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Calypstar's page

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I've been searching for the designer's quote, but can't find it on the boards. One of the staff members (would like to say James Jacobs, but not sure) stated prior to UC's release that there will be a feat (or some sort of ability) for the gunslinger to reload while wielding two firearms.

So far, the only thing I see is the Ghostly Reload SPELL...and nothing else. And Gunslingers are not spellcasters so that seems a bit preposterous to have unless you plan on multiclassing.

If I find the quote, I will post it here. But sadly, I don't know any official ruling on this and am also saddened we were not given something semi-promised. :(

Many errors in this book. Thank you all for this. I hope Paizo releases errata soon. I can't buy the hardcover until the second printing so I can get the errors fixed.

I know the one that received the most changes to their spell list is the Bard. I don't know, nor understand, what and why they changed (no Bull's Strength, for example) or what "theme" they're trying to do, but I know it changed noticeably. But the Spell Compendium should be fine.

However, watc out for duplicates. I have found some spells in the Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat and APG that mimic some spells in Spell Compendium with very slight differences. You will have to decide which to stick with and which to ditch from your games.

I see, I thought maybe it was missing clarification but if that's really the intention than the debate's can end finally in our group. I also hit the FAQ just in case, but maybe now our group will quiet down for some time. It does sound like an abstraction and not a literal interpretation just like Hit Points. The weird part is the need to wield a light weapon or it won't work at all, as if holding a dagger when "parrying" a thrown boulder won't work if you're empty-handed.

Wolfgang Baur wrote:

Yes, the Golarion material in Kobold Quarterly is official. Paizo honcho James Jacobs wrote the Dragon Empires/Tian Xia article, and Golarion mapper Rob Lazaretti did the map, so it's 100% official.

Likewise with Richard Pett's archdevil: It was reviewed and approved by Paizo as official.

EDIT TO ADD: And the mini-adventure in KQ#17 is an official PFS quest. We'll have more of those at some point, I suspect.

I see. So something like those new alchemist discoveries aren't part of Pathfinder, just 3P material right? Shame. My DM only allows official material, no third party, to keep things simple.

I know there won't be as many outsiders in this one probably, but will we have a few more of my favorites? I'm wondering if there will be more angels, archons, proteans and inevitables? Especially the last two, I love the more law and chaos stuff than the good and evil. More giants, too maybe? And fey I'm sure.

Is Pathfinder material in KQ official for PF? Like how Dragon Magazine content is official D&D content?

4 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

I was reading the parry ability and it says it can parry an attack, but it never states what kind of attack. Such as melee, ranged, touch, etc.

So does this mean Parry can work on melee and ranged attacks? Touch attacks? How about ray attacks, since they''re ranged touch?

Thanks to the people that can help me with this rule question as it has been a topic of debate in my group.

I am excited about this book. I always loved yugoloths and I am glad Paizo has done work with them instead of ignoring them. October feels so far away! :(

I would very much like an epic book. We love to play high level, we would like more support for it. I hope Paizo considers in the near future.

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