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CRobledo's page

Pathfinder Modules Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta. 2,240 posts (3,682 including aliases). 2 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 14 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.


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***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Undone wrote:
Thanks I have 30k and wasn't sure what to buy then I thought +1 wis (and 12th level bump) would be good for eyes of the ten. I've got 61 Fame so no problem there (I could buy a +2 if I could afford it!) I had considered increasing my +2 belt of str to a +4 belt of physical STR+Con but I'd guess that the bonus 4th level spell (+8 wisdom) increased save DC's and +1 will saves probably trumps that since I'm always flying as a celestial thrush.

I snagged a Luckblade with 0 wishes in it. I love un-slotted bonuses.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Yes, you may purchase tomes after your fame allows it.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Avatar-1 wrote:
This should be the standard.

I'll take that as a compliment! ^_^

Honestly, something like this in "The Paths we Choose" or included in the first 3 season 6 adventures would be neat. Page count allowing of course.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

John has mentioned that if they are unreleased scenarios (season 6 for example) they are shooting for them to be added about a week before gencon at the latest.

Scenarios already released should already be in your downloads. If you are missing them, your paizo account email may be different from what Mike Brock has for you.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Native outsiders have a stipulation that raise dead works normally for them. This is in the core rules, not PFS specific.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

o/ My pleasure Walter! Hopefully these will be useful for GenCon GMs like me. Hopefully we get new logos by then!

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

5 people marked this as a favorite.

This is something I did when Season 5 came out, as easy handouts to give to those players who are not always reading forums and 100% on top of what happens in PFS, as well as new or infrequent players.

GMs, check them out here:

Link to handouts - PFS Prep
Link to handouts - Dropbox direct link

I will update them with the new faction logos when released if they fall under the community use policy as well.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

I was the proud winner of the Aspis Agent boon, and it was right around ~200

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

More tables of 5-99 have been added.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

For new players who weren't there last year, Paizo had a few spacial one-of boons at Gencon where all proceeds of the auction would go to charity.

Last year, they had boons for:


Assassin (change evil to non-good)
Aspis Agent

Black Powder Archetypes Unlocks (currently banned gun-using archetypes)

Wayfinder of the Swords
Wayfinder of the Spells
Wayfinder of the Scrolls

Physical Items:
Collector's Ed. Core Rulebook (Or was it a Bestiary?)

Anyone remember any more?

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Some edits were submitted to DCon events manager. keep an eye out for new tables.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Fromper wrote:
And obviously, you're always playing a pregen when you play We Be Goblins.

37 people could have played it without a pregen :P

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Hey all. We are looking into scenarios that are already sold out. There may be adjustments coming.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

I have a level 15 Paladin that has had and used Ultimate Mercy quite a lot already.

Like you said, assuming you have access to the corpse and there is no other time pressure, you should be able to bring back 1 person per day (unless you somehow have 20+ uses of LOH a day!).

Just remember, the target of the Ultimate Mercy will STILL have 2 negative levels they have to remove on their own.

Lenthalia wrote:
"Alright, my character will use his Ultimate Mercy (assuming its possible to use 'raise dead') on anyone who dies in the group, provided that you all agree to chip in 1,000 gp a piece for a Raise Dead for my character, should it be necessary and possible."

Hm, that seems kinda against the idea of self-sacrifice for a Paladin to me. Are you saying you'd have a Lawful Good Paladin refuse to heal/bring back someone, even though it would cost him/her nothing?

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Dawn Leigh wrote:
I do have a question however, will we see new Pre-Gens come out that mixes in the new races and the new advanced classes come out any time in the near future?

Pregens have always been the iconics. The new ACG classes also have their own iconics, but they are all the core races. So if ACG pregens come to exist, I would expect them to follow suit and use those iconic's races as they are.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

I moved a table over, as I double-booked myself with some of my own Gencon games!

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Mark Stratton wrote:

Well, Carlos, there ARE other tables that could use the services of your most excellent GM talents!

No pressure, just stating a fact. :-D

I'll think about it as we get closer to the date. Already running plenty of slots at gencon proper, so like I'm sure many others I'm looking for a chance to play too.

But I will never let a table NOT make because they lack a GM. I'll keep an eye out and switch if needed.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Mark Stratton wrote:
Eric Clingenpeel wrote:
Ugh! Now I'm conflicted... We could have a table of all 5-stars if I jumped over to Vengeance at Sundered Crag with Steve Miller, Greg Hurst, and Tracy Windeknecht... Though that would mean the GM would definitely have to bring his A game...
There is no GM yet. Maybe Carlos would run it? :-D

I went to do this and looks like a GM was found. So I decided if it was going to be a 5-star table, I should join it as a player, DUH!!!

Let's bring the pain!

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Mattastrophic wrote:

Speaking of... how will Seasons 0-4 work going forward?


People still give faction handouts for those?! What?!

(more seriously, seems to me conversion would be 1:1... Dark Archive gets Cheliax faction missions, and so on)

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Percy Footman wrote:


if a PC doesn't feel comfortable with "the new order" what are thier options? I ask because I have a few in Cheliax that are likely NOT to be comfortable in "the Dark Archive"... feels to much like "house slytherin"

Mike mentions it above, but ALL characters will benefit from a free faction change when season 6 gets here, if they want it.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Nick Greene wrote:
As an Andoran, will I still be able to purchase the Eagle Knight vanity?

John Compton mentioned in the podcast that some Faction vanities may change due to these and upcoming faction changes. That may be one that gets the axe?

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

NOW it's going to be really tough for Paladin to be Cheliax (dark archive)

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Chessex makes d8's with 1,2,3,4 twice each and those are my favorites. Easy to differentiate from regular D8s because they round the points a bit more.

roman d12s are my next fave, but still far behind my #1 choice.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Thod wrote:
John Compton wrote:
The omission of citing 4th-level pregenerated character is intentional. There are four new characters to show off. Having 14 higher-level options available overshadows these four characters, especially with a table of six players, which can as much as double the number of character levels kn play (from 12 to 24). This a decision we considered for quite a while before settling on this particular approach.


Do I read this as 4th level pregens are discouraged but still rules legal? Or do I read this - they are not rules legal?

4th level "classic" PFS pregens are not allowed by the document. Players 5-6 should double.

(actually, nothing says all 6 players couldn't play the Warpriest)

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

I dunno... there also MAY be some flavor issues for some characters to carrying wayfinders at all...

Spoiler: if you have played EOTT Pt4...

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Belafon wrote:
I was kinda expecting them to show up in yesterday's blog post.

I would kinda expect it in the Wednesdays AR updates

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I also believe that we actually have a lot of more potential 12+ play ready to go as new content is released (NOT APs!). Ever since Wardens of the Reborn Forge was launched, we have at least 1 GM and group of players basically just waiting for it to be sanctioned to play.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Here is my quick counts of Atlanta Region:

  • Eyes of the Ten (all four scenarios): 6 tables (all 6-man tables to my knowledge)
  • The Ruby Phoenix Tournament (10-12): 3+ tables
  • Race for the Runecarved Key (12+): 4 tables
  • Siege of the Diamond City (12-13)(14-15): 4 tables
  • Academy of Secrets (12-14): 5 tables
  • Tomb of the Iron Medusa (13-15): 4 tables
  • The Moonscar (15-17): 2 tables

Atlanta does have quite a large amount of players that play PFS AND homegames, so we tend not to schedule AP parts in "PFS mode" at all. For example, I myself am GMing and about to finish (end of book 6) Shattered Star in campaign mode, and all my players are PFS players as well taking credit.

Looks like although we have less amount of people going through Eyes of the Ten, because we do them in full 6-man tables most people bond together and continue on to do Academy, Tomb and the rest. We also do NOT offer Eyes at any of our regional cons (on purpose). Same for 12+ modules. Only 12+ content offered in Georgia cons is muti-table specials.

We also have 2 (or more!) 6-man groups getting VERY close to needing EOTT as well.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

1 person marked this as a favorite.
GM Lamplighter wrote:
On reflection, though - there may be other ways to solve the issue that I'm seeing...

Also, remember that keeping or axing may not be the only options for factions. Maybe a faction gets a new faction head instead, that starts to shift a faction away from their current goal and mindset. Maybe we get someone more liberal as head of Cheliax. I mean, I didnt dig Taldor before Lady Gloriana as much as I do now.

Pathfinder Modules Subscriber

sooo, is it just me or I can't find a section that lists recommended character levels for each level of the spire?

Hey all,

So as stupid as this sounds, I was out on vacation for a week, three weeks ago, and literally forgot about this for the past few weeks after getting back. This got me thinking, and honestly with all I have going on right now it's probably for the best that I bow out as GM for this campaign.

My wife recently finished her nursing degree, and we are in a whirlwind tour of finding her a job which may or may not be in our local area. So lots of things going on, and some extracurricular activities have to be cut. I've already cut my f2f PFS games quite a lot for the same reason.

I am very, very sorry for the silence these past weeks.

I had some great times, from playing for a bit to having to step up and run it. I learned a ton about PBF, and I did have a great time when I was able to keep up the pace. To Dris and Kaeso especially, thanks for staying strong with me. To Ionnia and Doug, sorry we didn't get to play longer.

Hopefully the time we had together was fun, and I do not see it as "wasted time" at all. I had some great laughs, and hopefully provided some entertainment, which was what this is all about.

If a GM is found and wants to take over, please be my guest.

Thanks again,
aka GM Nel

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I actually skipped cloak of resistance with my paladin, as he has very high charisma. Gave me the option of a utility cloak, which is quite rare in Pathfinder where EVERYONE just buys cloaks of resistance and is honestly quite boring. I ended up with a cape of the mountebank.

Also, look at the Paladin specific bracers:

bracers of the avenging knight - attack heavy paladin (UE)
silver smite bracelet - attack heavy paladin (APG)
bracers of the merciful knight - support paladin (UE)

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

4 people marked this as a favorite.
kinevon wrote:
Stand-alone promotes playing the whole thing with different PCs, rather than running a single PC through it. It also allows playing it "out of order", if indeed there is an order to it.

Which is how PFS scenarios work anyway, and I think that for a lot of people that play PFS that is what they want.

I'm going to take a wild guess that you can split people that play PFS into two main groups:
A) Players who can't/don't want to play in home campaigns so they play PFS instead
B) Players who play PFS in addition to home games with regular groups

The thing right now is that campaign mode helps a lot of players in group B, but end up hurting players in group A because usually there aren't enough players in group A by themselves that can make tables for a campaign mode run.

When a module doesn't have campaign mode, both groups A and B want to and get to play it. We fill tables, and game days make. We have been clamoring for more content (i.e. more than 2 scenarios a month) for quite some time. Older players (myself included) ARE running out of scenarios to play, even more now than older scenarios are not being run because of the advantage of reporting fresh scenarios. Yes, this is a very small percent of players, but they are there, and they tend to be highly loyal.

This is a great chance to get an influx of 16 new pieces of content in one swoop. That's like 2/3 of a season right there, bonus, for the low low cost of writing up the chronicles.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

4 people marked this as a favorite.
John Compton wrote:
I anticipate handling this in a manner similar to Thornkeep, in which "campaign mode" was not an option. I'm willing to hear out reasons for why Emerald Spire should be playable in "campaign mode."

I also don't see why it's needed. Every level was designed (to my knowledge) to be like a Thornkeep level, and Thornkeep worked great as a module-only playstyle.

My biggest reason for not allowing campaign mode is that honestly, it has been VERY hard to sell any of the multi-part modules and APs here for playing at a game day. For all the modules and APs that have sanctioned content, nobody wants to do it. Everyone would just rather do it in campaign mode (for both the freedom and the extra rewards...) so getting things like Dragon's Demand or AP books in the PFS schedule has been nigh impossible.

Conversely, Thornkeep modules have been immensely popular. We run them at game days, and we run them at conventions. It would be great to have a direct replacement for these, as TK is getting quite stale and less and less people can play in them anymore.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

1 person marked this as a favorite.
roll4initiative wrote:
Kyle Baird wrote:

Session #1: Sep 13, 2009 - #23: Tide of Morning at RIW Hobbies in Livonia, MI

Session #100: May 22, 2011 - Pathfinder Module: Cult of the Ebon Destroyers @ my home. Poor DougDoug and Dan Luckett.

Session #101: Jun 11, 2011 - #2-EX: The Midnight Mauler- PaizoCon 2011

Wow, so you only needed to GM a hundred games to get a 5th star back then?

Kyle Baird was born with 5 stars

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Hobbun wrote:
I believe you do get a choice in this situation on playing up or down as you can choose which table to play at (and therefore which sub-tier).

This has been the case in the past.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Andrei Buters wrote:
The Scroll of BoL and the Potion of Fly have become mandatory for survival now.

Mandatory is a very strong word, and I don't agree.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Michael Eshleman wrote:
Way to go! Hopefully I'll see you at GenCon/Dragon*Con again this year.

Yes and yes!

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Mark Stratton wrote:

I think Carlos GM'ed a game for me at the Pre-Gen Con session on Wednesday at Scotty's last year (Way of the Ki-Rin as I recall.) Not only was he a great GM, he printed the chronicle sheets on a parchment style resume paper, so we would know we got then at a "special event."

He was exceptionally well-prepared, and honestly, more GMs could learn some good tips from him.

(I think Carlos was the GM - if it wasn't just ignore. :) )

Yeah, that was our table, glad you liked it! I have done special paper in the past (parchment for gencon, metal gold foil for EOTT) as a special touch. Just depends what I can get on sale at stationery stores over here. Little things can make it memorable to players!

Scotty's is one of the things I look the most forward to about Gencon, and I hope to do it again this year. I really, really tried to make Paizocon this year too, but I think it's not in the cards.

Everyone else, if you are playing a table of Weapon in the Rift this coming gencon, I may be your GM! I will ALWAYS be glad to run it on Hard Mode for ya'll >=)

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Thanks guys! It has been a long road, but not one I did not enjoy all way through.

Chris Mortika wrote:
Nice job, Carlos. How is your GMing different now that it was 50 games ago?

Honestly, not much has changed in terms of how I prepare for a scenario over time. I would sway the biggest change was that at the beginning, I always looked for scenarios I had not GMed before so I could get a chronicle sheet. That need went completely out the window over time. These days, I don't even take the sheet half the time, even the first time I GM something. Related, I don't really mind GMing a scenario before I have played it anymore (although I still prefer it if I can).

Chris Mortika wrote:
What do you hope to do better, 50 games from now?

I know that my biggest area of improvement is making NPCs (not necessarily enemies, but the allies most of the time) feel unique and alive. I have a hard time coming up with creative personalities just by reading modules. For example, the [redacted] you meet early in Words of the Ancients I had a hard time role-playing until I played it under John Compton and heard how HE did the [redacted]. Then I can copy his mannerisms and personality. Same with Xianguer from Rats Pt1 and others. So I still like playing scenarios before running them myself, if only so I can see how other people run certain NPCs more than anything.

Chris Mortika wrote:
What's been your best experience with the specials or exclusives?

Well, as Andrew noted on the first post, I would say I tend to be on the challenging side. I definitely don't hold back for experienced pathfinders. So I naturally gravitated towards the Bonekeep scenarios as the ones I would run all the time, any time. Love both of them and can't wait for the third.

As a bonus, my "worst" experience with a special was Gencon 2013 special Siege of the Diamond City. I had been requested to prep mid-tier, but when time to muster came I was reassigned to a low-tier table. Now, if you know the scenario, this is all well and good for the most part. The first few acts are the same scenarios with different enemies. But sadly... the final act is not like that. I had no time to read the mechanics of the low tier encounter, so glancing at it quickly when the time came, I pretty much 100% made up the rules for the encounter, on the spot. Still though, the players were none the wiser, and said that it felt seamless and still fun to them. So, mission accomplished, but it was probably the most stressful time I ever had as a GM. From now on, I know to at LEAST read all the subtier mechanics regardless of what I'm assigned!

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Beginning to prep this one, looks fun.

On page 8, it says: "Noticing the hidden morlocks requires a successful DC 33 Perception check, and on a successful check, the PCs begin the encounter in the marked area."

What marked area? Did I miss something on the map?

LOVE the cheliax boon at the end, but sad to report there is an error on the chronicle. The header for the right side of the available items should "presumably" say Subtier 10-11, not 6-7.

Also, that variant bulette looks awesome! Hope I get to run this at 10-11

Pathfinder Modules Subscriber

vodka, what you are looking for are spells with "Range: Touch" in their descriptors. I think Ray of frost is "Range: Close" if memory serves.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

There is a bit of a precedent established to using the Aid Other on saves as per the Cavalier Order of the Dragon's 2nd level ability. I also agree that it would have to be a save the person can influence as per BNW and Jokon.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Doug Miles wrote:
Unfortunately, I am still hoping for a HeroLab feature reminding people to know what the #*!% they are doing when their turn comes up.

I'd pay for that feature!

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Nefreet wrote:
Prethen wrote:
Which is precisely why I wanted to see if there was some sort of official ruling on this due to the Chronicle Sheet only stating Tier 1. I thought that was a bit unusual.
When in doubt, you go with what's printed on the Chronicle.

Not always true. Remember the previous discussion about gloves of dexterity +2?

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

While the main drive/site is rebuilt, if anyone needs any of my monster stat files feel free to PM me

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Greetings all. SecretsCon is a new gaming convention starting up this year, and GA PFS is hosting Pathfinder Society Scenarios all weekend!

Con information is here:

While Warhorn for PFS signups is here:

Badges are only $45.00 for the whole weekend, and it includes a lot more than just Pathfinder. Open gaming, card games, and vendors as well.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Also remember to enforce the immediate action (only 1/round and eats up their next swift) as well as the 30' distance.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Andrew Christian wrote:
So in your world, horses can climb free hanging ropes?

My Paladin's horse can understand Common.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

CanisDirus wrote:
At Who's Yer Con, a GM had some monsters with 150% more hp than they should have had, almost resulting in PC deaths, during Siege of the Diamond City. Afterward, we discovered that the "GM help packet" for that tier had wrong hp values for at least two encounters.

As an avid contributor to the GM prep folder, if you or your friend remember the name of the scenario please PM me. We can try to get that fixed.

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