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Darius Finch

Cavalier Lord's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 48 posts. 5 reviews. 5 lists. 5 wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Packed with Knightly Virtue


Honestly the layout of the book took me back in time, I felt I was reading a Dragon Magazine all over again. I actually had to get used to the layout, I'm so used to being assulted by lengthy blocks of text.
So 5 out of 5 there.
My group enjoys playing knightly roles so this will be a big hit with them, I know it was for me.
Sure I would have loved further listings of noble houses and less on some of the revised material, like cut the Eagle Knight & revise the Lion Blade etc. But outside of that it offered a lot of fun info to play a knightly character, and sadly the Cavalier never gets the attention it's due. One of my favorite classes if you couldn't tell.
So all you hard working fellows & ladies at Paizo, keep up the great work!

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Day & Night in the Arena!

****( )

I really ended up liking this map, it was a gift from my gamers. They wanted bloodsports and the life of a gladiator. Well they got it, with a vengance. The detail on this map is great, squiggle in bloodspatter here & there with a red marker, it makes for some real fun.

But what's so funny about this map was how it not only works for aquatic battles, but using it as the Arena at night also works, in which the less savory citizens and disgruntled guildmasters pit thier finest against one another.

After all the arena isn't just for kings & queens anymore! Maybe a vampire lord hosts the arena by night?

Keep up the great work!

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Shop Til' You Drop


My group found this one to be very useful once they built the marketplace in the kingmaker AP.

But what's funny is how often we also use the blank side for the streets underneath our 3-d map folio buildings and my good ol' Dwarven Forge Inn. It also makes a great ruined city square, overall this is an excellent map!

Keep up the great work gang!

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Perfect for Kingmaker!


My group found this map to be a great help for visualizing what they had built after a few months of town building in the Kingmaker Adventure Path.

What we found fun was that on one side you have the before your village construction begins, and the other has the end result.

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An Old Classic!


Sure the colors are a bit off, but just fix that with a touch of paint yourself & you have the triumphant return of your favorite villian!
Even if you aren't running a Greyhawk campaign, he's perfect for any barbarian pc in Pathfinder.

Warduke is still the kind of fighter who would gladly plunder any campaign setting just to fill his thirst for carnage & mayhem.

Thank you Paizo for bringing back a childhood favorite!

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