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Color spray is in no way affected by maximize, are you thinking mythic?

The save is the big one. Remember the surge die especially if it's targeting a particularly weak save. Later they're going to be pretty infamous among their enemies so spell immunity for the ones they use often would not be out of hand.

He doesn't use xp so that's a moot point.

I don't think so, just need to focus on what you want to get out of it. The main point seems to be to help cement Areelu as threat and big villain since not much is made of her outside of historical knowledge. You can have NPCs explain the threat given that there are materials that mention her by name the pcs can find, but it violates to some extent the principal of show don't tell. I personally would go for the days leading up to the cataclysm. Kenabres despite being the place the first stone was erected doesn't seem to have too much interesting in history (you have the events that set off the 2nd and third(?) crusades, but getting into those would drag it some IMO).

Maybe have them flash to Sarkoris in its heyday, maybe a festival of some sort but also somewhat intangible. I'd try to give it the flavor of more a lucid dream. They have some RP during this time get to know the people and then they find themselves further forward. Whispers of witches and demon cults are growing, but overall most aren't paying too much attention. They want to focus on preparing for Aroden's return in the coming months. Then the last jump, panic in the streets and soldiers are rushing to where the worldwound will open. You could run a combat here an display Areelu's power without worrying about smashing the pcs (she had ascended to a half -succubus prior to opening the wound) it would make sense for her to target the npc "allies' because the PCs aren't really here. They can engage and strike down the rank and file cultists but an apparition of someone from that time rushed from their "body" showing it's more them acting in the place of others. It goes on for a while before all hell breaks loose.

If you're wanting to stick to canon it'd be very difficult. They weren't erected until the second crusade and Vorlesh was the one who opened the worldwound. She'd be a big deal well before the wardstone was around. To keep that I'd probably have an interlude where Iomedae (or another patron for the party) lets them glimpse back to the time before Sarkoris was torn asunder to see all that was lost. Not sure exactly how it was, but a bit of the glory days, back when they thought Aroden would return to lead humanity into the golden age and then everything goes wrong.

Seannos do you have access to faiths of purity? Iomedae is painted far more moderate and diplomatic in that that what you're pointing out. I reread it to be sure and a large onus is on justice and never willingly committing an injustice and recompensing it threefold if done in error.

And again the oath specifies evil and malicious, I can understand the player wanting to do the fall and redemption arc (though the fact you mention they typically play flirting with evil me a "have your cake and eat it too" vibe).

Depending on how you want to run it, you could make use of the capstone power from the old Inheritor's crusader.

Sword Against Injustice (Su)

At 3rd level, a crusader may use his power to judge the guilty and absolve the innocent. As a standard action he may announce he is bringing divine judgment upon a target who is accused of a crime, lie, or other affront to justice; the crusader makes a melee attack with his sword against the target as part of this judgment. If the target is innocent of what he is accused, the attack stops just short of striking him, as if hitting an invisible wall; if the target is guilty, the attack automatically hits with a flash of white light.

This attack requires no attack roll and cannot critically hit. If the target is protected by an effect that inhibits divinations (such as mind blank), the attack bounces off the target with an unpleasant metallic hiss, like quenching a red-hot blade in water. The crusader may use this ability once per day; each additional use beyond the first drains him, causing him to become fatigued. He cannot use this class ability if he is exhausted. He may expend a use of channel energy or lay on hands while activating this ability to prevent fatigue. Sometimes people wrongly accused of great crimes beg for the intercession of an Inheritor’s crusader, knowing this power will exonerate them.

I don't think he can enter the forbiddance around where she's holed up if I remember the spell correctly. The oath is also heavy on that it applies to malicious and evil outsiders which she doesn't really qualify as at that point (subtype issue aside). They give a pretty solid bit of headway that she's looking for redemption by her cell, unless he thinks desna is evil loving so in the event he does I'd say repercussions are in order.

Edit, misremembered forbiddance but he'll be taking constant damage in it since it's keyed to chaotic and good.

Iomedae explicitly gives them tools to enable them to redeem the fallen and also asks them when one should extend their hand to the enemy instead of the sword at certain points.She is rigid but does not dust off redemption though not to the level of sarenarae. If the player has RPd well, there shouldn't be an issue.

I don't really see anything disqualifying him. The darkest aspect is what his father did, and I really don't think she'd apply that to him. AS far as I recall she has no inclination against tieflings, so i really do not know why you see this as a roadblock. The tiefling is no more innately drawn to evil than aasimar do good. They have tendencies but lack the subtype so there's nothing that innately taints him. Iomedae value honor, valor, protecting one's fellow with your life, etc. if he's been playing a rocking paladin, I can't see the race factoring in.

Actually fireball gets a lot more mileage under mythic. Augment it and resistance and immunity get bypassed before any of the other crazy things they can do with their spells factor in.

Due to a major error in remembering how the map was connected my players were able to drop him far easier than should have been able. Still, they felt pretty badass, but I do plan to have him return towards the end to hopefully give them the fight he should have been (along with some typically incongruous templates reasoned with "because demon lords".)

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I would at least make a clarification/house rule on mythic vital strike. That was the first thing I did (static damage multiplies same as vital strike multiplier, not per die) since it's not hard to read it as that. 2 handers with size increases could easily get out of hand with the latter reading.

How did they get through Baphomet's regeneration? If it's not coming from a god or a mythic source (and the uncorrupted herald is not per the rules) he can be knocked out but not killed.

Ah. I'm having to change how Kirandra's introduced so that's not been an issue (They discovered Nurah early and did quite well on trying to convert her. Barring FUBAR below, seems pretty solid approaching it similarly to Jestak). Made her a swashbuckler since I think that fits a bit better with the story as well as being a bit nastier than duelist. Torn between using only class levels and letting her use her hit dice with the swashbuckler's precise strike.

I thought they already did. It mentions in the book that she is one of Nurah's primary contacts, though they've not communicated since Nurah was sent to infiltrate..

Just a heads up, it may be a google bug, but all pages after 14 are broken in the shared doc and reloading doesn't clear it up.

Just seeing some of the recounts, I'm probaboly going to start multiplying big boss HP, but will see if the upgraded stat blocks work at later levels. Your mythic chimera redo made for a nice scare (nearly downed three of the party, was a bit generous and didn't use the swift breath since I think that would have outright killed them). Stauton went down easy due to my error. Misremembered how some of the rooms linked, though it was connected to the tower which they decided to fly to the top invisibly and work their way down, so they got a drop on him they shouldn't have. Was still a nice coordinated moment of awesome for the sorcerer and cleric. Mythic holy smite (which shall now be referred to as the holy flashbang) and armor lock really made his life sad. Eager to see how eustoyriax works out,

I've honestly felt that the boss themes from Metal Gear Rising work well. It just meshes with the insanity that mythic creatures facing off can do.

I gave them a about 2-3 days to account for their escalation delay. It was more narrative, her personal war host was on the way led by forces they could not repel and that gave them a bit of urgency.

I believe there were rules for that in the book of exalted deeds. 3.5 so you would need to ask your gm

I'd say that's probably the likely culprit and was cut for a reason. Number's too clean to be random.

Demons revisited has specific half-fiend types (half-balor, half-vrock, etc) listed and their various stat bonuses

The group I'm dming is about to hit the fortress and the map is rather daunting. Anyone have any advice for handling it without stalling play to draw and redraw parts of it?

Charisma is a bit low actually, Half-succubus give +8 to that, +4 to con, and +2 to int, wis, and dex. I know in a lot of other APs the main baddies are built with higher point buys. It's usually listed but could that account for the remainder?

In terms of how they affect it, a prayer to from the herald to Iomedae for assistance in preventing the demons' plans can halt the progress on the doom clock for a day, but those with touched by divinity can also beseech their parent for the same effect. Story-wise they also get the full vision of what the demons are planning in the beginning, which touched by divinity can also recieve.

There several abilities form becoming the herald outlined at the end of the fifth book and a couple instances of how te herald influences the events in the sixth book

Odraude wrote:

I thought you couldn't refill wands...

EDIT: As a matter of fact, you cannot:


The standard rules don't allow item creation feats to recharge charged items such as wands. This is because wands are the most cost-effective form of expendable spellcasting in the game (the minimum price is 15 gp per charge, as compared to a minimum price of 25 gp per use for a scroll or 50 gp per use for a potion). Allowing wand recharging devalues scrolls and potions in the game, especially as using a wand does not provoke attacks of opportunity. A wand's lower price increment would also mean that partially recharging the wand is easily done with a short downtime period (10 charges per day for a 2nd-level wand, 4 per day for a 3rd-level wand, and 2 per day for a 4th-level wand), making the wand even more useful and cost-effective.

A GM who wants to allow wand recharging can require a minimum of 25 charges added to the item to help offset this advantage, as it forces you to spend a larger amount of gold at once instead of smaller amounts more frequently.

Source: Recharging Charged Magic Items

There is an upgrade to one of the mythic traits (riftwarden orphan I believe) that allows you to recharge a charge-using magic item with 1d10+tier charges per day.

how did the wardstone shards really affect it? They can be used once and then become inert. If those were used multiple times there's an issue in and of itself.

Thanks for the clarification. Was considering using him later with maybe a flawed nyhandrian elixir backlash as an insurance bit but will probably have him port away in the canyon to get some recurring villain mileage before the dimensional anchor aura comes into play.

What do your pcs looks like? I plan on replacing the mass combat with with them taking out the general and the honor guard and upping them quit a bit to account for it being kind of a 5 minute work day, but exorious as you've written seems like he could easily eat a pc a turn. Would like to compare my group to yours before deciding whether the rebuild myself.

Yeah it's poorly placed for that. That probably explains any xp deficit you have at this point.

Did you make use of the random encounter table for the underground in the back? I didn't know it was there until they got past that part which if I were using xp may have put them behind.

All APs except the 3.5 ones assumes medium track. In the front of the book they'll give you rough points oh where characters should be certain levels. i just did away with exp for this one since it goes all the way to the top.

Greater arcane sight cannot be permanencied as it says in the description. ArcaneSight can be but it doesn't seem to give you anything specific

Can this topic be taken into its own thread? It's interesting but it also swallows up nearly anything else that comes up.

That said you'll also kind of a bullet magnet. There are a number of tactics blocks that say "aims for the paladin first" as well as the antipaladins coming up more and more often.

I'm planning to make use of the augmented stat block that was posted on the forums that lets him attempt to dispel protection from evil when using his magic jar ability so that will probably add some fear in.

I have a question about how the Sword of Valor can influence the fight against Eustoyriax. It says that once a good aligned divine spellcaster touches it is reactivated once more and bestows its powers upon the persona who touched it. Does this include the ability to summon the Planetar or just drop Eustoryiax's AC and saves.

Dr definitely hinders the damage output, though you get access to an item that can help the party get around that fairly easily if they get some warning. Haven't gotten past the first book but it will be interesting to see since we don't run with the rule that enhancement bonuses bypass material and alignment DR, but my players are also pretty savvy. Smite is very nice though and technically it bypasses epic DR, something that no one else will be able to do for a while in the AP.

He is a celestial blooded sorceror and kind of plays at being a cleric (has touched by divinity as well) so I like the holy symbol idea, though I do agree with Tangent that it's a bit too tailored.

By technicality and it's why a few aren't too sore about you potentially putting the boot to baphy. Came very close to nulling the agreement that avoids divine crusades.

I'm looking for help on reworking the Dawnflower's kiss into a different item. None of the characters worship Sarenrae and the only one who could wield it is the Paladin and Radiance is enough. It doesn't have to be a weapon, in fact crafting something more appropriate to a sorcerer would be the best for my party as I've got items planned for the others. I'm not really familiar with what casters want aside from boosting their casting stat and I'd like to make it a bit more special than a beefed up headband. Any help would be appreciated.

Augmented time stop specifically says that you do not gain the benefits of resting in it.

I believe on gilarion they don't need followers to sustain them anyway.

There is a problem in the feats seciton. Most of the pre-req are not being displayed correctly. Greed, bastard born, and visited a ruin or forgotten place are all over the place on it.

I would hold off on creatures for the time being. I think the better way would be to start off with nonfunctional tech (value is in the material, not what it does) as part of the loot they got from out west. Depending on how far you could introduce some magic items with numerian flavor (for example physical stat belt actually a powered exoskeleton, functionally the same item and slot but with some extra flavor. They've done similar with other stuff from numeria ie a ray gun could be a modified wand of scorching ray) Irovetti has some numerian toys you could look to for inspiration as well. For creatures I'd say 4 is probably the best time to use them. Party starts hitting people aligned with pitax at that point so switching around a couple encounters to have more techy minions would be a good time. Book 5 is probably the best time to bring out any numerian creatures you'd like to use. Not sure how heavily you're wanting to make this a central theme since book 6 will be a big swerve if so.

I would probably slowly build it as opposed to clockwork right at the start. Perhaps when they take the fort some of the loot is strange mechanical components, pieces taken from wrecks near the numerian borders or busted tech, still valuable but not really useable aside from attempting to reverse engineer something during the AP. Maybe have him a couple of abysium coated arrows to get some extra oomph and get that connection. Not sure of how the clockwork owlbear will stack up but looking at the template seems it could be the bigger threat than staggie. Also if you introduce it, you need to be ready for a craft party to try to safely disable it and keep it.

The order of the godclaw, if I'm remembering correctly, was founded by Paladins who crusaded at the worldwound.

Orthos wrote:
My players will be heading to the first instance of the tournament in a couple of months. I plan to have them invited to several such before reaching the climactic one in WOTRK.

I would highly recommend running an outlaw council event when they hit the size to be considered a kingdom. Our DM did that before the tourney. Got a lot of great RP from it.

Our group managed to sweep the tourney in part by happy accident. The archery contest was handled well by my ranger cohort and our friend Garuum, the cleric's cohort, destroyed all six logs in a great display of strength. But the show was stolen completely by our swashbuckler Roger Flint, champion of the joust and boast. For the boast he told the tale of how he seduced a blodeuwedd commune, ending the story with a bawdy song beginning with "I take a look at my enormous..."

He narrowly took victory from Pitax's representative. The highlight though was the joust, where he was our representative solely on the fact that he could ride a horse. He faced down Villamor Koth, narrowly avoiding being unseated while dealing a decisive blow to knock the former champion from his horse. After his surprise victory he led the crowd in a chorus of his earlier song while lewdly gesticulating with his lance.

The next morning we all enjoyed Irovetti having to congratulate us on our vidoty with a smile indistinguishable from rictus (with a lovely slip of the tongue from our DM giving Roger a new nickname; "the lord of rodly might"). We enjoyed our strong showing as well as resigning to the fact that when we face Koth again he is going to stove Roger's head in before anything else.

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