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Chatterbeak's page

66 posts. Alias of STR Ranger.


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Ack! Somewhat taken by surprise but managing to avoid the avian attacks, Chatterbeak dives for his master. He drops straight down, yelling as he gets there, Angry Birds boss! Attacked me they did.

MASTER IS BACK MASTER IS BACK! Beware newcomers Chatterbeak's Master is most powerful in group by lots and lots! Don't be mean to Chatterbeak or Master will get you!

Varrel exits the house to find Una and Shakhan on what passes for a porch.
I feel we have done all we can here. At least for now. If we are to investigate the ship we need means to breathe underwater. A trip to the Marshall's should secure us a sanction to look and perhaps the funds for the required scrolls?

Nope. Bad idea. Chatterbeak does not like water. Master and Crackerman should forget stupid boat. Get eaten by Sharks they will.

Chatterbeak nearly falls of his pearch, not expecting the mental intrusion, Ark! Hears the lizard in his head, Chatterbeak does. Evil thing. Zap him master, please.

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Chatterbeak tries to hide behind Varrel's neck and nips and the pseudo dragons tail, counting on his master to protect him.
Ark! No, not you. Not you. Master only let's me sit up here. Go Away lizard thing.

Varrel throws up a protective hand to halt any reprisal.

Oooooo!.. Wash out Crackers man. .Marshter, is cranky today. And I can too fly. wash!

Chatterbeak flaps about like, well a drunken bird, and crashes into a donkey's side, getting a whinny from the creature before Varrel saves him from being stepped on.

Yes Master, Chatterbeak is good at finding things

ooc]Perception[/ooc]1d20 + 10 ⇒ (1) + 10 = 11

Crackerman has big arms. Would not be too hard to do..

Arrk! Sleep? But it is morning?

Arrk! Don't know Crackerman. Maybe in morning we can ask after breakfast?

Arrk...nope, nope..master told Strawhaired Shiny man to already. Be here in the morning he will. Besides, Chatterbeak is not owl. Chatterbeak will get eaten by hungry dragon lizard flying by himself at night. Wait till morning for silly shinyman. He will come. Paladins always do what they say. Stupid. Not smart. Not smart. Going to bed then. Arrk.

Chatterbeak flaps onto his perch,
Master is asleep Roofrunner, shall I wake Master?

Chatterbeak hops up and down happily. He attacks the nut with vicious hunger.
Manging to talk around a full beak, Thanks, Crackerman.

Keeping at a difficult hover as they move (Chatterbeak knew better than to try to sit on Una's shoulder) Chatterbeak flaps onto the bar.
Crackerman went drinkin without his buddy Chatterbeak. Not smart. Not smart. Who is to keep an eye on Crackerman's back, without me? Member Crackerman? That last fight at the Hairy Dog when man tried to sneak up on Crackerman with a Chair? Chatterbeak gave warning and Crackerman made chair holder FLY out window. Yes you did. Can we drink now? Chatterbeak likes it when room spins after having 'GROG'. What we having tonight?

The bird quickly dive bombs a bowl of nuts the barkeep has along the wall. Returning with a large Walnut and checking for persuers.
Would you open this, Crackerman? Chatterbeak has not eaten since he threw up on Master's armor.

I assume it's still the night of the execution day. Varrel is spent and gone to bed.

Chatterbeak pipes up as Una makes her choice.
Can Chatterbeak come , Roofrunner? Chatterbeak likes 'Drinkin an Whorin with Crackerman.

Master is fine. Master is still most powerful. Master has not said but Master is not happy with nice hair friend Paladin. Wait...... Master is here now.

As Varrel strides in Chatterbeak begins preening.
Sorry Master, Chatterbeak got chased by an Owl. Chatterbeak not here long. Master can talk message since Master is here now. Chatterbeak is not happy with Crackerman, went drinkin' an whorin' without Chatterbeak he did

Chatterbeak hops up and down, Arrk, job done. Yes it is. Rewards now. Yes. Chatterbeak wants a new house. Master promised Chatterbeak a house when we were paid. Yes he did. Arrk!

Chatterbeak alights.on Varrels shoulder as they trot along, picking up on his Masters worry he uses a whisper rather than his customary squark and chits and snaps in a language similar to bird calls
Where are Buddy Crackerman, Roof Runner, The man with the tasty frog and Pretty Hair Ashe gone boss? And the funny Shortbody, I like him, looks likea fun people. What's the plan?

He shifts his weight to allow for the gentle trot of the horse.

Arrk! Done here, Done here. Master has new spellbook. Hooray. More Power! Arrk!

Arrk. Nice half-orc lady. Yes. Pretty hair she has. Good for nest building. Chatterbeak likes pretty hair. Arrk!

Ark! Bad man he is. Chatterbeak says, TAR AND FEATHER HIM!

Ark.Kay, man is necro..NERCRO.....Is bad man! Must be smited! Yes he should. Smite him, Mr Gnome. Yes, go on. Ark! Youre god will be happy is you do it.

Yep..hic...bosh is....hic...mosht powerful of group..
Chatterbeak was attempting to keep up with Shakhan's pace. The bird had yet to tolerate ale and it only took a thimbul (which Shakhan helpfully kept on him now for such occasions) full to inebriate the bird.
Yep...drinkin' an whorin' wit Crackerman...good times..hic.
Shhh.. Y'know crackerman...Chatterbeak wants to eat Morty the frog..
When floppy hat wizard not looking... Shhh, not tell.

That is what Chatterbeak said, Roof runner. SHAK..TAN. Now lets go see shiny lady so Master gets paid and me and SHAKTAN go drinking an whorin. Drinkin an whorin.

Drinking time with Shaktan!!

Chatterbeak save vs stench1d20 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10

Ooohh! Boss, let Chatterbeak hel.....huurrll

The bird decorates Varrel's chain a new color...

Arrk. Nice. That is much shinier tooth lady. Very pretty.

Chatterbeaks master nods his approval as well.

Yes. Yes. Left is right. Go left. Go left. Arrk!

Roll in the fire Gnome. It will burn bugs and squash them. Arrk. You can take it.

Arrk. See. See. Miss Lilley speaks like Chatterbeak again. Master is correct. Master is far smarter than all of you. Listen to Master, you should. If master says everyone is different, theyare. Ooooh, Master how different? Does this mean dwarf is NOT going to get drunk later? That's sad. Dwarves are lots of fun when drunk. Chatterbeak wants to get drunk with dwarf!!!

Chatterbeak, Knowledge: Arcana1d20 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3

Chatterbeak, Knowledge: Religion1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19

Chatterbeak, Knowledge: Dungeoneering1d20 + 2 ⇒ (11) + 2 = 13

Chatterbeak, Knowledge: Planes1d20 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 2 = 14

Chatterbeak looks at the statues and surrounds. The bird was a manifestation of his masters will, the link established via an emphatic connection. It allowed Chatterbeak to talk and reason and even possess.some knowledeg beyond the birds experience.

Chatterbeak flaps down to the gnome.
Chatterbeak can look for you Mister Gnome. Chatterbeak is great at spotting things.

Chatterbeak flaps around the cieling.
This room is much nicer master. Room to fly in here there is. Next time master we should travel with better warriors. The big green one throws his weapon everywhere. Careful master. Better stand next to the Gnome. He's good.

The smart alec bird remains airborne for now, enjoying the room and looking about
Chatterbeak Perception1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13

The bird, not nearly as dismissive, speaks to everyone.
Master and Chatterbeak are waiting for job. Are we going hunting? Setting thingd on fire? Master is good with Magic. Makes pretty lights.

Gryfford The Unrelenting wrote:

Gryfford looks at black Chatterbeak perched on the shoulder of Adriel.

"I must say I am quite disappointed not being able to speak to you. I looked forward to some fascinating man-to-bird conversations." he sighs.

You couldn't say if he's serious or not. Probably not.

The birds responds in a wierd high pitched voice , Do not worry swordman. Chatterbeak loves to talk. Maybe when Master is not looking, Chatterbeak can tell you about things. Chatterbeak is very smart. Knows about lots of things he does. Chatterbeak is much better than sword-familiar that does not talk or fly. Do not look sad swordman. Chatterbeak likes swordman. Has nice hair for nest making. Oooo...Cracker, thanks master

A large raven sits upon the mages left shoulder scrutinizing everybody.
Master does not smile, but Master likes you. Chatterbeak is Chatterbeak by the way. Try to not stand near Master when he magics. Stuff gets burned when he does. When do we leave.

Chatterbeak looks at the DM with head tilted to the side, typical for a bird.
Is Master going on an adventure? Chatterbeak likes adventures. Finds lots of shiny coins, he does.

He swoops across.DM Idyll's shoulder and snatches a spider that had been crawling up it.
There. Chatterbeak saved DM Idyll from nasty bite. Yes I did. Can we go on adventure now? Chatterbeak will protect everybody from bugs. Yes he will. Master can hurt bigger things with Magic. Chatterbeak handles bugs.

Finally, the Raven who'd been circling and cawing over the battle swoops down. It alights on Deacon's shoulder, and nuzzles the wizard.
Oh, Master. Chatterbeak was so worried. Yes he was. Chatterbeak saw them take you. Chatterbeak wanted to help but Chatterbeak has no hands to untie ropes. Oh, Chatterbeak is so sorry, Master.

The birds flaps over to the ground just out of reach of the bandit.
You did this, yes you did, Chatterbeak should peck your eyes out. Saw you kick master on the ground, yes you did. But Master is free now and you'll be sorry.

Forget Deacon, when do we sail? When do we sail?

Chatterbeak is waiting. Chatterbeak I waking up master. Master is asleep on the beach.
Chatterbeak's head hurts! Did Chatterbeak and Master get into the saki last night?

Kenji is still Here. Master doesn't talk much. Probably good thing cause stuff usually sets on fire when master talks.
When do we sail?...Oh LOOK Biscuits!

Landing on the Barbarian's shoulder, the Bird asks, You feeling better Crackerman? Sure to be enemy worth your big arms and big boots soon.

He remains on his friends shoulder and waits for Varrel and Ashe to move off to the next room. Before Shaktan leaves, Pardon, Crackerman but Master thinks blue dork will call for help when we go. Master did not want to hurt Shinyman's feelings. Can Crackerman use sleep choke on Blue Dork to give him a nap?

The message delivered, Chatterbeak flaps back to Varrel.

Chatterbeak, dislodged by the jostling of combat, takes wing with Majenko, calling, to Ashe, It's bite can paralize, Shinyman, less worried about his Master, whose elven blood makes him immune to such things.

Chatterbeak, recognising the creature from magical bond he shared with his master, calls a.warning, unable to properly pronounce the creatures difficult name, simply.yells, Constructs master, use hammer, use HAMMER!

Chatter beak knows what they are and so can tell the others but I'll limit his speech to a 6second block

Chatterbeak leans in to hear his master's whisper, saying nothing, he then flaps up to the roof and in the renewed light has a look at the corpse pile from different angles,
Perception1d20 + 10 ⇒ (16) + 10 = 26

He then returns to Varrels shoulder to make his report.

Varrel allows Ashe through to maintain marching order. Chatterbeak makes a swipe at Ashes hair as he moves past. Varrel casts a dissapproving look.
What? Nice Color. Good for nest.

Chatter beak is quite pleased with himself, flying about the groups heads.
Chatterbeak is VERY useful, Roofrunner. Chatterbeak can see and hear and smell lots better than Masters friends. Also good at getting things and finding things, like that spider on Roofrunner's shoulder.
The bird quickly dive bombs Una's shoulder and Snatches the spider.and swiftly eats it. Pecking at it on the floor until it stops moving, then downs it.

See? Chatterbeak is Very useful, like Crackerman, who is good at carrying biscuts and showing Chatterbeal how to 'Skoll, Skoll, Skoll, Skoll! from Ale glass. Chatterbeak is NOT good at that, falls over he does...

Recieving a disapproving look from Varrel, Chatterbeal falls quiet and Returns to his perch on Master's shoulder.

Chatterbeak flaps off Varrel's shoulder. Master has destroyed evil. Terrific he was. Killed more than any of you, because master is Skilledest and Cleverest and also Stromgestbesides Crackerman.

He pauses, midair and has a thought. It takes awhile. Crackerman is not strongest today. Is Crackerman sick? Master should use that spell that makes Crackerman bigger. Then he will feel better and we can going "drinkin an whoring" like Crackerman likes. Ohhh, look master, maybe shinies in hole.

Perception, search1d20 + 10 ⇒ (13) + 10 = 23

Ark. Smelly Fred doesn't have present for roof runner. Smelly Fred should find something. Roof runner is dangerous she is. Not nice to leave someone out.

Varrel quickly clamps his hand over the birds beak and shh's him.

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