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Castilliano's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 541 posts (542 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 7 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Fromper: I'll guess that he wants to add force spells from other classes to his spell list. And maybe to later use 2 PP to get 30 Magic Missile spells on a scroll which he can use at his caster level.
I don't think the 1 level bump in spell level is worth it, and he'd be losing a spellcasting level too.
(The endless blasts from scrolls though...quite tempting, even if tactically dull.)

Here's an alternative route:
Shaman w/ Lore Spirit & Arcane Enlightenment Hex
You'd choose the hex at 2nd anyway, so if you're still 1st, it's a decent switch. Aasimar is also the best fit because all 3 mental stats bolster the (very key) hex.

As well as all the flavorful archetypes/hexes/wandering spirits, there's the Spiritual Guardian feat if you're into Spiritual Weapon (et al). (Not a recommendation. Magic Missile is too superior, as is Admonishing Ray as mentioned above.)

Just my 2 c.p.


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Re: Grammar
Andreas is correct.
Preferred form: "No, it is not."
Without the means the exact same thing, even if sloppy.

Neither are double negatives.


Running a group through a Seeker arc, and one of the PCs is based off of Santa Claus, down to the outfit, naughty/nice list, & bag of candy. of the modules, Rasputin Must Die, takes the party to 20th century Russia, about when & where a Russian version of Santa Claus is developing that's quite similar in appearance to the US version. (According to modest research, that is.)

So "Father Winter", "Grandfather Winter", et al, who was in Russia once known as a snow demon, in PC form lands in Russia alongside the usual motley murderhobos, much to the terror & delight & moreover confusion of the various NPCs.

The PC, Nick, who does not know he resembles some earthly Santa Claus, gets just as baffled, especially by the way children & wounded reach out to him for comfort. At least once I had the bad guys call out a bonus for whoever killed such a famous figure, to make up for the reluctance of others to harm their childhood icon. :)


Siege of the Diamond City:
Invisible sneak attacker hits 12th level Cleric in surprise round. "Ouch"
We precede to tick down the initiatives. Everyone goes except the Cleric and his sneak attacker.
The guy running initiative is playing the Cleric.
15? Nope
14? more.
Player's face sags..."Really? I go on 13..." He perks up a bit, "What's your initiative modifier?"
"Plus Twelve."
Five sneak attacks later, the flatfooted Cleric is pulp.
Oracle, who had previously stated nobody dies, runs up next round with Breath of Life, rolling near max, nearly 50 h.p. "Woohoo!"
Cleric's turn. "Heal."
Me: "What?"
Cleric: "I'm at 6!"
"Tee hee."

Among the Gods:
Had a fight vs. undead with 3 PCs & a pregen Kyra, 4th.
The archer w/ Per is scouting ahead, sees he's about to be flanked by two baddies so moves ahead to gain distance, to see another baddy around the corner, with his friends cut off.
It goes downhill from there when Kyra is taken out early.
At many points in the fight, with the savagely hungry undead willing to coup de grace if left alone, there would be only one PC standing, each getting a turn or two being the only one able to act, the warriors distracting or killing with lucky rolls and the PC channeler & Kyra trying to balance healing & damaging. Kyra lands a vicious channel, leaving the undead teetering, but even those that miss their save have 1 h.p. left, which about matches what the PCs have.
Two of the players try to sit down, but keep jumping up. One of them states how tense he is, his heart's pounding. I compliment him on being in character, but he replies, "No, I meant ME. I'm terrified." The other jumper nods.
Nearly a TPK, but all hands escape unscathed.
That terrified player took Kyra's pregen printout and enshrined it.
Good times.


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My first 3.x PC was a low-Int warrior who thought she was a Paladin.
She wouldn't be bluffing when she detected evil, she truly would concentrate to do so.
She was quite happy with how little evil there was in the world.

When is this going to get approved by PFS? 0

That's right, Ponyfinder!!! We demand it! (Apologies for tainting your minds.)

As for actual PFS:
I know there are several Captain America Brawlers out there, often with the name of a Golarion country.

Indiana Jones seems to be popular, again often swapping out for a Golarion locale. I have a PC who looks & acts like him, but lacks the actual physical aptitude(using magic to facilitate the deeds). I guess he's more like Marcus in truth...

I've seen at least two Inigo Montoya Swashbucklers, accent & all.

From HunterXHunter, there was a Halfling Gon I ran across at a con.

Oh, and Feist's Midkemia stories are based on his own DnD experiences, so I guess it comes full circle for them to again become PCs.



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I disagree with the Christian example.
In PFS, the GM's devoutness should not be a factor in PC legitimacy.

The player should be polite about the issue and perhaps downplay the less savory aspects, maybe even using neutral nomenclature such as "my outsider" or "the spiky monster". And as per PFS the PC shouldn't be doing evil deeds anyway, nor intentionally disrupt.
But it's unreasonable to call it "disruptive" for a person to play a demon-themed fantasy character in a high fantasy world, one that's rife with unholy villains and the grotesque imagery that comes with it.

PFS is PG-13.

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Remind me never to get in a pillow fight at your house...


Wow, most wolves just go for the throat!

Or in PF, I suppose instead of a free trip attempt, these wolves get a free sunder...

(Coincidentally enough, I believe Dennis wrote Way of the Kirin, leading us full circle.) (No graphic pun intended.)


As with most AP conversions there are storyline issues as PCs leap right in, but the issues seem a bit messier here because the PCs may or may not be using an artifact-chickenhut to dimensionally travel to/from said location.

The hut is assumed, and is present & active during the scenario, but the hut itself is also an adventure site that's not part of the PFS portion of the module. So it's now background flavor when in the module it's tactically significant?
And I just adlib a magic doohickey to get them on site?
And back?
Or do I open up a can of (chicken-legged) worms and open up the hut?

And there are monsters from the early section that are assumed to be present at the conclusion after scouting out the party all module. When/where should I introduce them, if ever?

As of now, I'm thinking of having a rescued Seeker update PCs on the storyline & danger level, and aid in the lodge setting up a dimensional connection. He/she will mention the hut's nature (& maybe even goal). I might even have the Coffin Man guard the entrance, warning PCs of the dangers within (and that their goal is elsewhere).
I will backtrack slightly so the party can interact with Rasputin around the fire in the village. Since this is likely where they'll get the most opportunity to roleplay with him, I think it's pretty significant. There, his super-mojo can be the source of the stalking monsters that appear in the finale. The meeting will also alert the PCs to the fact the camp is ready for them, which, judging from the GM thread for the module, is very conducive to the PCs lasting more than 1 round.

If anybody has run this, insight would be welcome.


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Where can beauty lie in Golarion, where no beholders be?


How do centaurs describe humans & horses?


If Efreeti wishes were horses, could only non-Djinni ride?


What happens if a Water Elemental casts water walk?


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Just how awkward can Ettin romance & divorce get?


Can a minotaur get lost in thought?


Where do the magic missiles that miss go?


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Do medusa snakes poop?


What if you don't really know your familiar?


If a Treant Paladin falls...


What would you call a sewer without an Otyough?


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Can two trolls starve?


How do Chelish Chillax?


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Do clerics of Calistria take vows to be chased?


How do doppelgangers tell if their twins are identical?


We have a local group (near Sacramento) with 19th level characters...and the Cleric is a Rogue with a 1 level dip. :)
I believe they've played Race already, so are stuck for now.
(Rogue, Buffer/blaster Eldritch Knight, 2 Fighters, Blaster/buffer Wizard)
Edit to add: This is Chernobyl's group; he plays one of the fighters.

I ran them through Xin-Shalast and it's pretty much Extended Haste, Heroism, Stoneskin, Mind Blank, etc. and commando through with backup buffs if Dispelled/expired, DimDooring for full attacks when able via familiars with wands. Limited Wishes (or even Wishes) & UMD scrolls for the emergency recovery and Quickened Chain Lightnings (perhaps acidic) for the tough fights.
It took maybe 10 minutes of game time (once they arrived at the site).

high level hard facts:

-You do need high saves. They wouldn't have made it through without them, needing to roll in the low 20s TONS to avoid costly attrition and in the high 20s dozens of times to avoid elimination. Clear Spindles are not reliable, as they only cover enchantments/compulsions where you're given commands by an evil caster/source/spell.
-Anybody standing toe-to-toe needs an AC in the high 30s if you only want to get mauled. To stand tough, you need mid-40s because you can't let those iteratives hit you, not at 50 h.p./whack, and many monsters rely on hitting you to deliver very brutal effects.
Similar goes for CMD. Awesome Blows can add up fast, especially if the enemies readied one last round and you're prone for their full attack.
-There are no battle lines. Most everything can cover the battlefield in one move, or blast/dissolve/madden/banish at range. You should be able to as well, in all sorts of venues.
-Most everything can sense most anything hidden. You should be able to too. Many opponents can do recon on you, you should be able to too.
-Necklace of Adaptation is (nearly) a must.

-You need Quickened Dim Door, Grace, Walls of Force or Stone, Contingency-Resilent Sphere or Dim Door, etc. for those emergencies when you have less than a round to save yourself or somebody else.
((many))Improved familiars with 4th level wands can be good for quick rescues, getting full ranks for yourself to bestow ability on them if they can't use wands naturally.)
-Have at least one "deny crit" or "make enemy reroll" per day because most PCs will get a crit thrown their way that can take them out. You'll probably want your other rerolls for that '1' on a save.
-Have (Communal) Stoneskin up. It's a pittance at that level.
-Yes on the backup weapon. Telekinesis is common, as are lava pits, chasms, portals to Hell, and other hazards your weapon (or you) can be thrown into. In the same vein, boost the h.p. of your armor and best weapons. "Ignore Hardness" abilities can make short work of your gear.
-Do not rely on any one trick or a set of similar tricks. There will be something immune to it, or even that capitalizes on you trying it.
-Have energy resistance(s)/protection up, especially if you're not a tank. Anything thematic to the scenario, of course, but fire at a minimum with perhaps acid and lightning too if you're fragile.
-Pearls of Power (non-casters too!) and Metamagic Rods should be bought in bulk.
-Dimensional Anchor (or Feeblemind) can avoid many headaches, or enemies recovering and regrouping. (And works well with Force Cage too.)
-Have ranks in Fly if you actually expect to Fly in some of the conditions you'll encounter.

Much of melee revolves around who can set up their full attacks first, and which caster(s)/ranged can neutralize the other caster(s)/ranged first, and which teams can harmonize the balance of the two sides as needed. Unfortunately many of your enemies at that level can play either way, i.e. outsiders and dragons.
Lastly, being more than one round from your potential saviors can be quite hazardous.


At a Con last year, we were having an easy (and goofy) time going through Among the Living, that is until the end. (No spoilers)

One of the frontliners was cornered apart from the rest due to poor maneuvering and down he goes. I believe with a crit from good health to well below zero.
I make eye contact with a friend of mine and our gears click, it just became real dangerous and we were the only two with healing. We had one round to revive him or he's dead, and the fight had just begun so we needed him swinging. It didn't help that we were somewhat fragile compared to that frontliner and had to run past the enemy to get there.

Wordlessly, we looked at the map and our plan unfolded as it had to.
His well-armored Cleric was playing above tier and with no healing other than a wand (which would not be enough), and if I recall was too slow to get there and help anyway. He runs through taking the AoO, also blocking off another enemy from moving in. This clears the way for my Mystic Theurge to safely dive there with a Cure Moderate on my hands and get the guy functional. So yes, two prone victims and a big baddie staring down at us.

From the ground, the frontliner grabs his weapon (safely) and takes down the enemy from there.

I really liked the way my friend and I were able to execute without table talk. Felt pretty cool.


kinevon wrote:
Castilliano wrote:
Generic spellcasting services are at minimal CL, and you can't choose whether it's divine or arcane. So as much as one might want a priest to cast Continual Flame and raise the CL, the churches all use Wizards for that. :)

Got a citation for that, other than for PP purchases?

Guide to PFS OP v5, page 24 wrote:

Spellcasting Services

Sometimes awful things happen to adventurers. After an all-night romp through the sewers, your wounds might start to fester with some foul disease—you might even die. You may have spells cast on your character, subtracting the gold piece cost from your total. If your gold is insufficient, the other players around the table may chip in to get you back on your feet, but they cannot be compelled to do so. It is their choice whether or not they aid you. Additionally, your faction may be able to aid you with certain issues as well, so long as you have enough Prestige Points to spend in exchange for their aid (see Fame and Prestige). Any spellcasting purchased using Prestige Points is cast at minimum caster level.
Generally speaking, you can pay to have spells cast on you at any time during the scenario so long as you’re in a settlement or have access to a temple, shrine, or wandering mystic. Page 163 of the Core Rulebook covers the rules for purchasing spellcasting services and the associated costs are listed in the Spellcasting and Services table on page 159.

Yes, per the italicized section, PP purchases of spellcasting is at minimum caster level, but the next paragraph directs you to the CRB for gold-based spellcasting services.

Page 159 shows the standard formula: Caster level x spell level x 10 gp, with the rider about additional costs for material components and such.

Page 163 has nothing about limits on caster level, beyond the assumed "must be high enough level to be able to cast the spell at all.", and the size limits for spellcasters available by settlement size.

It definitely wasn't core.

I think I might have conflated PP, or more likely PFS-item rules, & Spellcasting services. Oops.


Generic spellcasting services are at minimal CL, and you can't choose whether it's divine or arcane. So as much as one might want a priest to cast Continual Flame and raise the CL, the churches all use Wizards for that. :)

But, it seems that PCs could buy casting services from specific NPC casters from the scenario who have the spell available, possibly a day later.
This seems especially true if they're trying to aid the party. And you are paying. There's at least one instance where you're working with a church to solve murders that take place at night. It seems reasonable you could pay normal price to get a CF to aid your hunt from the Cleric who's advising you.
And then get it marked by the GM.


Exocrat, I don't think stepping into the room should have provoked.
You are stepping from a non-threatened space (the other room) into a threatened space (maybe) which doesn't provoke unless you move another square.
Those free attacks shouldn't have occurred unless you mean you had to find places to fit, which I think you could do by using your friends as cover.

Also, our party just rushed through the doors on the same turn. The surprise round should be you all entering, right?
The ogres are so large, you should only be facing two (it's 20' wide), plus the guy throwing if he's willing to burn his allies.
It was one of our easiest fights. It didn't hurt that my high AC dwarf, +4 AC :), was point man.
I think the intention was that you need the necklace as unused as possible to fry the spiders. (We did not hesitate to burn ourselves there!)

For Andrei:
It's made to press for time, but that's to push your limits. You don't need your PCs optimized (ours weren't, just effective & well-balanced), but you need your play optimized. No pauses, move-move-move.
Signs up for all the buffs. Quick talking, quick walking.
And an efficient GM! That's probably the most important.
I'd think a four-PC party would have an easier time with the time limit, if they're optimized so they can handle the threats that is. Fewer voices to be heard, smoother coordination.

You can get your individual turns down to 5-20 seconds.
At least, in a dungeon gauntlet you can.



Wraith235 wrote:
Vrog Skyreaver wrote:
melee touch attacks are melee attacks.

I should have referenced the FAQ but here it is in its entirety

APG FAQ wrote:

Holy Vindicator: Thise class has an ability that gives him a sacred bonus to AC until "struck in combat." Does a touch attack count as being "struck"? What about a spell like magic missile or fireball?

The ability lasts until an opponent makes a successful attack roll against the vindicator's Armor Class.

Armor class ... not Touch Armor class

I read that completely differently; that the distinction was for the spells listed (which are attacks, and do strike, but since they don't roll they don't qualify) and to distinguish AC from CMD (because maneuvers do use attack rolls, arguably strike, but also don't qualify.)

RAI, I think the writer was not intending to separate the types of AC with that statement. RAW, you could parse it so, but you could also say "Flat-Footed AC" is distinct too with the same argument.
(Hey, it often has its own box on character sheets, right?)
If the writer wanted to be so specific about types of AC, they would have added another sentence for clarity.
My two g.p.


Ditto on the silver light mace (lycanthropes have high DR and can come at a low CR) & spiked gauntlet

Cold Iron anything, esp. arrows. Cheap.

MW tools for your day job, especially if then you can take 10 to get a 20.

Sleeves of Many Garments, 200 g.p. gets you into the fancy balls & ready for most environments, and can make an impromptu disguise in an enemy uniform.

Reach weapon for crowded times or just to get that first blow from an AoO.

Ranged weapon for missile combats, and ranged throwing weapon for a quick toss on the move.

If weight allows, all the stuff mentioned in The Confirmation briefing.

Tattoos that tell of your adventures. :)

A partially charged wand on your chronicle. Even if for an ally. :)

Ditto on the scrolls above (even if not for you to use) adding Feather Step, Jump, & Endure Elements.

One or more CLW potions (for those lacking other healing) to get somebody who can use the wand conscious.

Healer's kit

Likely more stuff that I'm forgetting.


The Morphling wrote:
Chronicles definitely need to be more significant. The only thing on 90% of the chronicle sheets I care about is the gold and the XP. In nearly every case, the "found items" is literally pointless because almost every single character that gets to that level will have exceeded the fame limit for all of the items by a gigantic margin.

At a con this last weekend, I heard many people oohing and aahing about items on their chronicles...

Oh, wait, they were all partially charged wands except one +2 Wis headband unlocked by a Cleric playing up.
I'm not sure I've ever had an item on a chronicle I couldn't buy anyway (except said wands) outside of "Dragon's Demand". Sometimes I'd like to buy something I've won from a fallen foe.


Cao Phen wrote:
Castilliano wrote:

The resizing can get you:
-Huge Sap, -4 Attack/2d6 Blunt nonlethal

I think for PFS, you are unable to get a huge weapon. Someone can correct me on this, though.

But if you are looking for Huge damage, an Huge Aklys does 3d6 damage. It is basically a giant log with a large fishing hook attached to it.

I think you're right about Huge items. I'm not sure if it's for all, or just magic.

But wow on the Large Aklys for 2d6 w/ a one-handed weapon that trips.
(Of course the exotic part is a deterrent even to Titan Maulers, though somebody with Lead Blades and/or Enlarge and/or Vital Strike might find it useful (though the investment is high just to use one-hand).
It's still a good light weapon for a Ranger to dual-wield w/ Lead Blades.
It's also good for a Small Titan Mauler, getting a 2d6 weapon (maybe the only one they can get) and which they can throw...maybe?


Jiggy wrote:
Something that just occurred to me this weekend: want a sword with the stats of a katana, but able to be finessed? Try a small-sized elven curve blade! The ECB gets to be finessed by its own special text, and making it small lets it be a one-handed weapon for a medium character.

Jiggy, you raised my hopes...only to squash them.

The text of finesse weapons (i.e. ECB or rapier) seems to always include "sized for you".
Oh, well.

The resizing can get you:
-Huge Sap, -4 Attack/2d6 Blunt nonlethal
-Large Trident, -2 Attack/2d6 Piercing, 10' range increment (but it's a full round to throw due to being 2-handed now)
-Large Flail, -2 Attack, 2d6 Blunt, disarm, trip, (so better damage than heavy flail)
-Large Heavy Pick, -2 Attack, 2d6 Piercing, x4 Crit
-Small Reach Weapons, one-handed -2 Attack, but can be dual-wielded (which I find really funny)
-Small Spiked Chain, 1-handed, -2 Attack, 1d6 etc, etc. Horrible weapon, but the visual is really cool esp. double-wielded
-Large Morningstar, -2 Attack, 2d6 Blunt/Piercing
-Small Greataxes, greatswords, etc., 1d10 damage one-handed, with a -2 attack instead of the -4 for Dwarven Waraxe or Bastard Sword.
And I've already seen this one in play:
-Large Falcata, -2 Attack, 2d6, 19-20 Crit x3

Worth of those weapons is dubious (as in the minus to attack does not warrant the small damage increase except for flavor purposes or Vital Strike love), but with a Titan Mauler those minuses shrink away to zero.
(I can just see PCs with 12th level Titan Maulers all running out to get huge saps to subdue people with.)

It just struck me that a Large creature wielding a Small Polearm as a light weapon gets extra reach...

Hope that sparked some flavorful PC ideas for somebody out there,

Usually you're taking measure of your opponent as you're charging them. Incorporating an attack into your forward motion, while gauging defenses, will naturally slow you down.

In a sprint, you often tune out your surroundings (even, in game, to the point of losing your Dex bonus). To a degree, you are heedless, and thereby lacking such distractions that might slow you or cause you to pause ever so slightly.

Also, sprinters would be slower if they had to punch a guy at the tape.
(Odds are they'd Bull Rush, but that opens a can of worms.)

I didn't say underpowered. There are a lot more factors than AC, most especially player skill.
But in the context of Armor Class, you are underplaying him by having a lower than normal AC and Dex for melee, which you implied he was by saying being an allosaurus was your schtick.

If you're AC 26 before Wildshape, it sounds like you go up to 30 (unless there's a shield in there, I suppose). Frankly, AC 24 sounds darn right dangerous at 14th. At 7th, my Druid hybrid gets hit often with a higher AC than that. (Admittedly, I last played him in the two Bonekeep mods, so my perspective might be off.)

Anyway, good luck, sounds like a fun PC,

That's not a good example, Andrew, because you are underplaying him.
The armor you have is still powerful, whether you choose to have the other bonuses or not.
A simple Shield of Faith from a comparable buddy & a Barkskin from yourself puts you in the 30's without any strain on resources.
As you said, easily.
And a Nagaji Saurian Shaman sounds really cool, BTW.

On the other hand, a Druid with a much higher Dex can escape the Max Dex limit that makes Full Plate reasonable and have a huge AC simply for having Wildshape, which already gives an AC bonus. (Net +4 even for your dino.)

As for YMMV, I don't think it necessarily can, if one were to print out all the rules and highlight the various parts. As RAW, at least on the AC portion of the armor & lack of penalties, is fairly clear.

As for non-AC bonuses on armor, it is quite messy on whether Wild allows those to work or not, or because they are passive & non-AC, whether they work with or without Wild.

Tough stuff, Cheers.

Broken Prince wrote:

That's a unfair comparison, comparing their AC in armour and shield to an magic item that is so terribly overpriced it is rarely ever used, and then only by those who specifically have to avoid armour. Until they can afford an incredibly expensive item druids have to suffer big time in the AC department, then yes they get a sudden jump. For the same price anyone not wildshaping gets +6 AC which seems pretty reasonable to me.

James argument seems the best that we have, a druid who wants the massive plus to AC has to lay down both the coin for Wild Armour and take a feat for heavy armour proficiency. The OPs problem comes more from the fact that Agile is being exploited to make dex a viable main ability score than the Wild enhancement IMO.

True, Bracers of Armor are a poor choice, but they're the nearest thing.

I guess magic Studded Leather is the closest armor w/ 0 ACP, full move.
Studded Leather gets you +7 AC at 16K or +8 AC at 25K, and its Dex is capped at 5 (which would be an issue for the Dex-focused PC in the OP.)
Wild Plate gets you +10 AC at 19K, with no Dex cap and Monk AC bonus. (And miscellaneous other "no-armor" options.)
Celestial Armor gets you +9 AC for 22K, with a very high Dex cap, and Fly, so it's competitive, but it has a -2 ACP, would deactivate Monk bonuses, and is a named item so can never improve.
Hmm...this is so competitive maybe Wild Armor doesn't look so bad now.
(Other than that Monk AC trick & lack of proficiency loophole...)

Druids do not have AC issues.
2 PP gets you masterwork dragonhide breastplate. Enchant as normal. Add shield if desired. Pretty good for a caster with decent offensive spells or warrior with Shilleleigh.
Add Barkskin...
It's only Wildshaped Druids that have AC issues, but with 3+ attacks & pounce, I have little sympathy (and am thinking of a build I like right now).


Low Templar in SE Asia wrote:
"My character is totally ineffective in this combat." ;)

I have heard this from powergamers.

And it pisses them off royally.
(The more skillful or mature powergamers don't say this.)

That said, I do think the Stormwind fallacy is at play, unless you redefine/predefine powergaming to be a singular mindset. Perhaps leave "optimizer" open for the players who can juggle RPing into the mix.
Or maybe make a new term, like "meta-players" or "XBox RPGers" or "RP deficiency syndrome players"...whatever. (My heart's not into finding a usable term...)


Ahhh, got it.
It seemed so directed.

It is cool. I'd thought it was all 5 attacks each round during grapple.
So with pounce it's claw/claw/bite/rake(s), the second round bite/maintain & rakes if successful
Without pounce it's claw/claw/bite no rake even if grapple starts, the second round bite/maintain & rakes if successful.
(Though, yes, a claw w/ grab could be used to maintain for some critters.)

So, outside of pounce, rake just keeps them even while still being able to hold their foe. None of that "drop the baddie to get full attack" stuff that happens, often with bears. Felines still might want to drop the baddie to go pounce on somebody else though. :)

Catling wrote:

It says it was answered in the FAQ in this post: alties#1

But I can't seem to find in the FAQ. Is it really in there or just my imagination?

(Dude, I'm not good with Messageboards, so please excuse my lack of hyperlinking the texts).

Answered by many disagreeing voices maybe, but I didn't see any staff, much less Devs, in the discussion. If anything they just jumble the mess more by talking about Slick & other static armor/shield enchantments that aren't armor bonuses and whether those come or go, and about Bracers which aren't armor, but grant armor bonuses.

It's a mire.

Shorthand is:
Polymorph rules say that armor & shield bonuses go away.
Most assume this means the penalties go away, but it doesn't say that. It does say the armor & shield meld into the form, and the ruling about Monk's not losing their no-armor abilities while Wildshaped in armor seems strong evidence the drawbacks, such as ACP/Max Dex, do go away.

Wild then says the armor or shield bonus is preserved, that's it, not that the armor changes shape or isn't melded. So it's still gone.
Note: the ability specifically say the armor cannot be seen.
So by RAW, and therefore PFS, this loophole remains open.

A Druid/Monk PC with Wild Dragonhide Plate +1 & Wild Large Wooden Shield +1 would have +13 AC with absolutely no drawbacks when Wildshaped, even having both arms/paws free.
It'd cost 35K+, or slightly less than +6 Bracers, for double the AC bonus and on items that can't be targeted.
Of course the first +10 AC at less than 20K is the big boon.
I can think of nothing comparable.
At 8th level, about when they could barely afford this, they could be Wildshaped at all times (choosing more docile forms for civilized areas).
About the only drawback is a Dispel might hit them and they lose a round Wildshaping back.

Again, for PFS, this appears unstoppable other than by diplomacy with the player.



Silbeg, who are you talking to?
Did you even post on the right thread?

CWheezy wrote:
Sleep and colour spray are based off if hd, not hp


Doubling the h.p. doesn't help toughen against non-h.p. attacks.
Hence the need to adjust the rules for those type spells when used against single creatures who "behind the scenes" represent two creatures.

Adding NPC levels (to monsters with racial HD) is another way to make sturdier opponents without making them that much more dangerous.


If the scenario is 1-4, you cannot play a 5.
If the scenario is 1-7 (which is a thing from earlier seasons) and play a tier 1-4 (which isn't) with a level 5 then you average the 1-4 reward with the 5-7 (presumably) reward.

Most scenarios will have this prefigured.
Out of tier gold works both ways. In a 1-5 scenario (which would have a 1-2 Tier & 4-5 Tier) there'll be three rewards:
1-2 Tier reward (for Level 1-2 PCs playing at 1-2)
Out of Tier reward (for level 1-2 PCs playing at 4-5, level 3 PCs playing at either tier, and level 4-5 PCs playing at Tier 1-2)
4-5 Tier reward (for level 4-5 PCs playing at Tier 4-5)

So you could piggyback with higher level PCs, but that'll just make it harder for you now (and them!), even if it nets you more gold to make it easier later.

PFS isn't that hard. You shouldn't need to milk the g.p.
If you really want to get the most out of your sessions you should focus on playing the adventures that get the most praise, or which appear to suit your PC's theme (like maritime for your pirate).
The only effective way to "game the system's g.p." is by using PP to get your consumables and saving gold to get your permanent items.
Or to be Qadiran. :)



Jiggy wrote:

If I had a dollar for every time I'd heard the phrase "cleave in twain" used by a gamer in a sentence that otherwise uses completely normal modern English, I'd have every splatbook.


It's not normal modern English?

Maybe I gotta get more roles covered in my party of friends with which I traverse this world of ours.


128a) And perhaps creatures with strong SLAs too or a low Con to Cha ratio.

129) I shall purchase traps that are relevant, and relevantly placed, so a 750 g.p. stick does not undo the trap's work and my lackeys can maximize use of the trap's premise.

130) I will not take action against the Pathfinder Society, nor their allies, unless the profit shall exceed the inevitable losses. If I do, it will be through a subsidiary and I shall plant notes among my staff giving details about the nearest Aspis Consortium headquarters, perhaps with a friendly note from them with only a cursive initial (vaguely resembling several letters) and a hint of their logistics (vaguely phrased around nonspecific dates). I'll let the Pathfinders draw their own conclusions.

131) I will not discuss my real plans in front of able-bodied slaves or new hires. I will discuss my "plans" about gardening, raising bunnies, and fundraising for orphans.

132) I will chill on wearing the spikes & skulls in public, or when incognito. Ditto for scowling. I shall encourage scowling and defensiveness among relatively unimportant people.

133) I shall purchase inexplicable tattoos for random townsfolk, most especially if my group uses tattoos too.

Cheers & a thread bump

If you can't make the space to fight all at once there are other tricks:
1. Waves of enemies, perhaps through Summoning, not just "more in back"
2. Double h.p. on enemies (In this instance Sleep & Color Spray would have to be adjusted, perhaps to two saves or to somehow the monster becomes half as effective)
3. Respawning (usually Undead that rise back up, or creatures that birth out of other creatures' corpses. Most would have to be invented)
4. Flying, increases space :)
5. Swarms, tiny creatures, creatures with "swarming" (like Morlocks), share space
6. Reach weapons/missile weapons, allows more to participate
7. Combat Reflexes, adds extra attacks, but by its nature it spreads them equally (and to people who can choose to risk it or not)
8. There are some spells & class powers (Oracle Mysteries mainly, but Wizard too) that target adjacent enemies, often as a swift action. That's another good way to bump the offense without the danger of focused fire on one PC. (Defenses that hurt the attackers, like thorns, are another way to make up for the action economy.)

The same issues you face when getting the 9 PCs all able to contribute are what you face with these baddies. See if there are choices your players are making to maximize participation & see if they can be applied to your monsters.
Good luck & Cheers

When dealing with so many PCs it's a bit too awkward to use formulas to determine reasonable enemies. Don't get hung up on the number, as the system isn't built to handle corner cases like yours anyway (just like it does poorly with high numbers of enemies).

A good rule of thumb is to take a reasonable encounter for their level and double the number of the enemy.
Of course, space issues and Area of Effect spells make this awkward (both ways, as they'll hit all the PCs when enemies fire them.)
Published adventures will be awkward, as you'll have to widen all the corridors & rooms, or add new ones, possibly to create two fronts. (You don't want the extra firepower focused on one defender by default, only be players making a tactical error.)
Add more doors in and out of rooms, widen doorways, and so forth.
This allows for a less clogged battlefield and greater participation.

Having run 6+ player games where Leadership was allowed, trust me on this.

Have a blast & Cheers.

If they see a threat outside, and are at a level where they're facing four of these things, they'll be really buffed before exiting.
The may even kill or drive off the first without leaving the cave.
Possible solution is to have a victim (even if just a blood soaked dummy they use).

The only time you can charge as a standard is when you are limited to only a standard action per round. (Surprise round, slowed, staggered, etc.) Otherwise, it is a full round action and cannot be readied (unlike previously mentioned or 3.X).

Since they have pounce, Delay works best. The first PCs out will still get smashed before the others exit.

Initiative depends on your prior rulings.
I inform my players that initiative does not mean combat, only wariness, so I would have to start initiative in the cave (and the surprise round washes away). I prefer this method as clarifies sequence of events.
Kalridian, at the other end of the spectrum, doesn't begin until the first attack launches. He seems to prefer this because it makes a smoother non-combat narrative.
We each think the other choice has opportunities for messiness or awkward narrative, so really it's up to what works for you.

My 2 g.p.

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