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The prices on the secondary market have been ridiculous. Still no luck in securing a copy.

Thedmstrikes wrote:
Dude! I thought I was the wannabe necromancer...

I can't let you have all the fun! ,)

It's still not too late for someone to pick up the City of Brass baton.

Make sure they build their characters properly. Start at first level with a 15 point build and go from there. I wouldn't suggest limiting what type of builds the players can play as that is part of the fun of the game. Some players love designing whacky characters, so there's no need to rob them of that joy.

Just focus on keeping the game balanced. Start with the lower levels with a proper stat array and everything else should fall into place.

The best villains see themselves as the hero.

Maybe the interiors are being planned for one of the dungeon tiles expansion sets.

1) Start with a successful grapple in one round.

2) In the next round, continue the grapple (with +5) but instead of applying damage, the grappler opts to throw the subject of its grapple.

3) Compare the weight of the subject with the strength of the grappler to determine the distance of the throw.

Example: Our half-orc thrower with a STR 18 can lift 300lbs. He hoists an enemy fighter in armor over his head. He weighs 200lbs with 75lbs worth of gear for a total of 275lbs. That's a 25lb pound difference which is the equivalent of STR 2 for a total of being able to throw the fighter two feet rounded up to one range increment of 10 feet.

CMB +5 for control vs CMD. For every 5 points by which the target DC is exceeded add one range increment to the distance thrown.

4) Apply falling damage to the thrown target. 1d6 non-lethal damage for the first 10' plus 1d6 lethal for each successive 10' thrown.

The thrown target is allowed to make a reflex save for half damage vs the DC (CMB result) of the throw to roll to their feet. Failure results in them landing prone and taking full damage.

Repeat as necessary.

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The rulebooks will be remade. Yes. It's not a reprint.

Thank you for the response! :)

There are a ton of great suggestions in the RPG Superstar forum. It's worth digging through.

One can compare the 3.5 books to their Pathfinder books. None were really updated, but instead offered in different collections.

I haven't started this book yet. Perhaps it's best to roll the two durations together. Make both exposures occur after every twenty four hours.

Does anyone know which bonus map is in this collection?

Matthew Downie wrote:
Brother Fen wrote:
Do you have a source for that anywhere by chance?

It's not easy to prove a negative.

But there's a relevant designer comment here.


Pizza Lord wrote:

Brother Fen wrote:
Take 10" means taking ten rounds,...
Not quite. While Taking 20 takes 20 times as long (because you are trying over and over until you get a 20), Taking 10 does not take more time, you are just making an average run-of-the-mill attempt (ie. an average roll of 10).

Do you have a source for that anywhere by chance?

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How about "neither".

Make mine Mythic. Moldvay box to Pathfinder. I don't have a problem with high level play.

Preview image is from the Waterfront Map Pack.

Surely Elric could afford better healing. Cure Light Wounds wands are really only a concern for low level PCs.

It's impossible to find the Return to the Ghost Tower of Inverness, however, you might be able to get an answer from the author, Creighton Broadhurst of Raging Swan Press.

I love the ideas behind some of the newer flip mats!

Moar sewerszszs! The placeholder art is from the Ambush Sites Map Pack. I hope this means the Bigger Sewer is a bit more compatible with those cards.

It's just a flavor that Paizo no longer likes or wishes to support.

If you pick up the collected editions of Worldscape, they compile the game info in the back of the hardbacks.

It's really a GM decision. "Take 10" means taking ten rounds, so if they had that time uninterrupted, then they could do so.

nighttree wrote:
I hope we get more information on just how the whole "Runelord" title works. For a long time I thought it was the basic "assassinate your predecessor" to gain the title....but James stated somewhere that's not exactly the case.....

Doesn't one just claim the title and lay waste to dissenters?

I don't have a problem adding 1+1.

I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about disparities between your players' character builds. There should be situations where the martials shine and vice versa for the casters. If the martials are dominating EVERY encounter you throw at them, then you need to vary your encounters a bit more.

Trying using swarms or troops from time to time. Throw in a haunt every now and then. There are endless combinations that can be used. Published adventures are very good at varying encounters, whereas homebrewed GMs might lack the experience to mix things up so well.

If you try mixing things up without success, then I highly recommend picking up a proper Paizo written module or adventure path and running it. They'll do the hard work for you and you can still have fun customizing it to challenge your group.

Just picked up Spiral of Bones #1. Can't wait to dig into it!

Yep. You can do all of that with Hero Lab. You just have to buy the data packages.

Ask them not to read the spoilers online and provide a printed or pdf explanation of the item in question.

Palidian wrote:
Brother Fen wrote:

There won't be a print on demand. That's not how Paizo's business model works. They print a stack of books and try to sell them. If they made them available indefinitely, the scarcity of the books would drop and devalue them tremendously.

Buy what you're interested in before they're gone. That's the option.

I don't believe this is entirely accurate. If memory serves, Paizo has said that they don't have print on demand because they have yet to find a service/facility that meets their high standards. They definitely want to have PoD, they just haven't managed to find one they like or don't have the available funds to purchase the desired equipment.

OK. Keep holding out for that then.

Moar shifter love!

Ooooh! Time travel. This one sounds fun.

It looks very homogenized, much in the way that all Starfinder characters feel homogenized.

There won't be a print on demand. That's not how Paizo's business model works. They print a stack of books and try to sell them. If they made them available indefinitely, the scarcity of the books would drop and devalue them tremendously.

Buy what you're interested in before they're gone. That's the option.

I'd recommend ignoring all of that and going with the Unchained Ninja from Everyman Games.

It looks like they're going to skip redoing the previous hardcovers and go straight to Kingmaker for second edition.

It costs a swift action to activate, but the action economy still requires the standard action to cast the chosen spell. Wild Arcana is limited to spells with a standard action or less casting time.

This was a commonly misunderstood rule in the early days of Mythic Adventures and one that continues to get misused unfortunately.

I was about to ask about print copies, but I see it mentioned at the bottom of the description.

Looks cool!

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The PCs finished Navah's tower last night. I changed the motivations for Navah's argument with her mother to be a conflict about how to deal with the encroaching blight spreading through the Fangwood forest. I thought this would be a good opportunity to foreshadow the need to deal with the events of Prisoners of the Blight.

Navah's tower was a very fun side mission to the main subplot. I really like how the tower encounters are balanced between combats that can or should be avoided versus a couple rather deadly encounters with primal or mindless beasts that can't be avoided. It made for a great mini-adventure against the greater backdrop of the encroaching war.

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Moonbeam wrote:

In the picture on page 23, it's only now that I noticed (after reading the adventure a few times) what I assume is a doppelganger in the guise of the Swashbuckler, seemingly up to no good. It's a nice touch!

Just mentioning it in case others hadn't noticed it either. ;)

That's cool. I never noticed it was the swashbuckler before. I never looked close because it was so close to the center of the book I use to run the adventure. When I ran the doppelganger encounters, I used extra pawns of two of the players' PCs to act this out. It wound up being a really fun encounter.

White Necromancy is indeed "not evil" and instead uses the caster's own essence to revivify the non-living. You should roleplay out the reactions to this but the White Necromancer can feel justified in explaining their abilities.

I've been running mythic campaigns for several years, so I'll try to offer a few answers.

1) Let them pick their own paths. Just tell them at the end of the preceding session that you plan to add Mythic and that they should choose their path and abilities before the next session. You can then simply tell them when their mythic tier becomes active.

2) If you want to pick for them, you can certainly do so, but building one's own character is always part of the joy of playing D%D, so let them pick if possible. Generally, the combat classes go with Champion. The arcane casters usually choose archmage. The others may not be so cut and dry. It really depends on the play type of each player.

I'd recommend using the Mythic Heroes Handbook for expanded options, however if you want to keep it simple you can just run the first tier from the Mythic Adventures hardback book.

Even if you don't run the Mythic Heroes Handbook, you should grab the pdf of Mythic Solutions from Legendary Games as it discusses several areas of mythic play that have been confusing for players. For example, for years, players thought they could do swift spell casting by using Wild Arcana and this is simply not the case. It is a swift action to spend the mythic point to activate Wild Arcana, but then it still costs (and is limited to) a standard action to cast the spell.

Pathfinder: The Second Age.

I like this as a final AP. We need the REAL Tar Baphon in this though. No tricks, please Paizo.

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For Golarion, I'd write an Absalom based AP with the penultimate chapter dealing with the Test of the Starstone. The grand finale would involve a four way showdown between the gods of the Starstone and the newly empowered PCs.

More goblin adventures! Moar!!!

Those are the "4E Condition Tokens". You can get them from Litko.

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