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ButtePirate's page

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"We'll have ways for you to give us money, don't worry about that." I'm afraid that means to pay for the content from each expansion in a way similar to the way Hero Lab/Lone Wolf does it. Unfortunately, if that's the case, I've already spent too much there to switch over, even if Gamespace is a superior environment.

I'm hoping this was kept in mind.

Nevermind. I overlooked this part: "Creatures sickened by
your touch count as good for the purposes of spells with
the evil descriptor."

Since Smite Good isn't a spell with the evil descriptor, it wouldn't work anyway.

I'm sorry if this has been covered before. I tried searching but had no luck.

If I am an Anti Paladin that takes a level of Cleric for the Evil Domain and uses the Touch of Evil granted power and follows up with Smite Good the next round, is the Smite Good wasted?

Does the Smite Good just last until the Touch of Evil wears off or does it last until the target of the smite is dead or the next time the antipaladin rests and regains his use of this ability?


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