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Carl Cramér's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 333 posts (881 including aliases). 37 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.

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A little gem of an adventure


A little gem of an adventure. It is written to be played with kids, but I see no problem using this in my regular gaming group. I would say it is good for gamers of any age *except* 16-22, as some of the concepts are childish and might annoy players who are still finding their adult identity. Also, the adventure uses the full Pathfinder rules, so gamemasters running this for smaller children should either handwave some issues or resolve them behind the screen.

The story is very linear, this is not an investigation but a personal drama, the spiritual quest to save a child in need. For this kind of story, I feel this is a good way to present things.

The prose is elegant and clear, presenting the situations in a way that is a joy to read.

The adventure is no pushover. There are quite tough fights in here, but also situations best resolves without combat. It has some genuinely endearing characters, both good and evil.

Overall, I find this an adventure suitable for children - and for the general public.

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Shoddy Conversion From 4E

**( )( )( )

I wanted to love this scenario, and maybe I am acting like a spurned lover in this review.

The production values are good. Coming in at 66 pages (which is oddly not said in the presentation), which after administrative pages leaves us with a scenario of 61 pages. It has a few lovely maps but just one illustration, the cover image.

The adventure itself is a shoddy conversion from 4E to Pathfinder that has many annoying 4E-isms such as skill challenges and set-piece battle setups. At one point it even mentions giving the PCs a short rest. As is natural in 4E, all the conflicts are heavily scripted, except the one hardest to run, where the GM is suddenly left without much support.

The part of the conversion that has been done well is in the stat blocks. These are in Pathfinder format and looking good. The text is also full of the author's notes from playtesting, and this is perhaps the best part of the entire adventure, as it gives suggestions for alternate ways to resolve the conflicts in the scenario. Sadly, the actual text gives a GM little to go on for interactions; NPC personalities are sketchy and NPC motivations childish in an uncompromising way. It is as if the scenario is written for a group that tends to overindulge in social resolutions, with NPCs tailored to lead to combat.

The plot is not bad, with a fairytale feeling. But it is often a romph in the dark, as the PCs encounter a strange land with minimal directions and information. I can see many groups losing motivation at fumbling around with no clear purpose. Other groups might get a sense of wonder out of this, but some kind of guide or other not-an-ashole creature met fairly early on would have lifted the adventure. As it is, the Fey throughout seem to be pests in need of extermination.

The adventure is salvageable. I expect to run it after a fair amount of conversion and general polish. Many of the scenes have great role-playing potential. But it provides too little for a new or inexperienced group and GM and is caught up in many of the things that made people choose Pathfinder over 4E in the first place.

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What You See is What You Get

***( )( )

The iconic alchemist, this guy has about as much accessories as other pathfinder iconics. I'd expect more on an alchemist, but then again the other models are a bit over-accessorized so taken on its own this is good; it is only comparing to the other iconics it could use more gear. The coat he's wearing flares around the legs, which gives the model a heavyset look; the arms and head feel small compared to the massive lower body. The sculpt is good with lots of detail; figuring out which layer of clothes is which takes some doing, but also gives options to the painter. Overall just below what I've come to expect from bones, it gets only thre stars.

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Lumpy Blades

***( )( )

Pathfinder's iconic rogue, this feels acrobatic and even lithe. You can believe this woman would be good at stealth and acrobatics. She is also sensibly covered. The model is good, but the face could have more definition and there are many protruding bits that don't cast so well. This could be only my Merishel, but on the picture here it looks like the sword has the same problem; it looks a bit lumpy and has a tendency to bend. I like this model a lot, but these details reduce it to a three-star rating.

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Basic Wizard

****( )

This is the Pathfinder iconic wizard, and the model makes him very generic; with another color of clothes and hair, this can be almost any active spellcaster. Like all iconics, he has a lot of accessories, but here it works without cluttering the model. The model is quite big, put it beside a warrior and it seems almost as beefy.

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