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Brother Faust the Elder's page

364 posts. Alias of Turin the Mad.


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Hiding in plain sight amongst all those headstones, shallow graves and poorly documented ancestral burial grounds.

GreyWolfLord wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:


Am I thread crapping or just keeping it light? I only ask for your perspectives, not necessarily the ones I have.

I think you were trying to keep it light, but you need more Cthulhu.

Cthulhu is like cowbell. These things always need more Cthulhu. *wiggles tentacles suggestively*

Too bad we have to wait until 23rd October.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A wise person once said that very few things are impossible, however improbable.

reply to the spoiler:

It never ceases to amaze me how seldom people look down. Everyone else is busy reveling in anarchy except those being eaten and those fleeing.

I think the setting is reflecting "not fondness for La Policia" that boils to the surface with all the 'shootings of innocent victims' (that also happen to be a tad hungry for flesh of other bipeds). As with most riots, the target of their rage is not the recipient of the lion's share of the carnage. In this case, the spread of the Horde is taking place in plain sight.

I noticed scattered zombies all over the place amidst those-who-have-yet-to-be-eaten. Smartly, the larger starting pockets are in hospitals. "They're sick, where else do we take 'em? " I'm waiting for a morgue scene, but I don't know if that'll happen.

The power grid going down ... all kinds of bad. I do wish they'd shown that happening. MAybe a later moment?

Denial, always fun. "Sick" ... yeah, you guys go with that, mmm'kay.

Regarding incineration ... the point that is made is valid: burned particles could float in the smoke to be inhaled later, carried on the winds to no one knows where. The hospital full of Horde members is a giant airborne vector when the place caught fire.

A thought: What if the 'infection' spread from El Salvador? ;)

That would still be wrong if you use 2014 estimated Metropolitan Statistical Areas.

I guess it depends on where the stats are pulled from. <grin>

I'm curious is all.

Edit: Ah, I find that one is referencing a 5-county Combined Statistical Area. Which is strange, as one source cites L.A. as the largest yet the second one directly linkied cites the NYC CSA as the largest.

Interestingly, where the Washington D.C. area falls in the ranks depends on which set one examines. In the first, it places 7th. In the second, it places 4th. Either way, traffic sucks. ;)

erm, the Big Apple has a good 4.5 million more Horde members waiting to happen than Lost Angles, more or less. Or is a larger geographic area under consideration?

This week is when the "west coast offensive" airs, is it not?

We'll share. I'll eat his hamstrings first, the rest of you can take your time.

Aberzombie wrote:
Mead Gregorisson wrote:
Bacon is the only thing.
I like the way you think, and your name! When the Zombiepocalypse comes, I think we'll eat you last.

Best that someone so well marinated doesn't suffer and ruin the flavor. Eat him first.

I believe that means they shall be eaten first.

Aberzombie: Lord of the Undead wrote:
I think what we need is a good, old-fashioned Zombiepocalypse. Just sayin.....

Any day now would be nice.

Don't stare into the lights ...

*le sigh*

Too late.

I believe a great many brains will be eaten tonight.

*dons bib*


Haven't caught up yet. Be glad it's only the fodder getting killed off. All the smart ghouls are lurking behind the scenes.


Glenn is sooooo getting him some payback. We'll get to eat those just desserts. *smacks lips in anticipation*

Do we have the Splattered Whitecoats spooling up the Narfgate Program? We're going to run out of self-propelled field rations sooner rather than later...


Rewatching the first half of season 5 as we type, clearing them as we go, in anticipation of being fully caught up for tonight.

Go team Ghoul!!


It takes a truly refined ghoulish palate to appreciate the brains of the demented.

*unrolls bibs and tableware*

Shall we?


1 person marked this as a favorite.

A bejewelled floating cyclopean skull slurping souls is too tempting to resist.



Nice idea. If I ever run Kingmaker again, Big V becomes an awakened demilich.


No, no it cannot.

Izzat a bag of juicy brains? Are they ... tasty? Are they ... scrumptious?

*smacks lips*


The boxed set did at long last show up. I'm awaiting the rest of the loot (coffee mugs, miniatures set specific to HotOE, other things that I forget) to show up.

The new boxed set is on par in size with an old school VHS player, weighing in at a solid 5 kilos.

Most impressive.


They've STILL not shipped my box o' goodies as of yet. I poked them with a sharpened femur just the other day, prompting update #123. Which basically says "We hired 2 temps to help us pack and ship all this stuff via Priority Mail, please don't go [redacted] on us!"

So, yippy skippy, the wait continues.

Pathfinder simply isn't suited to a CoC style game. Better bet is to take an "E6" approach. However, given the massive retooling certain CoC monsters would require in E6 Pathfinder, I don't think it would be worth the effort. At least, not right now.


Brains is brains. Flashback brains are bestest brains 'cause you know you ate 'em.

Killer_GM wrote:
Brother Faust the Elder wrote:

The 2013 edition of Horror on the Orient Express is taking FOREVER to get finished and produced. It was supposed to be done and delivered by about GenCon this year. Instead, here we are at the end of Thanksgiving weekend and they're still working on it.


Did this update ever occur? This game which I was a player in to the bitter end (as detailed on this campaign journal) was absolutely hilarious. Any self-respecting player should wish to be a participant in such a game. Hopefully this game continues at some point in the future. The Mountain of Madness still beckons I think...

Still waiting. At this point, I will be amazed if they get this shipped to us for Cthulhumas.


Omnomnomnom ... oh, are we early? It can wait.

I kinda-freaked out a bit 2 Sundays back when, for whatever reason, I was absolutely certain that TWD was coming on that night.

Mrs. Fausts' reply: " You don't get to watch faces being eaten for another month, dear. Now enjoy some equally mindless football with me. "

The 2013 edition of Horror on the Orient Express is taking FOREVER to get finished and produced. It was supposed to be done and delivered by about GenCon this year. Instead, here we are at the end of Thanksgiving weekend and they're still working on it.


lucky7 wrote:

The knowledge is intelligible.

And no zombie, I'm not giving you any brain food. Look at your local supermarket!

Most of the self-propelled field rations to be found in the supermarket aren't all that ... well seasoned ...

Aberzombie wrote:
I believe if I get through this move with my sanity and/or body completely intact, it'll be a f**@ing miracle.

I believe that in day to day life, the most SAN loss is inflicted by moving. Not because it is lost all in one fell swoop. Oh no, it is lost in dribs and drabs, 1d2 at a time, day by day, until you finish unpacking...


The primary mechanics for combat are getting a substantial overhaul, for example. Not sure beyond that. Guess they don't want as many investigators getting off the hook with mere death at the hands of mooks so that they can properly lose their marbles and wind up gibbering in an asylum or eaten by Things Man Was Not Meant to Know About.


I would dearly love to scarf up the pair/sets of leather bound tomes myself.

Alas, unless substantial lottery winnings are burning a hole in my wallet, I don't know how much I can throw into this Kickstarter.

Fortunately, we have a few weeks' time for the stars to come right...


Go here to revel in the forthcoming 7th edition of the classic Call of Cthulhu!

Note the tasty, tasty goodies ... the promise of carnage, foolishness, madness, mayhem and violence upon the bodies of hapless investigators as they attempt to thwart the heinous acts of Mythos cults and entities!

Pledge your support ... and grovel before the Greater Evil. 'cause settling for the lesser evil just doesn't cut it anymore. ;)


GM Hands of Fate wrote:

Yeah I have made probably 40 characters for C0C. It's how I learn how to make characters in a system. Although from reading this journal, I realize I put way too much backstory into a a character that may very well die or go insane within 4 minutes. Hehe.

Maybe I will try it as a one shot.

Many of the adventures published for CoC do not delve overmuch into character development. EDIT: For a one-shot, if you are the Keeper for a group that is new to CoC, I highly recommend one or more of the short scenarios presented in the basic rules set, especially the Horror in the Attic (which I used). If they can handle that, they can probably handle Call of Cthulhu.

At GenCon / this August a new, improved Horror on the Orient Express will be released. There are a ton of props [a medallion, passports, miniatures, a soundtrack, and more] that should also be available for the HotOE as well.

HotOE - for character development - depends on the players not going 'combat munchkin' and the Keeper recognizing that the investigators really need to get through all the way to the end if at all possible. Going full 'combat munchkin' tends to make Keepers ... remorseless. ;) Having said that, the irony is that for a RP-intensive group, HotOE can really go the distance. There are dozens of NPCs to interact with without swinging a fist/firing a shot. There are a gob of ways to potentially develop one's investigators ... before they die hideously / are driven insane/ both. (SAN loss in some ways is too incremental ... but that may be the PF GM in me.) In a way, the intent here is to get attached before the fit hits the shan, making the pain and suffering all the worse.

The availability of a plethora of replacement investigators through passengers boarding and disembarking from the train along its route, even from among the crew, makes new PCs easy to introduce... yet hard to integrate as only the investigators from the beginning will appreciate the full story. I would suggest any replacement investigators be introduced by way of "your relative's stuff showed up via courier/post - part of your relative's estate demands that you continue his/her task" or somesuch.

Having respectable combat capability is a must, one could do very well with investing INT points into dodge, martial arts, punch, a melee weapon and an easily concealed handgun (such as the M1918 or even better the 'Broomhandle' Mauser). Use the combination of EDU + Occupation to collect decent language skills and - cooperating with the rest of the players - the 'usual suspects' of social/investigative skills.

HotOE would definitely reward a chargen session with the Keeper supplying the basics necessary for the creation of successful investigators.

I look forward to my other group getting to play the updated HotOE late this year or more likely / perhaps sometime next year.


GM Hands of Fate wrote:
Brother Faust the Elder wrote:
26 investigators bought the farm in the blood-drenched finale to this version of the notorious Horror on the Orient Express.
Impressive. I have yet to play CoC. I have the game, but my friends hold too tightly to their characters, and don't want to die or go insane. All the games I have tried to play in have been PBP and the GM has been consumed by Elder Gods within 3 weeks.

The setup here was to transcribe the provided passengers and crew/staff of the train into investigators for the players to use and have abused. None of the "real" investigators were harmed, on purpose. The players loved it I think.

Call of Cthulhu is a very easy game to make characters for, it is quick to play, and a very welcome change of pace from the more rules-intensive games (such as Pathfinder).

It is a lot of fun if no one takes it too seriously, as investigators often meet horrible fates, go insane or get eaten while simultaneously gibbering from an ill-timed uncovery of a cosmic truth.


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Aberzombie wrote:
I believe that every day I look forward more and more to getting the hell out of Philly.

I believe that the Horde will look forward to shambling forth from its new "ground zero" when you do.

Sweet, the ... preparatory materials' shelf life is good until a bit after that.


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Aberzombie wrote:
I believe the next few months could be the most insane of my life.

I believe that the rest of the Horde wants to know more.

Crazed Cultist wrote:

Ia! Ia!

The Old Ones crave fresh blood and meat!

The Old Ones shall feast very well during this campaign, oh sane one.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Do you have or admit to ever having a cutie mark?

Cheap constructs still cost a good deal more than animated corpses do.

You also get XP for making the corpses in the first place...


They're only unholy if you create them on desecrated ground.



Macharius wrote:
Brother Faust the Elder wrote:
3/4ths casualties with an 87% fatality rate is pretty commendable.


What were your players' reactions to this, and what are your afterthoughts now that the game has come to a close?

The players early on came to grips with BRP's fundamentally lethal combat system.

The original HotOE is a hallmark campaign. The upcoming version to be released this August at GenCon should be a substantial improvement. That is what I intend to GM for the 'Sunday crew' at such time as the desire is to take a break from Pathfinder.

If you have the chance to get the HotOE v2 in August, I highly recommend it.

May you gack 26 PCs in a single session if you do!


All told there were 36 supplemental investigators provided by Yours Truly, for a maximum possible body count of 41 investigators (not counting the cats). 26 bought the farm and another 4 are scarred for life.

3/4ths casualties with an 87% fatality rate is pretty commendable.


P.S.: The transformed train, minus the caboose with 15 of the 16 survivors, roared into Constantinople's major train station, drove several thousand people mad and made an utter shambles of the place before the life force of all those slain aboard the train finally ebbed, returning the bound entity whence it came.

I think we now know a possible cause for certain fundamentalist groups' ... at least, in this setting.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
kmal2t wrote:
Did you bury the players in the graveyard this THREAD WAS IN? :P

Beats starting up a whole new "multi-purpose non-AP/module obit thread" thread. ;)


Setting 1920s Call of Cthulhu
Adventure Horror on the Orient Express, original edition

Unlike the standard obit posts, this one will be organized by cause of death.

Flesh creeper asphyxiation
Armand Chavelle, assistant engineer
Ricarde Allou, assistant engineer - with added help from setting himself on fire
Emile Duchamps, coal shoveler
Lorenzo Berce, ambitious waiter

Jumped off the train while it was moving at full speed with a flesh creeper latched onto their faces
Pierre Marchand, coal shoveler (also had a quiot buried in his back)
Richard Montalau, assistant chef

Put own face through a glass window with a flesh creeper latched on, only to die by asphyxiation anyway
Albert Swanson, insurance underwriter

Knifed and/or beaten do death by cultist mini-onions of the BBEG
Humphrey Enderly, insurance agent
Andre Stefani, gigilo

BBEG's trusty .38 revolver
Rene Clement, cheif engineer (after doing plenty of damage to himself)
Paul DeGuerre, Chef de Cuisine (double .38 enema)
Valdimir Veslenka, lover/bodyguard of a Romanov princess (.38 migraine)
Walter Partridge, train enthusiast (.38 double tap)

Friendly fire isn't
"Diana" Szorble, assassin without a country - gunned down by Colonel Herring, a British spy and 'retired' via Russian neck twist

BBEG's 'Mass Shriveling' spell
Colonel Andrew Herring (ret.)
Mrs. Anges Herring
Albert Rumsford, devoted Herring manservant
Kerim Mochtuk, Turkish financier
Yolculuk Tutuyor, financier's butler
Lady Margaret Bramwell, aristocrat
Charlotte (Siamese attack cat)
Emily (Siamese attack cat)
Simon Johns, horrid 6 y.o. child
Amanda Johns, weary mother
Mary Baxter, tortured nanny
Lord Roger Whipsnade Palfrey, brat Peer of the Realm
Karen Lindon, cowed nanny
Armand Applegate, butler & head of staff

Total PC Deaths 26 plus 2 Siamese attack cats

2 people marked this as a favorite.

26 investigators bought the farm in the blood-drenched finale to this version of the notorious Horror on the Orient Express.

Rene Clement, senior engineer - death by flesh creeper and a .38.
Emile Duchamps, coal shoveler - death by flesh creeper
Ricarde Allou, assistant engineer- death by flesh creeper and setting himself on fire
Armand Chavelle, assistant engineer - death by flesh creeper
Pierre Marchand, coal shoveler - death by jumping off the train moving at full speed with a flesh creeper still attached to his face with the BBEG's quoit still in his back
Walther Partridge, train buff hanging out with the locomotive crew talking shop about the train - death by 2 .38 bullets from the BBEG.

Lorenzo Berce, ambitious waiter - death by flesh creeper
Richard Montalau, assistant chef - death by jumping through the window with flesh creeper attached to his face from the transformed train speeding along at 60+ mph through a 12 mile long tunnel
Albert Swanson, insurance underwriter - put his face through a glass window, then asphyxiation by flesh creeper

Paul DeGuerre, chef de cuisine - almost escaped the train after cutting a cultist's throat from ear to ear with a surgically-sharp kitchen knife, evaded grappling by 2 other cultists and a fourth cultist's botched attempt to drag him back through the window by his feet. The BBEG shoved the barrel of his trusty .38 up the chef's kiester and ventilating him with 2 bullets.

Humphrey Endelry, insurance agent - stabbed and beaten to death by cultists.
Vladimir Veslenka, dedicated lover/ Luger-packing bodyguard - death by .38 full cranial evacuation courtesy of the BBEG.
Andre Stefani, gigilo - shiv'd by cultists
"Diana" Szorble, assassin without a country - gunned down by a British spy and Colonel Herring before being 'retired' by the surviving White Russian agent provocateur.

The following were all slurped dry of all vital fluids and organs by way of the BBEG's [mass shriveling [/i] spell:
Lady Margaret Bramwell, aristocrat
Charlotte, Siamese attack cat
Emily, Siamese attack cat
Simon Johns, horrid 6 year old child
Amanda Johns, weary mother of Simon Johns
Mary Baxter, tortured nanny of Simon Johns
Lord Roger Whipsnade Palfrey, brat Peer of the Realm
Karen Lindon, Lord Palfrey's cowed nanny
Armand Applegate, Lord Palfrey's butler and head of staff
Kerim Mahtuk, Turkish financier
Yolculuk Tutuyor, butler of Mahtuk
Colonel Andrew Herring (ret.)
Mrs. Anges Herring
Albert Rumsford, devoted manservant of the Herrings'

BBEG put down via impaling shots by .30-30 rifle, 2 elephant guns and a 30-round clip from a Chicago Typewriter.

The maimed survivors included the previous investigators, a Checa agent, a White Russian counter-revolutionary, a British spy, a Romanov princess (she can get a new lover easily enough) and a few other passengers.

Honorable Mention to Jean Renout, pastry chef, who survived both face glompag by face creeper and the 5d6 fall from the train (with half of his hit points! ).

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