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Bwang's page

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber. 1,538 posts. 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist.


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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
The Sideromancer wrote:

With all due respect to your expertise, PF is a terrible simulator (e.g. blades too heavy, loading too fast), and we should be figuring out how it works on PF terms, rather than dismissing it because of poor IRL stats.

I personally go with reach XOR twf with either end, finessable in either form, trip on sickle, disarm on ball.

Amusing. Go look at the dreaded Katana threads. And do not cite me having 'expertise'. I noted that I was the worst student in the class. And D&D has always been abstract at best, so I agree with you there. The reason to have a K is in the coolness factor and to replicate some of the myth. If you're just creating a purely fantasy weapon, have at it. The posts I was trying to add facts to were all about how the real weapon is used.

In my game and several I play in, EWP grants you 'tricks' valid for that weapon, many of which are otherwise sub-par in some way. A sword our Fighter picked up has no guard of any type, no 'fighting defensively'. A piece of *, but it is enchanted and has an EWP bonus I do not know.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Having faced a K while dabbling in Kendo in the 70s, it is a highly over rated weapon. The main strengths are novelty (rarely seen), difficult to see (in anything but good light, the spinning weight is just shy of invisible, but then my eyesight stinks), velocity (current matches don't allow unpadded blades or 'hard' weights) and sudden reach. Like all 'chain' weapons, it is vulnerable to tight spaces (needs the room for momentum on the weight), an agile or armored opponent (a thrown kama at that range is horridly unstable and 'hooking' is a suicidal move as it pulls your opponent in close, good with spear, lousy against a wakasashi in the belt), hard to use against multiple opponents, hard to stand next to an ally, putting your weapon in your opponent's reach (counter grabbing is a simple technique), the wielder has to have either a secure grip (hard to discard the K) or a loose grip (easier to be disarmed and more. I beat the guy who was touring in the mid 70s with a five minute instruction by my Kendo sensei (I was the worst student), 3/5. Against a properly trained opponent, the wielder is vulnerable at that close a range to a sudden rush or a number of other attacks (I hate judo).

Enjoyed the strawman video, the K was expertly handled, but the target was little more than a post to practice against.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Having hammered away at a better Fighter for my game (and trickle down to others who follow my lead), I am miffed. Some 8 years of bit work and I was almost ready. Now you've gone and fixed problems I wasn't even aware of.

A player sent me a few tantalizing morsels that seem to address problems we have encountered in the past. Now I have another evil thing to buy.

Looks Good from here.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm currently playing an Eberron Changeling, so I have great interest. Is this compatible with non-Shere magic? If 'knd of', is there a conversion guide or similar.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Actually very few, but a wonderful new room to build onto the house.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I use Nurgle as a Druid power.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Dragons and dragonkin are a solid choice as the later generations are weaker. Setting it up as a feudal empire with infighting amongst the 'nobilty' makes intrigue an option. We did this some ages back and the GM used colored dragons as the BBEGs. He evened them all out and they produced all manner of eggs, so it was hardly 'pure'. Our problem was the GM moved just as the game got real interesting.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

223. A race of animated magical debris. Made of very solid, yet mobile withing the creature, items used in magic (potion bottles, spent scrolls, spent wands, once spelled weapons, etc.). They spontaneously animate when concentrated and 'heal' as more is added. Absorb magic to 'heal' and levitate. Anti-magic is lethal, as are dispels, etc.

I have one wandering my world as a source of trade goods and plot bridges.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Arrange results INT, CON (DEX IF Small), DEX, WIS, STR, CHA.

Race is Human or another that bumps INT, preferably without a hit to CON or DEX. Both need to be as high as possible.

Find out any shades the GM throws on casters, and this list is not exhaustive:

1-Components required and Eschew Components is banned or gimped. Also add difficult ti acquire.

2-ID checks on monsters to take advantage of book weaknesses.

3-Legal or societal grief from locals. We had a town ban puppet shows fro using magic movements, etc. Dancing was punishable by death! Well, I have to admit they had cause.

4-The effect of mana levels, conditions, etc on magic. A read of Asprin's Myh series is recommended.

5-Availability of spells to flesh out spellbooks. Also any odd requirements to gain spells. No 'free' spells in our game, for instance, but a roll for each casting modifier and bonuses for prerequisites. Cheaper spells, but no freebees.

6-Watch weight allowances in campaign.

7-Availability of magic items is important, in some parties, the casters are expected to slavishly churn out magic items for costs.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The most ready 'pantheistic' currently to hand would be the Hindu one. Some of their religious ceremonies are online (and VERY Bollywood) and make allowances for followers dedicated to differing gods and even aspects thereof.

Depending on the couple, a pantheist cleric could have a simple 'I curse you with marriage, heretics' to an elaborate celebration by thousands. Set has a great bit to steal shamelessly, but not knowing if either participant particularly follows Wadjet, A slight variation might be in order.

Does Wadjet prosthelytize?
Is it a 'hidden' or cultlike faith?
Are there dedicated shrines, temples, etc.?

Stealing from actual Egyptian history, such a wedding might evoke some protection from cobras or other positive connection.

EDIT: A friend just noted me that we had such a wedding ages ago between followers of Mars and Athena, both fighters.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Legacy Eberron Shapechanger Wizard with shapechanging familiar. Currently chasing the campaign's 'chain spells' and magic feats that really benefit shape changers.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Another idea: The Green Knight is a great test to ruffle the players' souls.

The EK shows up and grants the party free attacks upon him with the same promise in return. Those who agree get their shot only to find their best ain't good enough. He gives each a different place a year hence to meet him for his turn. Poof, those get ejected from Fey lands.

Those remaining get soundly thrashed for not grasping the proffered chance. Awake to find themselves slaves the the centaurs for unspecified time. A bit of RP until each discovers his utter stupidity, at which time each is transported to the first bunch at the next dawn. Regardless of time or all taking the longest's time ala Rip Van Winkle.

I eagerly await the Golem's treatment, but all past GMs I've had make mucking about with the Fey unsettling in the extreme! We had one grueling quest end with 'Loves First and Last kiss', the odd quest. It involved a PC (who was graduating and about to be gone) dying as he kissed his Fey lover and died. The wimpy girls left crying that night, I just was overcome by the onions on the pizza several hours earlier. Heartbreaking and better RP than I can do!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

A similar incident occurred back in the 80's, long before CRs and the like. We were locked in a death game with powerful undead we had no business messing with. The GM ran the full encounter and slaughtered the characters that chose to stay, regardless of what they did. Those smarter players who wanted to exit were even more butchered and horrifically shredded.

Suddenly, the whole party 'awakens' screaming. The 'leave fast' crew had no memory of the dream, but the 'we be bad' did. Above us stood an incorporeal Banshee, pronouncing our souls would be eaten by the BBEG (no rez) if we stayed. Having 'seen' what they faced, even the insane 'kill, kill, kill' decided to run like a scared bunny. We cleared the area by dusk.

The Fey are a contentious and conflicted bunch. Anyone attracting the notice of an Erlking grade power will attract others and they will all get in on the game. I suggest a Grand Hunt by a variety of Fey, giving the players good reason to avoid such nonsense in the future. Constantly shifting terrain, myriad Fey interlopers on the Hunt, separation of the party into digestible nibblings, alone to face creatures not even in the books are just a few of the twisted things you can bring. A running commentary of the various Fey powers and factions betting on the outcome and cheating to gain in their 'orange/blue' ethics could be done to confuse the players. Once divided, let the other players torture who is on the hot seat, players being far meaner to their own than any GM.

Of course the Hunt is its own reward.

Dang! This sounds like an very 'potential ridden' night! Let us know how it goes.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Kerney wrote:

I like the idea that all pathfinder players get the abilities of the character they are most emotionally attached to as part of this change.

I'd have an Eidolon.

Now that's scary. I'd either have a Eberron Changeling Wizard with delusions of discovering ancient magics of a (non-existent) passed Changeling empire or an insane Wizard who hunts dragons!

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
andygal wrote:
I'm imagining a community of Elven wizards maintaining a group spellbook on the trunk of a tree in a secret grove. They have more typical spellbooks in case one of them needs to travel but they all add any spells they learn in their travels to the tree.

Dwarf wizards in my game have a library inscribed into the walls of a series of rooms. Each new wizard learns his or her spells by rote from the markings left by others. A new room means new spells. Unfortunately, they must learn every spell in a room before advancing. Very stilted and dwarf-like.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Not in a game i play in, but:

The spikes on a shield or armor can be of multiple materials, but cost as much as ALL included, but suffer a -1 per die in each extra material. Spikes of silvered steel or a similar coating do not count as a material, but can be lost on a CH. Such spikes lose the coating even if repaired.

They have weapon rules that are similar.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Healing is specifically spelled out in the spell, allowing no other method.

That said, our group uses other materials for the base structure with differing effects. A metal Sim heals a bit when exposed to fire over a period of time, like a HP per month, Porcelain a bit faster, certain Cold spells aid an ice/snow base, etc., but all require Craft Wondrous Item and can only do a bit each day (1/100 HP minimum), though all bets are off with Wishes.

We also start Sim spells at level 3 (to 9) and have been running them since about 1980. Our current GM 'requires' learning each earlier version of every spell (all have lesser and greater versions), in effect, before moving on up the tree (DC penaltied for missing spells). There are a number of other spells for additional work (flight, etc.).

The above 'metals' I made to help out in the family foundry and are level 3 NPC Experts (the level 4 version of our spells), keyed to my Wizard's brother. Normal wear and tear 'heal' just by exposure to the forges, though he is a W1 and has his own repair lab for real damage. RAW is not as flexible, but YMMV.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Prince Yyrkoon wrote:
Intersting. I suspect the lack of hero points will be a big difference

It will, Hero Points are decisive as the players learn to properly exploit them. We had a 25/Hero points game that was beyond wild.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Having run the numbers, I'm moving to 20 +1 each level. 15 was low by 6 on average and '+1 to a score' puts lie to the value of those scores as they cost different as the ascend.

To the OP: I think 20 is about right, allowing better rounded out characters. Most games I deal with cap stats at 17, before racials. Humans are the best at that because they can get to 19 in and ability score. SAD classes are cramped, but not unduly so, MAD classes are better able to flesh out before advancing too far.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Chat w/ another player. Campaign 'portals' are of 5-6 types. There are differing sizes, etc of each. The above 'ring's are of the Portable and Reusable types. There are differing activation methods, volumes and such. Other Types I can remember are Offensive/Defensive, Racial and Divine/Damned. Portable/Fixed and Single use/Reusable are the above switches.

The portal in question will teleport a considerable volume or up to about a dozen tons, preventing grown Dragons from using it. Well, an adult White might make it through one. At level 9, it will laugh at my weak magics, requiring a level 6 spell called repair gate. It is huge, requires level 3 spell energy just to warm it up and more to use. She says it has taken over 300 HP of damage and is only barely inoperable, hence the activation cost, high number of operators and high UMD required to operate. She also sez it can only receive a portion of the energy we've fed it due to it leaking. Now I know why it is surrounded by various magical light effects when we play with it.

We also need a Craft Wondrous Item feat on hand to repair properly and get 'keyed' to the Portal. It will cost me 1 skill point to key to it when we finish. She also stated that the GM lifted this from an earlier D&D book. If I can find it I will be more able to present my plight.

Always ask the girl, she pays attention.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Are you running your own world? I would go the expanded way, giving more options. If you're running a closer to Canon, play tight and send up a flare...Oh, you did!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber


I have Greater Make Whole in scroll library to learn for the repairs, just need Make Whole first. I also have no idea how 'damaged' the Gate is. The potential glitch is volume, the Gate being a large circle surrounded by Menhirs. Think a small Stonehenge.


That should work if I can find a safe spot on the far side. My familiar has UMD and transmutes. Heck, my shapeshifting allows me to fake Small!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I cannot find specific rules for setting up or repairing 'Gates' or similar fixed/safe devices for transportation. I currently have Portals and Planes and the Manual of the Planes at hand, but am either inept or unable to find specifics about the construction and repair of gates, etc.

Have I found a new unicorn or am I just looking in the jungle for a forest creature?

If anyone has a gritty and mechanical write up, I'd love to get a copy. All 'travel' portals in the game world are artifacts and 'black box', but we'd really like to repair on that sits near a dungeon to save time. Yes, I know that some are two way (this one is) and yugley things can use it, but travel can be a pain

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Having learned sword-n-board in the SCA, a shield is more effective than armor against a single opponent, as most 'kills' in Grand Melees and battles come from people you're just not paying attention to as much (EG: Polearms). I never got tapped by the guy in front of me unless he was real dang good (Knight or soon knighted). I saw a Crown List won decisively by a Knight with a buckler and short sword, and was in a wedge he led a year later, again so armed. My job was just to keep people off his ass and keep up...while walking backward. We...well, he...cut through Middle like a knife, and we in the back had serious footing problems.

Active defenses are not integral to most games, often being ignored. If you do go with the system you've started, remember to work on the balance so that it doesn't go 'Klog!'

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The last time this got pulled by a GM in our circle, his games seemed to never get scheduled anymore. After several months, he was given 'another chance', only to try to restart the nonsense. When he did, the host brought out her knitting, and her husband fired up the Playstation.

The sole survivor actually playing was our resident murder hobo from heck. She made each die a different horrid death.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

We've had Magical Tattoos of all types in the game for decades and developed a 'campaign lore' to deal with them. A few of the points I remember off hand are:

1-Regeneration will degrade them over time as the 'wound' heals, other 'healing' does not. A Changeling from Eberron sheds a Tattoo in a few days time.

2-Tattoos made with metals are less affected by regeneration. My Wizard is an Eberron Changeling and all my Tattoos are embedded gold. They are nigh permanent. Insufficient metal for most magic to affect.

3-Rezed bodies do not bring most Tattoos with them (exception: Soul Tattoos! Evil)! Except for the Divine Tattoos of Paladins and Clerics, as they are part of the soul and manifest upon rez. Mine would be lost.

4-Not Craft-able with CWI, must be made by Craft Magical Tattoo, Imbue Tattoo or such (differing times, GMs, editions, etc,). Mine also require a Goldsmith.

5-An inactive Magic Tattoo can only be recognized under certain conditions or by certain skills. Mine would be danged suspicious due to being made of gold. My Wizard has now acquired the Tattoos of a Lesser Initiate (I cast level 3 spells) that tingle when I fail a save, allowing a second check to ID a spell...rah. I also have the Tattoos of a Initiate (level 5 spells) that tingle when I am targeted by a spell I currently have available for +5 Initiative, +5 ID spell and a possible +5 to save. Had that one for a while with only one successful use. There are other features I haven't added, but all take up slots (Body on the first one, Face/Head and Body for the second), but they are campaign specific and all serve as ID with the Guild.

6-Almost all Magical Tattoos must be 'bared' to have any effect, but may be concealed among other Tattoos, magical or not. My Lesser Initiate Tattoos were bared, but are integral to my Initiate Tattoos and I can wear 'Body" now. If I get the 'elfy' +2 vs mental magics, I'll have to shave my head to keep the +2 active and it will be clearly visible to foes. I can go glove-less and get the Claw Tattoo, barefoot for the Gazelle Tattoo (expeditious retreat) or nigh naked for the 'iron body' (+1 AC UNTYPED bonus, all slots repeatable up to lower of Con or Int) that also lowers my Dex.

7-Some Magic Tattoos are for control of the wearer (see my Tattoos above), ensuring loyalty and obedience. Geas requires ranks in Tattoo, as do other spells. Others create bonds with animal companions, etc. or exploit such bonds. Examples that have come up include ID, location, distance and saves.

8-A popular Magic Tattoo in an associated game is a Shield that appears once per day. I would have gone with a dagger or sword.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The rules were poorly written decades ago and fall hard into the 'realm of never having been worked out for play'. As I am bearing down on Sims in one game, our GM is building a really hard framework. I already have the lesser version and he just plopped down several more. each has significant differences, but all require material components, knowledge checks, labs (well, one doesn't) and such what not.

All create an actual 'creature' along the 'half' guidelines and might be made of different materials (different effects). If he let's me, I'll post them and let everyone butcher them. The version I have allows only half power, NPC classes and 'common' races, but I have given my character's brother forge assistants made of bronze already (iron messes up magic in campaign).

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I happily allow any full caster to dilute his effectiveness (always 'he', all my female players are too smart) and have to keep myself from cheesing up the relevant feats.

You play the game as it is. PF Fighters are not mages and vice versa. No spell is going to allow a wimpy mage to outperform one of his summoned beasties. Even if the critter does less damage, the caster won't be the one bleeding.

That said, my Wiz runs around with a magic knife and Dagger (similar, but not the same in campaign world), but mainly for the rare time I NEED to go full defense. Well, there was an attack of opportunity last year. And cutting my stuck self out of a web. Etc.

The knife glows near poisoned food, bought as a tool for eating.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I know where an Amulet of Magecraft is, alas it being over on the far end of the continent. But I will get to it eventually.


The big thing is you have all explained WHY my GM won't allow specialist wizards. Its all to trim overpowered wizard wings! There are enough other things he allows that keep us from being clones. Now I understand why our serious power gamers weren't interested in wizards as PCs.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

As new Monster qualities are constantly being fabricated, that's where they logically start. As for value, try that of what each player thinks is the closest and talk it out. I have players shell out build points on races, and they are mean if I over value something.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

In fleeing the goblin hordes in an early dungeon of mine, only the Hobbits ant the dwarf ran under a horizontal wall of force...

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Asmadaeus wrote:

One could assign classes specific point-buy values, perhaps help alleviate the MADness vs SADness.

Give Monks 25 point-buy, Paladins 20 point-buy, Wizards 15 point-buy. Establish the values before people chose their class, so everyone knows exactly what they are getting when they chose that class.

Soooo...I can start as a Monk, then take my second level in...Wizard?

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I took 15 plus one per level from a game that works well. So far, so good.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

A zoo, each being a different display. Each exhibit is a 'rare' or fanciful creation, think Simulacrums. Each 'subject' responds to life energy, coming 'alive' only when someone is with them. Pulled this in a 'prison' for high end BBEGs captured by a LE cult with a variation of Soul Jar. The exhibits do not know they are artificial and unable to advance in levels, thinking some agency is crimping their abilities.

The PCs had freed several before they identified them and paused the revival of more. Currently they are hunting five of the escapees, all level 7 to 9 casters of ill temper.

One captured the party and bargained their release: the Paladin swearing oaths, to help her back to her right self. In the rarely run game, I converted her into a Witch and am looking for a better archetype. She escaped bereft of spells, but was loaded day three when she suckered them. She needs some real social skills as all her minions died out hundreds of years back. And what would be a good bloodline...

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Have you already introduced the actual area? I used a Yellowstone-like corner of a great swamp, popped in mildly acidic mists, the thundering mountain and other features of Yellowstone to get the players jumpy. The loud noise forced them to pass notes of what they were saying (I translated). Nausea, no sleep (for spells), poor air quality (All Elves got sick, none had good Fort rolls), muck to walk in, roots to catch feet, crowded undergrowth, horrible smells, etc. The party went bonkers over a flippin' raccoon!

Good times!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Did some for 3.0 and ran into anti-anime people. Better luck than I had.

Mine were not fully translucent, with 'active parts manifesting visibly within in disturbing ways (-4 Cha checks). Brains became visible (and their alien appearance) when one was doing heavy thinking. Food digesting, muscles when any but the most normal activity, etc. To counter the several logical benefits (as listed above under half construct), their ability scores suffered. -2 on Str and Dex. -2 to -4 on mental stats, but a +4 on Con. Try using feats to grant the ooze abilities. I didn't but it might work better.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

My campaign has Troll as a 'Type' since early '77, long before Types existed. Ogres too for that matter.

The trolls were varied by region or dominant feature(s). Rock Trolls were short and covered with 'warts' that fell off as rocks. Fire Trolls belched fire and breathed flame in melee, a serious hazard till it was discovered that they were 'slowed' if the fire was extinguished (waterskin in the mouth). Smoke Trolls exuded an acidic cloud that choked and obscured in melee, vulnerable to wind. Mouthers were able to grow multiple mouths, but more were weaker. Rat Trolls ate rats and other small critters like familiars, about as bright as the rats.

Players have added variants over the years and somewhere exists a worn spiral ring notebook with most of them in it.

They became the 'go to' nuisance race, the book one being merely the most commonly seen. Some new players were aghast at how the Wizard was not upset at being invited to dinner by a troll. It was a more Danish/Pomeranian version that are more chicken thief and minor annoyances than others.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Odd, we had this 'go 'round' a few weeks back. Most came to the view that no cat would sully the magnificence of their tail with a lowly weapon. The more literal went with the 'not in the book' and 'no cat in our reality' points.

Moments after one 'girl' made a point about it being a communication device, the dominant cat of the house came slinking through the room, rubbing against everyone before sitting in front of the Chick-fil-A eating target to DEMAND her tribute, tail twitching her absolute right to his nuggets!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I have a list somewhere of every item that we 'didn't' have at one point or another. Playing the pack mule Fighter, I can carry most of it in dropable bags. When 3.0 came around, I geared up to the gp and weight limits. After the first run, I checked off each item used, but the three items I thought we didn't use were actually loaned out to others who did use them.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

1-Expand the fluff. I have a unfortunately neglected race much like this, but with even less fluff.

2-The twin Fear entries may be too much.

3-might could use some more 'undead' flavor

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

A group I play in has a feat that allows this, but it requires a higher level spell be sacrificed at the least. Playing a Ranger, I have only a slim exposure to the feat. I do know it must be a spell the caster has in her spellbook and it has serious negative effects on book and caster. The only time I 'observed it, the feat stunned or caster...mid fight!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Earth Elementals are my traditional solution, but in the campaign I play in, there are over two dozen additional spells I know of (not 'know') that deal with repairs and construction, plus a few that prevent such. Our combat types pay me to tote around some scrolls that neutralize rust monster mischief! Beyond that one, I have only a couple of ones of that type, but can not remember ever prepping one for an adventure.

Ask you GM if he has a secret trove of spells that aren't on the main lists.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber


When I play with a CN that isn't CE, I will change my view of this as an ABSOLUTE! But I've only been playing into my fifth decade and have yet to see this 'unicorn'. I place it in the same category of 'honest politician' and 'bigfoot'.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
The Beardinator wrote:
Like...San Francisco Smog Cloud?

SF fog dates back into the 1700s, several ships wrecked there as it was being settled. Friends dove one just north of the bay beck in 1970s. Long ago 'souvenir looted. Only the ballast stones were left.

Federal time if you go there now.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I take it you've never socialized with college faculty.

Most of the BS was between the MD and the Lawyer with the Lit diagramming sentence structures. Educational, but the pizza was less obtuse. I remember why I dodged Philosophy and Lit.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
RedRobe wrote:
I just switched it to +2 to one ability score of the player's choice, and called it a day.

Much the same, simple is best. I took a 'Changeling feat' that allows me a +2 daily re-assignable skill modifier that is a lot of fun. As I get more Changeling feats', they reset based on how many I have. When I got my 5th, the +2 jumped to +3, but still changes but once per day.

The only real problem I have with people playing 'exotics' is when they refuse to role play them. We have a dwarf that has no RP skills at all wanting to play a kitsune. He's going to play it as bob the grocer, just like all his past characters.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I trust the English Lit Dr at my table, a monstrous race does not need to spend one point. Neither does 'advanced'. She blames illiteracy on all our parts for not being able to read plain English. Something about backwards compatibility not being a given. The tirade devolved into Jung and Socrates (among others) and I went on a pizza run to miss the rest. If the writers had meant 'only' above x points, they should have said so.

All participants agreed with the above, but for differing reasons. I had some pizza.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
RedRobe wrote:
I had to change the racial ability adjustments of the Eberron be in line with Pathfinder, but they worked out well.

currently playing a legacy Eberron Changeling, and very interested in the changes you made. Might we get a peek?

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Feros wrote:

My question is this: how do you map non-Euclidean geometry on a 2D surface or get obtuse angles to act acute?


A cute? I use kittens and puppies.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Gjorbjond wrote:

Heroic NPC rules for character creation

...includes such things as a lower point buy, less starting equipment, and no traits without taking the Additional Traits feat.

If you really want to implement a house rule to discourage taking the feat, you could further limit it to non-heroic NPCs. You'd have even fewer points and only NPC classes. Even an Adept cohort is better than pretty much any other feat.

I woke this morning to three emails from other players in the game (Don't you clowns sleep?) pointing out that very reference, our trait limit (1 for npcs, +1 if Human) and Starting packages (only PCs get cash to boot). Not being allowed a cohort, etc made me blind to all those things.

Incidentally, I count as 4 complications:

1-Non-standard race, he has in the low teens of Standard races, so it makes sense, I guess...

2-Wizard with constantly shifting spells.

3-A familiar that shifts forms and bonuses. Seeing as he requires me to have each form at my finger tips, this I can see. I also need to get a sheet for all 70-80 familiars out there.

4-As a shapeshifter, I freely admit to causing a great deal of 'complications' just by starting the meal as an Elf and ending as a Human.

5-Non-campaign material, as he doesn't run Eberron anymore. Should count, but I legacied in from back then. I got graced on this one.

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