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Little Girl

Caspian Barefoot's page

797 posts. Alias of Freddy Honeycutt.

Full Name

Caspian Barefoot




Bard 5 (Minstrel)




Small - 3 feet 5 inches high






Common, Halfling, Elven, Celestial, Draconic


runaway slave, wandering minstrel

Strength 10
Dexterity 17
Constitution 11
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 8
Charisma 17

About Caspian Barefoot

Appears very much like an overweight or pudgy human child with unkempt and unruly hair. Caspian has a panache for mischief and making up elaborate stories is part of his charm.....

Capian Barefoot
CG Halfling Male Bard 5 (Minstrel)

Initiative [dice] 1d20+3[/dice]
+2 in urban terrain

Perception [dice]1d20+8[/dice]
+2 in urban terrain

AC AC 21, touch 17, flat-footed 14
(+4 armor, +3 dex, +1 size, +3 Cha)
*Cha bonus via Canny defense
****Specialization bonuses do not apply to attacks or damage!

Hit points 29
Fort +2, Ref +7, Int +3 (+5 vs. illusions), Will +7 (+9 vs. fear).

Spd 20'

Morningstar [dice]1d20+4[dice] Damage [dice]1d6[/dice]
Shortsword [dice]1d20+4[dice] Damage [dice]1d6[/dice]
Slingstaff (staff) [dice]1d20+4[dice] Damage [dice]1d6[/dice]

Net masterwork [dice]1d20+5[dice]
Ranged touch attack, entangled condition

Alchemists fire [dice]1d20+4[dice]
Ranged touch attack On a hit deals [dice]1d6[/dice]
a miss deals 1 of splash damage

Slingstaff (or just sling) [dice]1d20+4[dice]Damage [dice]1d3[/dice]

Blowgun [dice]1d20+4[dice] Damage 1 point

Ranged modifiers
BAB +3, +1 size, -1wis, +1 race, +1 MW

Space 5'; Reach 5'

Spells per day:
7- 1st
4- 2nd

Spells known: Table 7.1:
0-Dancing lights
0-Detect magic
0-read magic

First level:
bonus-hypnotism. 2d4+1/level HD (per kirth 10/20/2014)

Second level:


School transmutation; Level bard 2, magus 2, sorcerer/wizard 2; Domain smoke 2

CASTING Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (one fire source)

EFFECT Range long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)
Target one fire source, up to a 20-ft. cube
Duration 1d4+1 rounds, or 1d4+1 rounds after creatures leave the smoke cloud; see text
Saving Throw Will negates or Fortitude negates; see text; Spell Resistance yes or no; see text

DESCRIPTION Pyrotechnics turns a fire into a burst of blinding fireworks or a thick cloud of choking smoke, depending on your choice. The spell uses one fire source, which is immediately extinguished. A fire so large that it exceeds a 20-foot cube is only partly extinguished. Magical fires are not extinguished, although a fire-based creature used as a source takes 1 point of damage per caster level.

Option A
The fireworks are a flashing, fiery, momentary burst of glowing, colored aerial lights. This effect causes creatures within 120 feet of the fire source to become blinded for 1d4+1 rounds (Will negates). These creatures must have line of sight to the fire to be affected. Spell resistance can prevent blindness.

Option B
Smoke Cloud:
A stream of smoke billows out from the fire, forming a choking cloud that spreads 20 feet in all directions and lasts for 1 round per caster level. All sight, even darkvision, is ineffective in or through the cloud. All within the cloud take -4 penalties to Strength and Dexterity (Fortitude negates). These effects last for 1d4+1 rounds after the cloud dissipates or after the creature leaves the area of the cloud. Spell resistance does not apply.


Daily inspiration 15 rounds/day
Enemy saves are 15(10+.5*level+Cha)

Inspire Courage
+2 morale bonus to saves vs charm, despair, and fear effects...
A +2 on both attack and weapon damage.


Suggestion* Core Rulebook Suggestion 2nd


Will save
You influence the actions of the target creature by suggesting a course of activity (limited to a sentence or two). The suggestion must be worded in such a manner as to make the activity sound reasonable. Asking the creature to do some obviously harmful act automatically negates the effect of the spell.

The suggested course of activity can continue for the entire duration. If the suggested activity can be completed in a shorter time, the spell ends when the subject finishes what it was asked to do. You can instead specify conditions that will trigger a special activity during the duration. If the condition is not met before the spell duration expires, the activity is not performed.

Favorite suggestions:
"The people you are fighting against are capable and wealthy, if you were to switch sides you could save your life and make some money at the same time!"

Original* compositions
Knock knock goes the rock
"Moves like Jaegr" parody of moves like Jagger
Fop Crispies jingle
Cricket Creep
Smoke no water
Cappy's got a squeezebox

BAB +3; CMB+2(+4 grappling, tripping, and net)
CMD+15 (10, -1sz, +0 str, +3dex, +3feat)

Acrobatics 4 (+1 rank, +3dex)
*Athletics 4 (+1 rank, +0str, +3 class)
*Bluff 7 (+1 rank, +3 Cha, +3 class)
**Concentration 10 (+3Cha, + 4level, +0 ranks, +3 class)
**Diplomacy 10 (+3Cha, + 4level, +0 ranks, +3 class)
Disable Device N/A
Endurance 1
*Escape Artist 7 (+3Dex, +1ranks, +3class)
Fly Dex
Handle Animal Cha
Heal Wis
**Knowledge (linguistics) 8 (+1Int, + 4level, + ranks, +3 class)
**Knowledge (lore) 8 (+1Int, + 4level, + ranks, +3 class)
*knowledge (The Planes) 1 (+1Int, + ranks, + class)
*Knowledge (warfare) 1 (+1Int, + ranks, + class)
*Perception Wis 8 (-1Wis, + 2trait, +4 rank, +3 class)
Planar Sense Wis (-1 Wis)
*Sleight of Hand 8 (+3Dex, +2 ranks, +3class)
*Spellcraft Int 5 (+1 Int, +1 rank, +3 class)
Stealth 14/16* (+3 skill focus, +4 size, +3 dex, +4 ranks, +2 urban*)
*Streetwise Cha 7 (+3Cha, +1 rank, +3class)
Survival Wis (-1 Wis) (+1 in Urban)

Secondary skills:
**Perform (music) 12 (+3Cha, +4level, +ranks, +3class, +2MW bagpipes)
Perform (Dance) 9 (+3Cha, +3 ranks, +3 class)

Profession (Administration)
9 (+3 Cha, +3 ranks, +3 class)
-Including officially issued "pet passes" that explain any bizarre humanoids/critters brought into the city proper....

Racial feats:


Hard-Headed: You gain Arcane Defense against illusions as a bonus feat. In addition, you are immune to the color spray spell.

Favored Terrain (Ex): You gain Favored Terrain as a bonus feat, selecting plains if you grew up in rural areas, or cities if in an urban center. (Urban) +2 bonus on initiative checks and Knowledge (geography), Perception, Stealth, and Survival skill checks when he is in this terrain. Traveling through his favored terrain normally leaves no trail and cannot be tracked



Fearless (Ex): You have been so terrified for so long that it is difficult to affect you further, providing you with fearlessness of a sort. You receive a +2 racial bonus on all saving throws against fear.

Keen Senses (Ex): You receive a +2 racial bonus on
Perception skill checks.

Helpful (Ex): When you use the Aid Another action, the normal bonus you provide is +4, rather than +2. You can use Improved Aid Another
normally (see Skills).

Bardic lore:
Requiem (Su) (Minstrel): Add speak with dead to the class list of 3rd level spells. Undead are not immune to your mind-affecting spells and bardic inspiration abilities, and you can spend rounds of bardic inspiration to extend this ability to allies within 60 feet. Alternatively, you can expend bardic inspiration use in order to produce an effect that duplicates a halt undead spell, lasting as long as you continue the inspiration. This lore supersedes the feat of the same name from Libris Mortis.

Lore master: (EX) 1/day
Take 10 on any Knowledge skill check (as long as you have ranks in the appropriate Knowledge skill). In addition, once per day, you can
take 20 on any Knowledge skill check as a standard action.

Well-Versed (Ex):
resistant to the bardic performances of others, and to a number of
other effects in general.
+4 bonus on saving throws made against
- Bardic inspiration and bard spells;
- Language-dependent effects;
- Sonic effects; and
- Symbols, glyphs, and magical writings of any kind.
You receive a +4 bonus on caster level checks and
saving throws to see through disguises and protections against divination (such as magic aura,misdirection, and nondetection).

Commanding (Ex): Command n=1, greater command n=level
Will save DC 15


Add +1 to the save DCs of all Enchantment (compulsion) spells you cast. This bonus stacks with the bonuses provided by the Spell Focus (enchantment) and Greater Spell Focus (enchantment) feats, if applicable; it supersedes the Commanding feat from the Dragon magazine Compendium.
Once per day as a swift action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity, you can bark an order (or make a cajoling request) that acts as a command spell (DC 10 + half your class level + your Charisma modifier); treat this as an extraordinary ability. For every 3 bard levels you possess, you can use this ability an additional time per day (maximum 7/day at 18th level). You can choose to spend two daily uses to create a greater command effect. This emulates the Legendary Leader’s command and greater command prestige class features, from Heroes of Battle.



1. Approach: On its turn, the subject moves toward you as quickly and directly as possible for 1 round. The creature may do nothing but move during its turn, and it provokes attacks of opportunity for this movement as normal.

2. Drop: On its turn, the subject drops whatever it is holding. It can't pick up any dropped item until its next turn.

3. Fall: On its turn, the subject falls to the ground and remains prone for 1 round. It may act normally while prone but takes any appropriate penalties.

4. Flee: On its turn, the subject moves away from you as quickly as possible for 1 round. It may do nothing but move during its turn, and it provokes attacks of opportunity for this movement as normal.

5. Halt: The subject stands in place for 1 round. It may not take any actions but is not considered helpless.

Resistance to sonics 10

Favored class bonus
2nd level: +1 skill point
3rd level: Maneuver mastery +1*
4th level: Manuever master +1*
5th level: Manuever master +1*
.....*"wrestling maneuvers" as the maneuver type, it'll apply to grappling, tripping, and net use.



Halfling Slingstaff 1.5.lbs
sling bullets 40 5 lbs (.4 gold)
Backpack .5lbs (2 gold)
Whetstone 1 lb (.02 gold)
flint & steel -lbs (1 gold)
tindertwig 2 -lbs (2 gold)
Rations, Halfling Trail, 6 days (1 sp/.5lbs/day)
Marbles (1 bag)
Bagpipes (small masterwork)
Bagpipes (spare, 9mundane)
Masterwork nets (2) 6 lbs

Holy water: ad infinitum
Alchemists fire: (1000) 999
Antiplague (4)
Antitoxin (2)
Oil of magic weapon (1)
Case, Map or Scroll (2) .5 lbs
A bone, leather, or wooden scroll case easily holds four scrolls; you can cram more inside but retrieving any of them becomes a full-round action rather than a move action. You must destroy the scroll case to damage its contents (hardness 2 for leather or 5 for wood, 2 hit points, Break DC 15). A scroll case is not water-tight.

Floating inventory (scrolls)
-scrolls of mending (2)
-scrolls of light (2)
-scrolls of know direction (2)
-scrolls of sift (2)

Wand of CLW: 40/50 (Assume each charge heals 5.5 per Kirth)
fast recovery feat makes it 8.25

Ring of invisibility 1/day (CL 3 x 2nd level spell x 900 for command-activated x 1/5 for daily use = 1080) from the barghest's hoard
Total: 4,080
Mojo at 4th Level: 5,400
Leaves 1320 for armor upgrades
-100 for orison scrolls


Floating inventory: Limit 40 gold (10gold/level)
Designate lightly encumbered


Floating Inventory: As long as your total amount of permanent gear is above minimum but under par, you can declare the difference to be a “floating inventory” of mundane (and possibly minor magical)
items, without bothering to record their exact nature.
Instead, you can simply assume you have any needed item as long as it’s portable and within the cost limit remaining to you. The item must be one that you could reasonably have picked up in your travels. Additionally, no single item produced in this manner can cost more than 10 gp per character level

Coin on hand:
10 gold (three coin purses 1,500 - 500 Burl, -100 Tasarok)
39 silver
100 copper

Str (-2 racial)
Dex (+2 racial)
Con ()
Int ()
Wis ()
Cha (+2 racial)

Raw rolls:
2013 (not used)
12, 11, 11, 13; 11, 9

2011 (original recruitment thread)* (used)
11, 15, 14, 13, 8, 11

3rd level +1 into Int

1. Weapon proficiency, exotic (combat) Net
2. Canny Defense (combat) Cha
3. Beginner's luck



Caspian was the slave of a distant house, where he was ridiculed at parties hosted by his master, though in time he came to run the functions of the household with increasing competence, he was put in charge of the running of the house.

Caspian escaped from slavery in a distant land, and stowed away on a ship. He eventually met some new companions and tharted a plot or two of evil and created some new songs along the way....

They had met and destroyed a barghest, something he had never dreamed before, he found that freedom was the sweetest tune....

While resting in town, having come into service of the Duke Caspian had purchased a scary book "Tales of necromancy and undeath" Hidden within the book on a folded scrap of parchment was a tune that seemes to be an ancient funeral march, that had places that began the march, that turned the march and even with mark-time march. Caspian imagined that this song went with the funeral procession that was full of circumstance including times when the pall-bearers would march in place. He thought perhaps this was how dwarven kings were laid to rest. It was alot of speculation upon his part, though he never got around to asking Jaegr about the music.

Once Caspian received his new bag-pipes he took his book and the ancient sheet music to the best place possible to read the tales and attempt to play such a solemn tune and he was call "The Dead King". Caspian went out the gates and to the cemetary at the edge of town to play this haunting melody.....

To his surprise the undead came and listened, though they did not move, with little experimentation he learned that even the undead can be affected with the right music and mood....

Things Caspian says:
"What are you doing?....Can I help?"
"Let me give you a hand with that."
"What should we do?"



A net is used to entangle enemies. When you throw a
net, you make a ranged touch attack against your
target. A net must be folded to be thrown effectively;
after the net is unfolded, you take a –4 penalty on
attack rolls with it unless you have Exotic proficiency.
An entangled creature can escape with a DC 20
Escape Artist check (a full-round action). The net has
5 hit points and can be burst with a DC 25 Strength
check (also a full-round action). A net is useful only
against creatures within one size category of you.

Simple: A person with only Simple proficiency
cannot use a net effectively in combat.

Martial: Two handed ranged (10 ft.), entangle, refold 2 full rounds.

Exotic: One handed ranged (10 ft.), entangle and special (+2 to attacks vs. entangled opponent with a weapon held in your other hand), refold 1 full round (or two move actions).

Synergy: If you have Exotic proficiency with the net and also have the Improved Trip feat, you treat the net as if it had the Trip quality. If you have the Improved Weapon Maneuvers feat, you treat the net as if it had the Disarm quality. Exotic net proficiency(and the synergy effects) supersedes the Net Adept, Net and Trident, and Net Maneuvering feats from Ultimate Combat.



Prerequisite: Int, Wis, or Cha 13.
Benefit: Choose one mental attribute score (once chosen, this cannot be changed). When wearing light armor or no armor, and not carrying a medium or heavy load, you treat that attribute modifier as an insight bonus to Armor Class and CMD, to a maximum bonus equal to your base attack bonus.

This bonus applies even when you are flat-footed, but not if you are immobilized or helpless.

Special: As long as they are unarmored, the bonus monks receive for Canny Defense is not limited to their base attack bonus. Also, the rogue’s Opportune Strike ability applies to this feat.

The AC bonus granted by this feat overlaps with (does not stack with) the armor bonus granted by arcane mage armor.

Synergy: If you gained Canny Defense as a bonus feat by trading in armor proficiencies (Chapter 3) and subsequently multiclass into another class offering that option, you choose whether to trade in armor
proficiencies from the second class (and count your BAB derived from that class towards your maximum Canny Defense bonus), or whether retain the new armor proficiencies (in which case BAB derived from the new class does not count towards your allowable Canny Defense bonus).



Like caltrops, marbles can be used to slow down opponents. One 2-pound bag of marbles covers an area 5 feet square. A creature entering a square with marbles scattered on it must make a DC 10 Reflex save or fall prone (the creature’s stability bonus to trip applies to this save). Any creature moving at half speed or slower can pick its way through a square of marbles with no trouble.

Next level 5th level bard


+5 skill points
All ** skills autogain a point.
-Disable device new skill,local dwarves (clock-makers), lock-smiths and rogues....
-Endurance late nights of entertaining dwarves at Burl's Distillery
-Perform (Comedy) Bartending and throwing bottles around...
-Craft (Fine art) (forgeries, sketches and maps)
-Craft (needlework)(leatherworking), Profession (seamstress/tailor),

New Feat:
Beginner's luck - seeing Jaegr's crushing blow in action and all the fighters of experience in Burl's, Caspian figures out how to evade such "good" tactics. So rather than luck it is intentionality..

You constantly react in ways that no professional
ever would, which throws off opponents counting on
you to react as they expect. Experienced adversaries
are often at a loss for how to deal with you.

Benefit: Competence and specialization bonuses
do not apply against you. For example, an attacker
with Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization does
not gain the benefits of those feats on attacks made
against you; when making opposed skill checks
against you, an opponent with Skill Focus does not
apply the effects of that feat; etc.

Tradition Keeper - Lyric Spell (Minstrel): Starting at 5th level, you can expend daily rounds of your bardic inspiration to cast any spell that you know and can cast spontaneously. Casting a spell requires one round of your bardic inspiration ability per level of the spell. For example, casting a 3rd level spell requires three daily rounds’ worth of your bardic music ability. Use of this lore requires you to sing and play an instrument, so you cannot maintain a spell or inspiration while using this ability. This supersedes the feat of the same name from Complete Adventurer. You can also extend the duration of a bardic inspiration after you stop concentrating, without expending additional rounds of use, by sacrificing a spell slot as a swift action. The inspiration’s effects linger for 1 extra round per level of the spell. This lore supersedes the bardic magician’s Extended Performance variant class feature from the Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide.

Gain a new bardic lore (TBD) Pick one....

Figure out Kirth armor upgrade rules.....
Purchase MW thieves tools
Buy a MW sewing kit
MW forgery kit ----MW paper, quill and ink

Book of Letters: This portfolio contains examples of official letters along with proper forms of address, etiquette, and turns of phrase. Used by bureaucrats, diplomats, and clerks, it's also useful for counterfeiting official correspondence. It provides a +2 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy checks when dealing with city officials and a +2 circumstance bonus on Linguistics checks when creating forgeries. A book of letters is only accurate for a particular region, such as a country or even a town, and only provides its bonus relating to that region. Price 50 gp; Weight 3 lbs.

Heritage Book This collection of genealogical tables, descriptions of common traits found in particular noble families, heraldry, scurrilous rumors, and ancestral deeds provides readers with a great deal of insight into the aristocracy. Consulting this book grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge (nobility) checks. Price 50 gp; Weight 2 lbs.

6th level:


+1 BAB
Hit points +5

+1 maneuver mastery

Gain an inspiration

+5 skill points ?
All ** skills autogain a point.
-Disable device new skill,local dwarves (clock-makers), lock-smiths and rogues....
-Knowledge (planes)
-Knowledge (warfare)
-Craft () - to make juggling sticks.....
-Perform (Comedy) Bartending and throwing

Spells known increase:
Spell capacity increases to 5th
Access to 3rd level spells 0+1

3b-Speak with dead

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