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Charles Evans 25's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 7,159 posts (9,973 including aliases). 16 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 70 aliases.


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James Sutter wrote:

I wrote an essay over at SF Signal about what series authors like George R. R. Martin owe their fans (partially to rebut Neil Gaiman's famous "George Martin is not your b*#%+" post), and I thought some of y'all might have opinions on the issue. While Paizo doesn't publish epic novel series, the parallels between something like that and Adventure Paths are numerous. :)

What Authors Owe Fans

Isn't an adventure path a multi-part game though? I'd have thought that in some senses that produces a different method of interaction between the user(s) and the product than the interaction between the user and a novel.

That might also result in different expectations of a product (an potentially of the context in which said expectations may be set).
All of which might feed into whether James Sutter, Adventure Path writer, would have different 'obligations' (perceived or otherwise) to his customers than James Sutter, Novel writer.

(edited, reworded)
Doctor Who, episode 4, 'Listen':

And yet more paradox-y time-travel. It's getting to point where things are so tangled that the whole thing's in danger of a meltdown in terms of making any kind of overall sense, short of the producers 'resetting' practically everything 'New', with Eccleston's Doctor waking up on satellite 5 and thinking 'Urgh, what a horrible dream... Now down to business: How do I beat these Daleks?'

GM Xabulba wrote:
Charles Evans 25 wrote:
GM Xabulba wrote:

Almost every thing in your post has spoilers, please be respectful for those of us who haven't seen it yet.

I thought that these days episodes were airing the same day (or even the same time) overseas as in the UK? (There was certainly a lot of tarantara in the UK media to that effect when The Day of the Doctor came out.)

And with the episode title being 'Robot of Sherwood', to say nothing of (at least here in the UK) the trailers, the BBC hasn't exactly been subtle on the 'This Will Have a Robin Hood Theme!!!!!' front... :D
True but some of us don't have the time to watch it on the day it comes out. The trailers did reveal a lot but the un-spoilered part of your post reveled ** spoiler omitted **.

With respect:

Nowhere in my post did I say what happens to the sheriff in the end. I implied that I was expecting him to be shown seemingly shuffle off this mortal coil with a very specific end result, and indicated that that turned out not to be the case. Yes I did reveal that a character turned out *not* to be in an episode, but I do not consider that a major spoiler.

I apologise if that spoiled your viewing experience, however. :(

Hmmm. (Possibly inspired by the earlier women's match?) Eoin Morgan led the England men to a twenty-twenty victory over India to wrap up the England summer.
Nice to see Morgan back in the runs... :)

GM Xabulba wrote:

Almost every thing in your post has spoilers, please be respectful for those of us who haven't seen it yet.

I thought that these days episodes were airing the same day (or even the same time) overseas as in the UK? (There was certainly a lot of tarantara in the UK media to that effect when The Day of the Doctor came out.)

And with the episode title being 'Robot of Sherwood', to say nothing of (at least here in the UK) the trailers, the BBC hasn't exactly been subtle on the 'This Will Have a Robin Hood Theme!!!!!' front... :D

3-0 to the England women, and they take their series in a clean sweep!
(Mind you, South Africa got within 8 runs of the England total this time, before running out of overs.)
Lauren Winfield in the runs today for England (74 from 60 balls).

Third episode (Robin Hood episode). No 'Missy' section this time (I was more than expecting the Sheriff to get one, but it turned out that that was not to be the case). Went on about 'The Promised Land' instead. (Is 'Promised Land' supposed to be Gallifrey, maybe, since as of 'The Day of the Doctor' it turned out it might not have been 'permanently' blown-up/time-looped/whatever after all?)

The shooting an arrow into the exterior of the spaceship to somehow magically put it into orbit bit where it could apparently blow up 'safely' made little sense to me, even by Doctor Who standards, unless it was supposed to be a magical arrow????

I thought the episode was halfway-decent, but (at least for me) it could have been done better if the Robin Hood portrayal had been slightly less played-for-laughs, and done with slightly more gravitas.

Annnnd, England women take their twenty-twenty series with one game still to play, with a win by 42 runs. Charlotte Edwards scored seventy-five not out (off a mere sixty-one balls at that) in the England innings.
And that is how an England side successfully plays one-day cricket (or whatever twenty-twenty counts as).

Hah! The England women continue their usual beat-down service. They beat South Africa by nine wickets in the first game of their twenty-twenty series yesterday!

????? ! ?
Australia have lost a one-day match to Zimbabwe.
Okay, playing on Zimbabwe's home turf, and the Australian captain picked up an injury when he was going well, which must have impacvted the Australian final score, but still...
Either that was one dodgy pitch or Zimbabwe seem to have found a good bowler or two from somewhere by the look of the scorecard.
Nyumbu: ten over one maiden, thirty runs for one wicket.
Williams: ten overs, two maidens, twenty-one runs for two wickets.
Mind you, some of the others weren't so economical; Chatara went for fifty-six runs off his eight overs, and didn't bowl any maidens or take any wickets....

Hama wrote:
I'm kinda getting bored with daleks. For supposedly indestructible masters of extermination, they get obliterated every five episodes or so. Sure they always survive, but still.

They didn't get obliterated this time.

It was on Russell T. Davies' watch (as producer), to my mind, where the dalek stories got really silly, with them coming up with ever more grandiose plans and supposedly being all wiped out (only to subsequently come back through yet another loophole) every other season.
To give credit to him, Moffat's overseen several episodes where the daleks didn't all get wiped out or where insanely high stakes were involved; in one (Victory of the Daleks) they even arguably got the better of the Doctor.

Second episode was interesting. I would have liked it better if Moffat hadn't slapped in that 'Missy' segment. I have a nasty suspicion that we're going to end up seeing one of those per episode now, with someone who's 'killed' during interaction with the Doctor, until it's revealed that 'Missy' is either the Doctor's insane daughter and/or an evil alter-ego/future/alternate Clara.
(It seems apparent that it's someone with access to the Doctor's timeline.)

India (men) continuing to show all the style and panache that so mysteriously disappeared in the last matches of the test series.
Another thrashing by them of England.
Cook seems to have given some of his bowlers a few too many overs, but given what options the selectors gave him to use against this India side, his best hope once India won the toss and inserted England was for his side to make a big score - which it failed to do against the Indian attack.
Nice to see Cook get forty odd, but a shame it wasn't more. :(

Nope. Just a sprinkling of rain; nowhere near enough to save England from being bowled out for 161 in the thirty-ninth over, way short of their target.

Men's one day series, England VS India, second match:
Well, that was a pathetic England performance with the ball. Woakes had a good start, but then India (especially Raina) virtually murdered the England bowling 'attack', Woakes included.
The fact that India can do *that* in a one day match leads me to suspect that at the very least they were sulking and/or couldn't be bothered to do any more than go through the motions in the last two tests, and probably made the England test side look better than they might be.
Half time thought based on the match so far: Well, at least England can't be whitewashed now in this series, the first match having been lost to rain. They're certainly going to lose this one unless the middle order produce something incredible or Hales does something astonishing.

Hmm. Rain arrived in Cardiff - another 'no result' impending?

That said, Peter Capaldi seems like he might bring some gravitas to the role. And having sat on the sidelines and watched everyone else get all the action in Musketeers he actually got in on some horse-riding last night (unless it was a stuntman double, of course)...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I miss the Sylvester McCoy/Sophie Aldred era, when there was some depth and complexity to how the Doctor and his companion interacted...

In the women's one day series, Charlotte Edwards has scored a hundred today (and carried her bat right through the innings, finishing 108 not out), and England have gone 2-0 up against India. Very good Indian bowling today, but Edwards is highly experienced and made sure England had what turned out to be (just) enough runs for the England bowlers to sink India. Good bowling from Jenny Gunn, who broke a crucial Indian partnership at a time when India were looking like they might pull the chase off, and who took 4 wickets for 23 runs off her ten overs. Series in bag for England, one match to go.

Stebehil wrote:
Lilith wrote:
You understand the marzipan, proboscis, and tureen reference.

I guess I qualify, then. There was a certain feast featured in a very special adventure...

And I have the various Beta rules printed out and bought the Alpha rules as a printed book (or vice versa?).

Otherwise, if you remember the time when one of the last Dungeon Mags (or was it Dragon? Damn, my memory is failing me...) got lost with a british gaming company, who should have shipped them to European subscribers. They were re-shipped from the US later, at no additional cost.

Or the time when Lisa stepped in to replace a good number of mags to a guy who had them stolen out of his car - for free!

I remember the body-count that a CR half or one third or something ridiculous like that encounter kept on racking up in The Whispering Cairn because actually in 3.5 swarms are disproportionately dangerous to 1st level characters without area effect options like flasks of burning oil...

Ahem. Just to clarify, not characters that I personally bounced by the dozen, but which others reported on the boards...

GeraintElberion wrote:

I think that could be the end of Robson.

Bell has a track record and made some decent scores; Robson has a poor average.

So if Robson goes, do they give Carberry or Compton another try when they go to the West Indies next spring? Or someone else?

I just noticed the next test series the Indian men have is against Australia. I wonder if we'll see any test matches over in less than two days, if India play like that in Mitchell Johnson's back yard.... :D

Bell only got 7 in the England innings. Robson only got 37; does that mean it might be the end of the road for Robson for now?

Oval Test, 3rd day, shortly before tea; India lose match by an innings and a silly number of runs and the series 1-3
Well that was ignominious. If India didn't throw that last match, they certainly showed every sign in their second innings of having given up on even trying to win it. :(
They weren't even trying to draw it, which might have been feasible if they scored enough runs and the weather went their way...

Hmmm. Well that's that at Wormsley. Charlotte Edwards after the match said that her England team should have played better on the first day. Looking at the scorecard, I think there might have been a element of being on the wrong end of the toss and a somewhat dodgy pitch, but if it inspires them to work harder on their games...
At the Oval, the Indian men seem to have been the ones on the wrong end of a toss and an initially slightly dodgy pitch yesterday, but still Dhoni showed the rest of his team it should be possible to fight through it (and rather showed up most of his top order, too).
And at the Oval then England were batting today, and India were dropping catches (Cook, twice!!!) - looks like the wheels are coming off India.
Not sure whether this means England are improving as much as the end result of this match may suggest. If half the opposition are thinking more about going home (or the one day series?) than trying to win the current match...
Still, all England can do is do their best to beat whatever's at the opposite end of the wicket in a professional fashion.

GeraintElberion wrote:

Cook made runs, Bell made a lot of runs, Anderson remembered how to bowl, Broad remembered how to bowl...

Interesting from the women's but I haven't actually seen any play.

It seems to be an very bowler-friendly pitch at Wormsley! Charlotte Edwards & co. are better than 92 all out.

Hopefully the pitch + atmospheric conditions will be helpful in the morning session, and England can get the last six Indian wickets before the Indians can knock the runs off.
I've caught some of the radio coverage of the women's match, before the Oval test started and that took over the air-waves.
Regarding the Oval test, the Indian batsmen, excluding Dhoni, seem to have suddenly and inexplicably lost any interest in winning. Maybe too much cricket's burnt them out?

Fourth Test, Day 3:
I'm frankly baffled how that happened. Woakes finally took a wicket in the series and England won by an innings and 54 runs, despite some at times inoffensive England bowling - AND England missing their most effective wicket taking bowler of the India first innings in the Indian second inngs, thanks to Broad getting a face full of cricket ball from Aaron's enthusiastic bowling.
Oh yes, and I've actually noticed the BBC actually allowing comment again in one of their cricket threads for the first time in a week or two... Possibly indicative of a turn-around in England fortunes???
I suppose since the second test, when India humiliated England, India have been lacking the use of one of their more effective bowlers, Ishant Sharma, due to his being injured. And Matthew Prior removed himself from the England lineup, due to ongoing injury problems, and Buttler was brought in to replace him. The second may be at least as significant as the first, if what I've heard said that a wicket keeper is often at the heart of what goes on when a side is in the field is true.
England still need to see consistent batting from Cook and Robson (I'll be interested to see if Robson gets shown the same patience by the selectors on the run-scoring front as Cook was), and improved bowling from some of their support bowlers. Nice to see Moeen apparently coming on in leaps and bounds though, in terms of working out how to play at test level. :)

Fourth test, Day 1:
No wicket for Woakes.
England back to dropping chances again (and one of those *would* have been a wicket for Woakes) and once they batted, a promising new Indian bowler, Aaron, regressed Cook back to his getting-out-just-into-double-figures days.
Would have been India's day, to my mind, but for the small detail that India won the toss, opted to bat, and (bar a fighting captain's innings from Dhoni, with some support from Rahane and Ashwin) were destroyed anyway (despite the dropped catches) by Broad, with some assistance from Anderson.
Honours to my mind maybe even at close of play, or just a shade in England's favour (though losing Ballance in the last over did *not* help England).

Eighth Dwarf:
On the subject of the Commonwealth games, very good performance from Australia at an 'away' games; presumably you'll be back topping the table at the next one. ;)
I must admit I was surprised England has apparently discovered quite such a good gymnast as Fragapone looks to be developing to be. Assuming she remains uninjured, have to watch out for her in Rio in two years' time.

Best wishes for your spell as venture-captain of Ontario...

In second edition AD&D Ravenloft:

Domains of Dread, Chapter 7, Powers Checks, Unholy Acts wrote:
...Alternatively, a character can also commit an unholy act by openly and maliciously violating the beliefs of those around him. A character who mocks an important idol may well offend more than the local townspeople...

You got a free-pass if it was an evil faith you were mocking/belittling, but you could end up in hot-water fairly quickly if you were being nasty about a locally important neutral or good faith.

I don't recall anything in 2nd edition (except maybe in the case of specific corners of Ravenloft or items) where atheists generally got any benefits or penalties for being 'deniers', but once they started shoving their views in other people's faces, and specifically started mocking or belittling their faiths/beliefs, then they did get in trouble.

I think third edition was somewhat fuzzier on the issue.

Lugh Ildanach wrote:

New party, five players.

Oracle, Spellslinger (Wizard), Slayer, Hurler (Barbarian) & Bard.

Party wants to discover new places, visit locations few people have been to. They are all kinda experienced 3.5 players but have almost no Golarion knowledge.

¿Which Adventure Path do you recommend and why?
Oh, no RotRl, I'm already DMing that.

Thanks in advance!

If your DM can handle a conversion of something written for 3.5. I'd recommend Legacy of Fire. It's a bit of a railroad in places, but the players definitely get to visit at least one major location that practically no one else has been to.

Oh yes, and it introduced (Erik Mona, the writer of the first instalment, being, well, Erik Mona) players around the world to the harbingers of pain and humiliation known as 'pugwampis'.

Gratuitous youtube link.
For the record, it's the Wacky Races Peugeot ad.

Gratuitous random wikipedia link.

Regarding the original post (and poster), it might help those who *are* capable of commenting usefully, if you give some idea of which modules/novels you're trying to link together into a coherent storyline. I think by the sound of it you opened up with Clash of the Kingslayers - though if I understand correctly you say you ran it without having any basic information regarding Paizo's own setting, so started improvising your own world/background as you went along - but I'm not sure what else you've been running or borrowing ideas from.

I doubt very much that I could assist you myself, beyond trying to interpret what you're doing in the hope that wiser and more experienced heads will happen along to advise you. I will thus wish you well in your endeavours and duck out of this thread.

Apparently I'm not sufficiently cynical. I was expecting at least a match suspension for Anderson, to go along with Jadeja's pre-existing fine, since apparently something unpleasant has been going on between them - but today both Anderson's and Jadeja's disciplinary thingummies have miraculously vanished in a *puff* of smoke. No punishments for anyone!
I'm doubtful that this will encourage more civil conduct in the long-run.

Day five:
Still no wicket for Woakes, and India have now run out of wickets for him to potentially take. Match over. In Woakes' defence he did only go for three runs an over on average in India's first innings and less than that in the second; on a good batting wicket he managed to keep an end relatively tight.
I'm slightly surprised Moeen took so many wickets; India are a side (so I was informed) who are good at facing spin. It seems potentially promising for England's future to me if Moeen goes on to develop into a really good test level spinner.
Cook and Bell both benefited from dubious umpiring decisions in the first innings; that said, they both went on to make runs on a good batting pitch, without needing further such decisions to remain at the crease.
Good keeping and enthusiasm from Buttler. Also nice run-scoring.
Can't see how Anderson's muttering at Rahane yesterday will have helped his [Anderson's] forthcoming disciplinary hearing.
Regarding Cook as captain, a first win in eleven matches doesn't remove my doubts as to whether he should be leading the England side - he needs to turn it into a streak, taking this series 2-1 or 3-1 (weather permitting) to convince me that at least for now he's capable of holding down the position. And if he can't stop his bowlers from mouthing off (and maybe getting themselves banned) I don't see that he's helping himself as captain.
Nice that he's back scoring runs though.

Molviji of the '147' variety.

I remember being distinctly unimpressed at the time by Survival as an end to the original series of Doctor Who. If it was trying to make sophisticated points, they went right above my head at the time; it's possible I might see it differently twenty-five years on though...

Day four:
Still no wicket for Woakes. (Well he was the bowler when Vijay was run out, but that doesn't go in Woakes' 'wickets' column.)
India have 112 and need another 334 for the win. So if they bat through to the close of day five (assuming a ninety over day), in theory they should get close.
Unfortunately for India, the England spinners Root and Moeen, have taken three of India's second innings wickets after the Vijay run-out.
Match (to my mind) in balance. (I refuse to believe it's in England's favour, given previous England exhibitions of snatching-defeat-from-the-jaws-of-victory.)
Hmmm. Wonder if Ballance will be called upon to bowl on day five...

Orthos wrote:
Nagas have Babas? Who woulda known?

Darn. Ninja'ed! I was about to mention that one.

At Adelaide in 2006, Australia were 40 runs off the follow-on target, with five wickets left at the end of day three.
At Southampton today India were 46 runs off the follow-on target, but with only two wickets left at the end of day three.
It would be nice, to my mind, if England could polish India off relatively quickly on day 4, and take the India win out of the equation. (It looks doubtful to me whether England have the fire-power to bowl India out a second time before the end of day five, given the weather and pitch, but hopefully England can avoid two losses in a row.)
No wickets for Woakes, but at least he's only going for three an over so far.

Just spotted a thread about PaizoCon UK down in the PaizoCon sections of the boards: *Link*

Hmm. I think the point of my previous post is a vague sense of unease that 569 on a good batting pitch might not be enough to stop the other side from getting somewhere close to parity, which will give them morale plus momentum.
Having declared on 569, Cook's put a *lot* on his bowlers, and I'm concerned given other, recent matches, that 569 might not be enough to either close India out of the match altogether (especially if Jadeja goes berserk with the bat again) or even to give England a substantial first innings lead.
Well, by the end of day three, we should have a better idea of what direction the match might be heading in, after India have had a full day to bat (barring a collapse that would practically require a follow-on invitation, which would still see them batting again anyway).

Day 2:
I'm having unpleasant flashbacks to the second test, in Adelaide, in 2006. Having lost the previous match in the series, Flintoff (the then captain) declared on 551-6 on a good batting pitch, close to the end of play on day 2, and the Australians were 28-1 by the close.
Australia ended up winning the match by 6 wickets.
Granted that was an Australia side with the likes of Warne and McGrath in, who were able to skittle England during the England second innings after the Australians spent a couple of days grinding the England bowling/fielders down...

Folkish Elm wrote:

...That's all I is can think if right now but I'm sure there's more. Many thanks to all involved.

When's the next uk event?

Chris :)

The next event that comes to my mind in the UK at which PFS may have a presence is OddCon (10th-12th) October, in Telford.

I might be overlooking some other event though!

Generally no (commonwealth games watching) unless there's some famous British athlete I've actually heard of competing when I turn on.
Third test (India Men vs Cook's boys)
WOAKES???? They left out Plunkett or Stokes so that they could play Woakes???? A bowler last seen at test level (August test match, 2013, at Oval vs Australia) going for four runs an over and only taking one wicket? A bowler who apparently so failed to inspire confidence in his captain that he didn't bowl in the second innings of said match?
At least Cook finally put some runs on the board. Hope this isn't a case of even a broken clock is right twice a day.

So: did that go well?

Belated addition of my own congratulations to Rob and Dave, who work their socks off for love of the game.

As a reminder, the badges & schedules unclaimed by the time the meal+ghost walk crew departed at 19:00 on Friday have been left overnight with the business school reception desk.

The 8th Dwarf wrote:
I won't gloat.... Much ;-)

Please do... Profusely. :D

(Aussie gloating might be the motivation that they need to turn things around!)

BBC weather forecast for Birmingham tomorrow of temperatures upto 26 degrees, and maybe some cloud during the afternoon; wind from the northeast of upto ten miles per hour.
Aston university's city-centre, so it might be a bit warmer than that.
Humidity of 43% at 17:00 rising to 68% by midnight. (Whatever humidity percentages mean.)
Friday expected dry, but some rain on Saturday.

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