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Carl Cramér's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 301 posts (782 including aliases). 5 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.

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Agree with DawnD - it's nicely sculpted if small - making it something you'd have to squeeze through, baring the gnashing stone teeth. This is scaled to fit in a normal 1" map hex and can be a tight door, magic portal, animated object, torture device or other McGuffin. Quite happy with it.

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Just finsihed the play...


...and had the time of our lives. The play really is much better read in character than as a dry read. Lots of fun was had by all.

This is not something for everyday play (or we'd all be acting buffs rather than role-players), but even the shy people at our table had lots of fun with this script! Hats off to Mr. Logue!

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This made me buy the rest of the Map Folios


I was very impressed with this map folio, so impressed that after picking this up in a store, I went here and bought many of the other map folios as well.

It contains three large and well-printed poster maps, one of the Crown of the World, the polar region of Golarion, one of Kasai the capital of Minkai, and one of the entire continent of Tian Xia. The city map is unlabeled, the other are labeled.

The most important map to me is the one of Xian Tia, and that makes the entire folio a little mislabeled in my opinion - the most useful of the map has little to do with the Jade Regent adventure path, and is rather a poster map of the entire continent of Tian Xia. It goes more with the Dragon Empires Gazetteer and Dragon Empires Primer than with the adventure path. If you are interested in the dragon empires, this map is a must-have, as good at the poster maps of the inner sea region.

The two other maps are more relevant to the adventure path, but also of less general interest. A polar map is more of an oddity and mostly empty, and a city map is very nice if you are in this somewhat off-center city. The city does have a very nice oriental feel to it, Kasai has an oriental feel unlike the cities of the inner sea region and is very well made. I like that it is not labeled - information on city locations are in the last book of the adventure path where you also find a labeled DM map.

I can't escape the feeling that this is two half-products - a map folio for the adventure path, and a continental map of the Dragon Empires. The adventure path would have been better served by a more detailed map of the Hongal, Forest of Spirits, and Minkai area. And the continental map could have been larger, printed on two posters, and been its own independent product. As it is, the continental map has another scale than the maps of the inner sea region, which can be misleading.

Still, this is a lovely map folio, and I give it five stars for its beauty and for the fact that you really want this if you play in any part of the Dragon Empires.

Production values are NOT great

***( )( )

While the contents of this book are very interesting, with lots of maps and tidbits of information, the scan is not good. Print from the other side of each page shines through, creating an ugly blur in the margins. Pages are still easily readable, so this does not directly impair the contents, but makes the package a lot less palatable overall.

I give this 5 stars for content, but two for production values. And we all know rounding in D&D is down, so the total score is 3. Then again, its dirt cheap, so you do get good value for money.

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Interesting issue - if you have the series

****( )

The adventures in Dungeon constantly grow, and there is now only room for three of them in the magazine. One of those in this issue is huge - and part of the Savage Tide adventure path. Another is part of a three-issue mini series. Both are very exiting and have the gorgeous illustrations we expect from Dungeon, but are a bit less exiting unless you have several issues. The third is shorter and of lower level, but perhaps even more exiting and original. Overall, a good issue.

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