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CRobledo's page

Pathfinder Card Game, Modules Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta. 2,200 posts (3,642 including aliases). 2 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 14 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.


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***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Beginning to prep this one, looks fun.

On page 8, it says: "Noticing the hidden morlocks requires a successful DC 33 Perception check, and on a successful check, the PCs begin the encounter in the marked area."

What marked area? Did I miss something on the map?

LOVE the cheliax boon at the end, but sad to report there is an error on the chronicle. The header for the right side of the available items should "presumably" say Subtier 10-11, not 6-7.

Also, that variant bulette looks awesome! Hope I get to run this at 10-11

Pathfinder Card Game, Modules Subscriber

vodka, what you are looking for are spells with "Range: Touch" in their descriptors. I think Ray of frost is "Range: Close" if memory serves.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

There is a bit of a precedent established to using the Aid Other on saves as per the Cavalier Order of the Dragon's 2nd level ability. I also agree that it would have to be a save the person can influence as per BNW and Jokon.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Doug Miles wrote:
Unfortunately, I am still hoping for a HeroLab feature reminding people to know what the #*!% they are doing when their turn comes up.

I'd pay for that feature!

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Nefreet wrote:
Prethen wrote:
Which is precisely why I wanted to see if there was some sort of official ruling on this due to the Chronicle Sheet only stating Tier 1. I thought that was a bit unusual.
When in doubt, you go with what's printed on the Chronicle.

Not always true. Remember the previous discussion about gloves of dexterity +2?

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

While the main drive/site is rebuilt, if anyone needs any of my monster stat files feel free to PM me

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Greetings all. SecretsCon is a new gaming convention starting up this year, and GA PFS is hosting Pathfinder Society Scenarios all weekend!

Con information is here:

While Warhorn for PFS signups is here:

Badges are only $45.00 for the whole weekend, and it includes a lot more than just Pathfinder. Open gaming, card games, and vendors as well.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Also remember to enforce the immediate action (only 1/round and eats up their next swift) as well as the 30' distance.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Andrew Christian wrote:
So in your world, horses can climb free hanging ropes?

My Paladin's horse can understand Common.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

CanisDirus wrote:
At Who's Yer Con, a GM had some monsters with 150% more hp than they should have had, almost resulting in PC deaths, during Siege of the Diamond City. Afterward, we discovered that the "GM help packet" for that tier had wrong hp values for at least two encounters.

As an avid contributor to the GM prep folder, if you or your friend remember the name of the scenario please PM me. We can try to get that fixed.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Cfoot wrote:
Now if you don't defeat Sophini, it's clear, reduce gold by X. But with the daemons it seems to read that if you face them and don't defeat then reduce. But what if you don't face them? Do you not reduce the gold? Thanks.

Correct. Counts as "bypassing encounters using alternate methods".

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Try this:

go to Archives of Nethys and type "language" in the search field. Then click "trait" on the checkboxes below.

It will give you a list of them below.

If you click through the results, you will see that quite a few have the Glyph of the Open Road symbol, which denotes that the trait is PFS legal. For example Regional Recluse has the symbol and can be used to learn Gnome or Orc as a bonus language.

As a bonus, the site also stated where the trait is from in case you need to check if you own the source.

disclaimer: Archives of Nethys is a 3rd party source. Although quite accurate, always double check with the official Additional Resources document if you want to be sure.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

1 person marked this as a favorite.

HEre it is from the guide itself!

the guide wrote:

All characters gain Common as a free language. You gain free languages granted by your race, ethnicity (for humans), and class (e.g., Druidic for druids). If you have a high Intelligence modifier, you may select bonus languages from those listed in your race’s entry in the Core Rulebook and the Modern Human Languages list (The Inner Sea World Guide 251). Certain classes grant access to additional bonus languages (e.g., Draconic for wizards). Humans and half-elves with high Intelligence scores may learn all the above languages as bonus languages as well as any other language except Druidic and the languages listed under Ancient Languages on page 251 of The Inner Sea World Guide.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

There hasn't been auto-leveling as you describe in PFS for years. That was false information.

What you ARE allowed to do is to play one of the Pre-generated characters that Paizo offers to its players. There is a pre-made character for every class in the Core Rulebook now at levels 1, 4 and 7 (meaning that you should be able to play at any scenario offered, and even in-tier [except for sub-tier 10-11]).

What you do is if you find that the next event is running a game for tiers 5-9 (meaning you need a character that is 5th through 9th to play), then you can snag one of the level 7 pregens from this site and show up to the game with that.

Yes, it's not YOUR character, but I'm sure you can find something mechanically close. Not only that, but at the end of the game you are allowed to take that chronicle sheet you earn with the pregen and even apply it to your existing real character either (a) when he himself gets to level 7, or (b) immediately with the gold reward reduced if he is still level 1.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Andrew Christian wrote:
Straining credulity or not, playing time sequenced scenarios out of order requires some level of buy-in and a break in verisimilitude from the players. They should be willing to accept that this us an earlier scenario.

This. I know this is a roleplaying game, and some people take breaking verisimilitude differently, but I think the sheer nature of organized play makes it so we have to accept what we have.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

1 person marked this as a favorite.
kinevon wrote:

Sorry, Nefreet, but, RAW, determining the abilities of any PoP would be DC 32, since that is the only CL listed.

And that does get ugly.

Besides, wouldn't a PoP 1 require a minimum CL of whatever the Craft Wondrous Items feat is, if it isn't the static, listed, CL17?

Nosig posted above that there was a FAQ on creation of POPs:

Pearl of Power: What is the caster level required to create this item?

Though the listed Caster Level for a pearl of power is 17th, that caster level is not part of the Requirements listing for that item. Therefore, the only caster level requirement for a pearl of power is the character has to be able to cast spells of the desired level.

However, it makes sense that the minimum caster level of the pearl is the minimum caster level necessary to cast spells of that level--it would be strange for a 2nd-level pearl to be CL 1st.

For example, a 3rd-level wizard with Craft Wondrous Item can create a 1st-level pearl, with a minimum caster level of 1. He can set the caster level to whatever he wants (assuming he can meet the crafting DC), though the pearl's caster level has no effect on its powers (other than its ability to resist dispel magic). If he wants to make a 2nd-level pearl, the caster level has to be at least 3, as wizards can't cast 2nd-level spells until they reach character level 3. He can even try to make a 3rd-level pearl, though the minimum caster level is 5, and he adds +5 to the DC because he doesn't meet the "able to cast 3rd-level spells" requirement.

I think it is more than reasonable to assume that for ID purposes, just like for creation:

1st level Pearl = CL 1
2nd level Pearl = CL 3
3rd level Pearl = CL 5
9th level Pearl = CL 17

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

nosig wrote:

ah... I do not understand. Please expand on your reply....


For example, the Pathfinder Savant Prestige Class gets the Master Scholar (EX) class feature that allows them to always take 10 on Spellcraft checks. I think there is another prestige class that gets the same.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

nosig wrote:

Most PFS judges just ignore this due to time constraints... it burns a lot of game time to ID magic items with rolls - and this is one of those things that you can't take 10 on (YMMV).

(reasoning behind the "no take 10" rule is that the PC has to concentrate to maintain the spell, and so cannot Take 10 on a skill check AND do another thing - that being concentrate on the spell)

There is also precedent in that there are more than one prestige class that get "taking 10" on a spellcraft check to ID items as a class feature.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

1 person marked this as a favorite.
ShakaUVM wrote:

It stops domination, charm, magic jar, and command from evil creatures, so it is well worth the price of admission. It's pretty much a must-have for low will save characters.

It's not perfect, but you still pretty much have to have one.


***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Being yearly is purely speculation. Nothing official has been said outside "we may re-evaluate them in the future."

What I don't want to see is if they DONT become yearly at Gencon, a lot of people complaining "OMG we were promized yearly refreshes; torches and pitchforks against Paizo for not delivering on promizes! *Rabble Rabble*"

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Slacker2010 wrote:
I was tempting to sign up for Bone keep in about 3 week at the convention im going to. After this thread I dont think I will.

I don't think this thread presented anything different to what the first text box the GM is required to read you when you begin Bonekeep tells you.

It's a lot of fun. Unless you only play social characters.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Angron wrote:
I assume I could use a Large sized Dorn Derger with the -2 in 2 hands?

Sadly, Dwarven dorn-dergar is a two-handed weapon from the get-go. Notice the difference between it and the Bastard Sword, which is listed as a one-handed weapon and has the OPTION of using it two-handed. By RAW, a large dorn dergar is into "unweildable" territory

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Avatar-1 wrote:
Sorry, what's "Goblin Attack", and how have I never heard of it before now?

They were/are a series of five 1-hour adventures first done at Gencon 2013 where players could go any time and they would fire whenever a table had enough people to start. They were/are quick, simple to run and because of their nature could be run all day, any day.

Players received a special sheet that looked like a postcard with slots for the GM to sign off when they completed any of the 5 adventures. If you completed all 5, you could trade your complete postcard for a PFS-legal boon. At Gencon, this was the "mask of goblin seeming" which IIRC, let you alter self into a goblin for 1 minute, 3 times ever.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

RCW wrote:
Rules clarifications aside, would someone please explain to me why there has been this obsession with oversized weapons lately?

I think it's always been there.

Fun Fact: For people thinking of doing an oversized falcata, the math has been proven that for MOST builds a medium one wielded two-handed will do more DPR (damage per round) than a large one. Unless you are normally fighting enemies with AC lower than expected for their CR rating, you want an appropriately sized one.

Plus, the option to use it one-handed is hard to price. 1h option lets you grab a shield should you need it, keep a potion in your hand in case you need it, etc...

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Tom Piernicky wrote:
Also, (as I am at work and don't have my books with me), is it a -2 for each size category of difference?

It is. -2 for each, up to your max "hands" (so no Large Greatswords for medium people, for example)

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Walter Sheppard wrote:
What's the cost on huge+ items? Double again? Any guidelines to follow here? I have a player that's keen on purchasing some really big weaponry.

I would say they follow the armor table? tiny = 0.5x medium, huge = 4x medium.

Edit: Quick search turns up no official answer from the messageboards. CRB and ultimate equipment only explicitly state price for Large weapons... so for sake of PFS and table variance I would keep your weapons small-med-large. Shame for improved familiars with tiny weapons, or characters with a huge aklys.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Nefreet wrote:

I believe tiny and huge just aren't "always available", but you may purchase them with enough Fame.

I'm super curious why the OP wants an inappropriately sized spiked gauntlet. Usually people looking for these sorts of things choose things like Falcatas or Bastard Swords.

So the Guide says this:

the guide wrote:
All basic armor, gear, items, and weapons from Chapter 6 of the Core Rulebook, including Small and Large-sized items.

But like Nefreet says this is only in the "Always Available" section. This following paragraph leads me to believe that you CAN buy tiny and huge items, as long as you meet the fame:

the guide wrote:
PCs purchasing equipment at sizes other than Small and Medium must adjust the prices per the existing weapon size rules (Core Rulebook 144).

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Large weapons are allowed.

However, note that spiked gauntlets are light melee weapons, and a MEDIUM (for a medium character) does 1d4 damage. If you wanted a LARGE spiked gauntlet:
1. It would cost extra as per the formula for oversized weapons. (twice listed cost)
2. It would deal 1 category larger of damage (1d6 for spiked gauntlet)
3. Would increase the "needed hands" to use (in this case from light melee to one-handed melee)
4. You would incur a penalty of -2 to your attack rolls for using an "incorrectly sized" weapon

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

James Risner wrote:

How do you know how many specials you have ran?

I go to my GM page and I only see "x tables of credit"

You have to count them manually.

Look for all the scenarios you have GMed that have:
#-EX in the name;
multi-table specials, such as Blood Under Absalom, Year of the Shadow Lodge, Race for the Runecarved Key (p1 and/or p1) and Siege of the Diamond City;
Grand Convocation from Paizocon

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Belafon, where are you...

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Tarma wrote:
Would it be possible that we could get a decision one way or the other in a PFS FAQ? I think that would help out with this debate substantially.

There currently should be no debate. The most recent guide is very clear that they are lifetime. Whether that stays the same or changes later, we will see. But NOW you should plan with the knowledge that they are lifetime.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Dhjika wrote:
but scrolls of obscuring mist are a good choice - because it also takes care of getting sneak attacked (with a few exceptions). I can remember being trapped in a deeper darkness at 1st level and using an obscuring mist to prevent the sneak attacker from ganking the party)

Wait, how did you read a scroll in deeper darkness? :P

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Arthur Perkins wrote:

I just had Krune wish everyone to the negative energy plane, where they all committed suicide. Its like a DC 29 will save or something like that right? ( been a few months since I ran it ). The big thing was getting it off before the abominable shadow projected familiar killed him. He also has to be holding his spear to use it.

I mean seriously, if you are going to go hard mode high tier against an ancient wizard king and not bring any anti spellcasting stuff like silence, AMF, counterspell, nothing?

This is pretty unfair to the players though. Besides, Silence and AMF can screw the players as much/more than krune.

See John's post on just using the nuclear option: POILERS#60

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Will do, Dain.

James, current schedule:
SAT 12pm-5pm: Part 3
SAT 5pm-7pm: Dinner break?
SAT 7pm-10pm: Part 4, Act 1
SUN 4 hour block: Part 4, Act 2-Finale

Sunday we just hope to need about a 4 hour block max, so we can wrap up as early as needed based on when we start.

Fun fact: Part 3 will be 150th table of credit :)

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

joe kirner wrote:
otherwise I would say in all other cases you would use arcane bond to recast any spell on his prepared list.


As GMs we don't have knowledge of his spellbook contents, so I would limit myself to what is in the scenario and on his prepared spells.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Matthew Morris wrote:
cavalier, magus

I'd actually be fine not to have pregens for these classes. Magus specifically is SO complex and out there, that I really would not want a new player try to play with it. Trying to explain spell combat and spell strike to a new player is grinding my own teeth bad. Cavalier not as much, but it can get complicated with mounted combat and lance damage rules.

Witches are close enough to Wizards where I think it would be fine. Inquisitor is simple-ish enough until later levels, although the sheer amount of options Judgements give can be overwhelming too.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

2 people marked this as a favorite.

*makes JAWS suspense noises*

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Delbert Collins II wrote:
January - SCARAB 2015 - 300 tables of PFS taking GM submissions all tiers I, II and III now.

Unless something big happens, I'm also in for 2015! gotta be there for the all VO table tooo

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

John Compton wrote:
Thomas Graham wrote:

I'm looking forward to playing this for the Cayden's Crawl here in Jax.

Irked I don't get to shoot Torch but I shan't be alone in that case.

Yeah, I'm hoping the options for sabotage allow the angriest characters to scratch their anti-Torch itch.

RE: that aspect, the sabotage is also something that should come spontaneously from the players right? Nothing in the scenario is prompting them to do it (actually, the scenario itself seems to push the PCs to cooperate as much as they can with Torch).

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

I have to say, I haven't looked forward to GMing a given scenario more than this after a quick readthrough. Loving it!


And hard mode even looks doable!

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

I don't think you would find any objections to any of the above. However, feasibility and simplicity may be a big hurdle on your "want to see changed" item.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

John Compton wrote:
3. See my post in the product's discussion thread; new faction head letters are coming.

roger sir

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Excellent Scenario... Pretty much First Steps 1 part deux

1. Templated and stated monsters are added to the GM prep folder

2. *bleep* YEAH GM TORCH!

3. I'm a bit fuzzy on the missions for the Sczarni and the Qadira faction members. Is there anything anywhere that would prompt the PCs of those factions to ask Torch about their need so that he can assign the tasks to them? Does it really only reward the PCs who come up with the idea to ask Torch about it out of nowhere? Or did I miss a prompt/handout anywhere? Or does Torch just knows who is in which faction and he volunteers that he may have extra tasks for those people?

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Sethzilla wrote:

Rules question regarding efficient quiver- it would appear, and has some support online, that storing wands in the arrow portion of the quiver would allow them to be drawn like an arrow (aka. Free action).

Any feedback on how this would be ruled at the table? Thanks.

If you search the forums, you will see that this has been a very highly debated topic. My suggestion: don't try it. It is already shady by the rules, and you will encounter great table variation. Some GMs may allow it, others will not. You will end up having to ask before every game if you are allowed to store anything besides arrows in that pocket. I have heard of dozens of different items trying to be put in the different pockets... But as a word of warning, I still recommend being conservative and sticking to what is explicitly listed that goes in those pockets.

I actually disagree with the interpretation you posted. For starters, arrows being drawn as a free action is part of the "attack" action, which you are not doing with wands. For seconds, I don't think wands are meant to be placed in that pocket.

Some PFS threads on it:
Efficient Quiver Question
How to store wands

Pathfinder Card Game, Modules Subscriber

fingers super crossed it doesnt get delayed again... two months in a row missing my Saturday gameday...? grr

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

But Dain, what is going on Feb 8-9?

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Thea, this time making a point to sit at your table! ^_^

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

MrSin wrote:
The main reason you grab critical focus was for critical feats I thought. What is tripping finish btw?

Maybe he means Tripping Strike?

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

Walter Sheppard wrote:
I think that John pulled this trick out when he ran HM at GenCon last year, or so I heard through the grapevine... >.>

I can confirm said claims. It was brutal -_- but that was the point...

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka CRobledo

SCPRedMage wrote:
I should point out that being able to cast a spell due to it being a domain spell isn't the same as it being on your spell list, meaning you may still have to use UMD in order to use that wand of true strike.


Thankfully, domain spells do count as being on your spell list after they are gained.

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