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Jarl of the North Wind

Brother Fen's page

RPG Superstar 8 Season Star Voter. 1,848 posts (1,954 including aliases). 67 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 5 aliases.

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Here Be Cosmic Monsters and Devotees of Beings from Beyond!


The Strange Aeons pawn collection continues the high quality of the Paizo pawn collection. Well made with sturdy card stock and gorgeously illustrated, this set contains all of the cosmic baddies and their henchmen that you need to run the Strange Aeons Adventure Path (well not ALL of the pawns you need, but you get the drift).

If you're not running Strange Aeons, then this set is still useful for those of you running occult and horror adventures. You get weird space creatures and tons of cultist types that typically populate such adventures. This would even work well to supplement a more modern adventure based in Call of Cthulhu or the like.

I'd like to say "Warning: Contains Cthulhu" but sadly the great tentacled one still sleeps in R'lyeh until he gains representation in pawn or miniature format. So instead, we'll say "Warning: Contains Cultists of Cthulhu". Just shake, stir and set up your table with enough cosmic horrors to drive you insane and back again.

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Future Calling! Dungeon issue 100 was a classic!


This special oversized issue of Dungeon Magazine contains several of the imaginative and challenging adventures for which the book was known. You get four big adventures including classics like The Lich Queen's Beloved and Beast of Burden in addition to several Critical Threat NPCs included throughout the book.

It is simply jam packed with adventures and tools for your Gamemaster's Toolkit. There are errors as noted in the previous review, but time tells the tale overall on the value of this issue and Dungeon #100 passes the test with flying colors.

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Works to build NPC encounters in the streets, in the wild or in the dungeon!


When I first picked up the NPC Codex, I thought it would be what the Villain Codex would eventually become. Conversely, when I picked up the Villain Codex, I thought it would be what the NPC Codex was. Fortunately, both are great books and I may even prefer the Villain Codex as a GM, as it gives us a great selection of generic NPCs that will pop up in a variety of scenarios.

The Villain Codex Box continues the tradition of pawn quality from Paizo. They are made of sturdy cardstock with gorgeous full color artwork. Inside, you'll see everything from groups of town guards, to crazy carnival freaks, to sinister secret cults and so much more.

This pawn set works best in groups. Just grab the group in total and plop them on the map and you're ready to go! No fuss, no muss and you have all of the corresponding stats at your fingertips inside the Villain Codex.

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Hey Game Masters! Build Your Monster Armies With This Box!!!


The Monster Codex Pawn Box is the perfect set with which to build your monster armies. Get the basics with the first Bestiary Box and then stat it up and pimp out your enemies with this amazing set of monster pawns. You get everything listed in the set description and more as you will strike fear into your players as you load up trays with a never ending flood of villainy!

Buy it today - if you can!

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