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CRobledo's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 2,318 posts (3,765 including aliases). 2 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 20 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.


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spartanfury1 wrote:
enabling ranged characters to not blow their entire bank accounts on ammo

You mean one of the main balancing factors for gunsligners (and some other ranged characters)?


Yeah, as far as we know, there are no official synergies for occult classes.

Old-school aegis of recovery as well


Ratfolk Amnesiac Psychic. Self-preservation Discipline because it has like the absolute best bonus spells. And Wis to AC is not half bad. I got 19 AC at level 2 with mage armor!

Amnesiac spells have been way cooler than anticipated! Feels like a wizard with arcane bond, but the randomness is quite neat.

Also, the class itself built the RP parts of the character. I can't even remember why I'm a Pathfinder!


Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:
You try figuring out the Herolab scripting language and coding the rules in yourself. These are good prices!

When I first started, I was actually doing this.

I actually got pretty good at coding my own items, abilities, spells and such.

Then I was like, this is is too much. I could just pay $10 and play around with the whole book instead of spending 1-2 hours coding in only the things I want at that time from a book.

Best decision ever.




Soluzar wrote:
Some people are mentioning the change to nature oracles and lunar oracles but that was a separate change. People are also forgetting that the bonus was very tightly focused and only affected one revelation.

I said it in the other thread, but let's not assume what people are or aren't doing with their FCBs.

I have an Apocalypse Oracle in PFS that used the FCB for Erosion Touch.

Andrew posted he had a Thundercaller Bard that used it, as well as a Dark Tapestry oracle that used it too.

Life Oracles is one of the affected builds, maybe it's even the most prevalent one. But it's not the only one.


John, in this case I would be in favor of a more liberal rebuild policy over grandfathering. It is going to be confusing enough as it is, and if we had two versions of the FCB running around then we complicate even more. Plus the first time we have a grandfathered character sitting with a regular one there will be problems.

Table: We need a healer
P1: I can bring a life oracle?
P2: Me too.
Table: either of you grandfathered FCBs?
P1: yeah
P2: Wha?
Table: Yeah, P2, bring something else.


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Andrew Roberts wrote:

Amen. I don't want to assume that everyone affected was using the "cookie cutter" uses for the FCB. I'm sure there are plenty of people who were using this for a myriad of things that I never thought of (I was using it on erosion touch on Apocalypse oracle. Not even that OP).

We don't know what level of attachment other people had to their nerfed character. Some people will retire characters over this rather than rebuild, ESPECIALLY if not allowed a full rebuild of those class levels and only allowed to swap out their FCB. And yes, some people will quit the campaign because errata.

It happens.

But I don't want to assume how big a deal or not this changes are for other people.


Bard change affects thundercaller archetype bards who were abusing the boosted feature for massive damage and savers.

Other oracles also got affected, like dark tapestry and apocalypse. Another VL in my area has a dark tapestry and I have an apocalypse.


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You'll channel like a normal person!


Godspeed Mike. It was always a pleasure and I thank you for all the years you put into this. Good luck in the future!


I have a follower of the rough beast as well, and the way I made my character work is she has split personalities. One is calm and guided, can get along with others, mostly Green Faith and neutral as can be.

In combat, after she gets hurt (1+ hp loss), she "switches on" rovagug mode and goes all out.

To be fair though, she gets no spellcasting or mechanical benefits from her deity, so it hasn't been an issue for now with any GMs.

Kinda like Launch on original DragonBall, but to the extreme.


Blackbot wrote:
So, I haven't read the Unchained book yet. But this means that the Unchained rogue is just plain better than the old rogue and a new player who uses the core rules effectively plays a worse version?

That is a subjective statement but at first glance, it's kind of true for the rogue. (John even forgot that the Unchained Rogue's sneak attack works against anything short of total concealment, so you can sneak attack targets with blur or in fog now) I see little reason to play a core rogue if you have access to unchained.

EXCEPT if you want some obscure Rogue Talent that was not reprinted in the Unchained book (such as Sacred Sneak for example, which I do like on my rogue). You'd have to assess if those talents are worth the rebuild or not.


Nohwear wrote:
I am a little upset though. Since I do not get to play much outside of PFS, this means that I can not play a plant summoner. It is just a bit of a tease. :(

You could make a Protean eidolon with the unchained one... proteans can kinda look like anything since they are the essence of chaos...


The only question I can see with ninja being legit is:

Can I multiclass Ninja and unchained rogue? (which I'd still think no?)


Apocryphile wrote:
"John Compton wrote:

The ninja is an alternate class and does not interact with the unchained rogue class. There are no "unchained ninjas" in Pathfinder Society Organized Play.
So does that mean the ninja is not considered an alternate class of the unchained rogue?

Correct. Even in Ultimate Combat it says: "The ninja is an alternate class for the rogue core class." :)


Skyler Malik wrote:
Are the Unchained Barbarian, Monk and Rogue usable in Core? I assume the answer here is no.

Answered above. No.


TheFlyingPhoton wrote:
If someone has an APG summoner above Lv 2-XP 1, and would rather play the unchained version, are they allowed to retrain?

Clarified a few posts up. Yes.


Seth Gipson wrote:

Clarification, please.

If someone has a summoner theyve already played at level 2 and can therefore keep the APG summoner class, but wants to do the free retrain into the Unchained summoner, can they do that, or would they need to pay for the retraining?

Yes, seems to include APG Summoners:

"In fact, we're so excited about these classes that we're announcing a one-time limited rebuild to anyone with one or more levels in these classes, allowing those characters to switch any levels in the four classes to their unchained version at no cost."


BigNorseWolf wrote:
This would mean that you can make an unchained ninja, since the ninja is an archtype?

1. It's an alternate class, not an archetype.

2. From UC it says: The ninja is an alternate class for the rogue core class.

So I wouldnt expect that.


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Matthew Morris wrote:
As I read "We are adding the Signature Skill feat for exclusive use by the unchained rogue" are you saying that signature skills are not 'unlocked' for rogues, rather rogues can take the feat to unlock one skill?

My reading is that Rogues get it at level 5 as normal, and noone else may take the feat to unclock it.


Whooo! Sweeeeet.


2 people marked this as a favorite.

I'm running all of them in PFS mode for my local GMs at my house so they can play them before running them. Here is our experience thus far (5 player table).

I rate them how we would schedule them in GA, either a scenario-length adventure (<5 hours) or a double slot (5-10 hours)

Level 1 - Scenario
Level 2 - Scenario
Level 3 - Scenario
Level 4 - Scenario
Level 5 - Double
Level 6 - Double
Level 7 - Scenario
Level 8 - Scenario
Level 9 - Scenario
Level 10 - Double
Level 11 - Double
Level 12 - Scenario

That's where we are now.

I would say combo levels 3 and 4 into the same slot, but there is a chance player actions may cause them to go over the 5 hours timeframe. Yes, there is a chance Level 4 will end in 1 hour, but there is a chance it will not.


Elementals can however take any shape. they are depicted as "biped" a lot of times, but they are 100% "shapeable"

I am assuming this is a Stonelord's companion? I would say they are either treated as a normal AC and get only neck and armor/barding, or like a fully functional one like Lyrakien Azatas and Brownies and can use all slots.


Akari Sayuri "Tiger Lily" wrote:
That said, I really do wish they'd take our arguments into account and reconsider.

I think that they have. However, they have decided to stick to their original ruling.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

emergency force sphere
life bubble

So many combats and traps invalidated by these two spells.


Joseph Kellogg wrote:
Eric Clingenpeel wrote:
Swift, not every boon on a scenario's chronicle are for that PC only. There are a few that open spells or archetypes to all your characters. Mike's said that those will be campaign specific.
I looked, and I couldn't find where he said this. (I saw no response from him about Eyes of the Ten, and when he answered my question about the Sin Magic boon, he made no such distinction.) Can you point me to it?

Over here: ampaign#291


Game Master wrote:
Are they allowed to share it with others? I don't wanna pressure our local VO if his hands are tied, but I'd love to see the thing!



DrSwordopolis wrote:
Campaign mode, but it took about four sessions, divided pretty neatly into two for part one and two for part two.

What time frame?


Prethen wrote:
John, I appreciate your response to this thread. I'm a tad bit confused by part of it though. ** spoiler omitted **

At the end of the day, the party has the choice to solve things peacefully with little reward and little XP. That is the choice you made. It's not that you are "penalized" for being a good guy. It's just the plain logical outcome. You leave ALL the gear and loot on the godbox... Well, if you went in to donate the iron you saw all the loot. It was your choice to leave it behind.

I mean, if you were playing this in a homegame, and your GM told you that you got no treasure for that level because you donated iron and proceeded down, you would't blink an eye about it. It's what your party decided and that's that.

For PFS, the easiest and most elegant solution is you tell your players NOT to slow track as suggested at this time and problem solved! They are back on track.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Neat scenario. Prepped and roaring to run it!

Statblocks are up on the GM shared site if anyone needs them. Cheers.


6-04 and 6-05 are uploaded, with all kinds of new goodies from me.

rock on contributors


Mark Stratton wrote:
Speaking only for myself, I much prefer a complete set of stat blocks, even if they are included in the scenario. I use these as combat sheets, so I mark on them, mark hit points, cross of expended powers and spells, etc. I hate to mark up the scenario itself, particularly if it's one I am running multiple times (say, at Gen Con.)

For Season 6, this is my plan (for the same reasons)


Originally, not putting the critters with full stat blocks was half because of any ip issues as well as just thing to lower my workload. When I GM I tend to have scenarios printed, so I can run one set of critters from the printed one and another set from my blocks. That has changed also based on the scenario, sometimes putting more or less. I didn't know if people liked less blocks (save ink) or all blocks (completeness).

I'm trying to standardize this going season 6 on and current plan is to include all blocks.

On layout, this is one that does vary from scenario to scenario. I try to put critters that wil be used in the same encounter on the same pages when possible. I usually go with what seems convenient for me. I do try to make sure to conserve ink here too if I can.

I figured since I'm now uploading word and PDF, anyone wanting to edit my layouts just snags the word file and edits away :)


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm quite on board with all that of course. If I worked in Hero Lab (which I do for some complex templates, or for homegames) I would definitely not post JUST the .por file.

I think "requests" are 100% ok, as long as it doesn't approach a "demand".


Deussu wrote:
Okay well I read that you can export .por as pdf too. Just for us non-herolab users it would be really swell if the only document would be something other than one application specific file.

You can, but the output is not exactly pretty. And there can be both POR and other files for the same scenario.

Like Pirate Rob said above, not everything in the folder is for everyone. You realize, and don't take this the wrong way, that you are complaining about content that volunteers are putting up for free, in their spare time?

I do understand what you are trying to say, but if you look at more recent season you will see that the great majority is in PDF and DOC. Before this iteration of the shared drive, a lot of files were lost. It is possible those scenarios that only have a POR file now used to have PDF in there too, and was lost.

Deussu wrote:
Regardless, since I couldn't get the monster stats from shared prep I created them myself. I'll post an .rtf containing the monster stats there to the appropriate scenario.

Thanks! That's the best way to approach it when you find something you wish was there, but it's missing. This resource would be a huge strain if it wasn't collaborative.


Silbeg wrote:

So, a suggestion, if you are not already doing it. If a critter or NPC has Power Attack (or Deadly Aim, etc), add a row for that in the combat section. I have found it helps me out a lot to remember to use the ability... And speeds up the calculations for it.

At least this helps me... Maybe not anyone else ;)

If "you" means me, already done!

If "you" means anyone making these, then yes! Helps me too.


The Rot Grub wrote:
Another, related question: I ran RotRL perhaps 18 months ago. I didn't issue Chronicle sheets then, not knowing it was PFS-sanctioned. Can I give out Chronicle sheets now?

You'd have to check when ROTRL was sanctioned. If it was sanctioned BEFORE you ran it, then I'd say you can issue sheets. It's no different from if you had to run a PFS game at a game store and forgot your chronicle sheets, then had to issue them later.

If ROTRL was not sanctioned back then, then the rule is there is no retro-active credit.

And before someone asks about gunslingers and guns, they have an explicit rules exception that Deadly Aim works with firearms.


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Kigvan wrote:
The point is that guns are so rare (only available in Alkenstar), that a character must essentially know how to craft one themselves in order to have one.

Basically this. It abstracts the fact that a gun is not available for purchase anywhere, so your character basically crafted it instead.


Silbeg wrote:

DAMNIT! You made me look. But, yeah, they look AWESOME!

Always raising the bar, Carlos is!

Someone rolled a "1" on their patience check. ;)

Also, credit where credit is due. The idea of the minis prep checklist and highlighting "active" combat abilities was from something similar I saw on Belafon's prep notes from DragonCon.


2 people marked this as a favorite.

Well... You can now see a preview at the PFS prep page for The Silver Mount Collection! ;)


As with Thornkeep, the higher the APL the more time it takes to play. I would not schedule the floors for levels 7+ for a con slot!

(this is from a readthrough of the material, we hope to start these next week, will report back then)


1 person marked this as a favorite.

<thumbs up>

I have started to upload my blocks in both MS Word and PDF for that purpose, so we can all use them as needed. Use away! Nothing makes me happier than hearing these are useful to people.

Silbeg, I never even expect gratitude from my blocks, but I am happy to report my "free beers" count is now up to 4 between GenCon and now DragonCon. You are a trendsetter, man!


I have some new ideas I will be incorporating into my stat blocks for the upcoming Season 6 scenarios. Keep an eye out for more (hopefully) good stuff coming!


thistledown wrote:
The APG classes can be found in Master of the Fallen fortress, and can also be used at level 1. Just not as "Pregens"

Sadly those are 15pt buy, so ACTUALLY illegal! :P


I'd rather have them fixed and corrected first, than out now.


Word is some corrections were required. When those are done, they will be made public.



Yep. First of all, like you said eidolons are not constructs so that's a no-go.

Second, Crafting in general (outside alchemists making alchemical items) is not allowed in PFS.

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