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Calendir Eltoreth's page

30 posts. Alias of Edeldhur.

Full Name

Calendir Eltoreth




Ranger lvl5










Common, elven

Strength 18
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 14
Charisma 8

About Calendir Eltoreth


Ranger 5
CG Medium Half-elf / Humanoid (Half-elf)
Init +3 (+5 ); Senses Perception +15, Low-light Vision, Keen Senses,

AC 20, touch 14, flat-footed 17 (+6 armor, +3 dex, +1 deflection)
hp 42 (5d10+10)
SR 0
Fort +6, Ref +7, Will +3
Armor Mithral Breastplate, Light
Defensive Abilities Elven Immunities (PFCR 24)

Spd 30 ft/x4
Melee Greatsword +1 +10 (2d6+7) 19-20/x2 CM +1
Ranged Composite Longbow +1 +9 (1d8+5) 20/x3 CM +1, SB [+4]
Ranged Composite Longbow +1 +7/+7 (1d8+5) 20/x3 Rapid Shot, CM +1, SB [+4]

Str 18, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8
BAB +5, CMB +9, CMD +23

Feats Armor Proficiency (LIGHT / MEDIUM) (PFCR 118), Deadly Aim (PFCR 121), Endurance (PFCR 122), Power Attack (PFCR 131), Quick Draw (PFCR 131-132), Rapid Shot (PFCR 132), Shield Proficiency (PFCR 133), Skill Focus (Perception) (PFCR 134)

Skills Climb +8, Handle Animal +7, Intimidate +6, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +8, Knowledge (nature) +8, Perception +15, Stealth +11, Survival +10

SQ Favored Enemy Humanoid(PFCR 64), Improved Favored Enemy Undead, Favored Terrain (PFCR 65), Hunter's Bond (PFCR 66), Wild Empathy (PFCR 65)

Traits Armor Expert (Combat) (PFAPG 327), Magical Knack (Magic) (PFAPG 329)

Languages Common, Elven

Background and Fluff:

Calendir is a survivor - born from a complicated affair between a young adventurous elven noble and a love-struck human girl, the bumps in the road for him started even before his birth.

His mother, born into a very humble family of agricultural background, was forced into a simple life of toils and hard work - this did not stop her however from, at any opportunity, escaping her parents’ house during the evenings, to initially peer through the windows of the town tavern and, as she grew into a young woman, actually start frequenting its interior. Dalia was drawn to the passing adventurers by the tales of fame and fortune, and travelling a world filled with mysteries to be unfolded.

In a small towns such as her own, this was not seen with good eyes, and more than once she was dragged out and beaten senseless by her father and scolded upon by her own mother for such a shameless behavior - the call was however much stronger than her, and she would always return to that same smoke and ale filled parlor for more. Just orbiting around all the different backgrounds (some honorable but others not so much) made her feel ALIVE, and it was only a matter of time before she fell in love with a charming elf, himself well-spoken and full of amazing, romantic tales about far away realms and a reputation to be built for oneself.

Blinded by an overwhelming need to leave that place, she could not see the difference between a one night stand with a travelling adventurer and what she believed to be the wonderful young and beautiful creature that would forever scoop her away to an amazing and full life... After waking up the next morning, all of it had lost its sheen, and the mix between a scold and a lust filled grin from the tavern owner hit her as hard as slap in the face - Dalia felt shame, for the illusions, for the lost love, for her misplaced expectations, and something broke inside her...

Sometime later she discovered she was with child, and instead of the usual joy a new life should bring, she felt bitterness and sorrow - his family and in fact the whole town all but turned their back on her for being a woman of loose morals - even though she was not abandoned, she was not really cared for, having to work even harder than usual just to be accepted into the household. She did so, and almost without realizing it, lost all her sense of wonder towards life, which became just a long, strenuous path to be taken until it eventually ends.

Calendir was born into this - not a wanted child, never cherished or loved, he would be handled as simply a mouth to feed - he did not miss the basics, was fed and taken care of as any baby should be, but that was it. He grew up on a basic existence, and already he had to start fending for himself - he had to discover his own friends in rats, stray dogs and birds - these did not pass judgment, they were as warm to him as he was to them, and this was something he could understand, contrary to the coldness from his family and the cruel taunting from the other children in town.

At the age of 8, he was either out working in the fields, helping out in whatever way possible, or he would be in the surrounding woods - he would grimly accept his grandfather beating for not showing up at supper time, seeing it as an acceptable tradeoff for the opportunity to spend time with his "friends" running past creeks, up slopes or up the trees.

This routine escape was what saved his life - he was out running amok with "Toothie", a squirrel with particularly large incisive teeth, when he heard the screams coming from town. Looking south, he could see the reflection of fires burning in the evening clouds as he ran back to his family farmhouse. He could not ever be prepared for what he saw when he arrived there - huge rampaging creatures (he would later come to know they were giants) where truly raging through the village - his house was already burning in full and he could not discern if anyone of his family was still alive.

"They are dead" - the melodic voice sounded behind him - a deathly calm reality check. This was the first time he saw his father, in the middle of chaos and death, he showed up confirming the crumbling of what had been, though wretched, Calendir's life up until that moment.

The next hours were a blur, a testimony to a dramatic battle between elf and giant of proportions beyond what he could ever imagine possible - even though kept behind the brunt of the combat, he saw spells of destruction being flung, giants tearing down houses as if they were toys and heard the constant ring of metal upon metal and flesh.

In the end the giants were driven off, in what the elves considered a sound victory, but the fact was that his village had been almost totally ravaged, and most of its inhabitant were now slain or homeless - strangely enough this did not really register much emotion in Calendir - much like his mother many years ago, also inside him something had broken with the realization of his cold indifference towards all those people that were suffering at this moment. Years later he would realize that had been the moment his childhood had ended.

His father - Telissar - did take him away to a better place by most standards - he explained that when by chance he had returned once again, on another adventurous trip, to the village he first met his mother; he discovered she had given birth to a child. He did not have the courage to face her, or to assume Calendir as his soon, so he just kept tabs from a distance, visiting every so often to check up on them and had spied him many times while he ran through the woods with his animal "friends".

To be honest, even though his life improved dramatically from this point on, things did not really change that much - his father still could not bring himself to take Calendir in as son, so he placed him in another village, under the care of trusted friends - he would visit him often, and took upon him the role of teaching him much of what he knows today: how to fight, how to survive, how to hunt and upon his request, also much about giants, theirs strengths and their weaknesses. Through the next years, Telissar tried continuously to explain the harsh reality of what had happened between him and Dalia but to no avail - the truth is Calendir never did and still does not recognize him as a father, not out of a sense of rage or anger but instead simple indifference.

At 18, on one of the occasions his father was away, Calendir simply took up his gear and left without ever looking back, he did not say goodbye to the ones that had taken him in and, in fact, he did not even think about his father - he wanted simply to be off on his own, away from things that never meant anything to him and still don't."

He never turned back sfter lesving, always moving, pressing ever forward. Not from a need for isolation or reproach but simply because, for the first time in his life, he was on his own - FREE!!
His first days were simply to travel, without a set destination or direction, living off what the wilds had to offer - it was only after he had travelled aimlessly for weeks that he realized he was heading back to his former home...

He found the old village a deserted ruin, as expected after the vicious giantkin onslaught - wandering through the decrepit buildings and deserted homesteads brought him memories of days long past, devoid of happiness or joy - he felt a grim satisfaction in thinking about all those that had so tormented him in his childhood, fleeing in panic or contemplating their burning homes - it was a dark and decisive moment in his life as he felt totally drawn to senses of anger, revenge and self-preservation above everything and everyone.

Mr - a very young voice shook him from his torpor - Is you a hero
Mr? - behind them stood a ragged young girl, her fsce caked with dirt snd dried blood, her clothes reduced to a tattered mess snd her posture that of a scared animal. Through that disgrace, enormous blue eyes stared at him inquisitively.

- I am no hero girl, what are you doing here?

Without a word, the girl turned tail and ran off. Calendir chased her easily through the ruins as she ducked through a hole in what remained of the door for one of the many destroyed houses. Bursting through the door he was caught completely off guard when he found himself facing off a rag tag group of similarly broken down children, brandishing sticks, pitchforks and stones, defiantly confronting him, the small girl cowering behind them.

- What the... - he started

- You can go on your way Mr.!! - he was cut short by one of the bigger children, thrusting menacingly forward with his broken pitchfork - We don't needs your help.

- But what are you kids doing here?

- There be no kids here Mr, we all be growns enough to care of us. You can go.

- I want to know... - he started again, and again he was cut short.

- You has no wants here Mr. You leave now or we will be making ya leave! - with this, kids started popping from every hole, niche and cranny from the surrounding buildings, improptu weapons in hand, confidently striding forward at him.

- Very well then - he set himself, grimly drawing his greatsword and aiming it at the biggest child in the group, a boy no more than 13 years old, and added - I will start with you...

- You are going to strike children down Calendir? - Though broken and old, that voice was unmistakable to his sharp senses, though it could not be, he did NOT wanted it to be....

- Mother........?

The village was not dead after all - life had returned to it shortly after elves had left. Most able bodied adults had left in the wake of the destruction wrought by the giants - aided by the victorious elves, they were relocated as possible to neighbouring communities.

But others stayed behind, hidden, cowering and lost amongst the ruins and the chaos left behind. Amongst them, was Calendir's mother - wounded and broken, she hid deep in the cellar of her family's farmstead she did not know how long, crying her last breaths away, as if in the miserable last chapter of a wretched life she had hated, ever since she found out she was bearing Calendir in her woomb.

She was brought out of desperation when others started showing up at the cellar - children, looking for shelter and food, wanting a safe place to hide and rest. Instinctively she started caring for him - shortly after it was apparent that the logistics would become impossible to tackle - she forced herself up and out, scavenging for food and clothes for children that now numbered above a dozen.

Throughout the next year, things where never easy - bitter winters, wild animals, bandits - the small community saw a bit of everything, but those first few weeks together had knit them closer than anyone would think possible. And so they endured... and thrived.

Calendir could only stare dumbfounded, tears running down his cheeks, as his mother recounted with pride all that they had accomplished so far - the gleam in her eyes told him that she was alive again. After the first couple of years leading a basic existence, she had started to live again, empowered by the will to see those she became to see as her family, thrive and pull through, and indeed they had moved forward - as they spoke she explained how they managed to rebuild housing for all of the current inhabitants, that now include many returned after hearing news that the village was starting to stand again; how they managed to have enough crops to feed every mouth and enough cattle to assure they would no go starving from one day to the other.

He found himself drawn to this, wanting to stay and put his back into making it work, as if he was rebuilding his life from scratch - he took a lesson from the brave souls that had decided to rebuild not only their homes, but also their lives, against all possible odds. His concerns felt small and puny, insignificant in comparison, so he put them aside and much like his mother had done years before, he immersed himself in the task at hand - he helped rebuild a stockade, worked in the fields, forayed daily, hunting and scouting the surrounding areas, killed mercilessly any brigands and ill-doers that approached the village, assisted in rebuilding houses and the watermill, worked as the main trainer for the wannabe militia men and women - simply put, he did his best, and it made him feel good.

For the next 4 years he stayed, but a few things he could not accomplish - he never managed to be a part of the community, not for any lack being welcome by all, but because he does not know how to deal with those feelings. He would stay most of the time in the woods, visiting only to assist in the needed works, or to briefly check in on his mother, but never for long. And he never managed to come to terms with his childhood, hje would not approach the matter with his mother ever, and would quickly end the conversation if she would hint at such theme. For him, that life is over - he will not lose a single moment more dwelling on what was, and why it was.

Lagash, the CAT:
From the hills, he spotted the smoke from multiple chimneys as the day wore away - the village was healing and had recovered some measure of a tranquil living. Even from here, he could spot the militia patrolling the inside of the stockade - Ermar, Faldor and Eluari - the young men and woman had been trained by him and they were getting to become some of the finest members in the defense of Aldorenor - seeing their martial posture brought a smile to his lips as he ran off, away and further up the slopes.

He had been in the woods for 3 days now - three cattle heads had been slaughtered right under his nose, and he had been tracking the beast responsible for the killing. He did however, at the end of each day, return to the hilltop to oversee the village and make sure all was well.

Now.. this beast was an elusive one, smarter than usual, it had managed to elude Calendir's by now well trained outdoorsman skills, and he hadn't even yet managed a glimpse of the creature. He knew it was a large feline by the tracks, scents and terrritory markings he had detected - he knew also it was a male, but its behavior seemed somewhat erratic. Apparently it had circled the village for days, until the decision of atacking the cattle - additionally it SEEMED to take exceptional care with its tracks, doubling back multiple times, and using hard terrain to make tracking as difficult as possible.

But Calendir's tracking skills are also well above the norm, and so he eventually had managed to narrow down the possible alternatives - tonight he would investigate the southeastern edge of the hills, that faced away from Aldorenor - it was dotted with multiple caves and nooks, many probably leading down to the underground.

After a two hour travel he heard a distinctive growl in the distance - he knew he had found his mark - as he ran nimbly uphill through broken terrain, his ears picked also human voices and shouts - he pushed ahead even faster, and after a sharp bend in the uneven mountain trail he saw a surprising scene.

An encampmnet had been set up in one of the slopes, in a particularly flat area - made of two bonfires and about a dozen of men, they seemed to have gathered near one of the fires, brandishing swords and pikes, facing off against a large, deep brown, Mountain Lion - the cat was not attacking though, and seemed hesitant and confused. To one side laid the remains of the slain cattle - Why the hell would the cat bring such heavy prey so far, and HOW?! - the animal deed seem magnificent but... carrying half a carcass for such a distance makes no sense for a predator such as this. Unless...

Focusing more attentively on the scene, he took in additional details that had eluded him initially, the cat was not hesitating, he was pacing, stalking around the encampment, his attentntion focused on something that took Calendir just one moment to discern - his mate. Another smaller cat lay wounded inside a cage (from the distance he could only tell the creature was wounded because it laid extremely still, lifting its head only once in a while to let out a low, suffered growl).

- Damn smart cat - he told himself. It would seem the male was bringing food to the encampment, attempting to make sure his mate was fed.

Further scrutiny allowed him to understand that the men did not seem to be actually scared, they taunted the big cat, inciting him to attack, and keeping his attention focused on them - the men seemed mostly rugged but a closer inspection showed they were trappers, and a coupple of them were circling around the beast, poised with nets and hooks - it was a TRAP!

Calendir ran madly down the slope towards the encampment, he did not take a moment further to ponder the scenario, to consider if he was acting in the best way possible or not, he simply acted - without a word he let an arrow fly - the dry thudding sound as it connected with its targets' chest, and the ensuing scream, caught the attention of the distracted beast, ears perked up and behind, it took notice of the trap and roared.

"11" - Calendir thought to himself, as he readied another arrow, letting it fly almost instantly at a second target, this one now aware of some other contender, but still unable to find him in the darkness surrounding the camp, and for that reason unable to defend himself adequatly, and promptly dropping down grasping the arrow protruding from his throat.

"10" - A third missile flew, now focused at the mob between the cat and its mate - conmecting painfully with another man's groin, dropping him to his knees.

"9" - The mountain lion barreled against the group that was attempting to circle around him before, now reduced to three men - his initial pounce was so fierce that it knocked down two of the men, the follow up attack ripping out the face of one of them, leaving him to die in agony.

"8" - Bow dropped, greatsword drawed, Calendir put all his weight behind his first strike - it impacted the opponent in front of him so hard, that the gash ran from the top left shoulder, through his chest and almost down to his groin, collapsing lungs and heart, slaying him instantly.

"7" - A two claw gash disemboweled a now screaming and dying man.

"6" - Calendir, taking a hard hit from a spear to his side, managed to recover his balance in time to respond with a greatsword backswing - a difficult maneuver which caught his opponent by surprise, severing his weapon arm and leaving him to bleed to death.

"5" - Regaining a measure of composure, the trappers have regrouped, and are now pressing in on the ranger in articulated strikes. Accepting two small hits, Calendir bears down on a shield, held defensively high, cutting through it and leaving the correspondent arm broken and useless.

"4" - There is an eerie silent moment while the big cat grapples a third man by its neck, and then a sickening crunch and gurgling sound as its windpipe collapses, choking him slowly.

Three man remain, now fleeing into the dark night, without even looking back - They will die tonight - Calendir promised himself as he dropped the sword to check on the wounded female. He never got to her though, being blocked by the hulking figure of its mate, and a deep unmistakable, menacing growl.

- I know friend, but we need to get her out of the cage, or I cannot tend to her - walking confidently past the huge cat, he opened the cage door and stepped inside, just to confirm the dire reality of the wounds - not only the she-cat had multiple infected puncturing wounds, but also a broken, still bleeding paw - the wounds had days and he understood immediately that the animal was now extremely weak, and beyond recovery. Exiting the cage, the males' eyes seemed inquisitive to Calendir but he could not face them, lowering his head and facing away.

For the first hour he tried to tend to the wounded beast, on the second hour he just sat by the two animals, sharing their suffering as the female drifted away, on the third hour they hunted together for the fleeing trappers - the ranger did not shoot another arrow and let the cat do all the killing - he never knew who they were, and he never cared.

They sticked together while the beast healed from its suffering, and Calendir only returned to the village 2 months later - Lagash growling and padding softly at his side.

Personality basics:

Calendir is a loner and survivor by nature, he never had the opportunity to sharpen his "people skills" and by now he does not feel the need to - he is quite at ease by himself, having learned what he needs to remain alive - he knows he can depend on himself, and up to this point he has not yet looked for or found anyone else he feels he can depend on.

He has learned that wanting to know more about the world can be an objective in itself and he never passes by on an opportunity to explore or test his own skills. There is still a latent desire for vengeance in him, even if against his father, his mother, or the giants that destroyed his "home" he does not know. The anger bottled up (maybe he does not even realize it is there) sometimes flares up, usually during a fight and he welcomes the opportunities of combat - on par with running through the wild, this is something that makes him feel alive.

He is intrinsically good, and even though it is extremely hard to have him warm up to anyone, he does know the difference between right and wrong and he can be moved by the right cause, though he will never admit it.

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