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Smaar Janderfut

CanisDirus's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar RPG Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington. 972 posts (1,453 including aliases). 2 reviews. 4 lists. 2 wishlists. 30 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.

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Silver Crusade

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game Subscriber

Considering everything about Elves on Golarion, namely the gates, Sovyrian, Castrovel, etc. - am I crazy, or is there an homage to Spelljammer's Imperial Elven Navy somewhere in all of this? :)

noting that the IEN has always been one of my favorite things in gaming ever since I first got introduced to Spelljammer decades ago...

Silver Crusade ***** RPG Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus

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From another discussion elsewhere on the boards, and with full credit to Robert Thomson and Matt Savage for the original idea and layout, I present:

Perilous Pirates Pursuing Plunder:

Level 1
- #2-13 Murder on the Throaty Mermaid (The PCs start in Varisia on assignment)
- #4-15 The Cyphermage Dilemma (and thwart a local threat)
- #0-02 The Hydra's Fang Incident (before being recalled to Absalom to help with another sea-borne incident)

Level 2
- #0-08 Slave Pits of Absalom (While in Absalom, the PCs are tasked with dealing with local slavers)
- #6-05 Slave Ships of Absalom (...continued from above...)
- #6-06 Hall of the Flesh Eaters (and then are sent to the Shackles on an expedition)

Level 3
- Skull & Shackles 1 (2-4) (where they turn pirate and strike out for themselves!)

Level 4
- Plunder & Peril 1 (3-5) (Yo ho!)

Level 5
- Plunder & Peril 2 (4-6) (Yo ho!)

Level 6
- Plunder & Peril 3 (5-7) (A pirate's life for me!)

Level 7
- Skull & Shackles 2 (5-7) (Fifteen men...)

Level 8
- Skull & Shackles 3 (7-9) (...on a dead man's chest)

Level 9
- #5-07 Port Godless (5-9) (Sailing back to Absalom laden with plunder, they stop in Rahadoum to aid the society)
- #2-26 The Mantis' Prey (7-11) (Back in Absalom, they assist a onetime ally of the society)
- #4-08 The Cultist's Kiss (7-11) (and then are contracted to sail north and then west to aid with investigations in Varisia...)

Level 10
- #6-13 Of Kirin and Kraken (7-11) (...and Tien Xa)
- #0-20 King Xeros of Old Azlant (7-11) (The PCs find a mysterious ship on their way back into port in Absalom)
- #1-38 No Plunder, No Pay! (7-11) (And take their last formal society assignment sailing back to the Shackles once more!)

Level 11
- Skull & Shackles 4 (9-11) (Yo ho!)

Level 12
- Skull & Shackles 5 (11-13) (Yo ho!)

Level 13
- Skull & Shackles 6 (13-15) (A pirate's life for meeee!)

Silver Crusade

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game Subscriber
Memento Mortis wrote:
Just noticed that Valeros bears a striking resemblance to Mad Mardigan from Willow (specifically thinking of the fight at Tir Asleen). Any intentional design behind this?

So, I introduced a pair of friends of mine from my local PFS lodge to the movie Willow for the first time tonight, and immediately Reyn started noticing similarities, especially once Mad Mardigan got the armor in Tir Asleen. Similar armor, two weapon fighting, long black hair, love of ladies and drinking...and Reyn's "final key" - Mad Mardigan was played by Val Kilmer....

Is my search fu weak, or did you never actually answer this one, James? :P

Silver Crusade ***** RPG Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus

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Just as a reminder (I can't find the post Mike Brock made saying this at the moment, but I 100% know he said this) -

"If you think it's a loophole, use it at your own risk, for it may close without warning"

(I think that was in reference to using weapon cords for fast two-gun-mojo fast-reloading cheese for gunslingers, but it does apply universally)

Dark Archive *****

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I very much like the ruling, especially as an up-and-coming cleric.

Re: the photo caption - Kyra might be envious for a moment, until she remembers that of the four casters mentioned, she's the only one who exists in the Core campaign ;)

Silver Crusade ***** RPG Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus

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I was telling some of my local GMs about these, and I realized that there is a hidden 6th boon on the "Student of Spells" sheet:


The Master of Spells is infamous for the cantankerous disdain he shows to initiates and field agents, especially those who have no magical talents. Nonetheless, he is a gifted wizard with many discoveries to his name. You have earned his grudging approval—possibly even his respect — and he makes a special effort to spare you his derision in front of your peers.

Considering how Aram Zey treats 99% of Pathfinder agents (including Venture Captains and the other Masters) - that's a boon in and of itself! :P

PS - Exploding Runes

Silver Crusade

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I'm a big guy, so trust me when I say that this is difficult for me (especially with a bad knee and bad back) - but if this is the Blakros museum, I might literally jump for joy!

Silver Crusade ***** RPG Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus

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At the request of one of my local players who wants to do things from the Mummy's Mask AP but still wants to do scenarios as well, I put the following together. This is only its second draft, but I think it should work! The following only uses:

- Pathfinder Society Scenarios
- Free RPG Day Modules
- Pathfinder 32-page Modules
- PFS-sanctioned sections from the Mummy's Mask AP

and takes place almost exclusively in Osirion with a few stops in Jalmeray and Rahadoum.

Meandering Mummy Mummers:

Level 1:
- Master of the Fallen Fortress (1) - the PCs adventure together and are invited to become Pathfinders
- First Steps 1 (1) - the PCs meet Amenopheous and are recommended for evaluation/confirmation
- The Confirmation (1-2) - the PCs "graduate" and are sent to Osirion

Level 2:
- MM Book 1 (1-2) - the PCs, sponsored by Amenopheous, travel to Wati.

Level 3:
- MM Book 2 (2-4) - the PCs must save Wati!

Level 4:
- Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible (1-5) - the PCs are temporarily loaned to Jalmeray operations
- The Segang Expedition (1-5) - the PCs are temporarily loaned to Jalmeray operations
- Risen from the Sands (2-4) - the PCs are recalled to Osirion due to a timely new find!

Level 5:
- Destiny of the Sands 1-2-3 (1-5, 1-5, 3-7) - Amenopheous sets the PCs on working to find the Sage Jewels

Level 6:
- Rebel's Ransom (5-9) - post-Sands research
- Port Godless (5-9) - the PCs are sent to look into things in Rahadoum
- Heresy of Man 1 (5-9) - followup missions from their first Rahadoumi expedition

Level 7:
- Heresy of Man 2-3 (5-9) - followup missions from their first Rahadoumi expedition
- Drow of the Darklands Pyramid (7-11) - the PCs are called to investigate things in the desert

Level 8:
- Mod: Cult of the Ebon Destroyers (7-9) - Jalmery recalls the PCs for aid

Level 9:
- MM Book 3 (7-9) - The PCs return and head to Tephu to continue their investigation

Level 10:
- Beacon Below (7-11) - the Scarab Sages request the PCs once again
- Wrath of the Accursed (7-11) - the PCs are sent to help in Sothis
- Echoes of the Everwar 1 (7-11) - the PCs are set on a mission that the Ruby Prince himself has an interest in

Level 11:
- Echoes of the Everwar 2-3-4 (7-11) - the PCs are set on a mission that the Ruby Prince himself has an interest in

Level 12:
- MM Book 4 (10-12) - with experience under their belts at this sort of thing, the PCs once again head into the desert...

Level 13:
- Mod: Academy of Secrets (12-14) - the PCs are requested by the Decemvirate to answer the invitation from the academy

Level 14:
- MM Book 5 (12-14) - the PCs return to Wati just in time!

Level 15:
- MM Book 6 (14-16) - the PCs follow-up from Wati and race to defeat their foe!

(After the completion of the last parts of the AP, you can run any of the higher-level modules if you want the PCs to be able to keep going. By now they're likely one of the society's top teams, especially at tombs and such - perhaps they're in high demand!)

Of course, feel free to tweak it if you'd like - just wanted to throw this up here in case anyone liked it :)

Silver Crusade

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game Subscriber

THIS is the closest I could find for you, FWB.

Silver Crusade

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game Subscriber

Spellstrike Gloves, found in Ultimate Equipment have a curious description as to what spells can or cannot be used:

...the gloves allow the wearer to treat a ranged magus spell as a spell with a range of “touch,” allowing him to deliver the spell with his spellstrike ability. The glove can only affect spells that normally affect one or more creatures at a range greater than “touch” (such as slow), not rays or other created effects. The altered spell only affects the creature attacked (any other targets normally allowed by the spell are lost).

Emphasis mine.

How is "other created effects" defined? Any spell that has a physical "presence" (i.e. Snowball, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Web, Black Tentacles, etc.)? Or is it only Rays, Conjuration spells, and other spells that bring something into being (so Snow/Fireball would be okay, but not Web/Black Tentacles)?

Thank you very much in advance.

Silver Crusade

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game Subscriber
Advanced Class Guide wrote:
Swashbuckler Finesse (Ex): At 1st level, a swashbuckler gains the benefits of the Weapon Finesse feat with light or one-handed piercing melee weapons, and she can use her Charisma score in place of Intelligence as a prerequisite for combat feats. This ability counts as having the Weapon Finesse feat for purposes of meeting feat prerequisites.

(Emphasis mine)

Advanced Class Guide wrote:
Swashbuckler Weapon Training (Ex): At 5th level, a swashbuckler gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with one-handed or light piercing melee weapons. While wielding such a weapon, she gains the benefit of the Improved Critical feat. These attack and damage bonuses increase by 1 for every 4 levels beyond 5th level (to a maximum of +4 at 17th level).

Notice the lack of emphasis in the latter of the two sections from the Swashbuckler class. Swashbuckler Finesse is specific in noting that this counts as a prerequisite for qualifying for other feats/etc. Swashbuckler Weapon Training does not. Therefore, the way that I read it (and rule it for GMs in my local PFS community who ask me for a ruling), is that Swashbuckler Weapon Training does not count as the Improved Critical feat for purposes of meeting feat prerequisites/etc.

Hope that helps.

Silver Crusade ***** RPG Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus

10 people marked this as a favorite.

Compromise isn't quite an art-form, but it is most definitely *not* a science.

The Core Campaign addresses several items that have been brought up time and again by players, GMs, store owners, and VO/volunteers:

- Running out of things to play / replay
- Power creep
- Rules bloat / overwhelming newer players & GMs
- Cost for players to own resources in order to play

Are any of these addressed in a 100% fix-it-all way? Probably not (though, as with all things, your mileage may vary - some opinions with more vitriol than others).

That said, the Core Campaign addresses parts of each of these. It creates new options without taking anything away from the existing "normal" PFS Campaign. Yes, scheduling might be tricky in some regions at first as a result - but that can easily be overcome by just keeping open communication with your local player-and-GM base about what they want.

The Core Campaign opens up a limited form of replay for playing and GMing, makes a stab at trying to address power creep and rules bloat, is already getting newer players and GMs interested in PFS, and cuts the cost to players down to virtually 0.

If you don't like it - all I can say is don't do it. Most compromises don't make everyone happy, but they do leave everyone with something they can deal with. I'm really sorry to see one or two people say that they're leaving "because" of these new options, but if you really feel that strongly about it...well, there's nothing else to say than take care and all the best to you. For those who are excited to start/rejoin PFS as a result of the new options the Core Campaign presents - welcome (back), and let's start rolling some dice!

Seriously, everyone...take a step away from the screen, take a deep breath, and look at the arguments going on here. Some of this is just silly, and some of it is getting out of hand. It's a game we all (mostly?) love to engage in - Paizo is creating options to try and address things that players have asked for - let's give them the benefit of the doubt and see how things go, okay?

Silver Crusade ***** RPG Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus

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Huzzah! Glad to finally be able to share this! :)

My favorite things about the Core Campaign:

1 - Great for newer GMs who don't want to be buried with characters that have "stuff" from 40+ books.

2 - Great for newer players to RPGs/PFS who can also benefit from 1.

3 - A fantastic challenge for veteran players! Imagine some of the 5-9 and 7-11 scenarios that have come out over the last few years. Now imagine tackling them without "staple" items/feats/classes from books other than the Core! :)

Silver Crusade ***** RPG Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus

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Ye gods, so, so many...

My personal top 5:

#2-16 The Flesh Collector
- Amazing to play, and even more amazing to GM. I had players in tears, and at least two of them made major changes to their characters based solely on events that took place during that scenario. It's also one of the few scenarios where the PCs learn everything that's in the scenario's backstory during the scenario.

#5-13 Weapon in the Rift
#6-07 Valley of Veiled Flame

- My two favorites (so far) from Seasons 5 and 6 (which I decided on before I knew they were written by the same author!). Great depth-of-story, lots of neat world-story information comes up in both, and the "pace" of both are perfect for what they are. One is an exciting race against time and overwhelming evil, and the other is a fantastic journey through a town shrouded from the rest of the world.

#5-SP Siege of the Diamond City
- Especially at GenCon, but also in the other times I've played/run it since (and used GM star credit on it since I loved it so much) this has such an amazing "feel" to it - run correctly, you can actually feel the tension and chaos in the room, and if you've got the digital map/layers projected on a screen and sound effects for the "house" as well, it can feel pretty epic!

#1-38 No Plunder No Pay
- On this list simply because my first/"main" character in PFS is a pirate, and being able to use his own ship, be piratey in the name of the society, *and* (in my case) shoot his way out from the belly of a sea was one of the most epic scenarios I've ever played!

#2-13 Murder on the Throaty Mermaid
- Some of the most fun RP I've ever had in my life, and the scenario is *never* the same twice, no matter how many times you might play or GM it!

(Honorable Mention, 1/season:)
#0-13 Prince of Augustana - I highly recommend this one for new players and new GMs. It has fun RP and combat both!
#1-35 Voice in the Void - High creep factor, highly amusing, and lots of variety!
(Tie) #2-25 You Only Die Twice - Unique situations, great RP, and monsters that show up nowhere else that I'm aware of in PFS (including one that looks like it's right out of Dune).
(Tie) #2-02 Before the Dawn pt. 2 Rescue at Azlant Ridge - Once you've played it, you'll know why this one gets mentioned!
#3-02 Sewer Dragons of Absalom - Neat RP, especially if you like subtlety, nicely scaled combats (except for one that can sometimes be a *real* doozy), and lots of chances for a GM to make things really light-hearted and fun even while fighting.
#4-19 Night March of Kalkamedes - A fantastic scenario for newer characters. This scenario almost literally gives the PCs just enough rope to hang themselves with several times, and if the GM is crafty, the roleplay near the end can be really unique.
#5-14 Day of the Demon - Even after it was no longer the Season 4 "Exclusive" scenario, I think I've GM'ed this one almost a dozen times by now. *Very* high on the creep factor, great RP, and combats that are the sort that might be talked about for a long while afterward.
Full Module - The Midnight Mirror - Rather than me ramble even more, the review I wrote for this one is Here.
(Tie) Free RPG Module - We Be Goblins! - Goblins. 'Nuff said!
(Tie) Free RPG Module - We Be Goblins Too! - More Goblins!

I know that's quite a few there...but, what can I say...I really like a lot of the PFS scenarios to-date!

Silver Crusade ***** RPG Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus

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Bloomington may be about an hour away from Indy, but we have games on Sunday evenings on the IU campus and Mondays at our FLGS, so if GenCon doesn't wear you down and you don't mind a few hours in a car, I'm sure we can arrange for out of town visitors who want to play a bit after GMing all throughout GenCon... :P

Silver Crusade ***** RPG Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus

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One of us.
One of us.

Tea and cake or death!
Tea and cake or death!

Little red cookbook.
Little red cookbook.

Silver Crusade ***** RPG Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus

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Yea, my #1 was deleted about a day after I started playing PFS for the exact same reasons/way as you. I've just been putting all my events that I GM for-no-credit on XXXX-1 just for fun ever since, and I keep my local players guessing as to what my "real" first character is/was.

Silver Crusade *****

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I seriously recommend anyone who has a question read THIS post before posing said question.

Silver Crusade *****

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Congratulations to my peers, and thank you!

Rene Duquesnoy wrote:
Nice. Well done, even Bramnik..

Yea, thank you too, guy...hmm...I should remember your name from...somewhere, right? :P

PS - Let me restate huge thanks to both Tracy W. and Chris B. for being the "Goliath" VCs of "Indiana" for so long. They were both doing single-handedly that four people are now doing!

Silver Crusade

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Yes, this is a silly question, but once I thought of it I was only able to resist posting/asking about it for a few days.

In PFS, having a Pathfinder Society / Pathfinder / Paizo shirt gives you one free reroll per scenario. Is that something that might crossover to PFSACG?


Silver Crusade *****

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Do a search on the boards and you'll find this question comes up every year or so :)

For my money, at lower tiers:
#0-06 Black Waters, depending on how much you go into the roleplay aspect (check the GM boards for some neat stuff including details on the "meal", can be *super* creepy (tier 1-5).
#1-47 The Darkest Vengeance (also 1-5) is another great creepy one (haunted house-ish).

I also echo Cairn of Shadows for higher tier.

Silver Crusade

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Or a gunslinger named Deckard.

Silver Crusade *****

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I wish November would get here... I'm waiting to run this (and then will run it repeatedly) once the Lost Coast minis arrive, so I can have the "right item" for the climax of the scenario :)

Silver Crusade *****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well, there's always the possibility that there are multiple "named" NPCs on chronicle sheets for various scenarios...

That said, since it's well known that many Paizo employees are big Babylon 5 fans (Relevant portion from 0:45 to 2:45), you could simply use this parenthetical logic! :)

Silver Crusade *****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have one very military-minded character who always starts off missions trying to see if all of the characters in the party speak any languages other than common, specifically for trying to be clandestine. In the (also common) occurrence of that not working out, he suggests a few hand-signs to represent a few things, such as "heal me" or "I see something, everyone quiet" or "we're being watched".

So it's not even as fully developed as Pathfinder Sign (which I seem to recall shows up in a scenario somewhere, now that I think about it...), but it works in a pinch for a few things.

Silver Crusade *****

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KestlerGunner wrote:

Well that's incredibly disappointing. Paths We Choose had a number of important plot developments for organized play and a Special status created an incentive for GMs to make sure all their available players got a chance to play it. Not to mention all the convention season supporter GMs who decided to run it as much as possible as they believed they were earning Special credit.

I guess PFS GMs better get back to work coaxing PFS players back into every available level of Bonekeep instead? :/ Yeesh.

Really hoping this decision gets another discussion to decide if this is the best route to take.
Maybe a Paths GM credit deadline could be a more elegant solution?

I can't help but note the Kobayashi Maru social corner ya'll are putting Mike and John into on this one... first they made it the special for this year (even though I know from experience that putting out extra scenarios beyond the regular monthly amounts is incredibly taxing), and people begged for it to not be special so it can be run in a more timely/regular fashion to coincide with the faction changes themselves at the end of season 5 and start of season 6. They consulted, took player opinions and calls into account, and said sure., with (as far as I know) zero people having said "no don't do that" before they were flooded with requests specifically to do this, people are complaining that they shouldn't have?

The "discussion to decide" happened before GenCon, people. Can't have things both ways.

Some suggestion/solutions (instead of griping without suggesting anything constructive) -

1 - Find people who *do* want to play Bonekeep and run 'em through it.

2 - "Year of the Shadow Lodge", "Blood Under Absalom", "Race for the Runecarved Key", "Siege of the Diamond City", and "Legacy of the Stonelords" are all still valid scenarios to earn "special/exclusive" credit as well. At GenCon alone we gave out, what, over 1700 new PFS numbers? Surely there are gamers in your area who haven't played some of the older specials - put a game day or local convention together and make it a special event for multiple GMs to get involved with!

But, seriously... we (the collective we, not the royal we) really need to lay off Mike and John on this one - they did precisely as the community asked, nothing more.

Silver Crusade *****

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I'll push your Bloomington convention at my Bloomington convention :P

Silver Crusade *****

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Ascalaphus wrote:

If you've played Weapon in the Rift;

** spoiler omitted **

It's not a true solution, but it's kinda pest control.

I've played it (and loved it) - I'm purposefully waiting to GM it until the Lost Coast minis come out in a few months *Evil GM grin*

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