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Gorgeous piece with good weight.


If you're tired of always having to refer back to the book to figure out which way is north, then the Deven Rue compass Rose is the answer to your prayers. Just drop this baby on the table and everyone will have constant Know Direction in effect for the remainder of the game.

It's that simple. The metal has a nice weight that feels good in the palm of one's hand and it lays heavy on the table. This is quite useful in holding down maps that may try to fold or roll.

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Map Folios for Gamers in the Round!

****( )

Make no mistake, the Map Folios add a lot of interactive value to your gaming table. Unfortunately, we live in an era where one product is expected to meet the insurmountable demands of the online community as well as the practical demands of the live in the round gamer.

I fit in both camps, but as I run and play games live in a game shop, my feet are firmly planted in the reality of gaming. For our purposes, these map folios are invaluable tools in helping run our games. Whether it's the fold out map of Varisia in the Shattered Star folio, the map of Numeria in the Iron Gods folio or the gorgeous fold out map of the Ironfang territory between Nirmathas and Molthune, these maps make the game so much more fun.

No, we don't need exact distances or to-scale artwork. These maps are meant for players to gather around, much like a war table, to plot, strategize and otherwise work out their plans in the ever changing campaign. There are plenty of maps available in the various books with exact measurements and pinpointed locations for working out travel times and distances, but this map is not for that purpose.

If you run Ironfang Invasion with the optional militia rules, you will see the true power of the large map - dare I say - unfold. Players and game masters can mark areas of concern or conflict and work out their militias maneuvers for the coming week with the help of this strong visual aid!

Yes, it would have been nice to have a map of Longshadow, but in running that adventure, it would only be used for the actual assault on the city, which comprises a very small part of the adventure. Instead, we get beautiful maps of the dwarven city of Kraggodan and the otherworldly Vault of the Onyx Citadel.

The strategy for choosing these maps is mostly lost on internet gamers that can't see past the edge of their screen, but practical gamers that live in the round, know the power of these gorgeous territory maps with themes, locations and inhabitants sketched out. This is also the only place you'll find a map of the darklands vault or a dwarven sky citadel.

If you're running the Ironfang Invasion, you owe it to your players to pick up this folio today!

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Best of the Dragon Series! Easy to Assemble!


This is easily one of the most impressive dragon miniatures that a GM can place on the table. It comes in the box in a couple pieces that easily slide together, so I'm not sure why anyone would have difficulty with it. The detail and paint are fantastic and it will truly take away the breath of your players.

It should be considered a "must-buy" for anyone running the Shattered Star adventure path or anyone that loves great dragon minis. Get it today, before it's gone and you find yourself in the forums begging for a reprint.

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Paizo finally gets rid of annoying labels! Perfect starter set for your game!


After years of having to hide the labels on the bottom of my pawns from the prying eyes of the meta-gaming scum that occupies my game table, Paizo finally does me a favor by getting rid of all labels for this pawn set. This is a pure godsend as I no longer have to worry about my players trying to get game knowledge by reading the labels.

This set continues to maintain the high quality of pawns that we've come to expect from Paizo. The art is crisper and clearer than on any pawn set prior. The cardstock is sturdy and the coloring is vivid.

For Game Masters on a budget, this is the perfect starter set from which your players can choose the perfect pawn to represent their PC. When I opened this set, I immediately pulled out close to twenty pawns that will serve as NPCs for my current campaign. When passed around to new players, they all found the perfect pawn for their character right from this set.

It's great. Pick it up today and continue to build your pawn collection until world domination is achieved!

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