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Master summoner and sythesist both replace the eidelon class feature and the bond senses feature. They don't stack.

I think I might consider vital strike or lunge for now. Is there anything essential that I might be missing?

@heretek I actually already took the legendary item and selected my greatsword for RP reasons.

Is there any in going with an intimidate build from this point? Seems thematic with the Oath of Vengeance.

I have have 9 feats remaining (6 from levels, 3 from mythic). Any feat chains I should consider?

I'd have to take regular vital strike. I'm using a greatsword, so it wouldn't be the worst, but I feel like with the smite bonuses I should be going for full attacks. At this point damage isn't really an issue.

Hello everyone,

I'm having trouble coming up with a path for my paladin as I have finished all of the feat trees I wanted. I am a level 8 tiefling paladin (Oath of Vengeance)with the 3 mythic tier (Guradian).

These are my feats:

Fey Foundling
Power Attack
Greater Mercy
Skill Focus (Survival)
Eldritch Heritage (orc)
Mythic Eldritch Heritage
Mythic Power Attack

The only thing I will say is that I'm a little wary about extra lay on hands because my charisma is high and with the third mythic tier I can get them back really easily.

Thanks for any help!

We probably will get to level 15, so the 15th level ability that enhances the mount(DCs give them up)throws me off a bit. :P

I'm trying to make a daring Champion cavalier (probably halfling and probably dex based)and am having trouble figuring out a good order to use. Does anyone have some good suggestions?

I've just played a ton of wizards recently and know how powerful they can be. I'd like to see if I can beat a dungeon with a slightly more creative build.

I challenged my DM to a competition where I'll build my best level 20 character with 10 mythic tiers and I'' go through a ten room dungeon with progressively harder challenges. My question is what type of character is best suited for this type of challenge? He says I'll need combat, skills, and anything else that pathfinder supports. I'd prefer not to go with wizard because it feels cheap.

If they're marked by fate why don't you just treat it as if he's been reincarnated into a lesser body. Allow him to keep his paladin abilities but the fates have decided to give him a racial body that is less "paladiny," like an orc or something. Part of the quest could then be to reverse the reincarnation.

I'm trying to build a lore oracle with two basic premises:

1. The oracle should be great at Knowledge checks. (I would like them all to be class skills).
2. The oracle should know some or several arcane spells.

I decided to go half-elf and take the ancient lorekeeper archetype for the arcane spells, but it trades away the class knowledge skills for just arcana and local. Am I missing an easy way to get more knowledge skills or am I just biting off more than I can chew?

Just a thought, but wouldn't eldrich Scion make a dip in Paladin (saves and Smite), oracle (Sidedtep & maybe Mystic Theurge), and dragon Disciple viable if not beneficial for the magus?

I've been offered a challenge by my GM for an upcoming game. The Idea is that I start with 7's in all my physical score and he'll let me take 18's in all of the mental ones. So here's the challenge: Make the most effective Combatant with only mental score. I could go full caster (probably wiz/sorc), but that seems like taking the easy way out and wouldn't utilize all of the mental stats. So here's my plan as of now:

3 levels of Zen archer Monk--- Because of the low CON score, I think the best strategy is to stay as far away from combat as possible. ZAM gets me Wis to AC, CMD, and to hit with bows (plus a few bonus feats).

2 Levels of Paladin---Divine grace, Smite (CHA to AC and to hit vs evil) and maybe some extra stuff if I go with an archetype.

2 Levels of Inquisitor--- The heretic archetype adds wisdom to bluff and stealth, or I could just keep monster for the knowledge bonuses. Wis is added to Initiative as well

1 Level of Oracle--- Nature, Lore or Lunar mysteries get me Cha to replace Dex in AC

1 Level of Mindchemist--- A cognatagen and double the INT on KN checks.

1 Level of Sleepless Detective PRC--- Int is added to Sense motive and Perception.

Noble Scion feat- Cha to Initiative.

These are just ideas right now. I figure I can make an amazing skill character who has some combat ability and at the very least can UMD his way through a battle.

Any other ideas for this experiment?

My Home game is playing a game to test OP builds. The Starting stat Array is 27,25,24,22,18,17 (Done by GM Random rolls) and then we rolled a d6 to assign them.

My Array is:

Str 25
Dex 27
Con 24
Int 22
Wis 18
Cha 17

Combat stats are pretty close together, but the high Int is intriguing. What would you do with these stats. I just feel overwhelmed by the class options (in a good way).

If you could add 6 Class levels to a nymph what would they be? My group is playing a game where we are using monsters as PCs. I would prefer to avoid sorcerer because we already have one.

Try stacking Wild Stalker with the skirmisher archetype for ranger. It replaces spells for more combat options.

Its the template stacking that gets me the stats. If I go nymph, I just get traditional nymph stats.

The Monster right now is a Deinonychus with the Fey Animal, Jiang-Shi Vampire, and advanced template. Chaotic Evil, but I would prefer to avoid anti-paladin because Good creatures may not be common.

My group decided that we're going to play a quick game using monsters with class levels as our PCs. We Can stack templates on monsters up to a CR 7 monster and then add 6 class levels. With the monster I built my Stats are:

Str: 23
Dex: 29
Con: - (undead)
Int: 18
Wis: 22
Cha: 26

Assuming all class are physically possible, What should I do with these stats?

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You always count as your own ally, so yes.

I'm starting a campaign filled with undead and evil dragons. My GM has given me the go ahead to make a character that hunts them (as they are super common). I don't really want to do a paladin as I've played one recently and Ranger doesn't seem to fit what I want. My question is: are there any other classes or archetypes that grant favored enemy like abilities?

The problem with fighter is that it gives me one feat. Magus gives me the equivalent of two, EWP and WF, both of Which I need for Whip mastery and more importantly Improved Whip mastery. I'm planning on a human, but races that get Whip proficiency trade away the human bonus feat so I consider the trade null.

These are the potential builds:

Figther 1: BAB: 1, Feats: EWP, Weapon Focus, Weapon Finesse
Monk 1: BAB: 1 Unnamed Bonus Feat
M2: BAB:2 Whip Mastery
M3: BAB: 3
M4 BAB: 4 Unnamed feat
M5 BAB 4
M6 BAB 5 Imp whip mastery

So I get Imp mastery at 7 with 2 feat slots to fill.

Kensei: BAB 0, EWP, Weapon Focus, Weapon Finnesse, Unnamed feat
M1: 0 Monk Bonus
M2: 1 Whip mastery
M3: 2
M4: 3 Unnamed feat
M5: 3
M6: 4 Unnamed feat
M7: 5
M8: 6 Imp whip master

I get Whip mastery at 9th level, but between 1st and 7th I have 3 feats to fill that give me more options.

I plan on using the whip solely for maneuvers, which monks are treated as having full BAB for, so missing 1 point isn't that big of deal. I'm attacking with unarmed strikes which will take a hit but not be too awful. I'm probably better off with sticking monk for all 20 levels, but I really want a way to get some reach. As far as the whip options go, Fighter kicks in earlier, but the magus gives me one free feat in the process of the 20 level build.

I should note that part of the benefit of Kensei magus is free weapon focus (whip) and a point of int to AC, along with spells like Mage armor or shield.

I am making a flowing monk for a home campaign starting at level 5. I am considering taking the first level as a kensei magus to get whip proficency to improve my threatened area with the whip mastery feats. Am I over thinking things, or is this a reasonable (and suggested) idea?

One hopeful bump

Besides shadow spells what other illusion spells are good against PCs at high levels?

I'm building out a Wayang Oracle as a boss of sorts for a home game I'm going to run it the near future. My initial idea was to use the Wayang's SLAs (Ventriloquism and Ghost sound) and Silence from the oracle list to qualify for the Veiled Illusionist PRC. The reason for oracle is that it seems more effective to give a class that doesn't already have illusion spells the extra spells from the PRC. Being a Wayang I want the character to focus on Shadow spells. However, the favored class option for Wayang Oracles is to add spells from the Wizard Illusion list. That being said, I am open to not taking Veiled Illusionist, but I really like the disguise abilities and the enhancement to illusions. So here are my questions:

1. Assuming the character is in masquerade ad a king or other leader and hiding from the PCs in that manner, Should I take the PRC or just go all oracle?
2. I really don't want to take the heavens mystery. With the Wayang SLAs I don't need its bonus spells to qualify and if I really should take it all I'd go gnome instead. That being said, What Mysteries have the best one-two punch in terms of revalations (as I'll only get two barring extra revalation)?
3. Any other general advice for a shadow magic user (ie feats or traits)?

Thanks for your time. I really appreciate all the help I receive from this community.

I played one once and what I did was wild shaped into small flying animals and flew above combat. I could blast easily whilst still being a difficult target for ranged characters. If you give yourself decent stealth and perception you make an amazing scout.

I would suggest looking into the Feather subdomain. It gives a massive bonus to perception as well as an animal companion that can be used as an additional scout or (jf you wild shape into the same type as your AC) a decoy for fly-by blasting.

Imbicatus wrote:
It doesn't specify, but isn't the Restorative Touch power a standard action? If you use it on yourself while staggered, at best you can then take a move action, at worst you can't take any action because a the beginning of the round you were staggered and could take only a move or standard action.

Quicken SLA?

You don't get to pick and choose archetypes each level. You select an archetype (or archetypes) at the first level you take the class and stick with it for all of your levels in the class

Maybe a shadow dancer level or mammoth rider?

I think I'm going to end up with a Bruce Banner style Barbarian.

Student of War looks mildly attractive for a 2 level dip, for the int to AC. If I were to do that, I'd take one level of spire defender magus for dodge and CE and the half-elf skill focus option to knock the feat prereqs out at first level.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

This must be Half-Elf.

The player absolutely has no choice.

Just like real life.

God, that makes me laugh harder than I probably should.

The theme was just that when we're born in real life we don't get to choose parents, location, ect. So we all liked the idea of randomly rolling and seeing what we could do to maximize the cards we were dealt. Its as much of a challenge as it is representing the randomness of life.

ngc7293 wrote:
What's the Random race? If that is a part of the question, how about a Dwarf Ranger with the Skirmisher Archetype.

Sorry, I guess I skipped over that part. Half-elf.

Assuming barbarian, what exotic weapon should I take from half-elf?

I think if I cross-blood I'd have to take draconic to go DD. I could just do a socr with sage and orc though.

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Monocle Barbarian?

I'm in a campaign we rolled random races (to represent real life) and we rolled stats. I'm locked into:
Str: 18
Dex: 10
Con: 16
Int: 18
Wis: 10
Cha: 8

I'd prefer to avoid Magus because I've played it a few times. All books are available. Any ideas?

I am playing a one shot game with a few friends (some of who this will be their first time), so I'm trying to come up with a character that is fun to play with versatility. My initial instinct is a multi-classed Druid/ rogue with the shaping focus feat to get my wild shape up to allowing diminutive animals. I'm planning on spring attack so I can be a small bird drop from the sky and hit with sneak attack and get out of the way. We're playing a Paizo module that is for level 11 characters, so I'm thinking Druid 4/Rogue 11. All I really need from druid is wild shape and I'll probably go for weapon finesse for the natural weapons.

I'm not too worried about optimization, but does anyone have ideas to make the build come together?

How about alignments of the enemies? Would smite evil get much use?

How about room for mounts? If I go mammoth rider would there be charge lanes?

Is battlefield control important? I was thinking about a wizard who focuses on shadow evocation and conjuration.

Some friends and I are going to try to play through the module in one night at a 'party' of sorts. For anyone who has played this module, what are some good classes or roles that are important to thrive and have a good drunken time?

Chris Wasson wrote:
I suppose I'll give it a few more levels. But to my specific question not many arcane classes are good at multicasting with OTHER arcane classes?

Not really. Unless there is a specific reason (i.e. class features) you want to take one or two levels dips it works, but otherwise you hurt spell progression so much that you fall behind in power levels.

If you're just dipping one level for the bonuses to blasting there isn't a problem, you're just not going to get a ton of use out of your sorc spells. I'd suggest taking spells from you're restricted list for the sorc level.

The DM is fine with re-flavoring the Monk as a "your Barbarian went to train and became a tad more disciplined" thing. Alignment won't be an issue for this. I should also say that wisdom is a 10 and I have mildly enchanted medium armor. I'm leaning Fighter at the moment, but am wondering if the saves would be better.

Also, would anyone have any suggestions on the style feat? I'm taking Feral combat training to use it with my claws.

A wizard 5/Sorc 1 would have up to 3rd level spells for wizard that you have to prepare based on Int and 1st level spontaneous spells for Sorc based on Cha. The levels don't stack for spell progression.

I have a natural attacking barbarian and I was thinking about dipping to get IUS and a style feat (Probably Dragon) to make natural attacks do more. So my question is do I dip MMS monk or Unarmed Fighter?

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