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Ceallach Mac Seitheach's page

157 posts. Alias of Wandslinger.

Full Name

Ceallach Mac Seitheach










Berla Feini, Calabrese


Pit Fighter

About Ceallach Mac Seitheach

Name: Ceallach Mac Seitheach
Species: Wolf
Career: Pit Fighter
Motto: "A wild soul is a pure soul."
Personality: Ambitious
Goal: Uncover the Nature and Identity of Cedric's Conspirators

Body: d8
Speed: d6
Mind: d4
Will: d8
Species: d8
Career: d8

*Brawling d10 (w/ favorite Nat Weapon)
*Dodge d8 (v ranged)
Endurance d8 (hiking)
*Melee d4 (guard)
Observation d8 (seeing)
Presence d8 (intimidate)

Hiking S
Howling S
Tracking S
Personality: Ambitious St (Respite)
Combat Save St (Respite)
Resolve Ch
Bravery Ca (Battle)
Veteran Ca
Language: Calabrese Ch
Brawling Fighter Ca
Invulnerable Hide Ch (Respite)
Claws of Iron B
Relentlessness P (Battle)
Increased Trait: Will P
Increased Trait: Career P
Charging Strike Xp

XP: 32 total, 6 banked

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