people.

We should migrate to another system.

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You're right, and it appears that the product no longer is on the Paizo website.

Looks like you can get it here though.

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Rest in Peace Steve. I'll never forget you for your generosity and for helping me get started in the industry. I learned a lot from you, and wish your family the best in these dark times.

Where oh where will I post the cool links I've found?!

Maybe the spammers will think it's permanently down.

Otherwise, David was totally the last person to say anything before it went down.

Smoothness of movements, types of movements, sounds it makes, odd smells (elves don't usually smell like rotting flesh), etc.

I mean, a skeleton in full armor is going to be making a lot of noise. The only thing the armor is touching is bone, and that's going to rattle around a ton because it's not properly resting on anything useful.

Might even be a decent maracas stand in. I imagine the Dirge Bard would love that.

It is with a heavy heart that I must request that my Pathfinder Core Line subscription be canceled.

Thank you.

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FWIW, the core line has already assigned the power level of swift action potion drinking at:

1) Mythic
2) Requiring selecting a specific talent (Assured Drinker)
3) Requiring you to spend a mythic point.

I thought this was pretty nice and filled in some gaps with the divination sphere. Especially interesting is the Sensory Overload talent, which lets you use the divination sphere for offensive purposes. It takes you and them out of the fight, but that could still be pretty useful if you're purely focusing on divination.

Well look at that. That came out between the last time I checked the site for a similar handbook and when I made this post. Thanks!

What do you think would be the best sphere for some sort of object reader? Enhancement would fit, but bestow intelligent specifically calls out "not knowing what happened before it became intelligent". Divination kind of sort of fits, but that's not really checking out the objects so much as standard divination stuff.

Any ideas?

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The PDT doesn't do FAQs on non core-line work. The closest they've done to that was some encouraging for the Golarion team to answer the Freebooter Ranger archetype question.

Your best bet is to ask the question in the product discussion page for the product it came from.

11 people marked this as a favorite.

Either it was announced at GAMA today or there's some very fast photoshopping by twitter user UnclesGames: Slide announcing the hardcover.

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Mogloth wrote:

So, based on the way that James has been trying to manage expectations about this secret project, which of us will be the first back here to say, "Uh, that's it?"


I'm certainly preparing for everyone to say that. ;-)
Out of sheer contrariness, I will now be completely over-the-top in my enthusiasm for whatever the sekrit projects are, no matter how mundane.

Today, Paizo announces Pathfinder, The Toaster(tm), the newest way to bring the excitement of Pathfinder and the giddy flames of goblin kind to a breakfast near you. With exciting toast burn configurations such as "Ezren's Chin", "Griddle of Opposite Germination", and "Runetoast", breakfast will never be boring again!

Given that today is just 3 days shy of the 8th anniversary of the Pathfinder RPG being announced, it's obvious that this announcement will be a new game system.

Don't ask me how I made that leap.

They've said that the second identity will be a feat?

Just some thoughts:

One of the main problems that I see with the cleric is that it's trying to shoehorn all sorts of practitioners of deities into one chassis. A cleric of the god of magic shouldn't have the same abilities as a cleric of the goddess of battle, but for the most part, other than ~4 relatively minor abilities they are going to have the same sort of things going on.

The best case would probably be one class per god with different powers based on the deities themselves, but that's a lot of work.

I could also see a system sort of like the playtest Vigilante or the summoner's eidolon. Pick a deity, or concepts, and that will restrict you to a number of talents you can select as you level up. Have them be level gated, and share them among deities. That way you get to select things to customize closer to your deity, without having to come up with 20 different classes. Of course this runs into the same problem the holy vigilante ran into, where not every cleric makes sense to be a full caster, so how do you handle that sort of thing?

I know that the person who created the Potions chart for the GMG mistakenly added a number of personal potions to the list. He made a post that basically said "Whoops, my bad, sorry. They shouldn't be on the list" after it was brought up, as personal potions are not meant to be a thing.

There's also a FAQ about personal alchemist extracts given out using Infusion, as that bypasses the rule of no personal "potions".

We have a pure TWF fighter in one of the campaigns I'm in that the GM needs to design encounters around, so yes.

I definitely agree that this is a frequently asked question, and I know I've explained things like this a dozen plus times in the past.

People just really want their extremely easy +Xd6 for a mechanic that is meant to be a bit tricky to get but possessing a high payoff.

Just because there are stats for 0-HD races doesn't mean they are meant to be player races. Strix, etc are not meant to be player races but they have 0 HD stats.

Also, technically Drow Noble has the first level adjustment, it's just baked into the CR adjustment. And they also aren't meant to be a player race.

The totem warrior archetype doesn't do anything, but was from a time when they still didn't know quite how archetypes would shake out.

No, the Skald is not better at totem rage powers than the barbarian.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Robert Hetherington wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

It's clearly powercreep.

Currently if you want a familiar (and don't have a class that does so), you have a cha of 13 and spend 2 feats. and get a familiar at level -2.

This is 1 feat and it gives you an improved version of one of the most popular familiars along with all that entails.

tl;dr; This feat gives you improved initiative, alertness and a little flying

Based on the actual feat text, yea, it seems fairly obvious that it was banned for power reasons and a huge expectancy of table variation.

Spend 1 feat, acquire the most valuable resource in pathfinder: an extra set of actions.

Did your GM also cause a ruckus in your character's mansion while you were skipping the session, and you're now wondering how to rebuild it using the lyre of building in such a way that you can just take 10 and breeze through it without spending skill ranks?

With the caveat that I totally wanted this to be the case so I probably ignored some good arguments against it, I reasoned that such an expensive item would be masterwork, even if the rules aren't explicit on that. I mean, when was the last time you found a shoddy magic item whose whole point wasn't that appearances can be deceiving?

Second caveat that I found out while researching this post: I wrote a magic item for one of the Player Companion books that explicitly called out the base object as masterwork. So, foiled myself again.

So, in the course of 5 minutes, I just defeated my prior reasoning and found out that I need to find a way to get +2 to perform (strings).

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Your time to shine has come.

Evangelist is consistently regarded as one of the strongest, if not the strongest, PrCs in the game.

So I don't think much needs to be done for that one at least.

Weapon enhancement bonuses cost double the equivalent armor bonuses, so using the same multiplier for both is a silly thing to do. I could see an argument that it shouldn't be twice the unusual armor formula, but given that the attack bonus portion of an enhancement bonus is by far the most important part of it, I wouldn't say anything beneath a multiplier of 1.8 is fair to use. The ability to overcome DR is irrelevant, as they'll have magic weapons.

The main value of such a ring is that it essentially takes your iterative attacks from "might hit" to "one will hit", essentially giving an extra attack at your full BAB.

Hurray, more rocket tag.

Wasn't me.

I was toying with the idea a while ago of converting the wizard into either a 6th level caster or reducing the number of spells per day in some way. The most interesting classes to me are the 6th level casters that get lots of unique class abilities that tie them to their theme, and while I can certainly see how spell selection is meant to be like that, there's some big difference that I can't place my finger on.

Basically an attempt to make all schooled-wizards different from one another.

Riven Hourglass sounds pretty interesting. What sorts of things do they do?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You have to go through a lot of effort to actually create a character that "isn't viable". People routinely play at a power level above what the game was built for, and that provides a huge buffer space. You'll do fine, and magi that aren't the bog-standard-cookie-cutter dervish dancer with intensified shocking grasp do just fine in the game, especially with a competent GM.

6 people marked this as a favorite.

In combat? No, not at all. They have many nice things and there's been a huge amount of power creep / lowering-of-level-where-rocket-tag-is-an-issue since the release at Pathfinder.

Out of combat? They could use a few things, yea.

If that's the full ability, then yes, that absolutely fails the bag of cats test in quite a horrendous way.

The best argument I've heard is: During the zombie apocalypse, everyone knows that you aim for the head of the zombies.

Or, the rule changed because it was found to be unfun for rogues. The unfun angle tends to work.

Or just request a new character.

If, by itself with no real effort of optimization, it is hitting the damage per round of a fighter archer, then its utility should be a very small amount. The benchmarks you've set will create an unbalanced class if you add a ton of utility.

Capped at the chart max.

Or, more likely in my games, capped at the character's level.

Warning: product pimping in this post.

So, I'm kind of in love with this concept, having created the fairly popular inspiring commander cavalier archetype from Rite, the Exemplar brawler archetype already mentioned, the Vanguard slayer archetype, etc. The whole concept has been one of my favorite things since I got into PF.

Recently, Linda Zayas-Palmer and myself released the General class under Legendary Games, and as far as I know, it's the first class that actually gets a group of people under their command. In this case, it takes the troop mechanics from a certain Adventure Path module that takes place on the planet Earth and makes them work for a player-controlled entity.

They also do pretty well at the role of leader in mass combat, so I'd put that class forward as the master of war :)

I'd usually recommend comparing against a CRB only fighter to start, and then including other books later on to see how it'll compare in a real game. I have some rough computed DPR-per-levels here: Optimized CRB only fighter and Non-Optimized CRB only fighter. It's important to note though that the power creep of martials is very real, and, for example, just including gloves of dueling increases the fighter's DPR by like 20%.

I personally do not like comparing things to an archer fighter, because I find archery to be way too overpowered for the investment, and using that as a baseline will just further bring the levels that devolve into rocket tag to a lower level.

Very interesting! I've been wanting to read through this since I learned about Interface Zero 2.0 for Savage Worlds.

ErichAD wrote:
I think it's an interesting feat in this incarnation, but it seems like an entirely new feat rather than a revision of the old one. There's room for both feats, I'm not sure why they removed one and put the other in.

Balance, most likely.

I recall Kolokotroni gave a free Rogue Genius Archetype for his solution to the Christmas Tree effect, as well as a few other things. You might be able to search his posts for some ideas.

Pretty crappy, actually. Then you'd find out first hand all the inconsistencies in the game, and eventually due to having to hold so many contradictory rules in its "brain" at once, you'd be traipsing through a kobold warren one night and suddenly the robot's head explodes.

And there's a good chance that would ruin your beer, not to mention your night!

Remember that almost every single rule in the game is written from the perspective of a humanoid of standard size. Even with a nice Acrobatics score, an elephant in the game cannot jump without crushing itself, as that's what would happen in reality.

Chances are pretty good that your GM is not a robot.

Do you see any support in Occult Adventures for psychic classes using the Words of Power system? If not, then that should be your answer outside of house rules.

Ask your GM. There isn't a general rule that can be applied to a hypothetical situation.

The feat is also really high up there on the "obviously going to be erratad" list, so don't be surprised if suddenly it's not working the way you wanted it to.

9 people marked this as a favorite.

A wee bit melodramatic, no?

DM Beckett wrote:

While its not something I hear much, per se, it is something I encounter. Trying to give 5E a try with some of my home groups didn't have enough support for a table. People said that they had too much investment in PF/PFS. I was able to get a few WoD games going for a bit. Shadowrun, 3.5, MCWoD, Exalted, there just wasn't enough people willing to go to another system, all of which in my opinion are better games/systems.

A few even did outright say only PF.

Basically the boat I'm in for one of my groups. People don't want to learn anything new, so we're stuck with PF and just MAY try a game of 5e in that group.

Of course, the one time we tried Savage Worlds, everyone thought it was much more complex than PF. No, it really isn't. It's like a fifth as complex. You're just used to 3.X and have internalize all the rules.

This FAQ calls out the Intimidate skill as something separate from fear descriptors, saying they are both fear effects. I take this to mean that Intimidate does not shut down a psychic spellcaster, but it is a wee-bit splitting hairs when the idea of the restriction is that you are mentally assailed.

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