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General Gorstav

CE Chef's page

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I am of the opinion that the classic surprise - "skeleton in the corner suddenly animates and attacks!" can be thwarted with a well placed and focused detect magic.

Is there any thing in the rule that supports this?

I feel like undead are constantly radiating magic (necromancy).

Does any one have anything to support that this is or is not true to form?

Thanks for your time.

Actually, it has been my experience that AMEX USED to be the big culprit on fees, but now VISA is quite up there.

There is even a class action suit against VISA going on for violating anti-trust laws.

Here is a link, ants-to-assess-a-surcharge-on-credit-cards-2/

However this seems primarily for swipes, while Paizo strikes me as a primarily online retailer so it may not apply.

Oops. Missed that part *sigh*

Thanks so much.

Just looking at sundering and some special materials and had some questions... in particular alchemical silver items.

Alchemical silver has 8 hardness and 10 hp per inch of thickness.

Iron / Steel has 10 hardness and 30 hp per inch of thickness.

Does this mean that alchemical silver weapons would have harness 8 and 1/3 the hp of a normal weapon made of steel?

I.e. Normal longsword has 10 hardness and 5 hit points (1 handed blade's stats.) While one made of silver would have hardness 8 and 2 hp (rounded up?) Even further, a great sword with 10 hardness and 10 hp, vs silver great sword at 8 hardness and 3 hp (!!!!!)

Thanks guys!

Hello all! Not sure if this has been address yet, but Adimarus has improved sunder.

Since its very likely my PCs will be facing him next game, I was brushing up on the sundering rules. They almost all have alchemical silver weapons, which is great for them.

However, I was looking at the special materials rules, and Alchemical silver has Hardness 8 and 10 hp per inch of thickness.

Iron / Steel has 10 hardness and 30 hp per inch of thickness.

Does this mean that alchemical silver weapons would have harness 8 and 1/3 the hp of a normal weapon made of steel?

I.e. Normal longsword has 10 hardness and 5 hit points (1 handed blade's stats.) While one made of silver would have hardness 8 and 2 hp (rounded up?) Even further, a great sword with 10 hardness and 10 hp, vs silver great sword at 8 hardness and 3 hp (!!!!!)

Just submitting this as its for sure going to come up and if they cry foul, I would like to at least have peace of mind knowing it all happened "by the rules."


It also seems fitting in my mind as the heroes come brazenly toward him brandishing their silver blades that he snarls something akin to "Oh how nice, too bad they break so easily." Snapping a longsword with his first swipe. Seems like it'd really up his omg bamf werewolf boss quotient from "nice horns" to "OH MY GAWD!"

Thanks! I guess limiting seems a little harsh, but it does seem to be a too good to be true kinda spell if there are absolutely no risks associated with it.

Hmm, I'm liking the ideas. Thankyou so much.

I wouldn't see why not. Force is kind of like the "king" of all energy types. Hurts incorporeal creatures, bypasses DR, and there are no resistances to it, however no one is especially vulnerable except incorporeal creatures.....

Eh, long story short I would allow it.

Hello all,

Been running into a little problem at my home game. Namely the spell pyrotechnics. The wizard in the group has been casting it at the start of every battle and all party members have been saying "I close my eyes". Avoiding having to roll a will save.

It's not too bad, however most enemies fail and it has been making the encounters not fun for me personally as the GM, due to most enemies being blinded and a little useless. I don't mind if this is a viable tactic, however, I don't feel that necessarily it is the most fair or even if it is possible in the rules to "close your eyes" with out any penalty in combat.

Anyways guys, I'd be very interested to hear your feedback!

Well, this one may not be optimized, but I've been building it and it seems like a fun kinda build. I love skill points, so I put higher int, although it doesnt do much for the build.

He's also 15pt buy so there is room to make him even fightier.

Human Str 14 dex 17 (+2 racial) Con 12 Int 12 Wis 11 Cha 8

Arrange stats to liking, but build follows this.

1st lvl, Barbarian for +10 speed. Take point blank shot and precise shot.

Move and shoot until level 2

As you level up put skills in perception, acrobatics, stealth... but especially acrobatics to get outta tough situations.

2nd level and onward, take Mobile fighter archetype, with fighter bonus feats take things like deadly aim, weapon focus, weapon spec (longbow), vital strike, do not take rapid shot until you hit fighter ten also i threw disruptive shot in there somewhere for when a mage comes up (ready a vital strike +disruptive shot = caster shut down if you can hit them... seems great on paper, i dont know yet.)

With REGULAR feats, take fleet, almost every single time unless you need to up your saves or something like that. Also, when you hit eleventh level (bnb1 fgt10), skip fleet and grab many shot.

Level 12, you get the sweet 11th level mobile fighter feat, now you can choose to ready a vital strike on a caster, or move and drop alot of arrows, while no one can really catch up to you!

I like the idea, don't know if it works yet.

Awesome! Thank you for the speedy reply!

I can't find an errata or anything saying that you cannot use all the benefits of the mobile fighter archetype +archery. Am I correct in using this particular skirmisher combo?

Thanks for your help all...

For player characters or anyone who's gestalt

If it is too late to re-do the character, and non-core is not allowed, then disregard this post. However, if you can add an archetype and pick feats from other books, I would suggest the Unbreakable Fighter. Extremely tough, very hard to kill. Also, you can get the Stalwart feat, and the later ones branching off of it to gain 20DR every couple of rounds. It really fits the rugged "I will take anything you can dish out" theme.

Hello all, thanks for your time!

My current group is losing about 4 players, leaving us with 2 core members and 2 "on-off" members. Most likely we will have at max three players at a time.

I'm running Carrion Crown, and am thinking of making all PC's gestalt. Seems like it would really fix party balance, and give the PC's the extra oomph they need for the encounters.

My questions are what would you suggest for point buy, I am thinking bumping it up to 20 from our original 15. Secondly with NPCs, do you think the main ones should gestalt as well? Like BBEGs and such? And if you have done this before, I'd love to hear how it went for you!

Thanks everyone!

Well, could always introduce the words of power from UM. Allow them to switch between the two types of castings? It's quite a tough decision.

Maybe this has been asked before, but if you catch a vampire in the "geyser" stream from the decanter of E.W. would it begin to lose massive amounts of HP from being immersed in running water??

Thanks for helping guys.

An encounter I plan to use tonight has this, a large room with a grid like floor, about 10x10 holes, with 20ft wide walk ways. A flesh golem with a brain from UM. The brain gives him the feats for greater bull rushing. Create some appropriate animated object ballistae who have the ability to use awesome blow through their shots ( give them about 10 shots each) under the gridded floor, there is about a 60ft drop into chest high water.

A permanent anti magic field is in place enveloping lower level, in the water is swarms of zombied leeches. Make it easy enough to climb the rough hewn walls though, (dc 20, 15 for adequate handholds, +5 for slipperiness)and....a resetting shocking grasp gridded floor just to give the golem the staying power he needs. All in all, should be a good fight for them, especially if someone "flies" down to help his allies with their leech problem, or carry them up to safety! Ha!

Hi all! I'm creating a baddie, an Ogre Mage Sorcerer in particular.

I came across the spell skinsend in ultimate magic and was curious how you guys would rule this.

First, you can only regenerate health through regeneration abilities (including the Ogre Mage's ) but, if your skin regenerates on your body, the skin you sent out through the spell dies. Would you rule this that it happens at full HP for the O.M.? Or, would you say the spell is essentially useless for him because as soon as that 5 hp ticks up, his skin "dies." Can you suppress regeneration without harming yourself?

Next question on this is that, the O.M. is a shapechanger, could he alter himself into say, an orc, and then loose (yes, loose) his skin upon the world? My intention is that the skin would look orc-y not revert to his O.M. look. (I feel like there is a rule somewhere when a body part is taken off your body, it reverts to original size and shape if you were under a polymorph spell) So, input would be appreciated. =)

Well, I'd be down to play. =D So now...we need 2 more people?

Basically be able to use IH stuff in a PF game. I'm curious if it's been solved already? Like, if anyone's tried, seen any major pitfalls, stuff like that.

Right now I'm still working on reading the IH rules in their entirety so don't have too much work done, but the ideas have me hooked!

Ok, first curious if anyone has melded PF and Iron Heroes together, or if has any tips on doing so... Secondly, if I were to meld them together and post it on this board, would it be stepping on Intel. Prop rights, and the like?

Was this Errata'd? I thought the Skeletal Champion was +2 to CR?

So... Tiefling Skel. Champion Fighter 8 would be CR 9 no? (7 original CR, +2)

Actually, I would just go Maneuver Master Monk the whole way...Bull Rush! Bull Rush! Trip! Just Seems right! =)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Obscuring Mist on yourself while enemy is a decent space away, Create Pit right behind you. Leap backwards over pit, taunting bad guy. He moves to attack, falls, arguably with no save.

Ok, interesting situation guys, a goblin with a Stealth check of 32 is hiding in a room, PCs enter, and call "We take 20 on our perception check to search it!" Highest possible perception is 27.

Would you allow the high stealth score to matter? Or does the goblin get a chance to sneak away with out the PCs knowing, i.e. slips out a closet and tip toes out while the PCs examine a few dust bunnies.

Or, do you believe if a person takes 20 on a perception check, eventually the nature of the searching "examining every nook and cranny" will turn up the little gobbo?

I could go either way, so just looking for some fresh points of view.

Ah, well thankyou! I will most likely be shying away from expensive programs. =P (now if i can just figure out how to draw on other parts in gimp after stroking a path....sounds oddly dirty.)

Anyone know any good map making programs? Seems easier than tons of graph paper.

Roleplaying wise, the idea is pretty awesome. If you have a decent DM who isn't all about messing over PCs, this is still a very playable character.

My suggestion to the above is that he doesn't enjoy the game as much as you do. This is hard to swallow sometimes, and people will just play to hang out, or get out the house.

Also, if you really think about it, you're investing so much into this person, but your not getting that same energy returned to you it seems, so I'd just drop it and let him do his own thing. I'd not even remind him when it's game day and see if he even shows. If he doesn't show, don't bother him about it, and just take it as is.

Ok, thanks Ghettowedge! If you had some info on the central NA meetup group i'd be greatly appreciative..

And Capt Kirstov, thank you as well! I dont really know much about PFS, but I will check it out. I will have to check out wonderland comics! There aren't many FLGS around anymore. Pretty much that's E and The whiz, but E's mostly 4th ed, not that there's anything wrong with that..

Which is arguably the level you need to be in PF to defeat a dragon of that size with help...

Hey, looking for Pathfinder group to join, or you could join us. We're in central MA, worcester area. Please post if you have an open group, or looking to join. Schedule is pretty flexible.

Hey, just wanted to say you're thread is awesome! I've really enjoyed the Oni you have created. Thank you for your hard work.

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Title pretty much says it all. If you have weapon focus on unarmed attack, do you think it would apply to grapple? Seems reasonable, but I'm not entirely sure.

Title pretty much says it all. I'm under the impression that if a creature with SR comes into contact with lets say, forceful hand, that the caster rolls to beat the creature's SR. If unsuccessful, the creature can safely ignore the hand and pretty much the hand cannot effect it. Is this the correct interpretation or am I misreading? Thanks guys!

This came up in another thread, and wanted the real formula on the cost...a sword that is NOT continuous use (because true strike continuous is kind of broken..)BUT, you could use it to cast a quickened True Strike every round. Figuring need a 5th level spell (Quickened True Strike) and caster level 9...but as for the rest, i'm not sure how to make a swift action and all that? If anyone can help me out, I'd really like to see how much it'd cost so I could give it to a PC. (First attack auto-hitting is something I'm comfortable giving, and I know they won't abuse CMB with it either, so I'm anxious when I could drop this in his hands.)

Its beyond hope for help. Sorry sir. =( Basically when this happens, its a well meaning DM, but ultimately it will just backfire. Its incredibly labor intensive to create encounters for PCs like this, and I beleive most people will echo me on that once you get rid of Wealth per level and certain lines are crossed, it ends up in a realm of pure entropic imagination....

Anyways to answer your immediate question, it is possible to hide if you have concealment, so yes, dark/smokey/mist would apply. And being invisible does grant sneak attack every attack. (I'm not sure about the blog play test rules however) Suggestions I have for fights are: Great Wyrm Dragons, with blind sense, (even if he's invis normally, or has concealment, it doesn't matter they can still attack and target him) but make sure they have a couple levels of barbarian or fighter to augment their strength and BAB to be able to hit him. (Don't forget to equip them with +5 mithral full plate and a slew of magical gear.) Other suggestions are demon (devil, qlippoth (sp?) and Daemon) lords with class levels, and a slew of the extra soupy special abils. Unfortunately when you have a player like this to really even the playing field you need a mastery of the rules to pick the cheesiest options to be a challenge.

Hey guys, wondering if anyone could point out a major flaw with this, but it seems to make sense to me.

RAW aiding another with the attack action is a melee only affair, but how "broken" do you guys think it would be if it could be used at ranged, with other ranged attacks.

i.e. 2 Archers aid a third, granting a +4 for the arrow to connect and do damage. I feel that this simulates a volley of arrows striking something vital as a hail rains down upon the target, maybe could roll a die to determine which arrow hit and did the damage if there were different amounts available.

Another point to just stress, no mixing and matching, meaning: No melee aiding a ranged and vice versa, seems that would be too much of a hassle and also since you are taking the time to not hit your friend in melee with a bolt to the back your missing out on the raw "multi-missle" effect that is the volley.

So if you guys have any questions, or could point out a gaping flaw in allowing this, I'd love to hear it!

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Ravingdork wrote:
That everything is bulky is merely an assumption on your part. A slender torch is still a torch, the block and tackle can be quite small when made of sturdy materials, trail rations can be quite compact depending on what food it is, etc.

I'm on your GMs side on this. If you chose not to get the weapon due to the time it took, too bad. But in no way could have changed the time to grab the item.

In your description of your gear, you didn't bother to type "Slender torches" or "super lightweight darkwood collapsible tent"(mine) you made no effort to dress up the gear then, but when you had to defend it, you dressed it up. Tents of any decent quality are super bulky, even when made with today's technology. Block and tackle wasn't specified as being especially small either. Even still, since you are going by the weight of items RAW, and DEFENDING the tents, torches your character carrying items of exceptional density? If you bought torches made of adamantium, they would by necessity cost more. It's a gross over stepping of player boundaries to suddenly change whats expected in the game world like that. Unfortunately, it is NOT an over stepping by the GM in arbitrating a situation like this, and the boards have pretty much spoken, the majority has ruled in favor of rule zero. Its not even a strong shift to realism, it went from a move to a standard action, a higher cost in action sure, but really is quite trivial timewise. If you consider holding a w.e. kind of pole arm you have, grabbing the axe and readying to strike, that limited time could have definitely cost your character the opportune striking moment the standard action attack represents.

Ah, that does make some sense. It really does boil down to the campaign world. I still believe the governing members however would be the 5th level characters. out of all the "standard" people. And a few would be the "God-Kings" of 10th level or so. Its not so much an argument that "All kings should be level 20" more saying that "All kings would be the upper tiers of the 'level' caps." Which I'm having difficulty putting to words at the moment. I guess it really boils down to that even though the Bestiaries are an encyclopedic collection of the denizens of monsters, in fact it seems most worlds assume they are rather rare and have a very limited population.

Also, the only campaign setting I've ever owned was Forgotten Realms, and I guess the high leveled nature of the world has skewed my perception somewhat.

I'm still pretty sure that even low-leveled, or high level characters being quite rare is still going to produce high level chars as leaders, even if "high level" for the campaign world capps about level 8, with some exception. However, some truths have definitely been brought to light! (looking at you Lincoln Hills) Both comments are appreciated.

The title pretty much sums it up. Why shouldn't all PF gov't be ruled by the highest levels around? By the very nature of the world and the even the gamesystem supports that all governing bodies would be run much better by higher level characters.

For example, higher level characters have better stats and higher skill ranks. Their wisdom and sense motive checks would be higher. Profession (Nobel) would be higher, along with a smattering of other useful skills. In addition they would be able to defend their position of power against assassins and the like via higher saves, magical wealth and connections they have made through adventures. They also would have more XP, which directly translates into LIFE EXPERIENCE. Not to mention being able to quash the paltry threats of most goblinoids and orcs more or less single-handedly.

So, what are the points for and against this point of view? I'm quite interested in what the community has to say! I submit this for discussion.

(editing storm of messing up with the UI, ha!)

I will second good escape routs and loading up on singe use items. Some of the most tense and fun moments in my games have been the attempts to stop the bad guys from escaping. (i.e. frantic pursuit up a tower to stop a guy from flying out the window) I would say if you plan on them to die the gear can be pretty good, but the second time around not as much.

If your players are at all like mine, if badguy 1, and 2 get slain, and number 3 escapes....there is no way those bodies are going to be in any shape to get a simple raise dead on them, so might want to take that into consideration. =(

Hey, just curious if using Greater Vital Strike on a Huge Dragon's bite attack could still qualify for the Snatch feat? I can't find a problem, but the combo seems so cool that when my players call shenanigans I can hold firm that it's "By the book!"

-thanks in advance guys. =)

Its fine to hold back, but remember, the GM's job is not to kill you, however, it's your job to kill the monsters. However, you did ask if it's ok to play "holding back" and this really boils down to, player knowledge, vs character knowledge. The player knows, all the best spells, all the best class combo's, and that trolls are going to be destroyed by fire and all that. If you learned a great trick last campaign, why would a different unrelated character automatically know said trick? And, why pull out the stops anyways? I'll also cast my vote that maybe the GM should bump up the encounters a little too. My group isn't happy with an encounter unless they are literally on the brink of death at the end.

Thanks! Heh, should've been more thorough instead of skimming.

My group and I have always played that you could pull out a potion on your turn and use it as a standard action on an ally who is dying. Is this actually allowed in the rules? I can't seem to find it at the moment, and I'm curious about the RAW.

Could try out a large balcony near various rooftops. My players barely move, and I have a hard time make them move, so if your party is like mine, keep reading on. The enemy rogue could use a grappling hook to scale the building upwards and rain potshots down on the party, the enemy fighter/barb could bull rush a pc off the balcony to crash down onto a slanted roof and need a reflex save to prevent sliding down off the edge. Enemy wizard could take to the sky and have a flying duel by the full moon. If things really turn bad the enemies can run away and you have a cool roof top chase scene ala Assassin's Creed 2.

Hey guys, maybe this topic has been beat to death but I'd like to hear of anyone's previous experience in doing what I plan to try out. The plan is to do away with CMB and CMD for the most part and use the rules for bull rush etc with the old 3.5 rules.

There is a catch, I believe I will be keeping the PF size modifiers since they seem to progress at a much more reasonable rate, and instead of the manuver failing if AoO hits, they get a minus proportionate to the damage dealt. (this would make most attempts futile if they connect but still there is a chance of pulling to technique off). The reason why I am wanting to do this is because of a particular situation that arose in my game group. I was running the absolute classic "Red Hand of Doom", and in one encounter it is suggested that the lowbie fodder try to bullrush the PCs off the edge. This had at least a chance for success in 3.5 because first guy gets AoO'd probably dies, but three more guys will attempt seconds later. In pathfinder, there was no way in heck a lowbie could hit the cmd of the main fighter, and even the mage push over, heh. This got me kind of irked, so I'm embarking on this path.

So thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to hearing of your exp, and any suggestions on how to make it work. Even if you want to defend CMD I will listen, maybe I'm missing something. =P

Make things over the top would be my best suggestion. Assault a keep and kill the Orc Warlord (then escape the angry hoard of orcs), defend the dwarven merchant caravan from ogres and hill giants, but give the dwarves a few cannons to help even the battlefield. Make challenges straight over the top, either they are huge in number, or huge in stature. Those are the combats that have worked for me best.

@ Todd Stewart what other options are there? =X

and....fatal flaw with succubus monk...shes inherently chaotic. So, that puts a damper on that one. Like the quasit rogue one too.

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