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Cecilia Perez's page

50 posts. Alias of Uzzy.

Full Name

Cecilia Perez


Lancea Sanctum Toreador




5'8, 150lbs










Art Historian, PhD Candidate

About Cecilia Perez

Though Livia was whore enough to spawn the Dark Father of our sins, there are and were many more of her kind in Rome.

Masquerade: Scholar
Requiem: Manipulator
Concept: Art Historian, PhD Candidate
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Lust
Clan: Daeva
Bloodline: Toreador
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum, The Westminster Creed, Neo-Reformist


Intelligence xx
Wits xxx
Resolve xx

Strength xx
Dexterity xxx
Stamina xx

Presence xxx
Manipulation xxx
Composure xx


Academics xxx (Art History)
Computer xx
Investigation x
Politics x


Athletics xx (Long Distance)
Drive x
Firearms x


Empathy x
Expression xx
Intimidation xx
Persuasion xx (Seduction)
Socialise xx
Streetwise x
Subterfuge x


Celerity x
Dominate x
Majesty x


Haven x
Resources xx
Mentor x (Aden Kumler, Assistant Professor of Art History and the College, Medieval Art)

Addiction (Nicotine)

Health 7
Willpower 4
Blood Potency 2
Size 5
Speed 5
Defence 3
Initiative Mod 5

Questions from the Book:


How old are you? 25 years of age, embraced at 23 after completing her masters degree at the University of Chicago.

What was unique about your childhood? Cecilia moved a lot during her youth due to her father, a US Army Chaplain, moving around from base to base in Europe and the Middle East. Spending most of her time in books, she developed a love of art and culture and showed real aptitude at developing and understanding historical theories about those works, which developed into a desire to take her studies further. To relax and clear her mind, Cecilia took up long distance running.

What sort of person were you? A social outcast in her youth thanks to her bookworm nature and her family constantly moving, she learnt how to wittily deflect the barbs of people taunting her, and learnt it well. Once she moved to Chicago to take up her studies, her natural good looks meant that she was rather popular, and she loved manipulating people around her to get what she wanted.

When was your first brush with the supernatural? During her masters degree, she encountered a man trying to gain access to research materials held at the University and struggling to do so, finding the digital methods used to retrieve such information quite a chore. Cecilia aided him with the research, and impressed him with her knowledge on medieval and religious art. One thing led to another, and before long, her sire introduced her to the exclusive club he belonged to..

How did the embrace change you? It felt.. right, somehow. Now Cecilia's love and knowledge of art history would be properly appreciated by other artistes, and their place above others could be acknowledged.

Who was your sire, and how did he treat you? Her sire was seductive, yet cryptic about the world he was offering to Cecilia. After teaching her the basics of kindred life and introducing her to the other Toreadors in the city, he disappeared from Chicago for unexplained reasons.

Were you presented to Kindred society? Of course! Any Toreador has to make herself known to society at large, and as far as Cecilia could tell, she was welcomed into it. Her ties in the Lancea Sanctum have ensured that she's there at Church every holyday, but keeps to the back of the room for now.

Where is your haven? A small, yet decent looking student apartment. The same one that she lived in before her embrace, infact.

Do you retain any connections to your mortal life? Very much so. She's still enrolled at UoC, eager to complete her studies into Art History and gain her PhD. Though, of course, she's not exactly taking classes during the day anymore.

What are your habitual feeding grounds? Quite stereotypically, local nightclubs have proved successful for feeding after seducing locals.

What motivates you? The desire to understand beauty in art, and to show others exactly what that beauty is.

Equipment Owned
H&K Mk23 'SOCOM', Autoloader Pistol, Dmg 3, Range 30/60/120, Capacity 12+1, Strength 1, Size 1/J
Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa, Sports Bike

Physical Descripton

Tall, leggy and with creamy blonde, shoulder length hair, Cecilia would constantly view the world with a bemused look on her face, as if toying with everyone and everything around her. Usually, when out on a night, Cecilia favours rather tight clothes, certainly enjoying the freedom that not needing to breath gives her fashion sense. Pink corsets that show off a lot of cleavage as well as black leather pants are a particular favourite, in addition to her pink biker jacket. A silver cross hangs on a chain around her neck, positioned in such a way as to draw attention to her cleavage.

Theme Song
M83 - Skin of the Night

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