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Chaosthecold's page

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Liberty's Edge

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Seems to be like it would be a legit use of your abilities. Since the sneak attack dice added do electricity damage and they are dice rolled with the spell.

Granted this is a different edition than 3.5 but there was a similar thing that came up (what happens if you sneak attack with a vampiric touch? Do you get the temps from the sneak attack dice too?). The answer to that was yes(as per official FAQ) In both cases you are increasing the damage done by the spell.

Liberty's Edge

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galahad2112 wrote:

@ James Maissen

But switching my morningstar to my shield hand, casting, then switching back is okay?

You don't have to do this... you have a free hand with a lgt. shield anyway.

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Dragnmoon wrote:

Personally for myself I feel it is bad form for a GM in a PFS game to finish off a character that went into negative hitpoints with their remaining attacks once they are down, unconscious and bleeding unless there are extreme circumstances. As examples:

Dying PC caught in an area effect spell, channel etc...
Monster specifically called out to do so in tactics (looking for food, etc)
A PC who is shown during the battle to continually come back up and is too dangerous every time and the monsters are smart enough to catch that, though this should be rare.

I am curious how other GMs feel about this? I don't get to play often and I experienced this at GenCon while playing there and was so surprised when it happened.

Is it something I should expect from most GMs or did I run into a rarity?

Don't get me wrong I have killed PCs before, even killed one with 1 hp left with a rend from a Gug (I blame Kyle!), but I have never killed a PC once he was down and out of the fight when it did not match the above examples, and even then it was only when the body was in an area effect.

PS to the above GM, though I did not agree with you doing the above, I still enjoyed the game you ran and would like to thank you for bringing the game to the hotel when we ran out of time in the PFS room.

Attacking an unconscious enemy is tactically a bad move. There are other threats your immediate area that should be considered over an unconscious/dead PC (ESPECIALLY the guy who keeps making people stand back up.)

In the case of 'But I still have one attack in my full attack left and no one within a five foot step!' it's still pretty shoddy especially since these NPCs are unaware of the rules that govern them. Forgo'ing an attack and stepping towards another player taunting them adds to the roleplaying immersion of the game while putting your extra attack into a downed PC 'just because you don't want to waste it' usually comes from GMs who play against the players instead of with them.

I have seen this very few times.

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Imper1um wrote:

So, I've calculated that at the end of September I have played or GM'd 117 Modules.

At this point in time, at least 75% of the modules are recorded, which is good. However, its becoming quite a hassle. Something for the web team: PFS Module Tracker.

Basically, it would be a grid that would show if you have gotten Player/GM Credit for a module, so it can help you to avoid modules you have played and/or GM'd.

What do you think?

I was actually just updating my modules played and found this.

it has boxes to check for played and GMd and is current with up to season 3.

I found it helpful.

Liberty's Edge

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in 3.5 it was an issue....but not nearly as bad as it is now since putting an ioun stone in a wayfinder 'grants you protection from mental control'....

Going to more gamedays I see people more and more who think they are immune to almost all enchantment spells and effects and it actually hurts my enjoyment of the game that some people abuse these rules in this fashion....

The biggest two components I have to defend why these people are wrong is... READ THE BOOK.....and ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME?!

Under the enchantment school in the core rulebook:

Charm: A charm spell changes how the subject views
you, typically making it see you as a good friend.
Compulsion: A compulsion spell forces the subject to act
in some manner or changes the way its mind works. Some
compulsion spells determine the subject’s actions or the
effects on the subject, others allow you to determine the
subject’s actions when you cast the spell, AND STILL OTHERS GIVE YOU ONGOING CONTROL OVER THE SUBJECT.

The other glaringly obvious one is the spell Mind Blank. You know that eighth level spell that used to grant you immunity to all mind effecting spells and effects? What is that you say? It doesn't even do that anymore? What makes you think a first level spell does?

Please god.... If anything... I volunteer to be the official 'slap you in the face for thinking the rules work like that' person for PFS...

Liberty's Edge

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Natertot wrote:
Tarrintino wrote:

I'm asking for clarification on an ability.

At a recent convention, several players said I needed to load a Clear Spindle Ioun Stone into my Wayfinder as it would prevent mind affecting attacks such as "Confusion" from affecting my character.

I mentioned this last night with my gaming group, and they flat out told me that the players that said this were vastly confused in the matter, stating that the Resonate effect of a Clear Spindle Ioun Stone in a Wayfinder would only prevent Mind Control and possession attempts (ie. Dominate, etc.).

Can I get an official ruling from someone w/ Paizo on what the Resonate affect of a Clear Spindle Ioun Stone in a Wayfinder does and doesn't do for the person carrying said Wayfinder?


The resonant power works like Protection from Evil the Spell except it is not conditioned on alignment. Hope that helps.


That is actually where the arguement begins for most people. It has been a long and tedious battle against Protection from evil being equivalent to an 8th level spell.

Prot. Evil protects you from enchantment spells and effects that grant on-going control. The problem is, people say spells like Confusion, Hold Person, and even Charm Person (Which grants NO control) are shut out by this Super-ultra-mega first level spell. While some of these spells may influence your actions... They grant no degree of control over them.

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