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Dire Bear

Caoulhoun's page

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A rogue with boots of the wilderness. (in case anyone didn't get the reference)

Bump. Still no answers from Sean!

One thing of note is that the wizard in the above situation was flat footed, and acted before the wizard. I don't believe he would have had a chance to do anything anyway.

Per your question Khanji, if you read the spell descriptions, you will notice the time it takes to cast each particular spell. Some might be an immediate action, some might be swift actions, some might be standard action, some might be a full round, others several rounds and still others take far longer.

But in no event can you cast a spell as an attack of opportunity as it is not a melee attack. As someone previously stated, if you held a charge of something you could deliver that as a touch attack, which is a melee attack, but you couldn't cast it then deliver it.

How do you add the ghost touch property to an immovable rod? Those require GM permission, as they are custom items.

Regarding everyone using true seeing, don't you have a problem with mind blank negating that?? What wizard isn't going to have that, or what person who wants to become invisible isn't going to use a scroll of mind blank?

The best items are the ones that allow for maximum versatility and economy of action, as well as the ability to bring more combatants/things to the battlefield that act as shields.

Dust of sneezing and choking x10. Something to summon people to coup de gras, Game over, you win.

The reason is that at 19th level you are a better fighter of demons than you are at 20, and seldom should a capstone ability cause that to occur. As well as the fact that almost everyone but Shar Tahl sees it as a problem also means that it is probably something that could be FAQ'd to finalize the issue once and for all.

For those of you that read this and agree that it should be FAQ'd, please hit that FAQ button!

23 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Is it possible to get a final answer and clarification of the Paladin capstone ability Holy Champion? This has been FAQ buttoned to death, with no official reply regarding the rules. Pretty much EVERYONE, including James Jacobs thinks that it is a bad idea as written.

Holy Champion (Su): At 20th level, a paladin becomes a conduit for the power of her god. Her DR increases to 10/evil. Whenever she uses smite evil and successfully strikes an evil outsider, the outsider is also subject to a banishment, using her paladin level as the caster level (her weapon and holy symbol automatically count as objects that the subject hates). After the banishment effect and the damage from the attack is resolved, the smite immediately ends. In addition, whenever she channels positive energy or uses lay on hands to heal a creature, she heals the maximum possible amount.

After reading TONS of people asking for a clarification and FAQ of the issue, no one from Paizo has given an official response. It is rather frustrating to have the culmination of an almost 2 year game result in a character that is now worse at fighting demons than he was a level ago due to the way that the smite effect is now worded for Holy Champion.

As written the Holy Champion ability forces you to attempt a banishment upon an outsider and whether or not the banishment is successful, the smite ends after 1 single successful melee attack. Was that intended??

Or was it intended to read "After a successful banishment effect and the damage from the attack is resolved, the smite immediately ends. (italics and bold are my edit)

Is it possible to get a final answer and clarification of the Paladin capstone ability Holy Champion?

Holy Champion (Su): At 20th level, a paladin becomes a conduit for the power of her god. Her DR increases to 10/evil. Whenever she uses smite evil and successfully strikes an evil outsider, the outsider is also subject to a banishment, using her paladin level as the caster level (her weapon and holy symbol automatically count as objects that the subject hates). After the banishment effect and the damage from the attack is resolved, the smite immediately ends. In addition, whenever she channels positive energy or uses lay on hands to heal a creature, she heals the maximum possible amount.

After reading TONS of people asking for a clarification and FAQ of the issue, no one from Paizo has given a response. It is rather frustrating to have the culmination of an almost 2 year game result in a character that is now worse at fighting demons than he was a level ago due to the way that the smite effect is now worded for Holy Champion.

As written the Holy Champion ability forces you to attempt a banishment upon an outsider and whether or not the banishment is successful, the smite ends after 1 single successful melee attack. Was that intended??

Or was it intended to read "After a successful banishment effect and the damage from the attack is resolved, the smite immediately ends. (italics and bold are my edit)

Thanks James!

Lord Pendragon wrote:
Dlast000 wrote:
Do you have Vital strike I don't know it its much good at your level but low levels its good if you do have it go improved and greater vital strike.

I don't have Vital Strike. Especially at high-levels, I willi likely be using spellstrike to deliver a 15d6 shocking grasp +weapon damage, any time I have to move, so getting double weapon damage did not seem advantageous.

Unfortunately, spellstrike and vital strike cannot be combined. :(

How are you dealing 15d6 shocking grasps? Are you doing an empowered intensified shocking grasp?

I was going to recommend stunning critical, but you won't ever reach 17 BAB unless you dip full BAB levels.

You might take extra arcana (maybe a couple times) and allow yourself to take more spells off of the wizard list just to allow yourself a bit more flexibility. The one thing that magus aren't good at is doing anything but damage, ie they don't have many save or die spells. If you took dominate person, or magic jar or contingency, those would allow you to do more than just deal damage.


What research was it that you did? Was it to read the ability for flash of insight?

Flash of Insight (Su) Once per day as an immediate action, a cyclops can peer into an occluded visual spectrum of possible futures, gaining insight that allows it to select the exact result of one die roll before the roll is made. This effect can alter an action taken by the cyclops only, and cannot be applied to the rolls of others.

And then read the Vorpal ability?

Vorpal: This potent and feared ability allows the weapon to sever the heads of those it strikes. Upon a roll of natural 20 (followed by a successful roll to confirm the critical hit), the weapon severs the opponent's head (if it has one) from its body. Some creatures, such as many aberrations and all oozes, have no heads. Others, such as golems and undead creatures other than vampires, are not affected by the loss of their heads. Most other creatures, however, die when their heads are cut off. A vorpal weapon must be a slashing melee weapon. If you roll this property randomly for an inappropriate weapon, reroll.

The term natural simply means that it is without bonuses, and that you cant roll a 12 and add your +8 bonus to equal 20. With flash of Insight, you are using the ability to pick up the die and place it down in a certain spot, thus allowing you to select the result...and in this case a natural 20. Just be happy that bless weapon outright forbids the use of auto-confirming crits for vorpal weapons!

While it is stupidly cheap to have been able to get that tattoo, there are abilities by higher level creatures that could more easily thwart his almost immediate defeat of these singular boss monsters. Off the top of my head would be mirror images, illusions, darkness, displacement, blur, etc.

Zen archer cleric?

Monk 2 or 4 and druid levels?


Kingmaker is also one of the most mount friendly games, so anything that can charge might be amazing!

Why wouldn't a person be subject to an AoO if they were dragged by a friendly character?

Seems to me like they still would by RaW, it is almost the same as riding a mount. Just because the mount moves you out of danger, you still are suffering the consequences of the mounts movement.

Rapier of Puncturing and a couple "sacrifices" to attack the dragon prior to your death attack. Then you don't need to be invis/etheral/hiding that long.

And the whole "using sound earth logic for Pathfinder realm" stuff is funny. Where do people fly, or hide in plain sight, or teleport? The rules explain the mechanism while the fluff is left for interpretation. Because it never says in game that you don't poop or pee, does that mean con checks are required because your character "held it too long"?

The question is you cast a quickened spell, move and then try to touch a person and miss with that touch attack, can you use your standard action for that round to try and touch the person again?

I am pretty sure the answer is yes, but would like to get input.


And just FYI, any melee dueler is going to take a gem of true don't count on miss chances from mirror images/blur/displacement.

I wonder how many rounds you each get to buff...that would be an interesting duel!

How can you have a monk that uses a shield?

When wearing armor, using a shield, or carrying a medium or heavy load, a monk loses his AC bonus, as well as his fast movement and flurry of blows abilities.

Armor: suits of armor.

Belts: belts and girdles.

Body: robes and vestments.

Chest: mantles, shirts, and vests.

Eyes: eyes, glasses, and goggles.

Feet: boots, shoes, and slippers.

Hands: gauntlets and gloves.

Head: circlets, crowns, hats, helms, and masks.

Headband: headbands and phylacteries.

Neck: amulets, brooches, medallions, necklaces, periapts, and scarabs.

Ring (up to two): rings.

Shield: shields.

Shoulders: capes and cloaks.

Wrist: bracelets and bracers.

So you have 82k or 62k to spend.

I think primary importance is INT. If you take the trait to be able to reduce the metamagic requirement by 1, then all of a sudden shocking grasp is a HUGE benefit with Intensified spell. So, you go for a +4 or + 6 INT item and a ring of wizardry 1. I also love cloaks of displacement, minor! 20% miss chance all the time is AWESOME! The latter 3 items would be 80k if you got a +6 headband. The fact of the matter is as a caster, you can cover all the rest of the slots till you find stuff while adventuring.

You can always cast Nondetection on yourself:

That should ward you and give you a chance to not have trueseeing, see through your protective illusions at least, since trueseeing is in fact a divination.

Or you could buy scrolls of mind blank, and be protected for sure, with a small chance for a mishap when activating them.

You might take the trait (Magical Lineage) that allows you to modify the metamagic of a single spell and reduce the penalty by 1. Right now, the feat you are looking at is a magic trait, so you would have to get GM permission to allow 2 feats from the same group.

But then if you take selective spell (much more party friendly) or elemental spell (and then you don't have to rely only on fire for your fireball), and then all those use only a 3rd level spell!

So, we came upon an interesting question.

Our Magus decided to spellstrike with his new Staff of Power, and used a charge from the staff in order to "do double damage". What is the ruling for which part of the damage would be doubled, since it is like using a charge to auto crit, but it doesn't specify.

Spellstrike (Su): At 2nd level, whenever a magus casts a spell with a range of “touch” from the magus spell list, he can deliver the spell through any weapon he is wielding as part of a melee attack. Instead of the free melee touch attack normally allowed to deliver the spell, a magus can make one free melee attack with his weapon (at his highest base attack bonus) as part of casting this spell. If successful, this melee attack deals its normal damage as well as the effects of the spell. If the magus makes this attack in concert with spell combat, this melee attack takes all the penalties accrued by spell combat melee attacks. This attack uses the weapon's critical range (20, 19–20, or 18–20 and modified by the keen weapon property or similar effects), but the spell effect only deals ×2 damage on a successful critical hit, while the weapon damage uses its own critical modifier.

Staff of Power paragraph of interest:
The staff is also a +2 quarterstaff, and its wielder may use it to smite opponents. If 1 charge is expended (as a free action), the staff causes double damage (×3 on a critical hit) for 1 round.

Would the spell damage be doubled? Would just the staff damage be doubled? Would his strength or other fixed damage be doubled?

Looking for a input and clarification please!


Thanael wrote:
Though the permanent 2 negative levels might be a problem.

That is what restoration is for...and then cast it again 1 week later and the negative levels are gone.

I think a deep gnome (Snirfveblin) is a great gunslinger class! Just be careful of SR...and how it is handled by friendly casters with buffs and heals.

Does striking a vampire that is at 0 hitpoints and now in gaseous form with a disrupting weapon have a chance to outright destroy it?

I like the idea of turning him into a gnome. Most people don't like gnomes...but then he gets some sweet bonus CON! And most of his gear (if he was medium sized to begin with) will need to be repurchased. Then have someone show up that wanted to reward his previous person but since they can't find him...give the reward to someone else in the party.

Ran into a situation this weekend where we were fighting some vampires. The vampire was reduced to zero hitpoints and assumed gaseous form. Per the PRD the vampire defensive ability says this:

If reduced to 0 hit points in combat, a vampire assumes gaseous form (see below) and attempts to escape. It must reach its coffin home within 2 hours or be utterly destroyed. (It can normally travel up to 9 miles in 2 hours.) Additional damage dealt to a vampire forced into gaseous form has no effect.

So, while the vampire would take no additional damage, can they still be destroyed by a disrupting weapon?

Disruption: A disruption weapon is the bane of all undead. Any undead creature struck in combat must succeed on a DC 14 Will save or be destroyed. A disruption weapon must be a bludgeoning melee weapon.

Since it is just being struck in combat?


Personally I love having an item creator that can make pearls of power level 1 for the paladin, as they are able to use them to cast lessor restoration (only a level 1 paladin spell). As a paladin in my current group, I actually took the trait dangerously curious which added use magic device to my skill list, and with a high charisma as an aasimar, it is very nice to be able to use most items. But the biggest problem is action economy for the paladin when she is a tank as well...thankfully there is a dwarf fighter to help out.

I would suggest the paladin take selective channeling. Extra lay on hands also turns into more channels. Greater Mercy and ultimate mercy are also awesome...allowing the paladin to basically become the cleric.

Currently, we have had to make trips back to town 4 times in order to get people "wished" back to life, as there has been no other way to recover them. (one time I was carrying a bag of holding and walked into a portable hole, another time the magus was sucked into a mirror of life trapping and I destroyed the painting thus causing the magus to be destroyed, then the magus also got sucked into another painting that was corrupted by Orcus and that required another wish to recover).

Basically I thought about buying a luckblade for the magus and myself, and a ring of wishes. That way, it would basically bail us out of a TPK and allow us to adventure, without breaking the item level/gold level/power level of our group. I know how powerful my paladin is when all we fight is undead and demons. The magus is very capable with his ring of wizardry 1 due to having shocking grasps out the wazoo! And the mystic theurge is underpowered currently, but is slowly gaining due to the HUGE number of spells per day he can cast. But even with 3 people, this module is incredibly deadly....but buying items to max our hp/ac/attacks would break the game and remove most of the challenge, and I would prefer not to do that...but still be able to get something cool/fun.

And yes, it was 350k gold total for the group of 3 to split, but we almost always have used the gold for party resources or shared.

Long story short, our band of adventurers has been treading through the lost city of Tsar and have come into a huge horde of gold. About 350k gold to buy items with.

We have a paladin (me), a staff magus, and an oracle/sorcerer mystic theurge. We all have primary weapons and armor as well as stat boosting headbands, as well as such things as a gem of trueseeing, instant fortress, portable hole, bags of holding.

What I am asking is...what would you buy with that much gold???

For the most part we are fighting undead, demons and the like...if that matters.

Smoke Vision (Ex) A very young red dragon can see perfectly in smoky conditions (such as those created by pyrotechnics).

This is an AMAZING ability. Use it. There should always be smoke around, and minions making sure that there is always at least a 20% miss chance even when someone is adjacent to the dragon....but it is better, cause the dragon has no miss chance.

Disguise works, and true seeing doesn't help. Maybe the dragon has a follower that has max ranks in disguise and can dress up something huge or colossal that is then "enlarged" to gargantuan (perhaps a simulacrum?). This works well especially when used in conjunction with illusions. Remember, that there is no interaction (save) until they actually attack and have some reason to believe things are awry.

Then there are fun things like create pits and quickened wall spells, I mean, rods of quicken are just fun for everyone!

And as someone earlier said, creating lava from stone is AMAZING!

How about using magic jar? Take spell focus necromancy a couple times, make sure that the dragon is using a +6 headband to pump the save dc. And then sit at the bottom of a pool of lava (behind a couple of traps and fake walls) and seeing if you can create a little fun and frolic using the characters as fodder??


Two questions.

If a character were under the effects of true seeing and approached a wall whereupon a portable hole had been draped, what would the character see?

Portable Hole:

Portable Hole

Aura strong conjuration; CL 12th

Slot none; Price 20,000 gp; Weight —


A portable hole is a circle of cloth spun from the webs of a phase spider interwoven with strands of ether and beams of starlight, resulting in a portable extradimensional space. When opened fully, a portable hole is 6 feet in diameter, but it can be folded up to be as small as a pocket handkerchief. When spread upon any surface, it causes an extradimensional space 10 feet deep to come into being. This hole can be picked up from inside or out by simply taking hold of the edges of the cloth and folding it up. Either way, the entrance disappears, but anything inside the hole remains, traveling with the item.

The only air in the hole is that which enters when the hole is opened. It contains enough air to supply one Medium creature or two Small creatures for 10 minutes. The cloth does not accumulate weight even if its hole is filled. Each portable hole opens on its own particular nondimensional space. If a bag of holding is placed within a portable hole, a rift to the Astral Plane is torn in that place. Both the bag and the cloth are sucked into the void and forever lost. If a portable hole is placed within a bag of holding, it opens a gate to the Astral Plane. The hole, the bag, and any creatures within a 10-foot radius are drawn there, the portable hole and bag of holding being destroyed in the process.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, plane shift; Cost 10,000 gp

True Seeing:

True Seeing

School divination; Level cleric 5, druid 7, sorcerer/wizard 6

Casting Time 1 standard action

Components V, S, M (an eye ointment that costs 250 gp)

Range touch

Target creature touched

Duration 1 min./level

Saving Throw Will negates (harmless); Spell Resistance yes (harmless)

You confer on the subject the ability to see all things as they actually are. The subject sees through normal and magical darkness, notices secret doors hidden by magic, sees the exact locations of creatures or objects under blur or displacement effects, sees invisible creatures or objects normally, sees through illusions, and sees the true form of polymorphed, changed, or transmuted things. Further, the subject can focus its vision to see into the Ethereal Plane (but not into extradimensional spaces). The range of true seeing conferred is 120 feet.

True seeing, however, does not penetrate solid objects. It in no way confers X-ray vision or its equivalent. It does not negate concealment, including that caused by fog and the like. True seeing does not help the viewer see through mundane disguises, spot creatures who are simply hiding, or notice secret doors hidden by mundane means. In addition, the spell effects cannot be further enhanced with known magic, so one cannot use true seeing through a crystal ball or in conjunction with clairaudience/clairvoyance.

Second, assuming the character saw nothing unusual, and proceeded into the portable hole wearing a bag of holding, what would be the result.

Rules as written it says:
If a bag of holding is placed within a portable hole, a rift to the Astral Plane is torn in the space: bag and hole alike are sucked into the void and forever lost.

Does this mean that the character and anything else that is inside the portable hole are forever lost once the bag of holding encounters the plane of the opening for the portable hole?

Many thanks!

A phylactery (sp?) of positive channeling is very nice. If you are going with the primary healer role, selective channeling is nice as well.

In regard to other magic items, I like a wand of bless weapon, wands of cure light wounds, pearls of power 1st level (lesser restoration at first level...yes please). You can never go wrong with muleback cords, and you can combine them with a cloak of resistance quite easily. This will ensure that you can carry all the loot back even if you overload your handy haversack (also a must have).

For magic items, I also like to pick up an adamantite weapon as soon as possible, it is the best for chopping your way through things that cannot be picked!

I am curious if there is any input on whether or not an animated shield would strip a monk of its abilities while it is hovering in front of the monk.

Currently the SRD says this about the animated quality:

Animated: As a move action, an animated shield can be loosed to defend its wielder on its own. For the following 4 rounds, the shield grants its bonus to the one who loosed it and then drops. While animated, the shield provides its shield bonus and the bonuses from all of the other shield special abilities it possesses, but it cannot take actions on its own, such as those provided by the bashing and blinding abilities. It can, however, use special abilities that do not require an action to function, such as arrow deflection and reflecting. While animated, a shield shares the same space as the activating character and accompanies the character who activated it, even if the character moves by magical means. A character with an animated shield still takes any penalties associated with shield use, such as armor check penalty, arcane spell failure chance, and nonproficiency. If the wielder who loosed it has an unoccupied hand, she can grasp it to end its animation as a free action. Once a shield has been retrieved, it cannot be animated again for at least 4 rounds. This property cannot be added to a tower shield.

And says this about Monks:

When wearing armor, using a shield, or carrying a medium or heavy load, a monk loses his AC bonus, as well as his fast movement and flurry of blows abilities.

The question is, when you have an animated shield activated for 4 rounds hovering in front of you, is it still considered being "used"?


Can you explain how multiattack, multi-weapon fighting, two-weapon fighting and natural attacks work with iterative attacks?

Right now I have a player with a BAB with +9/+4. They are a Alchemist 10/Barbarian 2/Rogue 1 with multi-attack, multiweapon fighting, vestigial limb x2, tentacle, gore barbarian rage ability. If they full attack, do they actually get 7 attacks?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Climb check. It doesn't matter that it is a centaur. Remove the armor, and gear and climb away...

Kukri is king!

And I don't see power attack on your list of feats. That should be there soon for a TWF, definitely before vital strike.

Again as previous people have noted, I am unaware of the character you are trying to emulate, but depending on how far the game goes there is an archetype called dawnflower dervish (or something like that), that replaces armor training. The archetype has a long payoff at level 11, but allows you to move and do a partial full attack (you lose 2 attacks out of 5 normal or 7 if hasted). The other option is to take the TWF archetype that allows you to charge and attack with 2 weapons at the same time, as well as use two weapons at the same time for AoO's, which helps on damage and possibly makes combat reflexes more worthwhile.

Of note, I chose the dawnflower archetype as gloves of dueling are just too awesome, and I wanted to keep weapon training which the TWF archetype replaces.

Or you can take the archetype that prevents AOO's by casting heal spells....but you have that already!

The fact of the matter is that you are going to get squashed sometimes, deal with it like a true combat medic and let the rest of the group save you sometimes!

An immediate in game method would include:

1) The fact is that you would know via spellcraft what spell the person is casting, so when the animal companion walks over to you with the area of silence, all you have to do is move out of the radius and then cast your spell. The animal cannot ready an action, unless it was specifically trained to attack anything, and trained with hand signals.

Something to prepare for in the future would be:

2) Take the silent spell feat
3) Buy a metamagic rod of silent spell

The above 2 are assuming that you are at least above 3rd level (since silence is a 2nd level spell).

4) Start taking magus levels or switch over to eldrich knight, and just cut some stuff up!

And of course there is the it out. And when or if that fails, involve the DM.

With all that metal, you are in dire need of a gauntlet of rust! A couple of rust monsters otherwise would ruin your day!!

After having read in the rules that you have to have a higher enhancement bonus than the existing weapon to sunder it, I would choose to upgrade the enhancement bonus asap. Which would be 18k gold to go to +3 to +4 (or actually +4 total to +5 total for your existing weapon).

Other things I like are necklace of adaptation. Always nice to not have to breath. Also adding elemental resistances to armor/shield. And lastly it is always nice to have a brooch of shielding for those pesky casters that think they can machine gun you down.

Helaman wrote:

Ok... check out this link r-and-wizard

Spark is a goodie - you NEVER know when you need fire.

level 1? You cannot beat prot from evil. Its useful in SOOOO many ways.

summon monster 1

Colour spray is the mutts nutts

Enlarge is a great level 1 buff spell to put on your fighter and gravity bow makes your archer type hit like a .44 magnum.

I am sure other people have suggestions but this will serve you well until you start finding scrolls to copy into your spell book.

Oh and for your additional skill that I didn't assign? Sense Motive isn't bad at all or pop it into a 'Trained Only' skill and give yourself some more variety... crazy as it seems 'Disable Device' may not be totally insane - you're int will give you a +5. Alternatively Use Magic Device is a solid choice.

Sorry to inform you, but enlarge person while it is a great buff, does not stack with gravity bow, as it specifically states in the spell description that anything leaving your body returns to normal size. And gravity bow, again while being a great spell, is only a personal spell, meaning that you cannot buff your ranger friend.

Also, summon monster 1 is a horrible spell especially for first level, as it only lasts 1 round!

As you mentioned, color spray is far superior. Sleep is a good spell, but the longer casting time makes it a bit less "optimal", and is often almost never used once past 3rd or 4th level.

As a wizard at low levels, you are going to want to place stats in this order of priority: INT, DEX, CON, CHA, WIS, STR. Please note the preference of CHA over WIS is only if you take the dangerously curious trait where you are able to get use magic device (which I highly recommend). The other trait is any that afford you a bonus to concentration checks, or initiative mod...whichever you prefer.

So at low levels you are going to want to grab a crossbow, or longspear and wage war at range or aid other while using the longspear, because you will most likely not hit often and even if you did the fact that you are dump stating strength means it is almost a waste.

Loot distribution is a function of alignment! Don't you all know?!?

If the majority of the group is lawful, then everything is broken down to a gold piece value and each person gets a share. If the magic longsword happens to be over the average share value, than the person that takes that item then "owes" the group the remainder.

Now onto chaotic or neutral good versions where the person that can best use an item gets it, then everything else is sold off and shares divided.

And don't even get started with rogues and evil wizards being the accountants....

But the above is more in jest than the topic of this particular thread.

If you are having problems as discussed, there should be a conversation held that at least allows all people to voice their opinions. I find these conversations need to happen by e-mail as that way people are normally calm and can say all that they want to/need to say without fear of not being able to remember what you wanted to say.

harmor wrote:

You can place multiple spells on a scroll...the gold piece value increases linearly.

When you find scroll as random treasure you roll to see how many spells are on each scroll.

Typically I put multiple spells for out-of-combat spells (e.g. Lesser Restoration, Knock, etc...). When I need a one-off I put a single spell on the scroll and then drop the scroll after I cast it.

If the value is 250gp or less then you can craft it in 2 hours (or during downtime while traveling). Otherwise, you craft 1,000gp/day just like other magical items.

Its not clear how 'long' a scroll is because in a spellbook a third level spell takes three pages. Does that mean that a scroll with a third level spell is three times as long as a scroll with a first level spell?

While you can place multiple spells upon a scroll, you cannot put more than 1 spell upon a scroll in a day.

Read the magic item crafting portion under the PRD:

Scribing a scroll requires 1 day per 1,000 gp of the base price. Although an individual scroll might contain more than one spell, each spell must be scribed as a separate effort, meaning that no more than 1 spell can be scribed in a day.

James Jacobs wrote:


Swim and Fly are not only different types of movement speeds... they're governed by entirely different skills.

Fly does not grant you any bonus or benefit to flight at all. There are different spells (such as touch of the sea from Advanced Player's Guide) that grant you increases or bonuses to swimming. Fly does not.

I only quote the mistake, because it still shows we are ALL human. I know you meant to put swim.

I guess I am one that likes a bit of reality to my magic. If I can fly in the air and avoid the pitfalls of gravity and move in any direction, then why would I not be able to exert the same force when suddenly submerged?

Does the ruling then expand in that would mean that you could never dimension door into water, as it is technically solid body, since the water occupies that space?

Lincoln Hills wrote:
Well, I doubt this is RaW, but I've been treating supernatural flight (including that granted by fly and so forth) as granting half the flight speed as a swim speed. Doesn't apply to "natural" (i.e. winged) flight.

I know that you are house ruling something, but why would it be less movement in water rather than the same? I mean the propulsion needed to power flight through air seems to be more than would be needed for water since gravity is less of a concern.

If you have just cast fly, and then go underwater, are you flying or swimming or a combination of the two?

I would think the same power to push you through the air and negate gravity would allow you at least the same movement through water, but there was nothing that I could find on the subject either in the PRD or on the boards.

Any input is appreciated.

The cost to scribe spells from one source to another is drastically cheaper now in Pathfinder than it was in 3.5. The single biggest reason to be a wizard is to have access to ALL the spells, so you might as well make sure that your main weapon (magic) is always available to you. If you are that concerned (paranoid) that you are going to lose your spell book(s), then you can simply scribe multiple copies and leave them in various locations, including 1 with each of your party members.

This is only a question of cost, and time.

I think all your questions would be answered if you actually read the spell description for permanency.

You might be able to cast invisibility on the ring and then make permanently invisible, but that would not make YOU invisible if you wore the ring...

ratlord wrote:
When faced with a similar quandry the party I was running for hid the evil artifact in the privy. No-one ever looked for it there.

You have obviously never gamed with Harmor. He will jump into a cesspool of filth in order to get to a magical!!

No 3.5 stuff allowed =).

How much damage would a shield with the following properties do if used to perform a shield bash?

+1 Heavy Steel Bashing shield, with a +1 Holy Shield Spike (sized medium)

Because 2 of your DM's said you can't...

I might be able to see one of them being replaced, but then where would the area of the whilrwind be if you followed with the bullrush?

The idea in my mind is that whirlwind is a large swooping single swipe at many enemies that is simulated by by the rules as rolling multiple times for each target, at your highest base attack. That does not mean you are making multiple attacks.

I might clarify a couple things.

Firstly, I fully well know many of my actions within the game are very evil. That being said, I love getting input to see what others think regarding my particular situation. I thought I was something along the lines of either neutral, or neutral evil, or perhaps lawful neutral, but I am fine with lawful evil too!

So regarding my little halfling witch's desire to turn everyone into halflings, this is not as bad as I would think many are suggesting. In the mind of my character, he is simply planning on subjecting everyone else that is not a halfling into someone that is a halfling and making them walk a mile in a halflings shoes. It is not motivated out of revenge, but simple justice. You try to put a halfling into slavery, I will make sure you pay the price as is accorded me by law of the Hin nation.

Regarding slaying the people at the ritual, well that is flat out evil. The viewpoint would be something along the lines of, we could stop the druids from doing their sacrafice, but then there are two alternatives, either the demon is summoned or we have a new enemy with the druids and elves. Both of which we were currently equipped to deal with. It was a more utilitarian choice but didn't hurt that it was only humans being sacrificed. Again back to the all other races that would enslave halflings would be considered slaves at best, and animals at worst.

I have found that this character is most fun to play because while still having a solid moral compass, it is most definitely pointed in a direction other than good.

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