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Cameronvk's page

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Project: J-ko wrote:

An NPC has taken a dirt nap for the first time in my campaign.

Name: Koya Mvashti
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Cleric of Desna 10
Adventure: The Empty Throne
Location: Mikado Cemetery on the Imperial Shrine
Catalyst: Really angry Shadows
The Gory Details: I killed an old woman who just wanted to see the sights. Desna forgive me, I'm a monster. :D

My group was almost to the tombstone shaped island when they got jumped by the Shadows there (who I had hissing and cursing about 'false Emperors' and 'injustice'). They got a couple of people but I rolled pretty low for the Strength Damage. That is, until Koya. I took 7 off her Strength of 5. Instant dead NPC. This was almost an exact repeat of how I killed a PC in the Shadow Maze back in Sakakabe.

Shadows man. They're harsh.

I thought when Str or Dex are reduced to 0 you become helpless not dead, it is loosing all your Con that kills you. (unless of course I am remembering the wrong rule set, it happens)

As a GM who has been thorough this or similar situations many times over the decades of running games. I have run into both players who go with it assuming that I plan on running a fun game and those who fight beyond the bitter end to make sure it can't happen.

Strictly from my own preference If the players are determined to not play the adventure, then I will say, okay, you win come back next week when I will have had a chance to prepare something else.

A very interesting read, and very well done as well.

Shazathared was an accomplished story teller before she was kidnapped by Jhavhul, it is why he made the effort to grab her and set up a special place for her in his vaults as opposed to his harem.

With a Magus I took a 1 level dip into Univeralist Wizard to get Hand of the apprentice. Now for a few uses a day I have a 30' range with my weapon of choice.

I am planning to use a Fire Demon toy/statuette. I think it is a Mcfarlane . It is big enough and looks cool.

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John Mangrum wrote:

My Legacy of Fire campaign is coming up on "The Jackal's Price," so lately I've been reviewing the support material for the city of Katapesh.

"The Markets of Katapesh" by Richard Pett in Pathfinder #21 describes several markets and sites of interest, including one rooftop restaurant called the Gables. Here, the article makes passing mention of "a pair of strange, four-armed slave girls" playing multiple panpipes in the background.

This intrigues me; anyone have any ideas what these two might be? Four-armed humanoid races are in short supply on Golarion (and likely to remain so)

Lots of good answers here, but how about a slightly different take, unless you have chosen an origin and have plot tied to it, a tactic that I have had work is to introduce the NPC/Item/Location and then listen to what the players think it might be. If you then, with out telling them of course, use one of their ideas then they feel like they have solved one of your mysteries and tied it back to what they know about the campaign. If done well this can make you look like a plot writing genius as obscure plot points or just fluff you dropped levels ago suddenly take on new and significant meaning.

While running Legacy of Fire, I had a paladin of Sarenrae capture the head of the escaped slaves in the house of the beast and begin to redeem him. Would have worked if they hadn't died in the next module.

DJEternalDarkness wrote:
Also, if you have questions about conversions, check out the site, odds are they may have done the conversions for you.

There is also another thread on this board that has done a great job of converting most of the monsters and NPC's over to pathfinder.

Well Legacy of Fire is the one I am running now lol and subscribed in time to start Jade Regent.

Is the players guide available in print or will it be soon?

Thank you

Xenomorph 27 wrote:

Using PF rules instead of 3.5.

Which class other than a cleric would you add to the current group?

So far we have a psionic, a sorcerer, and a ranger.

Are there any NPC's classes that tag along with the party for awhile?


Healing is always good, if you don't want a cleric a healing optimized Paladin can be quite helpful, or perhaps an oracle.

Playing under 3.5 rules some years back I was running the Red Hand of Doom. During one street battle encounter which all the message boards had said was incredibly dangerous. My players easily dominated. The bard playing and adding combat bonuses to all of the 1st level troops the party was leading had a lot to do with that.

Honestly I never pay much attention to the recommended wealth levels. They were not part of the game when I started running longer ago than I care to mention and I never felt the need to use them. I just look at what the party can do and make sure to give them a proper challenge. Besides what better to be the weapon forged by Nex's personal weapon smith made to take out an Efrite lord, mix in the cool dark/anti fire component and it should be something special.

I agree with the idea that the signature weapons should be more unique. For instance The weapon Artel Norn made I am changing to be have the powers of a frost brand, similar to the others but still unique and I am likely to tweak it a bit to bring in more of the dark fire flavor.

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Long ago in a second ed game... I was running a Waterdeep based game and the players had been complaining that the game was getting too grim. So I wrote up an adventure based of a Noble's daughter/Stable boy romance with the only real threat a gang of noble's kids trying to be bad.

The first real confrontation which should have involved punching and such ended with several dead nobles, a bar burned to the ground to hide evidence, and the doomed couple never getting together, . A complete shambles. Two of the characters actually retired and left town to avoid noble retaliation.

I had a player want to play an Aasimar and to add a bit of balance I had him use one of his starting traits to account for it.

Magnu123 wrote:
On the create water topic, flooding a dungeon seems impractical, but what if you combined that with raise/lower water spell. Any body of liquid can be raises 2 feet/level. You just need a thin layer over a large area, cast this spell and boom, instant flood. Opinions?

Create water also short circuits many environmental hazards, Desert no problem cast all the water you need. Fire, create water team to the rescue.

Its a small gripe, but as a DM it does limit a few things.

I am also upping the difficulty to deal with higher level characters, I am giving the gnolls some more hit points and a bit better stats to toughen them up and will up the numbers some as well, I am trying not to up the xp to much so I don't have this problem all through the AP.

Ross Byers wrote:
I removed a link. Please don't redistribute Paizo's copyrighted materials.

Sorry about that, though in my defense I did purchase the printed copies of the entire adventure path and its supporting products.


Eric Clingenpeel wrote:
Cameronvk wrote:


I am also running the Legacy of fire and would like to print a book as well, how did you work the internal pages and do you have files of them?

Thank you

I printed them off single sided on resume quality parchment/paper. Here's a link to the pdf I used. As you can see I originally had thought I'd print the cover, but decided to go another route.

Thank you the pdf is awesome and will greatly improve the feel of the campaign.

Thank you again

Cameron Verkaik

Eric Clingenpeel wrote:

Cover 1

Cover 2
Cover 3 (large file for detail)
Inside 1
Inside 2
Inside 3
Inside 4 (first Page)

I've been meaning to post these for a while now. As you can see I didn't go with the red velvet look. There were just too many things that wouldn't have worked with it, and my wife talked me into using the brassy textured mat board for the front and back. We weren't sure how best to bind the book, but my wife in all her crafty wisdom knew of a way to bind scrapbooks with ribbon, and I thought it looked pretty good with the book, so we went with it. (Much less messy than trying to glue it or something.)

We used the gold paper for highlights of the title with a black backdrop/shadow for each letter. The big problem we ran into was at the smallest setting for cutting the letters out we had, there was no way Shazathared would fit across the page, so we had to angle it. Thought about curving it, but I liked the hard angles better. We used scrapbooking embellishments with the amber gems at the four corners to finish the front cover.

We covered the inside with textured black cardstock to cover the white of the mat board and the fasteners of the embellishments. The rest of the book was as described above with parchment paper printed with a color Xerox workstation.

My bard player almost didn't buy it. It was about half his spending gold that had already been earmarked to purchase some scrolls, but he did purchase it, and after learning about Jhavhul, I think he's happy with the purchase.

And yes, I know they're supposed to be Songs of Shazathared, but my wife and I agreed we liked the sound of Tales of Shazathared better, and really, none of...


I am also running the Legacy of fire and would like to print a book as well, how did you work the internal pages and do you have files of them?

Thank you

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