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Currently finishing book two.

Hey! Thanks for the response, Mark!

If I had to GM myself on this one, I would say the bombs land in the adjacent square, putting the aquachymest in constant danger of splash damage above water. Investing in ways to extend range seems to be the best course of action.

I think there was something, but I'm drawing a blank. I'll have to look through some of the books later.

I plan for on using the Dragons Unleashed version for my home campaign. A powerful weapon like that should be guarded by a dragon!

I would recommend leaving Wrath of the Righteous until you and your players feel like you've reached the "advanced" stage of gameplay.

From your description you played through the entire Rise of the Runelords adventure, so you got your money's worth.

My players love it when I hand out item cards - but really only for special magic items. They don't really care to get a chainmail card for a regular suit of mail. If it's a +2 mithral chain shirt, then they like to have a card for it. Cards also help a lot with tracking types of potions and scrolls if one actually has the variety available.

Over time, the players have amassed a small deck of special items that has come to represent their character deck to a certain extent. I hand each stack back to the player at the start of every session and collect them at the end.

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The entire table has to save against the susurrus aura of dark young with half the party failing and becoming shaken and then confused the next round to which the party bard replied, "It's better than being dead!"

You had to be there.

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Thanks for the insight, Wayne!

Each individual entry can be run as a standalone adventure. Whether or not one feels closure from the single adventure really has a lot to do with the overarcing themes and how the GM handles it.

For example, running any one part of Shattered Star could feel incomplete as the overall adventure is to collect the pieces of the Sihedron. A good GM can still make it feel complete by inferring that the other pieces are recovered independently of the PCs actions. A less astute GM might leave it more open.

When I GM, I prefer that the subject of the summons be determined at the time the spell begins, while the placement of the summoned can be determined up to the moment of manifestation.

You have to show your Gm the "Dragon Tiger Ox" series for wu xia campaigns.

You don't want your players summoning time elementals. There are plenty of third party elementals, but they were designed as monsters, not as the subject of summons spells. It seems unlikely that there will be more created at this time. Paizo did develop the lightning, mud, ice elementals and the like. That's probably as far as they are planning to go.

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Stranger Things had more to do with the current success of 5e than anything else.

There are stats for an Angry Mob troop in Rite Publishing's Monster Menagerie: Troops.

There's certainly nothing to stop the PCs from coming up with clever ways of bypassing the rest of the mine. Let's say a druid or cleric has stoneshape prepped, it will most likely only be one casting which gives them 18-19 feet of stone they can manipulate.

With the cave-in to area I7, one could easily say there is close to 30 to 50 feet of stone trapping the players inside. Unless they actually had multiple castings of stoneshape prepared or are using mythic wild arcana, they won't be able to bypass the cave-in.

It's a fun little dungeon side trek, so my advice would be to find a way to make them go through it. It won't ruin the game if they don't go through it. My players pretty much bypassed the entire Warbeast Camp by sneaking in and out. Of course, I'm going to add those resources to the assault on Longshadow, so it all evens out.

If set in Nirmathas, this could be a nice lead in to the Ironfang Invasion. The disappearance could be related to the encroaching Darkblight. The darkblight doesn't come into play until book five, but there's nothing stopping one from incorporating elements much earlier.

Darkblighted fey or plants are attacking farmers and destroying or corrupting crops.

See the Blighted Fey template in Bestiary 6. You can apply it to whatever fey you like.

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Half-giants are a race in Dreamscarred Press' Ultimate Psionics series. Well worth picking up!

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I'm always a bit surprised to see people railing against "Vancian magic" by saying that's not how magic works in fiction. Really we rarely see the same spell or effect repeated in multiple instances in most works. How do we know that Vancian magic is not at work? We don't. It's just an assumption that smart players make because they don't like the term for whatever reason. How many spells does Gandolph cast? How many are cast in infinite progression? Doctor Strange? Harry Dresden?

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DFAnton wrote:


PFS is a poison that's killing the base system for home games.

Amen to that. PFS has been anathema to the rest of us trying to run home games. I'm so glad second edition will siphon them all away and into the new edition, leaving the rest of us to work with Pathfider First Edition.

I had to look at the adventure again to get specifics. In the description to area I2, it states that once the PCs pass through, be it up to the open tunnel of I3 or following the tapping through the small tunnel to I7, the quarrygeists reanimate and reset the Falling Rocks Trap in tunnel I3 and the collapse the small tunnel to I7.

The small tunnel is collapsed early, but the PCs have to trigger the trap in area I3 (on their way out).

Pink Dragon wrote:
Brother Fen wrote:
30' of movement should get you to the top of the cliff. With climbing rules you move either quarter speed or half speed depending on the success of the roll. You should have to spend that extra 5' to move into the square at the top - be it part of a full movement or a five foot step.
I can see why someone would come to this conclusion, but it would imply that the 30th foot (6th square) of movement is standing in empty space next to the cliff top before moving the 35th foot (7th square) to stand on the cliff. I think of the movement between the 25th foot (5th square) and the 30th foot (6th square) as being up on the diagonal as the person climbs the last 5 feet (1 square) over the top of the cliff.

I'm sure there's some table variance. I can certainly see it both ways.

Regarding the Aquachymest archetype, do all of his above water bombs land in the square adjacent to him, thus putting him in constant danger of splash damage, or does the 5' range put it ten feet out?

This archetype gave me a bit of the "jumping the ten foot pit" confusion. If the aquachymist only has a range of 5', then anything he throws in that range (above water) would put him inside the splash damage.

In other words, is he throwing into the adjacent square or the next one out?

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Yay! Been looking forward to this list.

This section is a tad confusing. The PCs should pretty much be able to stroll right in, but once inside they find NPCs that are limited in movement and then there is a cave-in and then all of the traps reset and monsters appear. I posted several observations from my run through in the GM thread for Assault on Longshadow. You might be able to get some pointers by taking a look at it.

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Gorbacz wrote:
Grapes of Being Tired wrote:
The thread is "kneejerk reactions". If you don't have a kneejerk reaction to the game to post, you're in the wrong thread. The fact that you're here solely to piss other people off is quite literally the definition of a troll. To troll is to try to make someone angry for your own amusement. It doesn't matter whether or not they're 'innocent'.
Flag and move on, then! :)


My posts can get deleted. Doesn't make you any less a lousy GM and player.

You shouldn't have to take linguistics to communicate with your horse. Animal Handling should cover that, but Ride is the only applicable skill.

Now in the off-chance that your horse was claimed from hobgoblins that trained it for combat, then it would not be unreasonable to say the horse responds to commands in goblin.

30' of movement should get you to the top of the cliff. With climbing rules you move either quarter speed or half speed depending on the success of the roll. You should have to spend that extra 5' to move into the square at the top - be it part of a full movement or a five foot step.

Yeah, the Horned Man is a recurring myth in many cultures. Midgard Press has their own version of the Hunter in their pantheon.

GMs can assign craft skills to any monster they choose. Traditionally, dragons are known more for hoarding and don't really ever seem to build anything.

Not biting on that one. There's been zero support for Mythic from Paizo. I don't see them sullying their pretty shiny new and simpler game with mythic options.

Yep. Out with the old and in with the new who like it simple.

What is "Haven"?

My initial reaction is simple and has been the deal breaker ever since this was announced. I refuse to switch to a system that changes the flow of combat by removing attacks of opportunities and making them exclusive to fighters and five foot steps should be possible during full round actions. That's all it took. I could put up with most of the other changes, but changing combat like this takes it backwards to a direction I don't want to go.

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My group, which includes long time readers of sequential art, finds WAR art to be one of the highlights of Pathfinder.

The Akashic mysteries work best for a Doctor Strange type.

Glad this is not true. It was a extra annoying every time TSR trashed one of their settings with new releases.

That would make for a whole lot of rolling to match every attack. Rite Publishing released some new combat maneuvers in their Secrets of Adventuring series that are worth checking out. Also, there are a few books that spice up regular combat such as the wu xia styled Dragon Tiger Ox supplement, Martial Arts Guidebook or Dungeon Grappling.

5e is a trap option.

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Ability scores give a texture to the abstract nature of the game.

Some of you guys need to give it a rest. You're acting like you're waiting on a kickstarter project that's ten years old. So you won't have your book right away, you'll survive. There's a copy with your name that you'll get in time.

I'm going through the process of identifying the third party content that I think adds the most value to the system such as the various mythic supplements from Legendary Games.

Yeah, you won't be given permission to share that publicly.

Why are you griping about a game you're not even playing yet. You seem to have no concept how it works, so just play the game first. If you want access to abilities that aren't class dependent, then just try out PF 2nd edition as it is more like GURPS than previous versions of the game. I've never cared for games that build like that to be honest and GURPS fantasy was always boring to me.

You are allowed to share your own maps and creations. Most folks post on the GM thread in the forum or start one in the appropriate adventure path forum.

I just picked up Silence from Sommerisk, the all levels module developed for Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder. I'm going to use that adventure to serve as the background for the mission that the PCs were involved in before they were mind wiped and wound up in the asylum. It might serve to confuse things, but I am hoping it will give them a better idea of their life before their current predicament.

Adapting encounters for one's game is part of being a GM. Templates are a beautiful tool to help with this.

This is the definition of cheese. Most familiars wouldn't have the intellect to do this.

It's incorporeal though, which opens it to interpretation.

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