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Smaar Janderfut

CanisDirus's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 9 Season Marathon Voter. Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington. 1,262 posts (1,884 including aliases). 11 reviews. 4 lists. 2 wishlists. 39 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.

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Obtuse and frustrating

*( )( )( )( )


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A *very* close second best set ever!


I waffled over this for days, but I still think Dungeons Deep is the best set to-date. That said, this set is a VERY close second. All of the sculpts that our local PFS lodge pulled from our sealed case draft were perfect. Very few had funny looking eyes (a regular thing that we just enjoy and even compete to try and get now), and absolutely 0 fell off their bases.

The paint jobs on all the furniture/dressing is exceptional, and the little details on the shields and uniforms of the General from Second Darkness and the various Guards are amazing. Our FLGS sold out of this set within 3 days of them being released!

Top notch work again, Paizo!

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High hopes dashed

*( )( )( )( )

The digital renders for this set had my hopes flying really, really high. I've gotten all of the Iconics sets to-date (it's a great feeling when you're a PFS GM and have them to loan out to new players who in turn get excited about having the exact mini on the board!), and thanks to a holiday gift, was able to grab this one too.

After tonight, though, this may be the last Iconics set I buy.

Apparently a few sets ago the physical sizes of the minis changed (got smaller) compared to the minis that came out with other boxed sets and I just didn't notice until recently - something I'm not a fan of, but if it was to help the quality, I could live with it. Unfortunately, I fear that the smaller size combined with the complexity shown on the digital renders isn't working out very well. Hakon's facepaint looks somewhat comical, as does whatever that is on Crowe's forehead (just a blue smudge, I'm afraid), and Lirianne's hair looked like it was attached to the underside of her hat.

The worst part, for me, was the knowledge that I was paying $5 more for this set...and two of the pieces immediately fell right out of their bases when I first turned the box upside-down to start cutting at the tape - Jirelle and Lirianne will both need superglue to get their feet-pegs to go back into their bases. I had been hoping that with an increase in price, there would be an increase in quality as well, but t'was not to be.

As an avid lover of all of the Pathfinder Battles minis since the Rise of the Runelords set, this one caught me way off-guard with just how disappointing it was. I always feel bad leaving negative reviews, especially for a game and company I absolutely adore, but...yea, this one was a really big miss with me.

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Best "evergreen" scenario to-date!


Before even running this scenario, I found it very refreshing.

Both of the previous two years' "evergreen" (1-2 repeatable) scenarios were fairly formulaic: Location X, GM rolls 1d6 to determine what's there, Location Y, GM rolls 1d4 to determine what's there. That is not to say that they aren't fun - in fact I do very much enjoy The Confirmation (#5-08) and Wounded Wisp (#6-10), but this one was good enough that I wanted to write a review saying so!

The Consortium Compact poses three challenges to the PCs, and lets them decide on which two to tackle. Unlike in the previous two evergreens, though, there are many different ways that PCs can approach all three of them. Got a combat-oriented party? Tackle Option C and go in guns blazing! Sneaky? Try Option B, and maybe C too! Talky-Diplomatic? Option A screams for player and GM creativity, and so does Option B! And those are just the "examples" that the scenario gives for newer GMs!

That, in and of itself, is another great thing about this scenario - it lends itself well to GMs of all levels. New to being a GM? Stick to the suggested encounters. Veteran GM? The scenario calls out "GM creativity" many times, which was great when I ran it and my party strayed very far off the beaten path going after Objective A!

The "roll 1d6 to determine what's there" does come up, but only at one location near the end of the scenario, and even there, PC/GM creativity and PC ideas/plans really dictate how the encounter(s) transpire, rather than having the either-or of talking-or-fighting (the only two options in several instances of the other evergreens). Want to be sneaky? Aggressive? Sly? Diplomatic? Something I haven't mentioned? Anything can work!

Having the PCs go after 2 of 3 options means that replay will likely never be dull, as you can go after different objectives in different ways, and the final area that is "fixed" has random elements that contribute to it (different entrances/exits used, different gear found, different enemies) that has been a strength in previous evergreens.

Combine all of that with good writing and no major editing flubs in box text or GM instructions (an unfortunately regular bane in many PFS scenarios), plus a very strong chronicle sheet for level 1-2 my book, that all results in a big 5-star scenario rating!

The only error I noticed:
In Area C, the ladder is in the northwest corner of the map, while the scenario text says northeast.

That's how good this scenario is - I had to nitpick to find anything wrong!

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