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Elf Fighter

Castiel Lashilsh's page

135 posts. Alias of Magnu123.

Full Name

Castiel Lashilsh




Cleric 1







Special Abilities

Darkvision 60


True Neutral




Common, Orc



Strength 14
Dexterity 10
Constitution 12
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 14
Charisma 18

About Castiel Lashilsh


Greataxe: +2 (d12+3)x3
BAB +0 CMB +2 CMD 12 Initiative +2
AC 14 ff 14 tch 10
HP 9/9 --> Orc Ferocity
Will +4 Reflex +1 Fortitude +3


Orisons - 3
1st Level Spells - 2 +(calm animals or enlarge person)
Spontaneous casting: cure spells

Channel Positive Energy 7/day (DC 15) d6 (May exclude up to 4 creatures)

Enlarge: Swift Action 4/day - enlarged for 1 round

52 GP
Greataxe 12 lbs
Hide armor 25 lbs
Cleric's kit 32 lbs ( a backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, candles (10), a cheap holy text, a flint and steel, an iron pot, a mess kit, rope, soap, a spell component pouch, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), a waterskin, and a wooden holy symbol.
manacles 2 lbs
simple lock 1 lb
bear trap 10 lbs
Carrying Capacity: Light = up to 58 lbs Medium = up to 116 lbs Heavy = up to 175 lbs

feats and traits:

Selective Channeling: When you channel energy, you can choose a number of targets in the area up to your Charisma modifier. These targets are not affected by your channeled energy.
Deft Dodger: Growing up in a rough neighborhood or a dangerous environment has honed your senses. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Reflex saves.
Sacred Conduit: Your birth was particularly painful and difficult for your mother, who needed potent divine magic to ensure that you survived (your mother may or may not have). In any event, that magic infused you from an early age, and you now channel divine energy with greater ease than most. Whenever you channel energy, you gain a +1 trait bonus to the save DC of your channeled energy.
Proficient: Simple Weapons, Trident, Falchion, Greataxe, up to medium armor


Diplomacy +8 (+1 rank + 3 class skill +4 CHA)
Intimidate +6 (2 racial + 4 CHA)
Perception +3 (1 racial from domain +2 WIS)
Sense Motive +6 (1 rank + 3 class skill + 2 WIS)
Armor Check Penalty -3
All other skills = Ability Score Bonus

Half Orc:
Darkvision: Half-orcs can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
Intimidating: Half-orcs receive a +2 racial bonus on Intimidate skill checks due to their fearsome nature.
Orc Blood: Half-orcs count as both humans and orcs for any effect related to race.
Orc Ferocity: Once per day, when a half-orc is brought below 0 hit points but not killed, he can fight on for one more round as if disabled. At the end of his next turn, unless brought to above 0 hit points, he immediately falls unconscious and begins dying. Weapon Familiarity: Half-orcs are proficient with greataxes and falchions and treat any weapon with the word “orc” in its name as a martial weapon. Languages: Half-orcs begin play speaking Common and Orc.

Aura (Ex): A cleric of a chaotic, evil, good, or lawful deity has a particularly powerful aura corresponding to the deity’s alignment
Channel Energy (Su): Channeling energy causes a burst that affects all creatures of one type (either undead or living) in a 30-foot radius centered on the cleric. The amount of damage dealt
or healed is equal to 1d6 points of damage plus 1d6 points of damage for every two cleric levels beyond 1st (2d6 at 3rd, 3d6 at 5th, and so on). Creatures that take damage from channeled energy receive a Will save to halve the damage. The DC of this save is equal to 10 + 1/2 the cleric’s level + the cleric’s Charisma modifier. A cleric may channel energy a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier. This is a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. A cleric can choose whether or not to include herself in this effect. A cleric must be able to present her holy symbol to use this ability
Domains: Animal(Feather) and Plant(Growth)
Eyes of the Hawk (Ex): You gain a racial bonus on Perception checks equal to 1/2 your cleric level (minimum +1). In addition, if you can act during a surprise round, you receive a +2 racial bonus on your Initiative check.
Enlarge (Su): As a swift action you can enlarge yourself for 1 round, as if you were the target of the enlarge person spell. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

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