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Celtic Hammer Turlock's page

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It Certainly Had It's Moments

****( )

I'll be the first to admit that "The Gamers" (by Dead Gentlemen Productions) is, far and away, my favorite 'gamer film'. That being said, I think that, just like with any other new movie genre, you're bound to dislike a film if you compare it to the one that "blazes the trail". Especially, if that film happens to be one as humorous as "The Gamers".

I fully believe that the reason why "Blade Runner" did so poorly in the box office when it originally debuted, was because folks were of the mind, "Hmm...Harrison Ford? Science fiction movie? This is gonna be like 'Star Wars'! Alright!!" Of course now, both fan and movie critic alike, view "Blade Runner" as one of the most deeply provocative and classic sci-fi flicks of all time and a definite 'must see'!

So my advice is to not compare “Gamers” to “The Gamers”. They’re not the same film and I really don’t believe they were meant to be. Yes, from a strictly humorous standpoint, “The Gamers” beats all other ‘gamer flicks’ out there (which isn’t many) hands down. However, this doesn’t mean that “Gamers” is without merit and won’t provide you with almost an hour and a half of viewing enjoyment and laughs. I mean, C’mon…Your bound to hear more than a few chuckles when a guy stuffs beef jerky down his pants and dry humps it while saying, “Jerky, bi#%*!” and then serves it up at the gaming table! Or another guy gives his gaming buddy a huge quilt with the names of all of his own characters he got killed by being such a crappy gamer, and the names fill up both sides of the quilt!

Anyways, all I can say is, a review (even the one you’re reading right now) is just someone else’s opinion and you’re never truly going to know if you’re going to enjoy a film unless you see it for yourself. If I went by what the critics wrote about “Blade Runner”, I never would’ve went to see it when it first came out. Thank God, I decided to listen to my gut!

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Great fun!


If you're a gamer this hilariously funny look into a gaming session at a college dorm will have you blowing soda out of your nostrils!

'The Gamers' follows the exploits of four gamers trying to hunt down and initiate the decisive battle against their characters' main nemesis "The Shadow".

The film masterfully switches between the gaming table and the actual adventure world. For example, seeing the characters attempting something in the gaming world but still hearing dice roll on a table-top right before an event happens is just too funny! If you're not holding your sides at the backstab scene, you're either not a gamer or undead.

This film is a "must have" for any gamers' DVD collection. I can't recommend it enough!

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