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Smaar Janderfut

CanisDirus's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar RPG Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington. 976 posts (1,458 including aliases). 2 reviews. 4 lists. 2 wishlists. 30 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.

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Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game Subscriber

So, I'm playing in Iron Gods as an Oread, and I have the following alternate racial trait:

Advanced Race Guide wrote:
Crystalline Form: Oreads with this trait gain a +2 racial bonus to AC against rays thanks to their reflective crystalline skin. In addition, once per day, they can deflect a single ray attack targeted at them as if they were using the Deflect Arrows feat. This racial trait replaces earth affinity.

Would this work vs laser/beam attacks? We're just starting to encounter this sort of thing, so I wanted to see if there's a rule or something I missed regarding this.

Thanks very much!

Silver Crusade

6 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 2 people marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game Subscriber

Spellstrike Gloves, found in Ultimate Equipment have a curious description as to what spells can or cannot be used:

...the gloves allow the wearer to treat a ranged magus spell as a spell with a range of “touch,” allowing him to deliver the spell with his spellstrike ability. The glove can only affect spells that normally affect one or more creatures at a range greater than “touch” (such as slow), not rays or other created effects. The altered spell only affects the creature attacked (any other targets normally allowed by the spell are lost).

Emphasis mine.

How is "other created effects" defined? Any spell that has a physical "presence" (i.e. Snowball, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Web, Black Tentacles, etc.)? Or is it only Rays, Conjuration spells, and other spells that bring something into being (so Snow/Fireball would be okay, but not Web/Black Tentacles)?

Thank you very much in advance.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game Subscriber

In playing/running ACG Adventure 0-4A and 0-4B today, we came across a situation where a player at our table could recharge an ally with the animal trait - the only one he had available was the "Rogue Ape", but it is not labeled as such - shouldn't it be an animal?

(Posting this specifically for our players from today to mark for FAQ consideration)


Silver Crusade

So, I went through the PFS Scenario "The Beacon Below" (Tier 7-11) tonight with my playtest character... my d20s betrayed me at every turn, and even with +14 to hit sometimes (due to bonuses from blessing of fervor and prayer and point blank shot and feel the burn), I only landed 3 telekinetic blasts the entire game.

Telekinetic haul looked like it would have been useful at one point near the end of the scenario, but other PCs in the party got a rather high diplomacy check to convince a NPC to help us "do the thing" a different way instead. I kinda felt useless.

Also of note, I only took 1 point of burn during the whole scenario - that was when I first put up Force Ward at the start of the dungeon crawl part of the scenario. Every time I needed to use things that needed burn, the combination of Form Infusion specialization and making a move action to reduce Burn by 1 reduced it to 0.

The original idea was to make him useful in combat while also having some utility to help a party outside of fighting... even if more of my attack rolls had hit, though, the spear-chucker barbarian in the party was landing ~70 damage a round, and the bloodrager was doing ~25 a hit (and with blessing of fervor being up during the longer/harder battles, they got to swing a lot while my character didn't have much usefulness...)

(items in italics are things that I did not use even once during his playtest, that I might consider swapping out or, if need be, paying pfs prestige for "retraining").

His Stats:

(no I don't use HeroLab, so apologies if the formatting feels "off" to you...)

Level 7 Male Human Kineticist
Str 8 Dex 16 Con 21 Int 14 Wis 12 Cha 10
(Human: +2 Con, Level 4: +1 Con)

Favored Class: Kineticist
HP: 87
Fort: 10
Ref: 8
Will: 3

BAB: +5
CMB: +4
CMD: +17

AC: 19
Touch: 13
Flat: 16

Acrobatics, 1 rank (5)
Disable Device, 1 rank (5)
Heal, 1 rank (5)
Intimidate, 1 rank (4)
Knowledge Engineering, 1 rank (6)
Linguistics, 1 rank (6)
Perception, 7 ranks (11)
Sleight of Hand, 3 ranks (9)
Stealth, 5 ranks (11)
Use Magic Device, 7 ranks (10)

Human - Hermean Blood (Acrobatics, Disable Device)
1st - Point Blank Shot
3rd - Precise Shot
? 5th - Deadly Aim ?
7th - Toughness

Trait - Reactionary (+2 initiative)
Trait - Ancient Historian (Scarab Seekers Faction, Linguistics becomes class skill, gain one ancient language)

Human alternative racial trait: Heart of the Slums (+2 Stealth and Sleight of Hand checks, +4 Survival checks in urban and underground environments, roll twice for saves vs disease).

Gear of note:
Elven Chainmail Armor +1 (6,150gp)
Silver Cestus (25gp)
Cold Iron Dagger (4gp)
Snapleaf (2 prestige)
Potion of Gaseous Form (2 prestige)
Handy Haversack (2,000gp)
Wayfinder (250gp)
Clear Spindle (Normal) Ioun Stone (slotted) (4,000gp)
Ioun Torch (75gp)
Deep Red Sphere (Normal) Ioun Stone (+2 Dex) (8,000gp)
Belt of Mighty Constitution +2 (+2 Con) (4,000gp)

Elemental Focus: Aether
Telekinetic Blast: 4d6+8 (P or S or B)
Force Ward: 7 temporary hp, 1 Burn for +3
Burn: Max 2 Burn per round, max Burn 7/day
Feel the Burn: Max +2 Attack/Damage to Blast
Infusion Specialization: Form -1, Substance -0
Metakinesis (Empower - 1 Burn)

Wild Talents:
1 - Extended Range
? 1 - Kinetic Healer ?
1 - Light Touch
6 - Foe Throw
6 - Telekinetic Haul

Backstory overview:
Orphaned child of a Hermean "ambassador" and a potential Hermean recruit, he started to manifest strange powers - violent outbursts of energy...but, being alone, and not understanding what a medallion in the shape of a gold dragon's head he was found with means, he lived most of his young life in the slums, taking whatever he can to survive, relying on his "gift" to create distractions and cause damage to give him enough of a window to take what he needs for food and clothing.

Then, one day, he was found by Kreighton Shaine of the Pathfinder Society, who wanted to learn from Jah just as much as he wanted to teach the boy control, and patience. Five years later, Jah-ah-Koh is now a Pathfinder Field Agent going on missions for the Society and the Scarab Sages, with whom he hopes to unlock more of the mysteries behind his occult powers.

So, yea, there he is. I have another chance to play him on Monday evening in another 7-11, but I'm starting to have second thoughts since he felt so useless earlier...any advice would be welcome. Thanks!

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game Subscriber

Heya, sorry to be bothering in a separate post, but since I *did* say "thanks!" initially to the original post before I noticed the shipping issue, I'm guessing it went off the radar...I just want to make sure that this gets caught before the order clears/charges my card...


Er...sorry...but... just noticed something....

Subtotal (36 items) $129.23
Shipping & Handling $27.47
Shipping & Handling Discount - $10.00
Order Total $146.70

Subtotal (33 items) $114.23
Shipping & Handling $58.18
Shipping & Handling Discount - $10.00
Order Total $162.41

I'm assuming this was a system hiccup of somesort... but since it more than doubles the shipping costs, this sort of qualifies as a "new issue"?

Thanks very much and again sorry to bother!

Silver Crusade

So, at our first local event, both groups beat scenario 1 and were excited to try 2 right away. One group beat it on their first shot, but the other table (the one I was at) lost on the very last turn of the blessings deck (everything was in place - villain was just too deep in the deck for the last location we scoured). We decided to try it again, however, and got lucky with villain placement and won quickly.

To be "safe" we filled out three separate sections (out of the six) on the chronicle sheet - marking that we won #1, lost #2 but still got deck upgrades (since we all lived), and then that we won #3 and got the scenario reward (and two people also took deck upgrades since there wasn't a lot of useful loot taken heh).

Did we do that right? Or are we only supposed to have one entry per scenario, and then check "success yes/no" in pencil so it can be erased when being replayed?


Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yes, this is a silly question, but once I thought of it I was only able to resist posting/asking about it for a few days.

In PFS, having a Pathfinder Society / Pathfinder / Paizo shirt gives you one free reroll per scenario. Is that something that might crossover to PFSACG?


Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game Subscriber

Very sorry to be bothering via the boards again, but I know your emails might still have a massive backlog. I tried calling last Wednesday and left a voicemail but since I didn't hear anything (and since this theoretically will take just a quick second).

Long story short - I misheard my friend when we were ordering (thought she said she was missing Serpent Skull 2-6 when in reality she said only missing the "last 2"). As such, I'd just like to remove these three items from this order:

Pathfinder Adventure Path #38: Racing to Ruin (Serpent's Skull 2 of 6) (PFRPG) Paizo Publishing, LLC 19.99 5.00 5.00
Pathfinder Adventure Path #39: The City of Seven Spears (Serpent's Skull 3 of 6) (PFRPG) Paizo Publishing, LLC 19.99 5.00 5.00
Pathfinder Adventure Path #40: Vaults of Madness (Serpent's Skull 4 of 6) (PFRPG) Paizo Publishing, LLC 19.99 5.00 5.00

This should still leave the order over $100 for shipping purposes and etc, so hopefully this is just a quick request - again, sorry to bother via the messageboards. Thanks again!

Silver Crusade


I'm sorry to be writing on the message boards - but with my schedule, calling you guys while you're open is difficult. I've previously sent two emails a week apart that I haven't heard anything back from yet, and with some of this stuff from even before GenCon...

I'm likely going to be traveling out of state soon and would really like to make sure that I'm either around to get my orders myself, or to arrange for someone to check for me and hold them until I'm back.

Is there any way for someone from customer service to drop me a line today/tonight maybe?

Thanks very much, and sorry again for having to post this to the boards.

Mike Bramnik

Silver Crusade *****

GMs Jill Hawley, Reyn LeBeau, Alex Mirowski, and Daniel McDeavitt cast Endure Elements on themselves and took to campus today to represent our local Pathfinder lodge at the IU Student Involvement Fair - the first time PFS has ever been invited to take part!

Given how many fliers I had printed and how many I got back in the end and reports from our GMs in the field - I'd guess that over a hundred students were introduced to the idea of Pathfinder and PFS today, and somewhere between 60-80 took fliers. Several PFS ID#s were also handed out, and 20 lucky students rolled critical hits on a big d20 to win the last of my promotional d6s that have the Glyph of the Open Road on them (with season 5 colors).

Pictures below!

PFS@IU at the Fair!

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game Subscriber

Source: Know Direction facebook page (via RDJ's facebook page)

Facebook video

I'm probably reading too much into this, but...thoughts?

Silver Crusade *****


So, as the title says, is there a way to do this?

I recently obtained a boon as part of a trade, but there was no event code listed, but there was a date, GM, and PFS # - I was hoping to track down said GM and get the event name/code before giving this boon to one of my local players.

11/04/2011, PFS# 20131

Thanks very much in advance!

Silver Crusade *****

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Announcing BloomingCon 2014, hosted by the Indiana University Memorial Union Board - a full weekend of movies, anime, and a little bit of gaming too, to which PFS has been invited!

We're going to be in the Indiana Memorial Union's Stateroom East all day on Saturday 9/27 - a room big enough for nearly 150 people. I'd love for us to PACK the place - only leaving room for new PFS recruits and walk-ins for whom we will be ready with The Confirmation, We Be Goblins!, and the new Pathfinder Adventures/Delves that are being debuted at GenCon 2014.

Sunday 9/28 we are taking over the nearby Common Room Games to run the GenCon 2014 Special #6-00 Legacy of the Stonelords.

Current Event Information

BloomingCon's (IU student-oriented) Facebook page

Watch this space for a Warhorn link with scenarios soon, and if you'd be interested in being a GM, please let me know - thanks!

Silver Crusade *****


I asked Kyle a few questions in private, but I realized that some of these would be best answered on the boards so other GMs can see them.

...especially given that one of them changes a whole encounter.

Super Important Question:
Page 15 - the Angazhani encounter - for tier 10-11 it doesn't say how many there should be
(since the 4 player reduction says "remove two" I'm guessing there's supposed to be more than 2 for tier 10-11?)

Lesser question:
Should I assume the "C = Crusader (D1 only)" on the map on page 13 is a misprint of some sort?


Silver Crusade *****

We're going to be running this in a few days in Bloomington, and we've obtained a projector and a means to put the map of Nerosyan on the wall - but I can't seem to find a map with layers on it that we can use. I asked this on the other Siege thread but never heard anything...

Is there one out there, or should I just pull the map from the .pdf and use photoshop to make colored layers (and sort through 25 or so files to put them up on the screen)?

Alternatively, does anyone know an easy way to turn a layered .png image into a .pdf?


Silver Crusade ***** RPG Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus

Additional Resources wrote:

Pathfinder Player Companion: Undead Slayer's Handbook

All content in this book is legal.

With a Living Steel weapon now okay for PFS use, would that possibly open up a discussion into whether the material itself can be used - or is it just this one item?

With four books (one of them a big one) hitting all at once, I just wanted to check in case this fell through the cracks (i.e. the living steel wasn't supposed to be legal). Sorry to bother.

Silver Crusade *****

Join us in Bloomington Indiana at The Common Room for Siege of the Diamond City, Sunday May 11th at Noon!

This will be the final local event for many of Bloomington's regular gamers, as Indiana University graduation is on the 10th and several of our beloved players and GMs are moving elsewhere.

Come out and help defend Nerosyan (and Bloomington!) from the demonic hordes!

If you are planning on coming in from out of town, or have an interest in being a GM for this event, please post here or send me a private message. We're predicting ~2 Seeker (level 12+) tables and several from tiers 1-2 through 10-11.

We hope you'll join us!

Silver Crusade ***** RPG Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus

Just sending a hopeful word to our PFS Turkey members that you're all okay out there - most of the US/world media isn't covering what's going on out there, so information on our end is sketchy, but we're thinking about you.

Silver Crusade ***** RPG Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I got my start with PFS when I was in my very last semester at Northern Illinois University with the (currently continuing) conversion of the geology department into PFS players. One of my first players out there who took up the mantle of being a GM quickly was Chris Dodge, who just attained his first PFS GM Star, all without having FLGS support and doing most of the legwork himself to keep games going.

Congratulations Chris!

Silver Crusade ***** RPG Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus


For anyone out there among us PFS Agents and Seekers who are also chess aficionados, I've created a "lodge" on where we can congregate, play chess, perhaps even have people play each other as their characters, talk, roleplay, etc.

Pathfinder Society Chess Lodge is the place - hope to see some of you on there sometime :)

Silver Crusade

8 people marked this as a favorite.

+10 points for the Eddie Izzard reference!

Silver Crusade *****

Very much looking forward to both of these!!!

Silver Crusade ***** RPG Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus

When you can, let us know that you're alright up there?

*thoughts for everyone up in Boston right now...*

Silver Crusade ***** RPG Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus

Even since before I moved to Bloomington Indiana for grad school, the PFS community here was strong, thanks to major support from our FLGS, The Common Room, but in the last six months, local players have really stepped up to run games and get a large community of gamers playing in Pathfinder Society Organized Play.

Among these awesome players and GMs, I'm proud to publicly congratulate "MJ" (Michael Johnson) and Mike Tuholski (so...we have a lot of Mikes, ok?) on both achieving their Second stars as PFS GMs in the last week!

With four one-star GMs already as well, I'm sure I'll be posting more congratulations in the not-too-distant future to them as well for their achievements in volunteering to provide fun gaming experiences for others!

Way to go Mike^2!

Silver Crusade ***** RPG Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus

3 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 9 people marked this as a favorite.

With credits to Will Johnson and Mike Lindner as well, some of the VOs have been trying to work up some sort of document to help clarify this while keeping it simple enough to fit on one page. I've already saved this as a .pdf and if people like it I can upload it to the GM shared resources.


Light Levels:
• Supernaturally Dark - Just like dark but darkvision does not work.
• Dark - Effectively blind w/o darkvision. 50% miss chance (total concealment), lose Dex bonus to AC, –2 penalty to AC, and –4 penalty on Perception checks that rely on sight and most Str and Dex skill checks.
• Dim Light - 20% miss chance Concealment w/o darkvision or the ability to see in darkness. Can make a Stealth check to conceal self.
• Normal Light - Just like bright light but no penalties for light sensitivity or light blindness.
• Bright Light - All characters can see clearly. Can't use Stealth unless invisible or has cover. Penalties for light sensitivity and light blindness apply.

• Low-light vision - Double the effective radius of bright light, normal light, and dim light.
• Darkvision - See normally plus dark areas within 60 feet. A creature can't hide within 60 feet of a character with darkvision unless it is invisible or has cover.

Regular light sources: (These change the ambient (non-magical) lighting of the area)
• Candle - creates dim light to 5'.
• Lamp - creates normal light to 15' and increases the ambient light by one step (dark to dim or dim to light) out another 15'.
• Torch - creates normal light to 20' and increases the ambient light by one step (dark to dim or dim to light) out another 20'.
• Hooded Lantern - creates normal light to 30' and increases the ambient light by one step (dark to dim or dim to light) out another 30'.
• Bullseye Lantern - creates a cone of normal light to 60' and increases the ambient light by one step (dark to dim or dim to light) out another 60'.
• Sunrod - creates normal light to 30' and increases the ambient light by one step (dark to dim or dim to light) out another 30'.

• Darkness - Drops the lighting one step in a 20' radius (no lower than dark). It also prevents equal or lower-level magical and all non-magical light sources from raising the ambient light. It also can be used to counter or dispel any light spell of equal or lower level.
• Deeper Darkness - This drops the lighting two steps in a 60' radius (all the way down to supernaturally dark). It prevents lower-level magical and non-magical light sources from raising the ambient light. It also can be used to counter or dispel any light spell of equal or lower level.
• Dust of Twilight - Extinguishes non-magical lights and dispels all light spells of 2nd level or lower in a 10' area.
• Light - creates normal light to 20' and increases the ambient light by one step (dark to dim or dim to light) out another 20'.
• Dancing Lights - creates up to four light sources that give light to 20' and increases the ambient light by one step (dark to dim or dim to light) out another 20'.
• Continual Flame - creates light to 20' and increases the ambient light by one step (dark to dim or dim to light) out another 20'. Can be used to counter or dispel darkness spells of equal or lower level.
• Daylight - creates bright light to 60' and increases the ambient light by one step (dark to dim, dim to normal, or normal light to bright light) out another 60'. When brought within a magical darkness, both daylight and the darkness effects are temporarily negated where they overlap. Daylight can also be used to counter or dispel any darkness spell of equal or lower level.

Two possible solutions for magical (supernatural) darkness:
1. A Heightened Continual Flame spell. At 4th level it functions fine in Darkness spells of 3rd level or lower.
2. Daylight and a non-magical light source. The magical light sources all counter each other and a torch or sunrod will then function normally.

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