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Intellect Devourer

Cat-thulhu's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 6 Season Dedicated Voter, 7 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 1,247 posts. 51 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist.

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Another solid set


I can only assume their is some serious variation within this set because the ones I received are superb. The sculpts are very clear, if a little overcrowded with detail, and they are all very well painted. Each face is clear and shows the necessary detail, none of the blobby over painting you can see in prepaints, and more importantly the eyes and mouths are in the right places. The tampos (I believe that's what the stamps/transfers are called) are all applied very well highlighting cloak trims, tattoos etc

The figures are smaller than those in the earlier PF battles line but I actually think the scale settled on now is a better size. These do line up with the last few sets, appearing appropriately sized next to my rusty dragon figures.

All in all I think it's a solid Set, maybe a little overcrowded in terms of detail on the figures, a legacy of the Wayne Reynolds art. These details work extremely well on the art but don't translate quite so well into plastic, well at a 28mm scale there's only do much detail you can squeeze into plastic.

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Solid set that continues the trend

****( )

This is a solid set that seems to be suffering under some expectations that may be a little too high. Online pics had me expecting some disasters but overall I will say that my set has some very good minis. My case contained a full set and in quantities that meant I really don't need to go looking for singles. Of course I have extra I won't use (4 merchants, 4 frost giant mages, 4 dancing girls, that sort of thing) but the fact that I don't need to go hunting for extras is a big plus for me.

Detail and paint jobs are generally good (I will address the ones I feel strongest about in individual reviews) looking far better than most of the online close ups. As far as NPCs/humanoids go there is an overall improvement in the standard, a big positive when you consider how much they've struggled in the past. Paint could still be applied thinner to prevent obscuring in some cases - most evident in some of the commons in my case where face, hand and feet are obscured, although not consistently - 2 of 4 vampire spawn have the problem, the other two are quite good for example.

For a prepainted cheaper alternative to painting yourself these are a solid 4 star, one off for some inconsistency between figures. And that's really the key - these are a prepainted cheaper alternative. You'll probably not be happy with these if you expect flawless paint jobs or sculpts. Another good set that continues to show improvements, now on to the next set...

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Awesome Gnoll, Some may find him a little too small though.

****( )

This is a great miniature. If taken on its merits alone it has everything going for it. The sculpt is excellent, the painted detail very nice. The whip is made perfectly, just the right thickness to retain its shape and still look like a whip. The biggest issue is size, to some he may seem a little small. This may be biased by previous incarnations of the plastic hyena men, who were quite large for medium creatures. initially this was my impression, but since then I have mixed them in with some of my humans, elves and dwarves and in general they actually look to be a fairly good size, definitely medium sized though. Should I get enough, along with his spear wielding counterpart, that I can replace my sizeable horde of older ones I may find the size has no impact on their tabletop useage. In terms of quality this if a 5 star, If you have no other Gnolls this may well be a 5 star, but if you expect your gnolls to be larger than most medium minis you may be disappointed by their size. Overall I'll give it a 4 as a compromise between the quality and the possible size issue.

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Disappointing curiosity

***( )( )

The Pickled Punk is strangely another of my favourite monsters and I was looking forward to this. Now I'm well aware of the difficulty in making such a small mini, and I will give credit where it's due. The concept is very cool, the transparent shattered glass tube and overflowing liquid, but the execution is disappointing. The Punk lacks any real detail, but as I said forgivable at this scale I suppose, although a slightly larger figure with exaggerated features could have worked better, perhaps like the gnomes with their oversized heads, it is basically a foetus after all. The real problem is the assembly. The glue used to stick the mini together has fogged the transparent pieces, leaving them cloudy and largely opaque, which kind of spoils the intended effect and leaves a messy, largely featureless miniature. A disappointing turn out for such a quirky and unique monster, but at least they had the guts to try. A two star effort, scaled to three in appreciation on the size and intent behind it.

Our Price: $10.00

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Oddly cool miniature


One of the oddest mythos beings has finally made it into plastic. Now when I first saw this I thought it looked a little goofy, after all the Great Race is a very odd ball being. Once I opened my first I was quite impressed, they are much larger than I thought they'd be and the detail is remarkably good. The figure has a good, solid feel in hand and actually looks intimidating next to your normal adventurer. Perfect for when I run my shadow out of time/mountains of madness inspired Mi-Go & Derro heavy horror trek.

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