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Elf Fighter

Castiel Lashilsh's page

133 posts. Alias of Magnu123.

Full Name

Castiel Lashilsh


Humanoid (Elf)


Alchemist 1 / Artificer 5







Special Abilities

read magic, salvage, weird science, extracts, mutagen, breath mastery


True Neutral




Common, Elven, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, and Sylvan.



Strength 18
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 7
Charisma 7

About Castiel Lashilsh

Init + 3
perception + 6 Low-light Vision
Speed 20 ft.
Abilities Used
Read magic 0/1
Mutagen: 0/1
Extracts 1/2
Overclocker 2/4
A.P.O.D. 1/4

build stats:
1. Vivisectionist/Grenadier/Internal Alchemist variants used.
2. Elven Magic ability traded for Silent Hunter
3. Purchases made assuming crafting of most items(armours, wondrous items, alchemical items)
4. Ability Scores Purchased using 20 point buy, with one point remaining after all considerations. (Total 19 points spent)
5. Artificer HD set as d8 to match standard Pathfinder rule regarding Hit dice and BAB
6. Arcane strike taken, assuming Artificer as the relevant class (Thus +2, rather than +1 if it had been alchemist)

Most Powerful Potential Attack: Mutagen(+4 Strength), Overclocking Device (+5(atk)/+4(dmg), extra roll on full attack), Power Attack(-0/+6), Arcane Strike (+2/+2) + Sneak Attack (d6) +Full attack with Lance
+18/+18 (d8+21+d6/d8+21+d6)

Quick reference:

AC 23/14/20 Saves: 11/10/6
Lance +13/13 (d8+10)
Bow +12/12 (d8+8)
STR 22, INT 16-Skills changed accordingly
AC 24/13/21
Lance +10(d8+9)
STR 22, INT 16- Skills changed accordingly
AC 25/14/22
Lance +15/+15(d8+13)

Mount Stats
Skit the Horse: Low light vision, scent, Perception +8 Speed 50
AC 20/13/16 HP 19/19 Saves: 8/7/3
bite [dice]d20+5;d4+5[/dice], 2 hooves[dice]d20+5;d6+2[/dice]
CMB/CMD +7/21 (25 vs. trip)

Lance Charge: [dice]d20+11;2d8+12[/dice]
Lance Charge+PA+AS+OC [dice]d20+18;2d8+27[/dice]

Normal Lance: [dice]d20+8;d8+6[/dice]
Lance+PA+AS [dice]d20+10;d8+14[/dice]
Lance+OC: [dice]d20+13;d8+10[/dice] (twice on full attack)
Lance+P.A.+A.S+OC: [dice]d20+15;d8+18[/dice] (twice on full attack)
Normal Bow: [dice]d20+7;d8+4[/dice]
Overclocked Bow+A.S [dice] d20+14;d8+10[/dice] (twice on full attack)


AC 22 ; touch 13 , flatfooted 19 (+7 armor, +2 shield, +3 Dex)
hp 48 ( 6 d 8 + 25)
Fort + 7 Ref + 5 Will + 2
Immune: sleep
Defensive Abilities: +2 vs. enchantment


lance +8 (d8+6) x3
composite longbow+7 (d8+4) x3
Sneak Attack +1d6
Power Attack (-2/+6)* -0/+6 for first attack of a round
Arcane Strike (+2/+2)
1/day Mutagen: (+2 nat armour, +4 Str, -2 Int)


Extracts (*prepared extracts marked with an asterisk)
1st- (2/day) Crafter's Fortune Identify comprehend languages disguise self *cure light wounds detect secret doors

1/day- read magic (CL 1)

Weird Science: 4 uses/day
Overclocking Device[bracers] Overuse DC: 28+3/use
(Good Hope, Moment of Greatness, Haste)
Effects 5 creatures within 30 feet:+4 Morale Bonus on saving throws, attack rolls, ability checks, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls for 5 minutes
+1 bonus to attack, AC, reflex saves. +30 base speed, one extra attack on a full attack for 5 rounds

A.P.O.D. Aquatic Propulsion and Oxygenation Devices [held] Overuse DC 27+2/use
(Air bubble, Touch of the Sea)
Effect: 1 creature touched: bladder of air and swim speed 30 for 5 minutes


Base Atk + 4 ; CMB + 8 ; CMD 20
Feats: Medium Armor Proficiency, Power Attack, arcane strike, furious focusB, Martial weapon proficiency(lance)B, magical aptitude B,
Crafting Feats:Scrolls, Potions, wondrous items, magic arms/armour,
Skills: craft(armor, scrolls, alchemy, wondrous items) +17, spellcraft +15, disable device, use magic device, +9, ride +5, stealth +10
Traits: accelerated drinker, arcane dabbler
Racial Qualities: Silent Hunter(no penalty to stealth while moving at speed)
Languages Common, Elven, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, and Sylvan.
SQ: elbow grease, jack of all trades, salvage, alchemy, mutagen, breath mastery

craft(potions, wondrous items, armours, scrolls) +17 (+22 with crafter's fortune)
, disable device +10(skeleton key), disguise +8(disguise self), linguistics +4(comprehend languages), perception +6(detect secret doors) ride +5, spellcraft +15(+25 identify), stealth +10 (cloak of elvenkind, silent hunter) use magic device, +9


+1 breastplate, +1 buckler,
Lance, Composite longbow(+4 Str Rating) Ammo(200)
Ring of sustenance, Belt of physical might +2(5k), Handy haversac (1k), Cloak of elvenkind
(1250), swan boat feather token.
potions of: CSW, Dimension Door, Fly, Invisibility, Elemental Aura (fire), Blink, Stoneskin, Protection from Energy, waterbreathing, levitate
war trained horse+military saddle +1 chain shirt barding
Mule- silk rope, skeleton keyeverburning torch, Mwk artisans tools, alchemist's lab
0 GP remaining

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