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Cain...'s page

1,040 posts. Alias of Eben al'Jol.

About Cain...

HP 59/59
AC 18 T 14 FF 14
CMD 23 FF 19
F/R/W +7/+8/+4
Effects/Conditions Circlet (disguised as soldier)

Rage 8/11 per day
Spells (DC 13 + spell lvl)
Level 1: Longstride
Arrows 30
Blunt Arrows 20
Grappling Arrows 10
Throwing Axes 2
Potion of CMW (CL3)
Potion of Enlarge Person (CL1) x4
Potion of Invigorate x2
Oil of Magic Weapon
Stubborn Nails x4
Smokestick x3
Tanglefoot Bags x8
Alchemist's Fire x1
Thunderstone x3
Tinderwigs x6
164p 6g 4s 9c

    A swarthy-skinned young man holds your attention with a disconcertingly level gaze from a pair of nearly-golden eyes. Other than the eyes, his face is somewhat forgettable. A few scars. The growth of a few days of unkempt black facial hair. And a slightly hooked nose over a mouth that doesn't seem to smile much. Standing a bit over six feet, his body is long and lean with a rangy athleticism, and he moves with a readiness and coordinated ease that belies a man of action. Something in his confident posture, his air of awareness, and his stalking gate remind you of an animal on the hunt.

Male Human Ranger (Urban Ranger) 4, Barbarian 1
Favored Class: Ranger (+4 skill points)
LE Medium Humanoid (Human, Shapechanger)

Languages Common


hp 59 (3d10 [10, 8, 9, 12, 10] + 5 con + Toughness)
Str 18, Dex 19, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 17 Cha 11

Init +4; Senses Low-Light Vision
Spd 40 ft.


AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 14. . (+4 Dex, +4 chain shirt)
CMD 23, flat-footed 19 . . (10 + 5 bab + 4 dex + 4 str)

Fort +7 Ref +8 Will +4


Base Atk +5; CMB +9

Melee +9
. . Falchion +10 (2d4 + 6; 18/x2; slashing)
Ranged +9
. . Composite Longbow +10 (1d8 + 4; x3; 110ft)


Bonus Feat: Catch Off-Guard
Subtype Shapechanger subtype
Senses Low-Light Vision
Stat Mods (+2 Wis, -2 Cha)
Lycanthropic Empathy +4 (Ex) Improve the attitude of your type of animal, as if using Diplomacy.
Hybrid Move action to change at will: +2 STR/CON (flat +2; don't sub in animal scores) plus a (bite). +2 Natural Armor (don't add in base wolf natural armor in wolf form). DR/Silver equal to 1/2 level (min. 1)
Animal Form Move action to change for 1 hour/level. Same adjustments as Hybrid form.
Urban ranger:
Favored Enemy (Ex)Humanoids (Human) (+2 bonus)
Track +2 +1/2 (min. +1) to survival checks to track.
Wild Empathy +4 (Ex) Improve the attitude of an animal, as if using Diplomacy.
Combat Style Archery - Rapid Shot (2)
Trapfinding +2 +1/2 level to Perception for traps and all Disable Device
Favored Community Replacement: Improved Lycanthrope abilities (see above)
Hunter's Bond (Ex) As a move action, can grant 1/2 favored enemy bonus to all allies against a single target; lasts a number of rds equal to Wisdom modifier (min 1)
Spells Caster Level = 1; Concentration +4; Spell DC's = 13 + spell level
Fast Movement
Rage: 11 rds/day

Feats Catch Off-Guard (Human), Power Attack (1), Toughness (Campaign Bonus), Rapid Shot (Rgr2), Quickdraw (3), Stealth Synergy (DM Teamwork @ 3), Extra Rage (5)

Traits Suspicious (+1 Sense Motive + class skill); Murder (+1 damage to flanked targets); Wear Your Armor Like a Second Skin (DM; -1 ACP of armor)

Skills (ACP 0)

    Acrobatic +10* (3 ranks)
    ---> Jump +14* (+18 w/ Longstride)
    Climb +8* (1 ranks)
    Disable Device +16* (5 ranks + 2 equipment + [1/2 lvl] Trapfinding)
    Heal +8 (2 ranks)
    Intimidate +7 (4 ranks)
    Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +4 (2 ranks)
    Knowledge (Local) +5 (3 ranks)
    Lycanthropic Empathy +5 (wolves)
    Perception +11 (5 ranks)
    ---> Trapfinding +13 ([1/2 lvl] Trapfinding)
    Profession: Sailor +7 (1 ranks)
    Sense Motive +11 (4 ranks + 1 Suspicious)
    Spellcraft +3 (1 ranks)
    Stealth +13* (5 ranks) + 1 cloak bonus
    Survival +11 (5 ranks)
    ---> Track +13 (+2 Track class feature)
    Wild Empathy +4
    Swim +8* (1 ranks)
    -- 42 total = 24 rgr4 + 4 brb1 - 5 int + 5 skilled + 4 favored + 10 campaign bonus

Worn Well-tailored urban outfit, Crown of Disguise, Mwk Chain shirt, Veil Cloak (+1 Stealth checks), Efficient Quiver, 2 Daggers (waist & boot), Alchemical Silver Kukri (belt), Brass knuckles (belt), Belt Pouches (2), Mwk Thieve's Tools (hidden)

Efficient Quiver Mwk Falchion, Captain's +1 Greatsword, Mwk Comp. Longbow (4 str), arrows (Tracking), Cold Iron Morningstar, throwing axes, 200ft silk rope, crowbar, various consumables (Tracking)

Belt Pouches Monies, Potions, Ioun Torch

Backpack Mwk Climber's kit, manacles, extra clothes, rations

Back @ Thorn's Mansion Greatsword (generally left at home), Glaive (carried if brought along)

Wish List:

Ioun Torch - 75g
+1 Mithral Lamellar (steel) armor
Belt of Strength
Headband of Wisdom
Amulet of Natural Armor/Mighty Fists
Ring of Protection
+? Furious Keen Falchion
+? Adaptive Seeking Longbow
Bane arrows (pick and choose)
Cloak of Resistance/elvenkind
Boots of Striding & Springing

@ level 5: Pearl of Power (or two)


Potions of Enlarge - 50g each
Potions of Cure ? - ? each
Potions of Invigorate - 50g each

Scroll of ?

Wand of CLW (or Infernal Healing) - 750g each


Background, Price, and the Job:
Cain grew up in a small pack scratching out a living in the shadows of Talingarde. As they grew, they realized they were so much more than the lambs around them. Unlike the hunters before them, however, they realized they could use the laws of this urban jungle to their advantage, and began to throw their weight around as a criminal cell. They would take whatever jobs would get them a little money and a little rep without bringing too much spotlight. Cain was never the alpha. He had the skills, but he didn't have that something that a born leader does. As soon as he realized his place in the pack, the pack flourished.

Over time, his pack was hunted by the Church, and he's the only survivor. Those damn paladins throw their weight around and don't consider that they are just as much a target as the sheep they shepherd. Cain revels in every kill he can make on those arrogant, self-righteous bastards.


As the years passed, a dangerous lifestyle and the constant war with the Church knights took a toll on the pack. Only a few remained of what was once a fuller group, their urban territory diminished to a much smaller run. Cain felt the loss acutely.

An answer showed up one day, striding out of the dreary rain in the form of a most un-dangerous looking woman. Cain distinctly remembers sizing her up quickly, identifying her as a mark for a later theft, murder, or… well… whatever she had to offer him, really. This wool-maker? Wash-woman? Her scent was of cloth, wood, and cleanliness with a certain… something underneath. Whatever she was, she would be an easy take, he had thought.

He'd been wrong.

Her name was Price -- a seamstress by trade. But she was oh-so-much more than that. Some kind of devout Asmodean; she had proven skillful and competent in a cold, calculated way. And she had come to recruit him for his skills. Either he had been slipping in his caution (unlikely), or she was very good indeed.

She was an excellent employer, then colleague, then -- strangely enough -- friend. He grew to rely on her like he did his old pack-mates. He would only learn later how meticulously and carefully she had cultivated their relationship. She paid well, but he would have run the jobs for free if she asked.

After all, the strength was in the Pack… not the lone wolf.


They ran countless jobs. Some were his. Some were hers. Some for her god. But often they targeted the Iomedaens. Their mutual hatred was a bonding thing, and every victory over those hypocritical blow-hards was a howl of exultation to fallen pack-mates.

This job smelled different from the get-go. Price seemed frustrated; something about it put a burr in her fur in a big way.

The plan was genius, really. Simple, but elegant in its simplicity. The goal seemed to be some kind of dark summoning ritual, but it required the killing of Iomedaens and the burning and desecrating of one of their cathedrals. Oh, how he would have done that job for free.

When the time came, their break-in was flawless. The guards were half-asleep and most died without a noise. The delicious scent of their warm blood made him want to let his inner-beast loose, but cool heads were needed that night.

The altar was defiled. The temple was torched. Everyone inside dead. The angry orange-red flames were a beautiful sight as they padded into the night and towards their final location. And here Cain had waited as Price's people had done their little ritual. Without being asked, Cain found an out-of-the-way spot to watch. He mostly watched for intrusions, but he had to admit a part of him watched the ritual out of a morbid curiosity.

Thats when the damn doors burst in. This many guards couldn't coordinate like this without warning. This was a setup. For a heartbeat Cain had suspected Price, but she fought with a viciousness rivaling his own. She didn't know, either. His Pack had been loyal to him. In the end it didn't' matter, though.

They were overwhelmed. Cain had't even gotten a shot at that jack-ass Balin who'd lead the charge. Pity that. He'd taken that man's scent, though. This hunt was just beginning.

If he could only slip these chains and clear the walls… he'd track the man down and enjoy spilling his blood. Now there'd be a hunt!

Cain has a quiet confidence and stand-offishness that usually presents itself as arrogance. He'd rather let his actions do the talking. And when it does come down to words to obtain an objective or quarry, he's more than likely to use blunt intimidation to get his way. Once on the trail, he is relentless.

He hates most of the weak humans that infest his hunting grounds of Talingarde. They are stupid, weak sheep worthy of little more than becoming a midnight snack, and he's become good at hunting them (favored enemy: human). He has a special hatred for those hypocritical Iomedaens. Espousing ideals of equality and love while they systematically eradicate his kind. Every Iomedaen killed is a victory for the memory of his fallen pack-members.

Growing up as part of a pack in Talingarde instilled a few rules bone-deep in Cain… rules of survival. The strength of the pack: the lone wolf is dangerous; the unified pack is unstoppable. There is survival in the shadows: it is safe for a werewolf to walk openly in the day only when his territory is firmly his; until then, keep your true self secret.


1 Rgr 1 ----- Power Attack, *Catch Off-Guard, **Toughness
2 Rgr 2 ----- *Rapid Shot
3 Rgr 3 ----- Quick Draw
4 Brb 1 -----
5 Rgr 4 ----- Extra Rage, Spells, son!, but no Animal Companion
6 Rgr 5 -----
7 Rgr 6 ----- Vital Strike/Step Up, *Improved Precise Shot
8 Rgr 7 -----
9 Rgr 8 ----- Improved Critical: Falchion
10 Rgr 9 ---
11 Rgr 10 --- Critical Focus, *Many Shot
12 Rgr 11 ---
13 Rgr 12 --- Staggering Critical

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