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Bwang's page

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Finally hammered out time read this one. It will help my game a lot.

First, there is a rokkin' backstory! I like the presentation being in an 'as told by' format. The later mechanics are woven into both the backstory and the narration, unifying the whole.

Three paths of life are presented for flavor, roleplay and and tactics. Each has its own essence for play that snap the monster that must be killed to a state that allows them to interact on more levels. There are extensive variants for other positions, even a normal looking form.

Ending, this helps break a mold that the game has too often slid into, taking a tired old monster that has served as a one-trick-pony every time I have seen it in a game. I have never seen the snake hair do anything other than grant 360 vision. Just saying.

If your game is hash and slack, this will give you a few more tricks, but a story or roleplay game has a lot to use.

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