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Caedwyr's page

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The definitive Ocean/Sea bestiary.


This is an extremely good book. If you run games that are at all situated near an ocean, sea, or lake and want to use some location appropriate fauna, then you'll want this book. The creatures herein are extremely well written/designed and for many of them the encounters almost write themselves. It's also very beautiful and impressive to see the consistent art style despite the very long list of artists. I'd put this at a higher level of craftsmanship and quality than Paizo's normal bestiaries, which are already excellent books in their own stead.

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The Standard for Pact Magic and/or Binders


Back around the time the Pathfinder RPG first came out, I saw some posts about a 3rd party version of Wizards of the Coast's Binder from Tome of Magic. I'd seen a number of people say that the Binder had some good ideas, but had some mechanical problems. The general consensus was that this 3rd party publication "Secrets of Pact Magic" was 'the binder, done right'.

Now, the authors of Secrets of Pact Magic have updated their book to the Pathfinder RPG. This isn't just a quick and dirty conversion, the authors have taken advantage of the innovations introduced by PFRPG to make their Pact Magic book blend seamlessly with the overall system. It's a very elegant and professionally put together system and there is something in here for pretty much every game whether or not you decide to use the new class added by this book or if you want to use an archetype for an existing class.

Bottom line, this comes highly recommended and I hope to see more such material from Radiance House.

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Four alternate takes on combat classes

***( )( )

This publication is a marked improvement over the Pugilist Class. All four of the classes are mechanically sound, and are much better written. I could see using any of these classes in a game. The two classes that particularly caught my eye are the Combat Brute and the Battle Commander. The Combat Brute specializes in various combat maneuvers, while the Battle Commander is a marshal type character.

While there isn't a huge amount of originality on display here, these are all functional and useable classes that players and GMs will find useful in most games, and do a good job of filling their niches. This is a decent 3.5 stars product, rounded down to 3 stars for the review system.

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Buy it!


The new Cerulean Seas: Waves of Thought is an excellent book that sells me, someone who likes the idea of psionics but isn't totally sold on the 3.5/Dreamscarred mechanics, on using Psionics. It's a great mesh of flavour and mechanics and both those interested in marine campaigns as well as psionics should check it out. All images are full colour and the layout is very nicely done. You won't regret this purchase if you are even remotely interested in the subject matter.

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Revised - Skip this, Get Advanced Class for similar concepts done better

**( )( )( )

Original Review: Very amateurishly written. Balance is poor, and seems to be aimed at people who think the Core Rulebook monk is overpowered. Any powerful combos appear to have come out of the author's misunderstanding of how the rules work and interact. Appears to be written from the perspective that the peak of real-world human accomplishment is represented by a level 20 character in the game world. There are lots of typos, and this needs an editor badly.

Still, there might be some things that could be salvaged from this, and it might work for a slightly expanded NPC warrior-type class, so this gets 1.5 stars, rounded up to 2 for this review format.

Revised review comments:

The author pointed out that there was a revised version of this document available. A quick read of the revised version shows that some of the worst grammar errors and typos have been cleaned up. I still stand by what I had to say about the balance, this reads more like a complex NPC class than a PC class (+5 feet movement per round starting at level 14, for a total of +10 feet per round movement at level 18 are not level appropriate class features, and the level 20 capstones seem more appropriate for level 6 to 10 in general).

I do like the framework used for the class design, but the class doesn't live up to the potential. I expected an improvement over the Core Rulebook monk, but this isn't it.

My revised rating is a 2.0. This can be salvaged as a functional NPC class, but not really anything more.

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