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Jeb Graden

Brother Kedan's page

16 posts. Alias of Saint_Meerkat.

Full Name

Brother Kedan




Cleric 1







Special Abilities

Turn Undead




Celtic Trio of Skill - Oghma (knowledge), Dagda (protection), and Lugh (skilled in many arts)


Celtic Area



Strength 16
Dexterity 15
Constitution 17
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 17
Charisma 11

About Brother Kedan

Brother Kedan - Human Cleric 1: Exp: 0
AC: 10 +4 armor +2 dex = 17
Hp: 11
BA: +0 +3 str = +3
Init: +2
Speed 30'
Saves: Fort Reflex Will
base +2 +0 +2
abilty +5 +2 +4

Skill Focus: Concentration
Extra Turning

Skills: (2+2)x4= 16 +4 human = 20 lvl 1

Concentration 4+3=7
Decipher Script 2+0=2 (cross class)
Diplomacy 4+0=4
Heal 4+3=7
Knowledge: Religion 4+1=5


Level 0 - Light, Detect Magic x2

Level 1 - Bless, Cause Fear (Detect Secret Doors)


Chain Shirt - Blue Pictish rune on front and back
Light Xbow +10 bolts
Mace, heavy
Traveler's Outfit
Spell Component Pouch

Brother Kedan chose the clerical life for two reasons. He liked to be around other people, and he didn't really know what else to do.

His father knew some highly placed church officials, and Kedan didn't exactly distinguish himself at his studies. It wasn't that he didn't want to learn, it was just that he wanted to be outside -- talking to people, breathing fresh air, being free.

A horribly disfiguring accident a few days before he was to take over his first parish prompted leaders to assign him to an inside position. Forced to spend even more time in the hated books, he walked out one day eleven years ago and has been walking since.

To those who are willing to accept him, he is a reliable friend and eager to lend a hand. Poverty is perpetual because he is constantly giving -- not because of any vow, he just enjoys it.

He uses the little he knows for good. He's not perfect -- a rude comment about his face will bring out the fight in him, if he's had enough drink. He moves on when he feels it's time. He's bitter, has low self esteem, and is sometimes paralyzed by self doubt and depression. However, when he is in the presence of extreme need or distress he truly shines -- long enough to rally the downtrodden or inspire those without hope.

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