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Lantern Bearer

Chanix's page

336 posts. Pathfinder Society character for Ian RVA.

Full Name

Chanix Verzuul (55917-1)


Char Sheet Elf Rogue (Scout) - HP: 17/17, - AC: 17/T: 14/FF: 13 - Perception: +8 (Trapspotter/Low light) - F:+1 / R: +7/ W: +1 - CMB: +2 - CMD: 16, Speed: 30


XP: 3

About Chanix

The son of a scholar, Chanix was expected to study more often than he cared for. He had other plans for wild adventures that didn't involve academia. He practiced skills of deception, often sneaking out of the house having set up clever ruses for his parents. Chanix would indulge his other interests around the village sparring with willing adversaries and tinkering with devices.

Chanix was often regaled by tales of his great-grandfather. He was a stalwart adventurer largely responsible for current knowledge of the Darklands. Long since thought lost to the depths of Sekamina he has not been heard from for hundreds of years. Some say he's traveled even deeper, to Orv, for one day he returned with a strange double-bladed, hooked sword called a rhoka. It's all that Chanix has left of his great-grandfather.

That is, unless you consider his genes.

Chanix Verzuul
Char Sheet

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