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Caineach's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. 6,118 posts (6,123 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.

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E3 released trailer

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I'm just going to leave this here

I'm working on a Brawler who utilizes Performance Combat. This is for a Hell's Rebel's game, so I'm hoping there may be some opportunities to play to a crowd against the establishment. I think this works well, but I'm curious what other think

Human Brawler 20 point buy)
Str 17 (15 +2)
Dex 13
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 14

1 Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike)
H Dazzling Display
B2 Power Attack
3 Savage Display, Hero's Display, or Dramatic Display (I can now grab Performing Combatant with my Martial Flexibility) I'm leaning towards Savage Display.
5 Performing Combatant
B5 Combat Expertise
6 (I can now grab a second ability and Masterful Display with Martial Flexibility, or a greater combat maneuver to give me more options for triggering performance checks)
7 Improved Trip
8 Greater Trip
9+ who knows

Skills - likely keep these max
Knowledge Local
Perform Comedy

Historian of the Rebellion

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God I want one of these systems

So the Daring Infiltrator archtype says it's Bonus Feat ability replaces things at 2nd, 10th, and 18th level but the base swashbuckler only gets feats at 4th, 12th, and 20th. Considering how much underpowered the 2nd level ability is compared to what it replaces, is there supposed to be an additional bonus feat as well, or is this a typo?

Avengers 2 trailer looks pretty cool.

For fans of the card game, a computer version is going on sale Friday
steam link

Some 2D animators, mostly from Disney, are putting together a short, Hullabaloo. The steampunk art looks fantastic.

Kickstarter campaign for a new Robotech pilot episode

So a good buddy of mine and former GM for many a game recently released a kickstarter for Slower Than Light. It is a 4X game where you build a space empire, but unlike similar games of the genre light speed is a hard cap on movement and communications. Build your space empire as the time delay between instructions and action increases. Who knows what your outer colonies are doing today?

Some kickstarter minis for Sebastian

So, I was looking for minis and I randomly came across a set of Dr. Who themed ones. Figure some of you would be interested.

This kickstarter looks like it has a lot of neat greek style models.

So I came accross this awesome indiegogo with oriental miniatures and figured I would share.

Kickstarter for Kobolds Ate My Baby

So, a lot of you have already heard about it, but the theatrical trailer is now out.

I am looking forward to it.

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International table top day hosted by Geek & Sundry will be March 30th.

The Bundle of Holding is a group of ebooks by RPG authors. Pay what you want, like the Humble Bundle.

Our collection includes recent novels and stories by Matt Forbeck (Brave New World), Chuck Wendig (Hunter: The Vigil), Jenna Moran (Nobilis, Exalted), Stephen D. Sullivan (D&D/AD&D, Chill), Rafael Chandler (Scorn, Spite), Sarah Newton (Mindjammer, Legends of Anglerre), Derek Pearcy (In Nomine), and Aaron Rosenberg (Asylum, Spookshow).

I know there have been others before, but there is a kickstarter for metal dice. I know the people running, and they do know their dice.

So there is this Kickstarter by the National Space Society to create a video on realistic near term reasons why space exploration and development is important to society, and what it will look like.

Evil Hat is doing a kickstart for a new Fate core rule set
Good luck to them

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Disney buys Star Wars. Episode 7 ETA 2015. Not sure if this is good or bad news. They can't hate Star Wars as much as Lucas, can they?

So Ars Magica is doing a kickstarter for a video game. You play a covenant though a century of their history. It sounds interesting. Anyone in?

So apparently playing WoW is a political issue in Maine.
Republicans are going after the Democratic challenger in the State Senate because she plays WoW. Any idea what kind of people are the Republicans actually thinking this will affect?

They're dwarves, in cool poses, in a kickstarter

The author of my favorite RPG, Nobilis, is doing an indiegogo to fund a series of short stories. Help Jenna Moran out. Her stuff is intelligent, quirky, and fun.

So the guys who made all the awesome Infinity Engine games are making a new one through Kickstarer. They have my money. Do they have yours?

There is a new kickstarter for Tentacles & Eyeballs. My collection doesn't really need them, but figured some of you might like them.

Ok, so they aren't building the thing yet, but this kickstarter is for doing reasearch needed for a feasibility study on building an ELEVATOR TO SPACE.

I wish I was making this up.

2012 Texas Republican Party Platform wrote:
We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority


Anyone else following what is going on between The Oatmeal and FunnyJunk?

Long story short - FJ threatened to sue the oatmeal webcomic because of archived complaints about FJ's policy of reposting copyrighted material and proffitting off of it without artist permission or attributes.

The Oatmeal responded to the lawsuit by starting an indiegogo campaign to raise money so that he could take a picture of said money with a comic of the lawyer's mom seducing a bear, and then donate the money to the National Wildlife Foundation and the American Cancer Society.

In a few days he has raised over 140K.

Star Voter Season 6

So, after looking through the various encounters this year I have noticed a very common trend. If I run a party of the assumed level (where CR=LVL), the encounter will be a speed bump for them. Now, for some of the encounters, this is reasonable. But anyone outlining the final boss of a dungeon puts themselves at a disadvantage from doing so.

Take Mike Welham's encounter as an example. If you throw a mummy (CR5), a CR1 snake, and 2 1/3rd CR skellies at a lvl 6 party, a few level 3 spells and the encounter is done. On the other hand, if I throw this at a lvl 3-4 party, it makes for a good final fight.

In the end, unless you are running a solo enemy, your encounter CR will always end up being higher than the highest enemies CR, and thus the strongest enemy will be less of a threat to the party than you usually want for a final boss. This may be fine for mid-adventure fights, but final epic fights excite voters much more.

In the future, I would like to see a recomended level range submitted with the encounters for the fight. Depending on the type of fight, the designer make put the level closer or further to the CR. I feel as though we would see more interesting and useful encounters out of this than we do now.

So, I had this thought last night and was wondering what people think. There have been complaints about wanting things to be built at reasonable rates. The definition of reasonable varries from player to player, but I think we can all agree we don't want to see castles spring up instantly but also don't want them to take a year to complete.

So my idea is this: Manpower as a limmitted resource. It could be a requirement for lots of stuff: large scale building, standing armies, castle guards, assistant crafters, shop assistants, caravan guards.

This is a hard resource to create. Its not like you can go out and mine it. It would allow for the game admins to control growth by limitting the number of people available for the players to do things with. They could be a significant resource drain on the ecconomy (which is not necessarily a bad thing.) They could also be a good candidate for microtransactions.

What do people think?

I came accross this kickstarter today.

There is currently a Muls in Pathfinder thread in Suggestions/Houserules/homebrew thread that the links no longer seem to work for me on.
It brings me to PG/general

11 people marked this as a favorite.

A friend of mine sent this over to me.
Its images of sexy women in reasonable armor.

So, the Priestess of Gyrona description in RRR talks about how they frequently replace children with changelings and use the babies in sacrifices.

I want to have them replace a baby with a changeling in my campaign. Anyone have ideas/stats for one?

I'm working on a new character, and I'm currious what people think. The rest of the party consists of an Oracle of an unknown type, some form of caster who controls undead (not sure if he is planning cleric or wizard), and 1 undefined with an undetermined player. We will be starting at level 1.

Abridged background: I was born to a noble family in a prominent house. At the age of 12, my house participated in a rebellion and the rebels lost. I was able to escape as I watched my family cut down before my eyes. I joined the commoner's who were rebelling, but recently decided they were petty thieves.

Game of thrones:
Think Arya Stark if she stayed with Robert's bastard son instead of joining the Hound

Human Cavalier: Order of the Shield
15 point buy
str 16
dex 14
con 10
int 13
wis 10
cha 12

1: Combat Reflexes, Body Guard, Swap Places(teamwork)
3: In Harm's Way
5: Dodge
6: Mobility (Bonus Feat)
7: Combat Patrol
8: Stand Still (Order Power, improved from normal)

Traits: undetermined. Want something that gives know(nobility) that fits my background. Likely taking Poverty Stricken as the other for survival.

Skills I care about:
Bluff, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Knowledge(nobility), Knowledge(History), Knowledge(local), Ride, Sense Motive, Survival
I get 7 skill points/level using my favored class. I am thinking I will keep Ride, Knowledge(nobility), survival, and diplomacy maxed and split points on the others. I will likely throw some points elsewhere, like heal, as we go along. Perception would be nice, but I'm not really sure I have the points for it and someone else should be getting it.

I am planning on going sword and board, without the ability to go for mounted combat frequently enough to make it worthwhile. When I am mounted, I will be more likely to use my size advantage to control a greater area for stand still.

Overall, I am worried about the party's damage output. Without taking power attack until 9 at the earliest, only a 16 str, and going sword and board without TWF, I wont be bringing the damage to the table. I like where the build is going though. Anyone have anyadvice?

So, orriginally this post was to be in responce to the now locked How is this supposed to be ballanced thread. I'm not trying to restart that flame war. I just want to show some math. When I started this, I was doing it to show that guns were not overpowered, but the result I came to has put me thinking it needs more study.

From what I can tell, at level 10, a pistol using fighter will average more damage than a bow using one, but suffers from the reduced range increment. The comparisons I keep seeing will not show this though, because people keep comparing the 2 as if they had equal stats and gear. There are a flaw with this.

The main reason I see for this is because the pistoleer will be auto-hitting for all intents and purposes. Giving them more than a +1 enhancement bonus is a waste, but I keep seeing them with guns equal to the bow user's. Typical weapons at this point will be +3. Trading +2 to hit for +2d6 damage (ex. flaming and frost) is extremely valuable to them, since that +2 does very little. For a bow user, this is not the case. They get more damage out of the +2 to hit than out of the additional damage.

The best level 10 DPR I could come up with quickly (without getting into too much equipment details or searching through less familiar APG content) for the bow user against the dragon is 50.43, but I could get up to 64.8375 with the pistoleer. Against a more typical enemy AC of 25, the same bow user goes up to 64.575.

I am assuming Deadly Aim cannot be used on the touch attacks. It favors the gun user more if it can.


Standard Array
str 14
dex 15 +2 human, +2 level, +4 belt = 23
other stats irrelevant

Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Rapid Shot
Deadly Aim vs EWP Pistol
Weapon Focus
Weapon Spec
Many Shot vs undecided feat
Imp. Crit
2 undecided feats for each. (Far shot for pistol is good choice, to make up for significantly lower range)

equipment: +2 composit longbow +2 str vs +1 Flaming Frost Pistol
+4 Belt of Dex

Bow: +19/+19/+14 1d8+16, 19-20 X3 crit, double damage on first shot
Dragon DPR: 50.43
AC25 DPR 64.8375
Pistol: +20/+20/+15 1d8+6 + 2d6, 19-20 X4 crit
Dragon DPR: 64.8375

With Haste, the Bow user catches up more:
Bow vs Dragon : 71.135
Bow vs other: 88.97
Pistol vs dragon or other: 86.45

25 AC is the point at which the pistol user pulls ahead of the bow when unhasted, 26 when hasted.

All this being said, I still do not think that guns are broken. Alternate stat generation methods would pull this more in favor of the bow user. He also bennefits more from buffs that affect hit, like bardic music. A bard in the party will cause the bow user's dpr to jump well over the pistoleer. I think some of these issues need further examination though.

Foam Brain Games, a new game store, will be opening up this Saturday, January 22, at 39 Second St. Troy NY. You may have seen them at conventions before, they have traveled accross the northeast, including PAX, and are finally setting up a base of opperations. As far as I know, they are having a 20% off purchases over $50, 10% off other purchases, sale their opening weekend. They plan to have tables set up for games and stuff. Come, they're nice people and I want to see them succeed.

Their website can be found here, though it appears they have not updated it with info on their new store yet.

Disclaimer: I am not officially involved with the store in any way. Friends of mine is opening it and I figured I would announce it here.

In annother thread someone mentioned that you can cast a quickened shocking grasp and it gives you a free melee attack from spell strike. I do not want to see this used in games, and think it will break things. I think Spell Strike should be clarified to only give you the free melee attack on spells with standard action casting times. You should still be able to channel the quickened strike, but you should not get the free melee attack from it.

So, for the most part I like the spell list, but I feel like a few spells should be added. So here are the ones I think it could use.

Mage Armor - Not really needed, but suprized its not on there. Seems like a basic one to me.
Chill Touch - annother option on the touch attacks at low levels.
Ray of Enfeeblement - no one says he should fight in fair melee fights

False Life - I keep seeing complaints about the Magus being d8 HD, and this would fix that problem entirely.
Protection from Arrows - so he can get into the fray

Heroism - They can use the buff
Vamperic Touch - I know there are ballance concerns, but I think this is very thematic

So, who out their has gotten Bokken clean?

My players were in need of a healer, and Jhod was out at the temple. They didn't want him spreading filth fever into an already infected wound, so they paid him 1000 gold to let them bathe him.

Normally, you don't have these kinds of issues with Deadly Stroke, being a fighter only feat, but at 17th level it could come into play. I was just wondering if the spell deals double damage as well. I could see this going either way.

So, you can imbune your arcane weapon with Dancing. When you do this, it very clearly states that you are not considered wielding the weapon. So durring that time you cannot cast spells without making a concentration check as if you have lost your bonded weapon.

Granted, by the time you can do this you have a high chance to auto-succeed. I just think this should either be made obvious or removed.

So, I keep seeing the claim that the Magus will never be able to make the concentration check DCs needed to use Spell Combo and I find it flatly wrong. So I'm doing some math to show it. My sample Magus will be built with a 15 starting int, the same cha I recomend for bards. He will have +1 at level 4 for level and +2 at lvl 5 for an int headband, which upgrades to +4 and +6 at 12 and 18, for a total of 22 int at 18. I will not give him a tome of int, since he really does not need it. He will take comat casting at first level.


lvl / spl lvl / Con Bonus / Norm DC / SC DC / Norm Prob / SC Prob
1/1/7/17/-/ 55%
2/1/8/17/19/ 60/50%
3/1/9/17/19/ 65/55%
4/2/11/19/21/ 65/55%
5/2/13/19/21/ 75/65%
6/2/14/19/21/ 80/70%
7/3/15/21/23/ 75/65%
8/3/16/21/ 80%
9/3/17/21/ 85%
10/4/18/23/ 80%
11/4/19/23/ 85%
12/4/21/23/ 95%
13/5/22/25/ 90%
14/5/23/25/ 95%
15/5/24/25/ 95%
16/6/25/27/ 95%
17/6/26/27/ 95%
18/6/28/27/ 95%
19/6/29/27/ 95%
20/6/30/27/ 95%

As you can see, this magus has no problems casting his highest level spells defensively atfer the early levels. His probability never goes below 50%, even when using spell combat, and that is only at level 2. He has only a moderate intelligence, arround the lowest you will likely take in the class, and he does not have the trait to give hime annother +2 to his concentration checks.

I do not think that getting a spell off half the time in melee while also attacking is a bad ability for a level 2 character.

So, given that item sales are one of the best ways to generate BP, to a point where it causes issues, and that low level magic items rarely sell because the PCs wont choose them, I was thinking of a houserule to mitigate this. Having a random/semirandom determination of what item sells each turn. This way, the PCs wont always choose to sell the biggest thing, especially since they really shouldn't have any control over what sells and what does not.

I have a couple ideas, each with drawbacks and bennefits

1. roll randomly to determine what sells:
bennefit: easy
drawback: adding low level magic items is detrimental because it reduces the probability expensive ones will sell.

2. weighted roll:
favor higher magic items in your random roll so that the PCs do not want to stop building low level items. Its not as easy to set up though, and I don't know how to weight it. Maybe 1 for each BP it would produce, minimum 1?

3. Roll a GP ammount that purchasers have each month and select an item/items in that range. Base the random roll off of how many items total there are for sale (perhaps 2d12x1K for each major, 2d8x1K for each moderate, 2d4x1K for each minor). Not sure if I want to allow sale of multiple items this way, provided it does not exceed their limmit. I think I would.
Bennefit: This could encourage building the smaller shops to increase what can sell, especially if expensive things keep getting stuck in the major slots.
Drawbacks: slightly more legwork, and it may not be better than the PCs choosing in the end, and it could potentially be worse.

I like the flavor of option 3 the most. The more items that are available, the more money that enters into the system to buy things. More adventurers come here to spend their money.

Any thoughts?

So, seeing as alignment threads are everyone's favorite discussion topic, I figure I will start annother one. A lot of the debate I see is agravated by people having different views of how the alignment system should be applied.

Some people feel that the actions you take determine your alignment.

Some people feel that the reasons for your actions determine your alignment.

Some people feel that your characters philosphy on life determine your alignment

Some people feel that your character thinks and processes data determines your alignment.

Some people think how your character reacts to government determines the law vs chaos scale. Others put almost no importance on this, and look at how you organize your life. I take more of a Myers-Brigg approach with characters who are thinking, planning, and methodical being lawful and characters who are more emotional and spur of the moment being chaotic.

There are others out there, but I'm having trouble thinking of them right now. I'm wondering how you interpret alignment. What things do you put importance on? Do you hold different characters to the same standard, or does your standard vary based on the character? Personally, I look at each character seprately and try to figure out what is important to them.

I do not think everyone has to interpret alignment the same way, but it helps to understand why others interpret it differently. Otherwise, you can never have intelligent conversation. Not that alignment threads have much of that, but talking can never hurt.

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