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Calamari's page

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not impressed at all

*( )( )( )( )

Except for the section in Chapter One on profession archetypes, there is nothing in this book that I couldn't live without.

IMHO, the Magus class was poorly thought out and the Words of Power are a needless complication. The lack of usefulness in this book will make me think twice before purchasing other titles in this line.

I was hoping for new clerical domains, new (non-elemental) wizard spells, more options for existing classes, etc.... The fact that I didn't get those things disappoints me.

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was good, could be better

****( )

This campaign guide could easily have filled a book three times this size. There is just no way that a setting as complex as Osirion can be covered in 32 pages. What is in these 32 pages will definitely make you want to adventure in the desert. Expanding this setting with the book "Sandstorm" will give your campaign legs.

You must buy this book if you play in Greyhawk


For some unknown reason, the Third Edition Greyhawk Rules declared the City of Greyhawk to be off-limits to everyone. Hello? It's called the "World of Greyhawk" for a reason!

This book fully details the Domain of Greyhawk as it stands in CY 591 (roughly 5 game years ago). When used in conjunction with "WGA 1: Ruins of Castle Greyhawk", you will get all you need for a complete Greyhawk-based campaign.

Good: $4 USD is an amazing price tag for this second edition masterpiece.

Bad: The scan of the map of Greyhawk City missed a few details in the center and around the borders. (bad scan)

An RPG Classic


Good: Sadly lacking third edition content comes to life for the amazingly low price of $4 USD.

Bad: Level maps are in color, but there is no key that explains why different rooms are olive green, orange, canary yellow, sage green, purple, red, etc...

This is mother of all dungeon crawls. It is written for second edition, so some translation work must be done to use in a third edition campaign. Excellent when used in conjunction with "Greyhawk: The Adventure Begins".

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