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Gregory Connolly wrote:
I wouldn't make a Sorcerer who was all about polymorphing, they have the best spell list in the game, why do something that prevents you from accessing it?

Lizardman from alter self has 3 primary natural attacks and you can still cast spells. Gargoyle from monstrous physique gets you four and you can still cast spells. Form of the Dragon gets you 5, and you can still cast spells. It's fairly easy for a polymorph focused sorcerer to still have access to his spells while polymorphed.

Obsidian wrote:
"Oncoming_Storm wrote:
And Vacuum always goes first, the Magus doesn't really have much going on for him here.
Why does vacuum always go first? Kensai, certain clerics, and so the I all have the same ability I thought.

He doesn't. My statement of "always goes first" was only in reference to the Beastmass and vs One. Note that Vacuum was created specifically to handle the Beastmass, hence Jehova's focus on Mass Suffocation, since everything in Beastmass has to breathe. Obviously he's much less adept at handling other Beastmass contestants, as he wasn't designed with that in mind. Something similar could have been done with Imprisonment and he could be tweaked obviously to get a higher Init (he'd only need to get Improved Init from somewhere to go before the Magus), but that's getting into semantics. My only point about Vacuum was that (without the ioun stone that I always forget about) he would always beat One and can defeat all of Beastmass in a single day.

Except One will literally never get a chance to use that arrow, as Vacuum always, always, always goes first, and doesn't even really need to use Mass Suffocation honestly. He could just as easily Persistent Suffocation, and then One would have to roll 2 20s in a row to not die. One cannot beat Vacuum.

Also, casters can get high enough fort saves to pass a 29 DC. Karzoug has a +20. Vacuum only has a +14, but he doesn't really have to worry about making any saves since anything he encounters dies before they act.

Jehova didn't even spend all of a 20th level PCs wealth. There's roughly 300k gold floating in Vacuum's pool that he could spend to shore up any perceived weakness.

Evangelist would be the best approximation of what that player wants that I can think of offhand. Trade medium armor for the best parts of bardic music, and if you pick your single domain well, the loss of one domain isn't that harsh.

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Jehova's Mass Suffocation Diviner, Vacuum, kills One without taking a point of damage unless One rolls a 20 on his Fort save. (DC 47 Mass Suffocation)

Vacuum was able to complete the first Beastmass in a single day, without re-memorizing spells or taking a single point of damage. No other Beastmass contestant really comes close.

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Prot vs _______ spell line does not make you immune to spells that do not provide control over a character. Therefore it has no effect on Slumber.

I don't have an opinion on the power level of the Hex, just bringing that up.

If a maximum of 5 extra damage (at level 20 no less) on a shocking grasp or scorching ray spell is the line where your game breaks, perhaps things other than Arcane Strike are the issue.

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me circa last year wrote:
DM is not a great counter to Invis. Let's stop pretending like it is.

The Dev ruling on temp hp from separate sources causes a few headaches, such as trying to figure out source priority.

As PoB-W mentioned, Dazed prevents them from even limping away. That's pretty harsh, though it's a lot to invest.

Hoping this gets clarified. FAQed.

I take it back then. I was under the same impression as Ross Byers, that the unholy damage was supposed to work like Flame Strike. Seeing that a level 1 spell completely protects you from it, you're right, Immo Devil isn't worth the summons.

Half the devil's damage isn't ignored by prot vs evil or evil creatures. It deals unholy damage, but that doesn't mean evil creatures or creatures protected by prot vs evil ignore it. That is a specific ability of a few spells (like order's wrath), but in general holy/unholy damage is just flat irresistible, which is what makes it good. Anti-magic field is also not really a problem as it is a personal range emanation, not a targeted ray. The dragon can use it on itself. This also means the dragon simply cannot kill the Devil with its DR 15 cold iron (even assuming it is inside the field) and its regeneration. Given patience, the Immo Devil will always win, as even with half its damage negated, it will pick away with impunity over hours if necessary.

There's also the fact that you can't force an Old Dragon to work for nothing. So the Devil has that as well.

Hah hah, I was just going to ask about why the Immolation Devil was left out. It's just an amazing blaster. It's almost worth True Name discovery just for it (although that doesn't help when doing Diabolist)

williamoak is correct. Unless an SLA explicitly states that it is useable as a swift action (such as by the Monster Feat, Quicken SLA), it is a standard action. Greater Teleport is there for fiends as an escape-kiting tool, not a tele-ganking tool.

I'm not so sure the scryer subschool power qualifies as being able to cast Clairaudience/Clairvoyance as an SLA. The power even has a unique name, Send Senses. From what I understand, "...otherwise functions as" =/= "...cast as a spell-like ability."

She also makes a perfect Warpriest, if you're not opposed to using a playtest class. My players captured and redeemed her, and she's now a Warpriest of Ragathiel.

I fail to see how OP is "over-optimizing" with either his build or the one I suggested. Every other person is a ranged combatant or a spellcaster. If there isn't at least one person with the power to end a creature and the hp to take the hits, there's going to be nothing stopping the monsters from rolling right over the squishies.

For an example, at your level, a tiefling paladin with the options listed above would heal for 3d6+13, or 4d6+15 if you didn't require the mercy.

Switch from an Aasimar to a Tiefling (Go a variant that doesn't penalize Cha if your GM lets you without having to take the feat that makes Tieflings even more underpowered than Aasimar). Take the paladin FCB bonus for Tiefling. Take Maw, Prehensile Tail, and Fiendish Sprinter. Take Fey Founding, Greater Mercy, and Extra Lay on Hands. Use a reach weapon and laugh in the face of death with your xd6+2x+y swift action heals every round.

I'm seeing a secret Rahadoumi worshiper of Sarenrae in my future, me thinks.

Gonna throw my weight in behind paladin as well. Tiefling (a variant that doesn't take the Cha penalty if possible), put FCB into variant (+1/level to LoH when healing self), Fey Foundling, Power Attack, Extra LoH, and Greater Mercy. You'll have the highest effective hp in the game, and can afford to go 2h weapon for damage so enemies can't just ignore you.

You do realize that we have a ruling, from the person that created the curse, and that it applies only to manufactured weapons, right?

It does when you add Maximize as well as Empower.

EsperMagic wrote:

good to know..thats more money spent on one weapon than trying to have a second unmounted weapon

Just be a small lancer and you'll never have to worry about being unmounted. Medium sized mounts ftw.

Here is the blog entry Mojorat was talking about.

Bloodlust wrote:
Brotato wrote:

It's an extrapolation from the Weapon Finesse on Combat Maneuvers FAQ.

I wonder if that was written before Reposition came out. I don't know when books were released.

First printing of Advanced Player's Guide, which introduced the Drag, Dirty Trick, Reposition, and Steal maneuvers was printed in April 2010. FAQ is from Oct 2011. So it was written after.

Having the ability restricted to light, medium, or no armor would negate one of the primary ways to enter the class, the cavalier. Fort/Will evasion is not as powerful as one might think. Most Fort/Will saving throws are already all or nothing.

Yes, pretty much. IIRC the Lance is the only weapon in the game right now with its wording. Everything else essentially follows the other FAQ.

As mentioned nearly every time this topic comes up: Dazing Spell makes blasters not only damage dealers, but controllers as well. That feat alone made blasters comparable to controllers. And they weren't terribly far off to begin with.

An Evocation (Admixture) wizard with Magical Lineage (fireball) and some metamagic feats is a value package and a half.

It's an extrapolation from the Weapon Finesse on Combat Maneuvers FAQ.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It's a bit of a fine line, but the two rulings are actually not related. A lance may be wielded with one hand on the back of a mount, but it always remains a two handed weapon. The second FAQ is referring to abilities like Titan Mauler's that allow you to treat 2 handed weapons *as* 1 handed weapons.

It's admittedly confusing.

So something I'd like to point out, though this has been argued back and forth extensively and I doubt it will change many minds.

Take a look at the Agile Tongue feat. The benefit actually explicitly states that it gives you a tongue with a range of 10 feat that can perform a limited list of tasks. Racial Heritage (grippli) and this feat work, because the feat explicitly gives you the tongue.

Tail Terror does not give you a tail. It gives you a tail slap attack. They are not the same thing.


You cannot use a weapon as part of a Redirection attempt. Therefore you can't use the reach a weapon gives you to perform that Redirection. Sunder, Disarm, and Trip are the only maneuvers that allow the use of a weapon to perform them. So it really is black and white.

If you really want to get cheeky, Intensified Dazing Fireballs for the 6th level slots are a quick way to start encountering only enemies that are curiously immune to fire damage.

Edit: Persistent, Sickening, or Empowered (especially with Dragonic bloodline) Fireballs are fun 4th level spells as well.

You're missing the key word "maximum" in the feat benefit description. It doesn't give you 5 damage dice. It raises the maximum damage the spell can do. 5d4 is the maximum damage Burning Hands can do (without Intensify). You don't get to automatically do 5d4 when you become a 1st level spellcaster and cast Burning Hands. The same limitations apply to Intensify Spell. You must actually have the CLs necessary to generate the (new) maximum damage for the spell for the spell to do maximum damage.

Intensified Spell releases the caster level dice cap on a spell up to 5 caster levels. Some examples:

Intensified Shocking Grasp (6th CL): 6d6
Intensified Fireball (18th CL) 15d6

I'm not sure of what you mean by "the other thing," but it is the capstone ability to a PrC that you can't enter into until level 7 minimum, making level 17 the minimum level you would receive the capstone ability. It's powerful, certainly, however, I don't see that as necessarily a bad thing given how strong the core classes have become in Pathfinder. At best, it's on par with core class capstones, Mammoth Rider just gets theirs 3 levels earlier, which is probably a good trade off for a mount so large that you'll never get into the average dungeon even on your best day.

EDIT: As Paladin of Baha-who? pointed out, the Skill Rank requirements, which I missed the first time around, put this ability squarely in the 20th level capstone court. In that light, it is on par with other martial capstones (except perhaps the rogue, but the rogue is a red-headed stepchild anyway.)

It would help if you told us the two different interpretations of the ability. It's easier to focus effort on the parts that matter that way. However, here goes:

The ability in question has three parts. The first part confers the ability to ignore the penalties that are associated with the listed conditions. The wording is awkward, I'm not entirely sure why they didn't just label it as Immunity to said conditions, since they are functionally the same. The second part essentially gives the Mammoth Rider Evasion for Fort and Will saving throw effects. The third part of the ability says that if both the Mammoth Rider and his mount hit the same target on the same initiative count (such as count 18), then the target must succeed at said save or be stunned for 1 round, after which said target is immune to another application of this effect for 24 hours.

That's the conclusion I came to as well, just didn't want to gimp the encounter if I was wrong. Thanks Darksol!

So I'm having trouble coming to a determination for this for myself and it may become relevant shortly, so I'm looking for outside interpretations. Can a person casting Sunbeam use one of their allotted beams on the same round they cast as part of the casting action, or must they cast the spell then wait until their next turn to use a beam as a standard action?

The new change to studied combat and studied strike alleviates my concerns for that aspect of the class. My only suggestion now would be can we get Strong Impression added to the list of available rogue talents that the Investigator can take? It's kind of perfect for them, I was surprised to not see it.

There are a couple benefits to getting a free Bull Rush via Shield Slam.

1. You potentially deny a full attack action to an enemy. This ties in well with:

2. You provide battlefield control as a non-spellcaster, without sacrificing damage output. You can move bad guys with pointy things away from the wizard if the wizard messed up and allowed the bad guy with pointy things too close.

3. Knocking something prone is an amazing debuff. -4 for them to attack, +4 for you to hit, they provoke if they try to stand.

Also, keep in mind that even if you manage to bullrush said monk out of your threatened space, if he moves through it again you do *not* get another AoO, even if you have Combat Reflexes.

"Moving out of more than one square threatened by the same opponent in the same round doesn't count as more than one opportunity for that opponent."

The weapon description of a Klar says it is treated as a light shield with shield spikes. However, the weapon table has it listed, for all intents and purposes, as a heavy shield with shield spikes (a one-handed weapon that deals 1d6, not a light weapon that deals 1d4).

This does hold implications for two weapon fighting. One way, two of them can be wielded for a -2/-2. The other way, they are at a -4/-4. Beats me which one is right, though.

Edit: In the armor and shield table, klar is listed with a +1 shield bonus, same as a light shield. This doesn't help with the fighting question, as it seems to be a light shield that is as hard to two weapon fight with as a heavy shield.

Grease has somatic components, so it cannot be cast while inside a grapple unless Stilled (with a successful concentration).

Ricardo Pennacchia wrote:

If being grappled is a recurrent issue for you, you may consider taking the Still Spell feat; it will greatly expand your choices of what can you do when grappled.

I personally think would be very interesting to use Still Spell with this one, or even this one, specially at lower levels...

Still Spell does nothing to stop the nearly unbeatable 10+CMB+Spell Level Concentration check needed to cast while grappled or pinned.

mplindustries wrote:

Thanks, mlp. I read that paragraph like 3 times but apparently missed it every time.

mplindustries wrote:

Yeah, I'm going to have to go with Giant Octopus being better for several reasons:

3) It has a land speed and you do not lose the ability to breath air by polymorphing into one (though you do get to breath under water because you have a swim speed)

Am I missing something here? Giant Octopus is (aquatic) and does not have the amphibious special quality, so I'm at a loss as to how you don't lose your ability to breathe air while in this form. Also, swim speed doesn't determine if you can breathe underwater, the (aquatic) or (water) subtype does. There are literally multitudes of Bestiary examples that have swim speeds but cannot breathe water.

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