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Other than the hand magic item and the meridian belt is there a feat that allows a character to wear more than one magical ring on each finger and gain the benefits of each ring? Perhaps a prestige class?

Is there a feat or trait that allows a character to start with a powerful patron? Such as a king, dragon, demon, or such?

What are the differences between the printed softcover and hardcover (premium) editions? Any difference between the PDF and do either of the books have additional content? I am deciding if I want to purchase soft or hard printed versions of this most awesome product!

Are there any Wookie-like races in Pathfinder? Generally a race that is completely fur-covered.

Has anyone created any mythic versions of the zombie? What sort of special mythic ability do you think they should get?

Is there a feat that allows a PC to gain money at certain game time intervals? To account for an allowance, investment, or trust fund per day?

What would one do with a wizard with the Spirit Whisperer archetype who selects arcane enlightenment as part of their life spirit's ability?

They already have access to all the Sor/Wiz spells.

Thank you! Other than undetectable alignment potions, what about items to mask alignment?

Are there any magic items that provide bonuses to Spellcraft and/or Use Magic Device?

Shouldn't the tidepool dragon know 3 second level spells as a 4th-level sorcerer?

Any recomendation for an aquatic spell?

Understandable, but I am confused with the blurb where it states that unused clones do not rot. Meaning to me, RAW, it appears the Alchemist could have prepared unused clones in stock?

Hence why I asked how long after activate an inert clone that an unused one could become inert and ready to be a soul receptacle.

Why else then would the rules say unused clones to not rot?


Thank you. I was getting myself confused.

Damn Umber Hulks gazing at me in my work cube!

Do creatures summoned with the augment summoning feat gain the augmented subtype?

Indeed I was looking at the giant crab spider. Any ideas what it gets for this ability?

Has anyone seen a write-up for the camouflage ability that some monstes posess? I have looked in all 3 beastiaries to no avail.

Has anyone seen a write-up for the camouflage ability that some monstes posess? I have looked in all 3 beastiaries to no avail.

<personal bump>

What about the spellbook?

Would a soul forger magus with bonded witch levels be allowed to memorize spells from his bonded item as long as they were also on the magus spell list?

'How you fixed for blades? You'd better look!'

Well this is for a bonded object not for a familair. Familiars gain benefits as they level up. Bonded objects do not get anything no matter what level you are so there are no rules that I can see of what to do when you have bonded objects from multiple sources.

For familairs, there are tons of rules that show that the typical norm is to combine all the levels that grant a familair to determine its added abilities.

Actually now that I think of it, perhaps add the levels together to determine what level equivalent you are in regards to improving it with the quasi item creation feats you can apply to your bonded object only?

Would a soul forger magus with bonded witch levels be allowed to memorize spells from his bonded item as long as they were also on the magus spell list?

Example, burning hands is a witch and magus spell and the bonded item functions as a spell book for the witch.

Would they get the arcane bond benefit of both classes you think? Magus and Witch's 1 spell per day?

What about for a spellbook. Would the magus be able to memorize stored spells from the bonded item if they where on the Magus list?

What do you do if a character wants to be a magus/witch with the soul forger and bonded witch archetypes?

Do they get two arcane bonds? One bond that can cast any one magus spell per day and one limited witch spell from a list once a day?

The rules are not clear on multiple arcane bonds from different sources.

<A vial is thrown at a troll but sadely it misses, it instead hits a wall which causes it to BUMP towards someone else>

Could someone explain or clairfy how the Clone Master (alchemist archetype) works in regards to their rebirth ability and multiple clones.

The normal clone spell takes 2d4 months to grow and they decay if you make more.

With the clone master their unused clones do not rot and are simply inert.

Does this mean a clone master, given time and money, could have an army of clones awaiting his demise to be rebirthed?

Or, would it mean that once a clone is active, in order to make an inert clone active (in case the alchemist dies again) it would require 3 weeks of maturity (since a week was already made to create the extra clone)?

Would Extra Channeling work for a Forgemaster's Runeforging ability? The ability does state it replaces channel energy however.

Sadly if you where an alchemist inflict wounds spells are not on their class list for extracts.

A question on Dhampir of which I could not find any assistance with.

Are healing potions consider postive energy effects? I assume they would since they duplicate a cure light wounds spell.

How would a Dhampir heal himself other than the limited negative energy based spells or a channel negative energy?

What has everyone been using to represent a Cerebric Fungus (part 4) at their gaming table when running Carrion Crown.

BOOM! Headshot!

Thanks for the quick replies. I was getting confused with the elf blood ability which let's the half-elf function as an elf or human in regards do anything dealing with race.

Any feats to allow this?

7 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Can Half-Elves take Elven Archetypes or visa versa?


Can Smite Good (or evil) from different sources stack on the same target?

For example if a NPC was a fiendish human anti-paladin?

For the various racial favored class bonuses where it grants +1 HP to your Eidolon's HP score. What if you have the Broodmaster archetype for the summoner class? Do you get the +1 HP to all your Eidolons or just 1 HP to eidolon of your choosing?

Are golems immune to the light ray attacks of Lantern Archons?

Golems are immune to spells and spell-like abilities except for a few that are listed for each specific golem.

The lantern archons light rays are EX abilities, state they bypass damage reduction. There is no notion that they are magic-based attacks.

Could a drow summoner apply the benefits of the spider summoner feat from the APG to their summon monster ability?

It says when casting a spell you apply the effect though the summoner's monster summoning is a spell-like ability.

Anyone see a magic item that allows spectral hand at will?

What options are you seeing with the bard for flaming weapon?

Thought there was an archetype that gave limited ability to add frost to your weapons for x amount of rounds per day. Or was it shocking?

Well my son wants to make an incinerator type character from Skylanders as a Pathfinder character.

But in all honest, I do not think there are any abilities that give flaming weapon at level 1 as a limited use per day (or perm use).

Are there any classes or archetypes that give a character the ability to add the flaming weapon quality to their weapon for limited user per day?

That is some scary insight....

Not even for ancient elves who have trained with their hawks since birth, training its wings to bear heavier weights?

This is true, but it is still intimidating to see a hawk's talon coming at your eyes adorned in shiny silvery armor!

My falconer/wizard has elven chain on his hawk companion and hawk familiar.

The combat trick (costs 3 tricks) gives armor proficiencies.

I also have the eye for talent human altered racial trait which I gave +2 str bonuses to the beasts.

My hawks can fly around in the elven chain just fine.....

No stats in the Rule of Fear but lots of good RPG fluff. And I agree that it is not needed for the path itself, I was just cruious on how folks would have built him.

You know, trying to get into the mind of the character :)

<Books and movies of frankenstein I been research nonwithstanding>

Has anyone come up with any gaming stats for Caromarc for their games? Other than the story not really requiring it, I was more curiouson everyone's take on Carmarc. Did you go with pure item creation feats or the master craftsman route.


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