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Thassilonian Ambassador

Cardcaster Ryo's page

648 posts. Alias of Dragonborn3.

About Cardcaster Ryo

He looks like this, only his clothes and hair are red.

Cards used so far and their meaning.

Fire: represents new growth after hardship.
The Gate: represents leaving something behind or giving something up.
The Guardian: represents protection from an unknown source.
The Friends: represents your friends.
Death: No explanation needed.
The Secret: represents a secret that has the power to cause terrible grief and pain.
The Shield: represents the need to defends one's self or others. Can indicate repressed memories in cases of amnesia.
The Arrow: represents getting to the point, straightforwardness.
The Doppelganger: represents lying to oneself and split personalities. If drawn upside down, it means some one wants to be like you.
The Illusion: A lie that is easy to believe.

Ryo's Charges:
Adsila- name means 'blossom.' Ambient plant mage. Female halfling.

Ormarr- name means 'army of snakes.' Male half-orc.

Ryo vs the Temple Monks


PO'd Ormarr


Battle-ready Adsila

Tamrin.. you left me alone with two magelings...

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