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Bwang's page

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30 Fey Feats

****( )

To the bad side first, most of these feats are but variations on published feats, mechanics modified but slightly and given a Fey fluff. Most suffer from not being integrated into a greater whole of Fey. This weakens the fluff and makes a few feats wonky. But has any feat list published not had a misfire or eight.

To the good side for a GM, someone else did the hard part and ground out 30. Even in as GM/player generated nightmare of a group as ours, that helps. The discussion itself generated several more feats for our game, and over half these feats were either voted in or replaced our versions, at least in part. Arrow Charm, Capricious Luck, a form of Feyborn and Strong-Willed Charmer were already used in game, but not all as laid out, mainly in prerequisites.

There are the standard re-work of bonuses to caster level, DCs, abilities, etc., but most are well served by their fluff. No feat was either too good or bad, the horrid must/never flaws, TPK doesn't fail in the balancing edit. No feat is poorly written that I found, though campaign modification night be needed either way for better integration. Our Grammar Nazi made no fuss and neither rules lawyer drooled, both good signs!

Quibbles: The women at our table voted Faerie Godfather into Faerie Godmother and no guy dared cross them (we learned the hard way). We had Fey Healing as a 2 step version of Supernatural Metabolism and Dreaming Jaunt (healing while DJ). The Seelie/Unseelie doesn't work quite as it should for our Fey (High court, Seasonal courts and those of Fey Lords with differing roles and agendas), but were nice additions and starting points, all were voted in unanimously (rare). Our version of the Red Cap scales, but is nowhere as powerful if non-Fey. And it slowly turns you evil. This version works better, not as complex! The only feat that didn't make the cut

Layout is standard two column and in easily read font. Light brown, pseudo-parchment background makes reading it easy. Only 5 pages, but its not a world book. The art is limited and unobtrusive, yet pleasant.

All in all, a good effort that fills a niche. Even if your Fey don't match, there are good things here that some else did the work for.

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Finally hammered out time read this one. It will help my game a lot.

First, there is a rokkin' backstory! I like the presentation being in an 'as told by' format. The later mechanics are woven into both the backstory and the narration, unifying the whole.

Three paths of life are presented for flavor, roleplay and and tactics. Each has its own essence for play that snap the monster that must be killed to a state that allows them to interact on more levels. There are extensive variants for other positions, even a normal looking form.

Ending, this helps break a mold that the game has too often slid into, taking a tired old monster that has served as a one-trick-pony every time I have seen it in a game. I have never seen the snake hair do anything other than grant 360 vision. Just saying.

If your game is hash and slack, this will give you a few more tricks, but a story or roleplay game has a lot to use.

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