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Bruce Stilgrasen's page

44 posts. Alias of Jonasty1031.


Blergh, dead. Good luck to everyone else and it'll be cool to see who makes it out alive.

Bruce simply nods and rises as the others cast their vote. He doesn't seem sad or upset at all, emotions a foreign thing for his species. Well it appears that despite any evidence to the contrary I am to be the next one removed. So be it. He gets up and moves to the center of the chamber before sitting and raising his own hand in vote.

It would seem logical to use my death as a test of Wowbagger's theory. If I prove to be the mutant then we will know that his theory is correct and you will all be safe. But if, as I know it to be, I turn out to be simply a casualty of these events I would posit a new hypothesis. That the mutant might be the one who first cast doubts upon me. I would advise a careful watch of the one you call "Wowbagger". It should lead you to question why he was so quick to condemn me if I am not the mutant. Either way, I wish you all well.

Bruce votes for Bruce Stilgrasen.

You are correct mathematically and should I live long enough to be one of three remaining, I will of course have to vote. But as my vote would not have swayed any of the previous outcomes, there is little merrit to your argument. In fact, had I voted previously there would have been a strong probability that there might have been a tie in the results which has already been established as advantageous to the mutants. My lack of voting has avoided a possible deadlock in the votes and has been far more helpful than allowing myself to vote without logic and simply for the act of voting.

Silence simply establishes a lack of facts with which to base a judgement on. One can not base a theory on a lack of facts. While the only fact I know is that I am not a mutant, it will be interesting to see if this fact alone is enough to postpone my inevitable lynching.

Vote is null.

There is still no rational for these choices. Perhaps one will be found before the next voting.

Vote is Null.


Bruce simply watched the others. There was no logic to this. The deaths added nothing to the survival chances of any of the others. We are doomed.

Bruce simply sits and watches the arguments as they continue back and forth. It was simply too early in the crisis to be able to accurately judge someone's mutation chances. Logic dictated that more evidence would be needed before positive identification could begin.

Vote is null for now.

I didn't send any PM's last game but then again as the Stalker, it was to my benefit to remain hidden as long as possible. :-D

I'm already liking this game's feel and it's especially fun to see all of the interesting avatars in action.

Bruce simply watches as the others eat. Having eaten a week before, his body would not require sustenance for another 6 cycles. Given our varied physical and physiological differences, it will indeed be difficult to determine who amongst us has been infected with a mutating strain of radiation. There is much to ponder before making a vote towards the determination of a suitable subject for isolation.

Name: Bruce Stilgrasen

Planet of Origin: Mars

Species: Promethean Colonist

One or two lines about appearance: Bruce's skin was a deep shade of blue traced with splotches of purple. He possessed no body hair to speak. He was also 7ft 3in tall, limbs and torso much thinner than that of his human counterparts.

One or two lines about personality: Bruce is a quiet, logical person. As a species, Prometheans were devoid of emotion at least as humans understood it and Bruce came across as aloof and clinical.

Occupation: Deep space particle drive specialist. Prometheans were singularly suited to working in zero- or near zero-G environments due to their unique physiology.

What your character was doing when the Alert went off: Bruce was suspended in a zero-G isolation hammock sleeping. I'll hunt these villagers one by one, their blood coating the ground until I've cleansed the wood of their invasive stench.

Eyes popping open he could hear the warning klaxons going off. Pushing smoothly off the floor he glided to the waiting hatch and began to make his way towards the evacuation zone. I should avoid watching historical human werewolf fiction before slumbering it seems. What a vivid and nonsensical dream. Me a woodcutter turned monster. How peculiar.

Having a history of GI problems, and formerly having an ulcer, I can compeletely sympathize. Hope you feel better soon.

Very cool. I'll have to check out the base game cause I could play that with some of my less than hardcore family members.

Jedi/Sith immediately catches my nerd ear.

I was gonna ask Ryuko, in a more broad term how you came up with the overall concept for this type of game. This was really fun and it adds a lot more energy than sitting around waiting for your turn to roll the dice. Very cool.

Yeah a good close game for sure. I'm already looking forward to and hoping that Ryuko will be running another similar game very soon.

Busted lol! Good game all.

I feel like a walking corpse, the rest of you so nonchalant about lynching me tonight. You've already moved past the fact that you're killing an innocent man and have moved on to city planning. Warms the heart it does.

Bruce sets his empty mug aside and looks imploringly at Whitey, knowing that his life hangs in the balance. My life is in your hands old friend. I only hope that you will see fit to save me this night by tying up the vote. Otherwise an innocent man will die here and you will be left with a killer in your midst.

Bruce gives a half hearted nod towards Tristen at Whitey's words. If I survive the night.

Now that could sway my vote right there! Yes, once this nightmare is over, we'll begin the election campaign for Whitey McWhite, future mayor of Laniel.

Bruce chuckled. Well Whitey, while I said I wouldn't vote for you in this terrible business, I might have to add to that Mayor. I'm sure you'd do fine but we'd be woefully lost without your expert hand at brewing.

But you do speak the truth, it will be hard breathing life back into Laniel after everything that has transpired. With work we can do it but it will be a struggle. Granted after this, I think we'd all find it a welcome task compared to what we've had to do.

Bruce nods to Leto and raises his mug. Amen, sir.

Bruce sighs as Theon casts his vote. I've given you nothing but honest answers since this began and yet I am cast out so quickly. When I die tonight, and you are still left with a wolf in your midst, I hope you understand that you did this to yourselves.

Turning to Whitey, he motions for another mug of ale. You could save me this night by tying the vote but I fear that if you do, you will be targeted next, either by these others that claim to be your allies or by the true wolf. For make no mistake, when I die you will still be in terrible danger. Still I would implore you to trust your feelings and to call Tristen out for what he is. By allowing him this victory, he will be free to kill again. And with Simon so bravely outing himself as the lone Scryer left amongst us, I fear he will be the next target.

Bruce raises a mug with the rest, trying to not let the circumstances erase the fact that he has known some of these men for a long time. Agreed. Well Whitey I hope to convince you by the end of the evening, but should you end up voting against me I won't hold it against you. These are times liable to make any man regret a decision, whether good or bad.

Bruce nods to Leto, not allowing Tristen's animalistic rage to phase him. You've had your suspicions all along about Tristen. Of us all, you've been most steadfast in your belief. I too suspected something was off about him in the beginning but circumstances allowed him to shift the blame to others. He calls me liar but nothing of who I am or what I've done has been any different from the man that has lived here these last years. He is becoming ever more aggressive, allowing his true nature to slowly consume him.

Bruce addresses Leto and the rest. Didn't Tristen in fact change his vote from the Professor at the last minute to Duke Leto? He claimed that he could not believe it of her. Sure he is quick to call her down as monster but he was only too happy to suddenly change his mind when the Duke once again tried to show what he truly was. It only took a few words from Alessandra for Tristen to suddenly decide that no vote was the safest option.

You call my liar yet everything you've said since this started has been falsehoods.

Bruce looks to Tristen, not allowing himself to be intimidated by this young man. You would accuse me simply because I made a mistake? Well then why not Whitey, who with the rest of us allowed 2 innocent men to die? Thankfully he's managed to prove himself innocent without a shadow of a doubt in my eyes and I can tell you all that he won't be receiving my vote. Ever.

But look at yourself Mr. Bell. Twirling your gun around, simmering and enjoying your feelings of rage. Talking of how we should have become one with the wolves, run free in the woods. You know who you sound like right now? Alessandra. She seemed to give in to her animal instincts at the end and also spoke of joining the pack. It seems to me that maybe you're simply trying to finish what your "mate" started. Maybe you're not being as overt as she was but then again, aren't lawyers skilled in spinning the truth to get the outcome they want. Maybe the Duke was right about you all along, hiding your curse with the skills of your profession.

Bruce looks down at his coat and the blood stain on it before laughing in Bell's face. And yes there's blood on my clothes, as there has been on most everyone else's, given the number of dead that we've had to deal with. We're surrounded by death and I simply haven't taken the time to do my wash. Seems to me it'd take a cold blooded killer, someone who's accepted their true nature, to be more concerned with their outfit than the death they're bringing.

Bruce nods to Simon. I thank you for your honesty but to be perfectly blunt your visions and Eldon's, God rest his soul, haven't been perfectly accurate since this ordeal started. If they had been, no one would have had to die in the first place. Can you be sure of what you saw? Have you turned your powers on everyone remaining in this room? Or are you simply allowing the true killer to influence you as he has been doing since the beginning?

Bruce nods to Whitey for another refill before settling back on his stool. I have nothing to hide and I'm certainly not the one acting out of character right now. Seems to me that the once timid boy is allowing his inner wolf to show.

Vote for Tristen Bell.

Oh wow. Now that's intense.

Bruce allowed himself a weak smile at Whitey's enthusiasm as he followed him into the bar. It was hard to get too excited knowing that there was still another wolf loose amongst them. Last night's events still felt unreal. It seemed like they had finally won and then the Doctor was taken. And he was a Baner!

Bruce took a long swig from the mug of ale set before him and then leaned against the bar. Whitey, I owe you an apology. You were not only innocent but you were right about Alessandra. I hope some day if we make it out of this alive that you'll be able to forgive me for not believing you earlier. Please know that I have your back going forward.

Bruce frowns at Whitey's response, his thoughts troubled. You do me no favors today, do you old friend? Well it seems like the good professor might be this town's next target so my vote for you will be of little consequence but in good concience I cannot change it.

He sits with a heavy sigh, shaking his head sadly. I hope you and the others are right about her and this matter is finished once and for all tonight. Nothing would please me more than owing you more than what a simple apology could ever cover.

The two more deaths weighed heavily on everyone and it was a wonder Bruce slept at all after the lynching. Bags under his eyes and stubble on his chin, he made his way to the group to hear what was being said.

Bruce eyed the remaining villagers with dread, knowing that a killer still moved amongst them. Upon viewing the scryer's findings, he looks around with apprehension. This is most troubling to see. It does indeed cast a troubling light upon the professor, if it's to be believed.

Bruce turns to Whitey. However it certainly seems convenient Whitey that you won't reveal the identity of the scryer when one of the things he found was of your supposed innocence. How easy for you to tell us that the scryer found you innocent when in fact we only have your word to go on. You could just as easily switched the results for the professor's. Maybe it was you originally seen fleeing the Baker's covered in blood. We certainly wouldn't be able to confirm this as you deny the rest of us access to the one man who could prove you wrong.

Whitey I want to believe you, I do. But your argument of innocence seems to come down to "someone said I was and you people need to take my word for it". In these dangerous times, it is hard to accept that.

Vote for Whitey McWhite.

Bruce didn't know who to trust anymore. If he voted for anyone other than Vorian, then no one would be chosen and the wolf would be free to hunt. He couldn't see any way out of someone dying tonight but right now, Vorian's blood wouldn't be directly on his hands and that was the only solace that he could take. Please let the others' judgement be right.

Vote still null.

Bruce felt hope rise in his chest at sight of the dagger. Whitey's words however tempered them with caution and fear. Vorian was an outside but he did bear the blade of a Mason. How were any of them to know the truth.

Vote is still Null.

Bruce had spent most of the day in the mill, his clothes covered in sawdust and laquer by the end. Carvings and engraving weren't something he had done in a while since he began running the business for his father and it had felt good to feel the grain of the wood under his fingers again. He only wished it had been for something better.

Returning to the town center he joined the others working on the memorial, a large plaque gripped in his hands. He set it down near the memorial and stepped back. Yes, it will fit seemlessly when it's done. Carved and polished into a beautiful piece of ash were images of an idealized view of the town, with the buildings seeming grander than they were in real life. A dream of what the village could have been. It had been accented with carved laurel leaves and ivy climbing up the sides to meet above the top. Below the images, in a delicate script almost too fine to be possible in wood was the simple phrase:

May the sons and daughters of Laniel know peace.

Bruce looked at the rest of the group around him before shrugging. I'm not much good with stone and masonry work. But I wanted to make sure I got this done. After poor Eldon's fate, who knows how long any of us have and I wanted to make sure I paid my respects in case the wolf comes for me tonight.

Hearing the tale end of the conversation, Bruce feels a sadness weigh on him at the lack of any clearer an idea of who was doing this to them. The only times we've acted, someone innocent has fallen and when we failed to act, someone was taken from us anyways. Is there no way to solve this puzzle while there are enough of us around to make a difference?

Sorry for the posting drop off this cycle, busy week with birthday stuff for me and the wife. Still on the fence for my vote this cycle though.

Bruce can't helped but be swayed by the Professor's words. While he is loathe to vote at all, he can't help but believe her innocence. I can't help but find some truth in the Professor's evidence. And Tristen, in your quick condemnation of her research it does make me wonder if you are indeed trying to hide something. I hope I'm wrong but it's not something we can risk with the dangers about us.

Voting for Tristen Bell.

Deleted my last post upon clarification from Tristen. I misunderstood the description provided.

Wow. I read through Ryuko's first assassin based game and was impressed and excited to play. And 1 cycle into the werewolf game it has all been totally justified, that was some intense posting. Wowbagger and Taraz, sorry to see you die so soon. Taraz, really excellent posting throughout.

Bruce sits near the bonfire as the early morning sun rises to cast its stark and unforgiving light across the remains of Taraz. His eyes still puffy from the tears, he watches as Eldon and some of the other men carry the body away to be buried. Light save me, I can't even muster the courage to help bury the man I helped kill.

As news of Wowbagger's death comes in, Bruce feels a pang of fear clutch his breast. They had a wolf in their midst and one of the few who stood any chance of protecting them was dead too? How were they to survive the nights ahead?

As Bruce made his way through town he noticed the young man Tristen's home was in total disarray. There were torn curtains, broken furniture, the house was a complete disaster. It looks like some kind of beast was set loose in there. With a growing fear, Bruce moved off to find some of the others in town, keeping a watchful eye out for the young Bell lad.

Bruce rubs his hands in front of the bonfire, trying to warm them from a chill that had nothing to do with the fire. As much as I don't want to believe ill of anyone, Taraz has always seemed a bit of a shifty character. Sure we've explained away his behavior as the booze talking but now, with everything happening it's not quite so clear is it?

Light but I hope I'm not speaking ill of an innocent man.

My vote is for Taraz.

Dr. Lugwaude Lächelnschiefe wrote:

Thoughts on OOC strategy: I agree with the sentiment that non-abstaining is probably a poor move as stated by Alessandra above. You can't win if you don't play and elimination is simply part of the game.

Another thought is vote control. The more fragmented our votes become the stronger control each werewolf has over the eventual outcome. If we have say 4 or 5 candidates all with 1 to 2 votes a werewolf's vote counts for more than say if we had two candidates with with 4 or 6 votes on them.

Further, I find it good practice to always hang those that are abstaining from voting. A person who doesn't vote consistently is simply a boon to a werewolf. The math generally already favors the antagonists as is so minimizing their advantage is probably a good thing unless you want a quick shut out.

I prefer and bandwagon attempt in that most people simply pile their votes on to one candidate. With the caveat that after a round or two of not catching a bad guy everyone turns on the person who started the bandwagon to discourage wolves from using the tactic to their advantage.

On another note if you have a special role and your about to be hanged it's probably wise to simply reveal it IC a few hours before if possible. The goal not being to avoid the noose, but rather inform the rest of the citizenry of your findings before you go to the gallows and are silenced forever.

I think your strategy has merit from a purely mechanical perspective but it's a little too munchkin-y for me personally. I agree that if we want to "win" against the werewolfs there's something to be said for this but I personally like the idea of people voting based on the strength of the roleplaying. If that leads to a fragmented vote then so be it.

If people choose to abstain, to me that simply means that the people pushing for the votes aren't selling their side well enough to convince the others. We've had a few people trying to get a vote started against certain characters and part of the challenge is on them to convince the others that their position is right. I don't think someone should be punished simply because they choose not to vote if they don't feel justified in picking someone. Let me be clear, this is not the same as voting for people who simply aren't posting. If they're not active in the game, then they have it coming to them but if they're posting and simply aren't convinced of someone's "guilt", why should we gang up on them outside of making the game easier?

As far as revealing the role, I saw in the other game that Ryuko would announce someone's role when they were eliminated so that shouldn't be an issue. I think if people were to do this IC before the final vote, it would indeed sway some people to change their votes. That's why Ryuko wants everything in PM, to keep it a secret.

Anyways, these are just my thoughts. In this type of game there is no right or wrong way to play, just different styles and viewpoints.

Right here ole' timer. Bruce leans forward to acknowledge Leto's question. With all of these accusations being tossed around, I'm just trying to keep track of who all is present too.

I had already stated I was at the bonfire but just to reiterate.

Bruce settles himself near the bonfire, its heat and light a comfort as the night begins to fall. Agreed, safety in numbers would seem to be best.

Bruce raises the shot to Whitey's toast before downing it. Grabbing a chunk of the offered bread, he takes a bite and watches the people around him. Most he recognized easily enough but there were a few newer faces to the village. How convenient the timing of some of these new arrivals.

Ninja'd? I was simply trying to split the party up lol. ;-)

Bruce sat at the bar reading the crumpled missive again for the hundreth time. Finishing off his mug, he knocked it on the counter to catch Whitey's attention. Another round Master McWhite, if you please.

The crest of Bruce's father, Lord Stilgrasen, adorns the cracked wax that had sealed the letter and matched the plaque hanging over the burgeoning lumber mill towards the edge of town. As the full mug finds its way in front of him, Bruce can't help but grumble to the barkeep. Of course father isn't concerned about something as trivial as a return of the wolves to the town. No the bloody man reminds me of my duty to the family as if he has ever let me forget it before. He raises the mug in a half-hearted salute to no one in particular before downing half of it.

I must be a damned fool for trying to stick it out here, regardless of what father would do if I left.

Huzzah to the game!!!

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