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Caeliat's page

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An engrossing read

****( )

I picked up Hell's Pawns after reading Prince of Wolves, wanting to know more about Varian Jeggare and Radovan's backstory and what had led them from Cheliax to Ustalav. This novella delivers that knowledge coupled with murder mystery and an adventure set in the very heart of Egorian.

The author leads us through the complex society and contracts of Egorian, offers a peek at Radovan's past, a different view about the Venture-Captain amongst his peers and, of course, at how the two protagonists make their living in a city with such a close connection to Asmodeus.

Dave Gross is skillful at handling a story after its climax, a fact that is especially important when working with interlocked stories like the ventures of Jeggare and Radovan. The consequences of the protagonists' actions are carefully explored, allowing the reader a deeper look at the society and circumstances they find themselves in, and thus at the setting itself. This is doubtlessly an asset for those involved in the Pathfinder RPG and/or Society, and a closer look into the world for those new to Golarion.

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