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Bruce Callan's page

17 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


One of my players just asked me if you add the weapons prof bonus to attacks with powers if they use your weapon as a keyword.


In the Armor chart, they list under plate armor, War plate and God Plate. It says minimum enhancement bonus, and no price. Where can I find out the prices, and what the minimum enhancement bonus is?

Thanks alot.

So my group has decided to try 4e, and because of scheduling and such, we cant all share the 3 books in the group, or some cant afford to buy them.

So my question is, has an online generator been made yet, like there was for 3.x?


Well we finished our first session, and I must say, we all LOVED IT! The wolves were easy, the puzzle took nearly 2 hours of in game time to figure out, and we only had one death, the wizard because of the Lurking Strangler. The managed to explore some of the lair of the laborers, but we ended it with intrigue and confrontations with the Greyhawk Champions who the bard decided to seek out.

All in all, the wizard who died, his player rolled up a cleric, and we will be back at it next thursday! Great so far, and no, I did not send an NPC as it turned out we had 5 people.

So as the thread title says, I am beginning the AoW AP. The characters are all really well rounded, and the group conists of:

A human mage from Greyhawk, who has lost his memory (like the movie Memento)
A half-elf bard who works at the Spinning Giant (his parents were mysteriously taken away from Diamond Lake and his mentor seems quiet on the subject, wishes to leave to see if the tales he has heard are true and to find what happened to his parents)
A half elf ranger who works for the Bronzewood Lodge and despises the mining town and is a guide of the area.
A human fighter who works for the sheriff, and is riding the line with should he leave because it is so corrupt, or should he stay to extort people.

My question is, should I send an NPC along with the group. They all decided on not making a cleric, because they figure I would. I am debating on if I should, considering they will just be like go turn them heal me. If I send one, what should I make?

drsparnum wrote:
Maybe it's just me, but when I post the URLs into IE I just get to the general AoW message board page, and not to the specific thread.

I get the same thing, or sent back to the Paizo homepage.

Thank you all alot. I appreciate it! I am going to look through the resources you have listed as soon as possible. thank you so much

They have told me the rough ideas they want to make.
Gnome Sor or Wiz
Human Paladin
Half-orc, Dwarf or Human Fighter or Barbarian
Elf Ranger or Cleric

They haven't finalized the ideas, but any advice would be appreciated. I can forsee the party being the gnome sorcerer, human paladin, dwarf fighter, Elf Cleric.

Also any suggestions for music or background noise, I know the players said that would be cool if there was some.

Blue_eyed_paladin wrote:

I did have a few quibbles with the start of 'The Whispering Cairn'... it begins a little directionless, and involves investigating a pretty darn big dungeon (which in my GMing, has killed at least 7 PCs over three campaigns, and I'm NOT nasty), then going 'back to town' to do some other stuff and then going elsewhere and then going back... there's a fair bit of legwork.

Oh, and 3 Faces of Evil might cause some logistics problems with your players.
"Why are all 3 evil cults living together and not talking to each other?"
"Where are the toilets?"
"Are we there yet?"
Repeat, ad nauseam.

I do find that the adventure, while spectacular, has a little missing in the beginning of the adventure. I have heard of the Mine Office side trek written somewhere to help start things up, and give a little XP. I know it will be a fairly brutal campaign, but my players are used to that, I don't pull any punches and they are happy about that.

In one of the players first Greyhawk campaign, I ran ToEE, and with 8 players, there was 22 deaths before it was over, but we all had fun, and continued to epic levels.

Three Faces of Evil, I have some stuff prepared for, because I noticed that it it needed it.

Any suggestions for starting up the Whispering Cairn? Or how to get the PC's together?

Yes, I have only run 2 campaigns that weren't in WoG. One in FR...shortlived, and one in Eberron. The remainder of the campaigns have all been in Greyhawk.

I know a few things from the Shackled City, and I know most of my players will be happy to see some of the Easter Eggs.

Well this Thursday I will be kicking off the Age of Worms campaign in the World of Greyhawk, and I have been debating over this or the Savage Tide, and chose this.

I have read over the Diamond Lake Backdrop, Whispering Cairn, and a few other things online and started Three Faces of Evil.

The questions I have are:
1) It seems this campaign is more logically linked than the Shackled City, but is there any chapter which needs help linking to the next?
2) What in your opinion is the weakest chapter and needs the most work on it?
3) Are there any NPC's that should be removed as they are useless or provide little to the campaign?
4 I have a group of 4 people and 1 is fairly new to the game, should I consider sending an NPC along with them?
5)Any mood music you can reccommend for the The Whispering Cairn?
6) Any warnings you can give me, besides be careful of TPKS?

Thanks in advance!


I can't decide whether to purchase the pdfs for Age of Worms, or order the issues for Savage Tide. I already own the Shackled City, and would like to run the Age of Worms or Savage Tide.

Which do you think would work better for a weekly gaming group, and if you have played through either, which would you recommend?

What are some of the selling points for this AP opposed to STAP?


I can't decide whether to purchase the pdfs for Age of Worms, or order the issues for Savage Tide (is there pdfs also for this AP). I already own the Shackled City, and would like to run the Age of Worms or Savage Tide.

Which do you think would work better for a weekly gaming group, and if you have played through either, which would you recommend?


Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

I plan on buying EtGR, although it will be my last purchase from them, as they have been putting out crap. However if it sells well, and they put out more Greyhawk stuff, we will see...

Page count greater? nope. Quality better? lol are you kidding this is coming from WotC! Cheaper? bahahahahaha seriously this is from a money greedy corporation!
This will more than likely fail, but I wish them luck, and hope that they do well. I know I will have nothing to do with it though.

I think that this adventure path does indeed sound interesting, and I will be sure to check it out, even if the magazine costs $19.99 (and I live in Canada). I am not sure if I will buy them, but at least check them out.
Good Luck to you all and your new adventure path!

All I can say is wow....this is hard to believe. I hope that the new magazine goes well, and that they have success with it, but it is really hard to believe that WotC and Paizo are ending such long running magazines.
Oh well, we must be optimistic, even if this news totally sucks.
The only major downside I can see is the ridiculous price that is going to cost to buy, and I live in Canada which means even more. I may just not buy them for that reason. I am sure the quality will be the same if not better, but the price is just so much.
I wish you well on this, even if this news completely sucks.

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