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Ssalarn wrote:

Contemplation – The Raveler gains the ability to fuel Veils and other Essence receptacles with psionic energy instead of Essence. By spending 1 power point as a swift action, the Raveler may treat a Veil he has shaped as though it were invested with a point of Essence for 3 rounds. This does not stack with, though it may overlap, standard Essence invested in a given Veil. At 5th level and every three levels thereafter, the Raveler may spend an additional 4 power points per Veil he wishes to invest to treat it as being invested with an additional point of Essence. This ability can be used to exceed the Raveler’s normal limitation on the maximum amount that can be invested in a given Veil (for example, a 20th level Raveler could spend 25 power points to treat a Veil as being invested with 7 points of Essence, even though he’d normally be limited to 4 points when investing Essence normally). If the Raveler has multiple Veils shaped, he may choose to spend power points in this way to psionically invest any number of the Veils with the same swift action, though he must still pay the normal cost for each Veil. This replaces the trapmaker ability and the insights gained at 6th, 10th, 14th, and 18th level.

Ssalarn, you might want to review the power point portion (italicized for emphasis) of this ability because as written it breaks the golden rule of psionics: you cannot spend more than your manifester level in power points on any ability.

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I'm running this myself and I can say that it sounds like your GM is not doing the sale of plunder properly. The base value of plunder is based on the size of the port you're trying to sell it in. How famous you are means nothing in terms of the rules, but the community size does limit how high the merchants there can offer you. Too small a port and there's simply not enough cash on hand. A village gets you anywhere from 100gp to 200gp per point of plunder, while something the size of Port Peril will get you 1000gp to 1400gp with a good roll. The haggle check is also supposed to be based on Bluff (you lie through your teeth about the value), Intimidate (buy this off me or... well you don't want to know), or Diplomacy (sweet talking the merchant, you scratch my back, I scratch yours). My PCs go out of their way to sell plunder in larger ports even if it extends the journey and forces them to pay a port tax or face additional hazards because the reward is well worth the risk.

Lord_Gareth;16954530 wrote:

Flip side, incorporeal encounters are a small subset of the overall available monsters. How much should I charge to prep for something that may not come up frequently, or at all? Not all DMs warn about enemies ahead of time, and if the creature (say, an allip) is set up as a mystery...

I dunno, it's a bit thorny.

Oh I quite agree, the overall power of the item is entirely contingent on there actually being an incorporeal creature to use it on. Just as BAB is often overvalued in PF design, I find incorporeal to be undervalued. Ghostbane-dirge for example is the earliest group buff I can find that helps with the issue. Clerics can get it at 3rd level but that would be their 1 non-domain spell for the day (not counting exceptional casting stat) and bards/inquisitors not only have to wait until 4th level they are spending half their spells known for the level to learn it.

Basically, what I'm saying is that the dust does solve a niche problem but I'd rather see two versions of it a greater that does what it does now priced a little higher, and a lesser version that works like a bit like weapon blanche. Not sure my rambling makes sense though.

Prince of Knives wrote:

I'll be addressing the rest of this in a bit. However:


4)Wraithslayer Dust. As a burst effect, it should probably have a save. If it only influenced one weapon I could almost (...almost) see it at the price you have listed and even then my instincts are saying it's on the cheap side. As an area of effect that makes any and all targets in the area take the effect... So everyone else in your party can hit it without investing anything at all... With no save... Entirely too good for the price.

Incorporeal creatures can be nasty, but without that ability, they are usually pretty much push overs. 100 gp to negate an entire encounter? Sign me up. People talk about Save or Die, or Save or Suck spells. This is an item that doesn't even allow a save, it just makes things suck for the targeted creature(s).

What CR are, say, allips? How about shadows? Wraiths? These classic enemies have presented difficulties since back in the days of 3.0, chiefly because they come online at a time when the non-casters in the party are not equipped to participate in the encounter(s). Which is a shame, because they're really cool! Wraithslayer Dust doesn't even the playing field, but it does get rid of two powerful options that these nasty monsters have - the ability to retreat past all harm, and their incorporeal invulnerability. What it does not do is get rid of their touch attacks (still almost certified to hit), superior mobility (they still fly), nasty secondary effects (like ability damage) and ambush potential. The dust is intentionally powerful and useful, but it's not an encounter-ender.

EDIT - I should also probably note that the spell version of Flightbreaker, which would go in wands and the like, lasts for minutes/level instead of rounds.

I have no problem with the effect of the dust but I do feel that it's under-priced. In 3.5 there were three items that attempted to solve the issue that sadly never were updated to PF due to not being in OGL books. But anyway they were:

3.5 Books wrote:

Ghostoil from the Arms & Equipment Guide. 50gp, full-round action to apply, allowed your weapon to affect incorporeal creatures for two rounds.

Complete Adventurer had Ghostblight. Costs 100gp, standard action to apply, allows your weapon to affect incorporeal creatures normally for three rounds.

Spell Compendium had the Oil of Ghost Touch Weapon cost 750gp, standard action to apply and would last 5 minutes.

Compared to those the dust is underpriced but I don't know where a good compromise range would be. Perhaps 250gp for 5 rounds? It's about 1/4th of a 2nd level character's WBL which is when Allips are "challenging" (CR3) but as this is a cooperative game any party that doesn't pool their resources when exploring in an area rumored to have "spirits" and other "creatures of the dark" is just asking for trouble if they don't buy one of these to have on hand.

Cross posting this over to the GitP thread as well.

Prince of Knives wrote:
Cavian wrote:
So to get back on the topic of... the topic, if there a link somewhere to all these organizations that are getting mentioned? Because I'm not finding them in the individual PDFs.

Keep in mind that everything - but especially the intro - is still being subject to change. I'm still getting the hang of this 'professional tone' thing and there's some accidental pot-shots.

That in mind, here's the Empyreal Guardians, Black Thorn Knights, and Scarlet Sentinels and here's the Quills.

Okay, given it an initial read over, I love the flavor of the Black Thorn Knights, very Judge Dredd vibe to them.

So to get back on the topic of... the topic, if there a link somewhere to all these organizations that are getting mentioned? Because I'm not finding them in the individual PDFs.

@ErrantX - I like the idea, if you adopt it would you also adjust skill lists so they pick up class skills or weapon proficiencies tied to the individual martial disciplines? Gives a way for each individual character to be a bit different from the others, helps smooth out choice paralysis, and has baked in flavor.

Rogue Eidolon wrote:
Cheapy wrote:
It'll cause issues of balance regardless of whether it will let casters cast extra swift action spells, so this tangent isn't too useful :) It removes a fundamental and hard limit that many classes and abilities rely on. It's a cool idea, but the system is written to assume it would never be the case, and there are some rules that even things that break the rules are meant to not break.
Yes--paladins with Fey Foundling and double Lay on Hands jump to mind right away. They will probably be able to heal themselves pretty much from staggered to full health on the two swifts alone. And that's just the first thing that flew to my mind.

Or the insanity of a paladin going: litany of righteousness, smite evil, charge.

And I call out the paladin specifically because I remember at one point ErrantX saying he had plans to make initiator archetypes for all the martial base class, paladin included.

Prince of Knives wrote:

Giving hideously swift-starved Warders, Stalkers, and Harbingers a helping hand, frankly. Those three - but especially Harbinger - would sacrifice their mothers over an Abyssal altar to get another swift/round.

That might not be doable while still creating a balanced feat unless there are massive restrictions to how often it can be used. I say this because action economy is king in combat. It's not just Warders, Stalkers, and Harbingers that want another swift action, any class could benefit from one. Paizo themselves recognize this and gave a way to mitigate it a bit, but that's mainly at the Mythic power level that it occurs and costs you Mythic points to activate.

I'll think it over a bit to see if I can offer you a solution as opposed to just raising more issues, I'm sure you get enough negative feedback as it is.

Prince of Knives wrote:

So let's try it like this:

Fencer's Reflexes [Combat]
Your reactions and economy of motion are stunningly efficient.
Prerequisites: Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative, able to initiate 5th level or higher maneuvers
Benefit: You may take an additional swift action each round on your turn. You may only take one immediate action each round.
Normal: You may only take one swift action each round on your turn.

Just straight-up like that. The new requirement - maneuver initiation - was suggested by the folks at GitP to keep it out of the hands of casters without significant up-front costs. It also means it comes online for initiators at 9th level.

I'm going to have to say that I don't feel this feat is appropriate. When I read over it I knew that it didn't feel right but then I went back and double checked and my feelings were confirmed. This feat steps all over the toes of the Warlord's dual boost class ability, which is limited to a number of times per day (once at 6th level and maxing at thrice at 18th) while this can be used every round. During early playtests of the Warlord dual boost was able to be used a number of times per encounter but was toned down after data came in.

I guess my main question would be: what is the intention of this feat?

Take a look at the Life Subschool from the Advanced Player's Guide, the first ability alone screams with the flavor you seem to be looking for.

Alexander Augunas wrote:

Oh snap, is Chris Bennett ErrantX?

If so, then you guys have NO idea how good the hands that this project is in are. ErrantX has been tinkering with the Tome of Battle System on the Giant in the Playground Forums and beyond since, I don't know, 2010. Maybe 2009?

Same dude.

Also, from my understanding the class names are placeholders so you don't have <insert class name> scattered throughout the playtest document.

Dotted for interest. I'll give it a more thorough read through later.

AwesomeComicsProductions wrote:
I love the descriptions but the cover doesnt really give that " umff " to it i like though. Im an artist as well i dont hate any picture because of the work that has to go with it. But if you do keep it im down with it 100% :D

I like the cover but after seeing the finished mythic designs for the iconics I agree that it just seems to be missing the "oomph" that is inherent in the update designs. Can't wait though, counting down the days!

Is it August yet?

ulgulanoth wrote:
actually i've never noticed that Seelah had a key...

I had to look it up as well, looks like it dangles about her left thigh, just above the knee. Cool little detail, wonder what its significance is.

I ran the Wormwood basically as is because like you I was having difficulty rationalizing why they would come back if they weren't being kept on a short leash. You could always have Plugg or Scourge (or really any of the rest of Harriagan's officers) go with them to keep them in line, but that either sets up a situation where a DM-PC eats the spotlight or they stage an early mutiny against said officer. Either situation is not fun. I think it's best to simply wait on adding things until they get on to the Man's Promise where mutiny is expected to occur at some point and the adventure on Bonewrack Isle is less important to the overall plot.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Gnomezrule wrote:

Soooo . . . Those of you who are adding adventures are you waiting till after the Mutiny or are you using them to break up the time on the Wormwwod. There are a couple of low level adventures I want to add.

I love Dudemeister's plan to add Salvage Operation. But I was thinking of "Dead Man's Quest" and maybe some of the low end of Savage Tide.

I'm using Treasure of Chimera Cove (Old Paizo 3.5e module that only needs minor tweaking to still work) in place of the final act of Book 2, but I did still give my players the map to Mancatcher Cove as an alternative. They plan to head back there later. Mostly I gathered a bunch of modules and adventures together and let them have adventure hooks to grab on to.

Jeremy - the "Raging Beast" link goes to the Forgeborn - Ironborn thread.

Proto-Type wrote:
** spoiler omitted **...

Stealing bits of your spoiler, my groups on book 2 currently, though I'm running From Shore to Sea as an interlude.

My PCs were actually pretty okay with Harrigan when they left the Wormwood. Thought he was a decent captain who just delegated responsibility too much to Plugg and Scourge. Granted they also had a healthy fear of him as a crew member was accused of rather unpleasant actions on the ship and Harrigan pulled out a deck sweeper, shot the offender in the chest, tossed him overboard and then ordered everyone to get back to work unless they wished to join him.

I used the Cook to instill fear of Harrigan into the PCs following their mutiny on the Man's Promise. Harrigan has been using sendings to pass messages to the Cook on how he'll hunt them down for stealing his ship. Also, sayings like "you better hope the Chelish find you before I do" right after they encounter the Dominator is another good way to do it.

I can't wait for this, even though I likely won't get to use most of the stuff in this book the material alone is worth having for planning and plotting.

Going into the last 5 days and Realm Works needs your (Yes, you! Over there behind the keyboard... no slinking away...) help to make the final push for funding. Lots of information updates and some helpful usage videos to look at. If you're at all a fan of Hero Labs or any other character generation software, then you know how useful planning software of that kind can be to keep your game running smoothly. Realm Works is the logical next step when it comes to DM planning!

After watching the video I ran out and snagged 3 of the Plano 3-28 boxes, I must say they work wonderfully. I fit the Bestiary and Beginner Boxes in with room to spare so I may go back through and do a bit of separation as going alphabetical leaves me plenty of space. I plan on picking up a 4th box over the weekend to store the Skull & Shackles and Rise of the Runelords pawn sets in, as it looks like I'll be able to fit those in their own box. Anyway, kudos!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just spit-balling a few ideas:
Perhaps a pledge level to pitch a region/culture?
If you're doing chapter splash page art again: pledge to have your character included in one of the drawings?
If you can manage to grab WAR for another cover: pledge to have your character on the cover (I know this one went FAST on the Ultimate Psionics drive).

For stretch goals:
Additional fiction pieces set in the campaign setting.
A piece on how to integrate Third Dawn into a Planescape or Spelljammer -esque campaign, what challenges would be faced in a world where your magic suddenly doesn't work quite right (if at all!).

Piccolo wrote:

Is that *listed* in an Alchemist's Kit? I checked. It isn't.

That's a pretty big hole in ye old job description. It's almost as bad as the one about alcohol and Alchemist's Kindness.

The Adventurer's Armory has a weapon called a Syringe Spear. It is quite literally a syringe on the end of a stick, runs 100gp.

Partnering with the Grand Temple of Jing is a fantastic way to promote both projects. Hope there are more who jump in on this, adds a fantastic value!

Having only skimmed through it I can say this is a most impressive piece of work. Even though the running theme bounces between Ulfen and Shackles I can certainly say you've given me a good deal of material to think about and work with for the Skull & Shackles game I'm running right now. Awesome work!

New update email from LWD gives a good breakdown of what the cloud service will be. Re-posting here both to give this thread a move back to the front but also to let others know about this as I know Kickstarter updates can be odd at times.

Lone Wolf Development wrote:

We've received quite a few questions regarding the role the cloud will play for Realm Works. Our goal with this update is to provide some additional clarity on the service and how you’ll be able to use it.

When people think of the "cloud", they often think of services like Dropbox and Google Drive, where they can conveniently store a bunch of files and retrieve them whenever they want. However, the Realm Works "cloud" is significantly different from services like those. If you're assuming that the Realm Works cloud will be nothing more than file storage, you're overlooking an incredible resource. There's a whole new world of possibilities available once your campaign enters the Realm Works cloud:

* It's every detail of your entire campaign individually managed and woven together for instant searching and filtering online.
* It's the ability to review your campaign via a web browser, using any device you own.
* It's making notes and jotting down new ideas for your campaign while you're at work, at school, or at a friend's house.
* It's enabling your players to have full access to everything they've learned through play, including the revealed areas of maps, at their convenience and with no additional work on your part.
* It's eliminating the need for separately created player handouts, as everything they know is readily available to them.
* It's allowing players who miss a session to get a full recap prior to the next session, instantly and automatically.
* It's sharing content you've created with others.
* It's having a wealth of pre-created NPCs, magic items, encounters, and more – fully searchable to locate and drop into your game whenever you need them.
* It's being able to find entire pre-created adventures and settings ready for use, with the ability to quickly import that content into your campaign and then seamlessly integrate it, however you deem appropriate for your game.
* It’s also a backup of your campaigns in the event of a computer failure, like simple cloud storage services.

As you can see, the Realm Works cloud will offer far broader capabilities than simple data storage and backup.

While the cloud conveys all these benefits, Realm Works does not require you to utilize the cloud. You can still reveal material to players during the game, print what you need for handouts, and leverage the reveal history at the start of games. For some gaming groups, this will be more than sufficient, and no cloud support is necessary for this usage model.

The choice is entirely up to you. We just want to be sure you're fully informed when making your choice.

- The Lone Wolf Development Team

OmNomNid wrote:
Listen, the ToB has great material- except no limits. So you just need to fix this. I did giving the different classes maneuvers per day like spells and giving them ki polls that they could use like a Magnus's arcane pool. However my player freaked after the change and refused to play the class after word so I can't say for a fact the changed worked. Still, if you give me time to dig up these remakes of mine I would be willing to hand them over to the community as a hole.

If you have them on hand could you post those conversions for the boards to peruse?

Skeld wrote:

It's hard to believe that level 20+, hyper-intelligent wizards who have lived for hundreds of years would make choices that are sooo sub-optimal as to waste a feat on polearm proficiency. Shouldn't they know better???

One of them is even a blaster for crying out loud.


Who's to say they didn't just use wish for the proficiency or build in a special ability for their weapons that grants proficiency when wielded? Aren't the badges of office minor artifacts in their own right? No need to waste a feat when you have MAGIC!

Just over 46% to the goal and 22 days to go!
Lots of info on the comments page so check out there as well when you give this one a gander.

Oh this will be another fantastic one-shot to run! No mention of The Towering Gruk though... my player will be sad his Goblin Barbarian didn't survive the aftermath of the first module.

Keeping track of this as well since my players have had a few run ins with Contract Devils as of late and they're currently using a contractual injunction to keep one of them off their back... to say he doesn't like that is putting it mildly.

Just as a note, this latest version seems to have disabled user content such as the d20pfsrd Psionics Unleashed datafiles.

Also: I'm getting the following errors:
File: PFRPG_Bestiary2_Variants.user (line 93) - Thing - Duplicate record encountered('rYrthak')
File: PFRPG_Bestiary2_Variants.user (line 159) - Thing - Duplicate record encountered('rYrtBlind')
File: PFRPG_Bestiary2_Variants.user (line 169) - Thing - Duplicate record encountered('rYrtExplo')

From the amount of prep work I did last weekend I can certainly say that this program would have been massively helpful, looking forward to it!

Star Voter 2013

I really like this take on a champion of nature/the fey. I will admit before voting of the items ended I was entertaining a similar concept, so I'm probably a bit bias. I always enjoy alternatives to the Paladin code as I feel the class is a great vehicle for "devoted champions" but the Lawful Good restriction does at times cause issues. It was certainly a risk to change the alignment to Chaotic Good given the number of threads on the forums that debate back and forth the Paladin alignment restrictions but in this case I think it served you well.

Did you ever get Amazon to work for you, Rondor?

I'm in! I've been waiting for this.

Damocles Guile wrote:
That's all good stuff. Our Scourge was a lecher and a rapist - its what got him killed long before the mutiny. He carried the ring because he made whores in brothels wear it when he visited them.

I did something similar with Scourge, though "an example" was made of him and he ended up at the bottom of the ocean before the party could find the ring.

For Owlbear:

I've decided that his low Int and Wis were caused by brain damage, resultant from a beam dropping on him and cracking his skull. The beam may or may not have been dropped by Scourge when he saw a female crew member he saw as "his" becoming enamored with Mr Hartshorn...

As for Plugg:

Spoiled brat is actually in on Harrigan's deal with Cheliax, having been offered a similar deal and sent as someone to "keep tabs" on Harrigan, partly why Harrigan treats him so well. Plugg is one of the few people aware of who holds the strings to Harrigan's purse. He intends to sail off with the Maiden's Promise and become a more valuable asset to Cheliax, while also planning to undercut Harrigan.

I actually find the Mythic Flaws to be a very thematic addition to the game and fits well with the concept behind what I think Paizo is envisioning "Mythic" to be. The benefit one gains for choosing a flaw is the Mythic powers themselves.

In a bit more depth: The concept of the "epic" or "mythic" character, dating as far back as Greek mythology, and likely before as stories get stolen and recycled throughout society, is that the hero's downfall is also related to the thing that makes them great. That is to say by having a flaw and overcoming it they are a "mythic" character up until the point when destiny catches up to them, thus the flaw. Examples of this are seen through literature.

Achilles' heel, one of the more famous ones, comes from the source of his invulnerability; as a child he was dipped in the River Styx and he had to be held by his heel so he could be dipped in, thus his heel is his weakness.

Samson's great strength came from his hair, when it was cut off he was powerless until it regrew.

The one I've seen quoted a few times on these forums is Baldur from Norse mythology who was invulnerable to everything except his greatest weakness, mistletoe. His death to an arrow (in some versions a sword) made of mistletoe was the "Material Weakness" flaw exactly.

Other ones I can think of off the top of my head come from more modern sources: Hulk has Furious Rage; Kratos has Hubris; Popeye has Food Dependency(Spinach) <- honestly think about that one.

So in summation, I thing the Flaws are fantastic and should add a new dimension to your character, because otherwise it's like saying "I don't want to play Superman if I have to have a weakness to kryptonite." (Quote stolen from a friend who was talking about Mythic Flaws)

Stumbling back in here but Alton is fantastic for a halfling!

*drool* Do want... Oh! And just in time for my birthday.

Psicrystals are fantastic, you should really look into the bonuses you can gain with them and then look at the Psycrystal staff as well as Setting Stones. The Psicrystal staff is on the same page but I can't create a link for some reason.

While you can wear the armor you would suffer a penalty on all attack rolls as well as Dex and Str based checks.

Relevant Text:
Nonproficient with Armor Worn: A character who wears armor and/or uses a shield with which he is not proficient takes the armor's (and/or shield's) armor check penalty on attack rolls as well as on all Dex- and Str-based ability and skill checks. The penalty for non-proficiency with armor stacks with the penalty for shields.

In the home stretch guys, let's finish strong!

It keeps going and going and going and going...

A plug from Paizo can mean only good things.

Perhaps some pregenerated NPCs similar to the chapter in the Gamemastery Guide or the upcoming NPC codex? Things that can be easily dropped in. I also agree on the gem dragon front as those are awesome.

And this is more of a "hey does this work" thing but some clarification on if <i>Fold Space</i> (and the Elocator class feature that emulates it) is intended to allow you to qualify for the Dimension Agility chain from Ultimate Combat. It just strikes me as something Elocators would excel at as a combat style.

memorax wrote:
Well glad I did not buy psionics expanded. As I want to get the combined edition. So Feb 2013 for those who kickstarted the project. Any idea when we will be able to buy it in stores?

Initially estimated the date was February 2013, but with all the added content it'll likely be pushed back to March or April. I should note that through the kickstarter is the only guaranteed way to get a color copy of the book as Jeremy said the print run for color is expensive and thus will be limited (not to be confused with the limited edition run).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I've only had time to skim the adventure so far but what I've seen is phenomenal, the attention to detail is fantastic and I can't wait to spring this on my players.

Support TPK, you know you want to!

MassivePauldrons wrote:
Oh god I need your help! What image was used for the Storm Giant in this set, because if it's the male Leonidus looking mfer from the Beastiary I will buy this set even thought I already own the majority of the RotRL mini and x2 Beastiary boxes. If it's purple haired mc'dumblookingchain shirt though... No thank you sir!

I'll have to disappoint then because the set uses the purple-haired female as the art for the Storm Giants.

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