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Cavian's page

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Particularly Potent Pirate Perils


Warning right here, this contains minor SPOILERS.

With that out of the way, I picked up and used Tarin's Crown for the Skull & Shackles campaign I am running and the players quite enjoyed the adventure plug-in. My players' party consists of a druid, alchemist, dragon-disciple sorcerer, rouge, and a bard, so not the most optimized party but they rather enough playing up the intrigue and backstabbing angles of being a pirate. As such, I modified the adventure some, and made use of the scaling up portion in the back of the adventure. My players are at the end of book 3 of the AP and this adventure, with some minor tweaking, worked quite well as a way to wrap up the spy-ring story arc that takes place in the book.

The adventure is well knit together, with a tight story that drives it through, but open-ended enough with its descriptions that it can be easily tweaked for the purposes of any group's particular play style. My players readily enjoyed the ability to parlay with the first mate, and to use that to their advantage when planning their assault on Tarin's Crown itself. The crew is now suitably wigged-out by vegepygmies, though I would definitely advise using the advanced template on them as advised in the back of the PDF. Tarin's fortress can be quite brutal as written, but my party found a way to mitigate much of the danger through careful use of skills and spells. Be warned, the murder holes from the second floor down into the entry area quite live up to their name.

Overall this is an excellent adventure to drop into your campaign and I look forward to the future releases in the series.

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