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Cavian's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. 201 posts. 1 review. No lists. No wishlists.

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Prince of Knives wrote:
DragoDorn wrote:
Prince of Knives wrote:
And then the longest Mourners update ever was written: LINK
I think the forum swallowed your post, and now I live in terrified anticipation of learning it.

I believe DragoDorn was just correcting your code to link directly.

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That's actually a flavorful way to handle it ErrantX.

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Ssalarn wrote:

EDIT: I like Impaling Comet, Piercing Thunder, Crashing Lightning, Lunging Serpent, and Greased Lightning.

The last one may not be as valid a suggestion as the others.

Go grease lightning, you're burning up the quarter mile...

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Ssalarn wrote:
My real concern is getting playtesters to not refer to it as "going super saiyan".

... you fool! You've sown the seeds of your own downfall within the minds of playtesters!

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Fnipernackle wrote:
Cavian wrote:
The other thing to note is that the mythic ability doesn't require a dispel check and allows the use of any spell of equal level or higher while the Arcane Exploit requires both a higher level spell AND a dispel check.

That's because the mythic one doesn't count as a dispel magic. You still have to follow the same rules for counterspelling (same spell/same school if you have the feat).

Also, mythic power is also a limited resource.

Fnipernackle wrote:

1st-Tier Archmage Path Ability - Flexible Counterspell (Mythic Adventures pg. 16)

"Flexible Counterspell (Su): Your mythic power enhances
your ability to counter others' spells. As an immediate
action, you can exp end one use of mythic p ower to
attempt to counter a sp ell. This ability otherwise works
like readying an action to counter a spell, except instead
of using the exact spell or dispel magic, you can instead
expend a spell or spell slot of a level equal to or higher
than the target spell.

Bolded part for emphasis, the mythic version allows any spell to be used as long as it is the same level or higher.

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The other thing to note is that the mythic ability doesn't require a dispel check and allows the use of any spell of equal level or higher while the Arcane Exploit requires both a higher level spell AND a dispel check.

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I've picked this up and given it a look through, looks quite nice and well polished, looking forward to running it!

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Aratrok wrote:
Yeah. But that's all it does, damage. Maneuvers come with defensive benefits (especially the stuff attendant with stances) and utility options that don't involved just doing more damage... while matching the damage benefits of psychic strike or being more effective. Plus it actually works on mindless creatures.

Just spit-balling here: Perhaps replace the blade skills learned at 4th, 10th, and 16th? It roughly lines up with when the War Soul would learn new stances and the lost blade skills are made up in utility from the stances/maneuvers.

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I'm running this myself and I can say that it sounds like your GM is not doing the sale of plunder properly. The base value of plunder is based on the size of the port you're trying to sell it in. How famous you are means nothing in terms of the rules, but the community size does limit how high the merchants there can offer you. Too small a port and there's simply not enough cash on hand. A village gets you anywhere from 100gp to 200gp per point of plunder, while something the size of Port Peril will get you 1000gp to 1400gp with a good roll. The haggle check is also supposed to be based on Bluff (you lie through your teeth about the value), Intimidate (buy this off me or... well you don't want to know), or Diplomacy (sweet talking the merchant, you scratch my back, I scratch yours). My PCs go out of their way to sell plunder in larger ports even if it extends the journey and forces them to pay a port tax or face additional hazards because the reward is well worth the risk.

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Gnomezrule wrote:

Soooo . . . Those of you who are adding adventures are you waiting till after the Mutiny or are you using them to break up the time on the Wormwwod. There are a couple of low level adventures I want to add.

I love Dudemeister's plan to add Salvage Operation. But I was thinking of "Dead Man's Quest" and maybe some of the low end of Savage Tide.

I'm using Treasure of Chimera Cove (Old Paizo 3.5e module that only needs minor tweaking to still work) in place of the final act of Book 2, but I did still give my players the map to Mancatcher Cove as an alternative. They plan to head back there later. Mostly I gathered a bunch of modules and adventures together and let them have adventure hooks to grab on to.

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Just spit-balling a few ideas:
Perhaps a pledge level to pitch a region/culture?
If you're doing chapter splash page art again: pledge to have your character included in one of the drawings?
If you can manage to grab WAR for another cover: pledge to have your character on the cover (I know this one went FAST on the Ultimate Psionics drive).

For stretch goals:
Additional fiction pieces set in the campaign setting.
A piece on how to integrate Third Dawn into a Planescape or Spelljammer -esque campaign, what challenges would be faced in a world where your magic suddenly doesn't work quite right (if at all!).

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I've only had time to skim the adventure so far but what I've seen is phenomenal, the attention to detail is fantastic and I can't wait to spring this on my players.

Support TPK, you know you want to!

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Man, TPK stuff and cookies, the Dark Side is hard to resist.

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I'd love to see something akin to the Paizo hardbacks where each chapter-opening graphic is accompanied by a small piece of prose about what's going on. I feel it's those little flavor items that really draw people into the system/world/game.

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Hiding my question behind a spoiler just in case players come in here.

sabedoriaclark - So for the 12th crumb were you thinking of having your player's face off against a freshly reformed Raugsmada? Optimally, I think you'd want the lich to be something of an exposition dump and want "revenge" on Blood for dumping her at the bottom of the sea. I would think that Raugsmada would be something of a CR13-14 encounter, likely seen toward the end of book 5 or beginning of book 6, perhaps as a bridging encounter between the two books? I've created one in Hero Lab but unfortunately the stat block keeps erroring out the post editor on the forums here so I've posted it to Google Docs: Raugsmada - Lich Sorceress

Let me know what you think.

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Vic Wertz wrote:

One of the things we mentioned in Thursday's panel was that Mythic might allow a GM who has just one or two players to play through an adventure written for 4 or 5 players... perhaps even solo an Adventure Path.

Or maybe you're interested in high-level adventures, but you're not a fan of high-level play? Now you can take on bigger stories with less complicated characters.

So, yeah... not only will Mythic be designed to work with existing material, but it will actually bring new life to that material for some people.

This. This right here has sold me, where can I pony up for the pre-order?

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Orthos wrote:

I concur, though the pose completely reminds me of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (not a bad thing at all).

@Ruloc: No problem, I copied over as a "just in case" though in the process I cleared up a few parts that I felt weren't exactly clear.

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Ruloc wrote:

This one was a bit tricky. I'm afraid I didn't get the romance novel feel into him. And also the Muscles are pretty much hidden. ^^° Hope this Amontillado is still acceptable.

Another fantastic piece Ruloc!

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This art is all sorts of awesome, I am jealous of your ability.

Fear my stick figure people!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Congratulations Mike! Looking forward to this one.

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Books I'd like to see rewritten by Paizo:

Magic of Incarnum style book, the book had great potential but its lack of support elsewhere killed it before it got very far, granted many of 3.0/3.5's "alternative stystem" books suffered this same fate.

Ghostwalk, keep playing as your character even after they've died. Once again, great potential that sadly lacked support.

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