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Bruno Breakbone's page

161 posts. Pathfinder Society character for Sammy T.

Full Name

Bruno Breakbone




L 11 (Ex-Tetori 9 / Brutal Pugilist 2)









Strength 22
Dexterity 15
Constitution 14
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 16
Charisma 8

About Bruno Breakbone

Init +4; Perception +17


AC 29, touch 21, flat-footed 26
(+4 Mage Armor, +4 Barkskin, +3 Wis, +2 Monk, +2 Dex, +1 deflection, +1 dodge, +1 Insight, +1 Turtle Style)

HIT POINTS 100 (122 Raging) (+22 temp HP if activate Sihedron)

FORT +11, REF +8, WILL +9

Defensive Abilities: evasion; Immune disease


Speed 80 ft.

-Unarmed strike +14/+9 (2d6+6/x2) + GRAB
-Constrict 2d6+6

Special Attacks ki strike, cold iron/silver, ki strike, magic, rage (8 rounds/day), rage powers (strength surge +2 [1/rage])

Spell-Like Abilities Barkskin (self only, 1 Ki)


Base Atk +8
CMB +19 (+31 Grappling)
CMD 37 (44 vs. Grapple, 39 vs. Bull Rush, Reposition, & Trip)

Feats: Dodge, Final Embrace, Greater Grapple, Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, Mobility, Pinning Knockout, Rapid Grappler, Snapping Turtle Clutch, Snapping Turtle Style, Stunning Fist (9/day) (DC 18), Stunning Pin, Toughness +11

Traits: Reactionary, Unorthodox Strategy

Skills: Acrobatics +16 (+18 to move through an enemy's threatened squares, +36 jump), Climb +10, Perception +17, Stealth +14, Survival +8 (+10 to avoid becoming lost), Swim +10, Use Magic Device +10

SQ ac bonus +5, break free +9, counter-grapple, fast movement monk +40', fast movement barbarian +10', graceful grappler, inescapable grasp, ki defense, ki pool, maneuver training, monk vows (vow of silence (abandoned), vow of truth [+1 ki]), purity of body, savage grapple, stunning fist (stun, fatigue, sicken), unarmed strike (2d6)

Combat Gear: Anaconda's coils, Braid of a Hundred Masters, Decoy ring, Gauntlet of the skilled maneuver (grapple), Headband of inspired wisdom +2, Ioun stone (dusty rose prism), Ioun stone (vibrant purple prism), Ioun Stone (Ocher Rhomboid), Pauldrons of the serpent, Ring of protection +1, Sihedron Brand (Endurance), Sihedron Brand (Service), Snakeskin tunic, Wayfinder , Winged boots (3/day)


GRAPPLING: Can make AOOs (Tetori), retains DEX to AC (Tetori), 1/2 DEX penalty to CMD (Pugilist), no penalties to attacks (Tetori)

VS GRAPPLING: AOO against attempt if opponent does not have Greater Grapple (Tetori & Pugilist). +2 CMD vs Grapple if AOO hits (Pugilist).


Chronicle Boons:

Broken Reputation: -4 Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate with other Pathfinders

Defender of Katheer: +1 circumstance Diplomacy with humanoids from Katheer

Evenhanded Investigator: +2 bonus Diplomacy with Absalom guards and city officials

Formidable Renoun: +2 Intimidate vs Lissala worshipper. May do as move action.

Hoofbrother: +2 Diplomacy with centaurs

Kayle's Blessing: +1 luck bonus vs dragon breath weapon (3 left)

Magnimarian Debt: 1/2 cost raise dead, resurrection or true resurrection (one use)

Mutani Manual of Martial Mastery: +1 CMD vs Grapple

Owed A Favor: +4 circumstance Diplomacy for one scenario set in Absalom (one scenario)

Protector of Whistledown: +1 CHA checks with Gnomes

Sihedron Brand (Service): +2 profane bonus to attack, damage and AC vs summoned creatures.

Sihedron Brand (Endurance): +2 profane bonus to Fort saves. 1/day 2xlevel temp HP gained. +4 circumstance bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy vs worshippers of Lissala

Scion of Geb: +1 CHA checks with Gebbites

Snowmask Induction: Endure Elements (cold) to 0 degrees F

Spearmind: +1 dodge AC vs spear weapon group

Spider's Captor: +5 Diplomacy with any govt official within Andoran.

Quantium Golem Pendant: +2 bonus on saves vs necromany school, death effects and negative energy (one use).


Alchemist's Fire x2
Alkali Flask x3
Cold Weather Outfit
Ear Plugs
Holy water x2
Oil of Bless Weapon x2
Oil of Daylight
Oil of Silence
Potion of Air Bubble
Potion of Align Weapon
Potion of CLW x2
Potion of CSW x2
Potion of Displacement
Potion of Enlarge Person
Potion of Feather Step x2
Potion of Fly
Potion of Gaseous Form
Potion of Invisibility
Potion of Life Bubbly
Potion of Mage Armor x2
Potion of Prot Evil x3
Potion of Remove Blindness
Potion of Strong Jaw
Potion of Touch of the Sea
Scroll of True Strike x3
Scroll of Water Breathing x2
Smoked goggles
Tanglefoot bag
Wand of CLW
Wand of CSW (few charges left)
Wand of Enlarge Person
Wand of Mage Armor
Wand of Shield

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