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Bromton's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 109 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Goblin Squad Member

Right target the Hidden Hand for execution got ya! No need to wait to see if your a fine player with good ethics who can run with a party and not turn it into a Hoserfest, You self identified! Thank you I will ether run away or kill you or die horribly back stabbed still won't sell you ham sandwich or give you the time of day.

Everyone who is enamored with playing Evil says there is so much to it like what? Hiding the fact your character is anything but worth while?
Wow world destroyers of Ravienog we want everybody dead before us so we can be the last to circle the "Drain".
Lawful Evil the world will bow before my might kings will lick my boots.bla bla what ever.
Chaotic evil pschos R'us killing spree on a whim much? wast of time.

So what is it Freedom to act as you wish? Spell it out.

Goblin Squad Member

Being Evil is Easy it is the slack jawed simpering of immature minds with no long term goals other than to Dominate on their terms.
Lawful Evil is different you might say, Bull pucky your just another victim until you can Force your will to get things done your way.

This appeals to some they think they will be the next Lex Luthor Please just shut your whine hole when no one wants to deal with you other than your swift annihilation.

Goblin Squad Member

Being Evil Is so pathetic! I am going to be a selfish bastard run around ganking and dribbling crap out my mouth back stabbing and being a general duch to everybody who can't kill me. Wheee! I will gladly kill anyone packing such an Evil alignment and feel just fine about tracking them down like the rats they are. So I have my work cut out for me as the internet is full of loser crack head punks.

Goblin Squad Member

I still hear a whole lot of waa waa The hijack spells are cast before Teleport silly and have duration's that last hours.

Skilled work creating Items will all ways have access to goods of quality brought to them by those who want the items made I have seen it in countless games.

I in no way want or think anyone should play pack mule for money but they will. I don't think it is worth the trouble to do it.
I plan on only my team getting my time and spells.

Guilds, Yes there is power in numbers and it corrupts like all government by who gets to slice and hand out the pie. They may end up with the best junk in the game and I hope they had fun doing it. But I doubt everybody gets what they need when they need it if ever.

Just like the battle between Armor and Penetrating Attacks it go's back and forth they just need to decide how to logically get through Teleports safety factor like Dead Zones no Jumping in no Running away, Teleport traps pulling you to unwelcome locations bandit ambush or Crypt of the Azi, Attacks by Astral creatures worming in the weak spots made by travel. Something Creative beyond It will ruins the game don't please!

As to Wizards being over powered by 10th level so subjective! yes wizards can do lots of tricks but not all tricks all the time. That means yes I can Levitate and match a Rogue at climbing once maybe twice
in a day but she can do it all day long when ever, and so on through all classes The most versatile at this are the Item Makers Crafter's Extraordinaire! Half price is good for business Yes?

Goblin Squad Member

Why on gods green earth would I want to be Black mailed into Muleing for a guild? Just so they being me trinkets and reagents? that is Payment for service. My adventuring friends that fight with me get first dibs on any work I will do I don't jump and salute when Corporate head quarters calls not my thing. My time My game my rules no one pushes slaven for free down on me.
So I will miss out as you say on the Best the game offers in goods No dragon horns and pixy dust for me! Bull Muffins Freelancers will all ways have a place people will want things made without puting in a request to guild heads and the Polet Buero (sp)and waiting for them to wade through a list. All the good stuff ends up in an inner circle of friends any way.

Teleport is fine and similar spells are available to Druids Transport via Plants 6th level for druids.

What do you want Everybody ploding along so some dork can have a chance at robbing them? what ever. There used to be spells to hijack teleports they could just add them in the game or magic items that do it. no big deal.

What a bunch of Nerf hearding!

Goblin Squad Member

Teleporting is fine don't whine that someone who spent a huge amount of time working for a goal get's to do the cool thing of being everybody's pack mule! Magic is hard to get you do great things with it it is fun everybody else just wants what Wizards do and make so live with it.

It saves time people need that, you miss out on the journey that's a price is it worth it yes or we wouldn't have thought of it to save time. sheeparding people around is one way to make money but it is boring and sucks people will do it like every demeaning job on the planet so what?

Ship diamonds whoopy! the price just crashed because some one beat you to the market in one town just go to the next and provide a service keeping prices low by accessibility.

Teleport Circle IS high level end of the road business Wizards like that don't play for peanuts and it is a one way trip for a lot of people it is for Big things like war and shipping Increadable hordes of Cash Goods and Lootz and you should charge appropriately.
Again if you can do it you earned it I like Teleport on my terms I am not a Pack Mule!

Goblin Squad Member

How about a Peace Bond effecting those who travel by portal being unable to use weapons or spells for the first minuet or two apone arrival would really put a damper on fighting if the landing area is set up as a Kill Zone for the defenders?
With npc guards and a general city wide alarm to go the the Portal for PCs the Attackers could find themselves in a stone grand hall lined with arrow slits and a massive gate that is closed quickly to them.
The defenders shut down the Portal and proceed to pick apart the enemy with arrows and spells.

Personally I see invading a kingdom as just acting like normal travelers and traders till your forces have built up in the town or city and then flash mob on the castle or tower or what ever target is best.

I can't think or an easy way to defend against such an attack as towns and citys live by trade and need the influx of people.
Only if you are forced to wear colors/uniforms or your head tag says your affiliation to a town or city could this tactic be spotted.

Perhaps using such tactics hold an alignment Penalty or Reputation damaging effect. Or you get stuck with a head tag like Sad Sacker of Northfork as a warning to town guards that you might be a an enemy and should be dealt with.

Goblin Squad Member

We need sky and/or land trains would be cool The Golden Flask Express.
that way bandits have something to attack and we have something to defend.

What would it look like old steam trains or something better like huge iron golems pulling in methodical steady steps along rails.
Maybe sails and magic wind production or just teams of oxen.
Teleportation is not really viable for many bulk goods wood iron and the like, I would see it more for High value goods like magic items gems rare metals like adamentium and mithral so if you stack Bags of Holding Shrink Item spells Ant Haul spells with Portable Holes you have investment costs way above Some guy with a 35gp wagon 400 gp for two heavy horses so business wise you get cheap and slow heavy defense needed with lots of cargo(just add wagons) Too highly expensive near certain delivery in short order but limited cargo room.
I think the market will balance it out right quick Bulk takes the low road and Value takes the high road.

Goblin Squad Member

Hobbun wrote:

I want to clarify, are you asking if we would pay extra so GW can develop these extras to be bought in game? Or are we paying to actually own them in-game?

Honestly, I am not sure if I am a fan of either. Yes, can understand paying money for extra character slots, maybe for some extra clothing bling (not affecting anything mechanically stat-wise), or maybe some added tattoos (again, just aesthetics).

But I don't want them to go overboard, either. I feel the addition of things like new vehicles, races, structure options should be developed where it is available to all at base subscription cost. Because adding these options are going to have an actual in-game impact.

If they add vehicles, I hope it gives them a larger selection of vehicles that are actually beneficial in-game, they just don't look different. Same with races, they most likely will have stat bonuses or new abilities. With new structures, some may hold up better to a siege.

All of these can have in-game mechanical factors. I feel things like that should be available to all, coming out of subscription money. I don't want the game to turn into whoever makes the most money (real life) has the nicest, strongest items in-game.

The idea was that everyone would benefit from the improvements to the game. we would just be providing the money to buy Developer's time to make it happen.

Goblin Squad Member

So it looks like most people object to general fund raising so far. I like the notion of Buying character generation options IE paying for development time of new races (Goblins) or subraces perhaps new hair and body styles and tattoos general appearance options.

So we should vote on what we want expanded or added to the game at or after start.

1. Body generation options Fat to Muscleman, short to tall, hair colors and styles Tattoos piercings eye shape placement and color, scars and wrinkles, nail colors too.

2. Races what kind of extra races and subraces do you want at the start of PFO or soon after do you want? Cat people? Lupines? Goblins, Birdmen, and so on.

3. Clothing and Bling artistic work in general to improve the game what would you spend your money and vote on?

4. Will you spend cash for in game vehicles chariots, wagons, horses, battle tigers, bears, lions, Griffons, Pegussus (sp).

5. Anything that I forgot that is just so cool it must be added?

Goblin Squad Member

I think it is possible to keep the momentum of funding going with a Kickstarter event every 3 or 4 months would you be willing to kick in for increased access to the process of creation of the/your game?

With new rewards every Kickstart Like character bling clothing pets jewelry weapons and armor.
Not to forget levels and theams that go with them. What would you want for rewards and in what order of investment do you want to see them in?

Goblin Squad Member

I agree that a series of kickstarter would be better than a sellout to a brain dead corporation. I think one every 3/4 months should do the trick if it is as effective as the first.

Goblin Squad Member

I vote for no Moron names like the dreaded Manboobs etc. or give me a way to ignor or shoot stab heckle slap like a bit of crap that they are for being brain dead troggs.
You hear me Manboobs! I will kill you! by hook by crook and dieting! :)

Goblin Squad Member

Good grief I just want a net!

Goblin Squad Member

I want to make Wondrous Items They are my favorite type of magic item and everybody wants/needs them.

Goblin Squad Member

I would like to adapt the resource gathering template of PFO where for you buy a kit/camp from a dealer you take the kit in to the wild find a resource and set up your kit into a camp that draws in NPc's to work at the camp leaving you to defend the camp and make delivery's of goods produced.

So the war side of Kit/Camps would be finding a suitable place near your enemy but far enough away as they can't see you right off Possible using building site rules for large things like siege engines.
Now as your part of the siege camp it is you and your guilds/kingdoms job to look out for it/them for multiple kits/camps feeding in food swords and armor and producing troops related ether to the kit purchased or to the resources fed into the camp after set up.
Each camp can only support X-number of troops requiring the Kingdom to build many kit/camps for large army's.
Now how to command them? I envision the Kingdom/guild or you as an individual if you have the resources and will to use such a kit/camp will have options on an interface screen (This is by no means a complete list)Follow and Defend Me or designated Other/Bob. Ignore all foes accept the one that I attack and so on. Also I see a Go Patrol option where a unit follows a set course from a small map with options of kill all foes and report to Flee and Report Guard Site/Building attack all foes who enter Perimeter(set up in small map) and so on.
With these basic options I believe you could have an army and get into the action as you like.

Goblin Squad Member

Save up your fiat money and go Big!

Goblin Squad Member

Simple they have the resource Packs that make camps for workers to gather wood and such Just take that Idea and make siege tower kit and Battering ram kit Squad swords men kit Sapper mine Kit.
Pcs bring the Kits to the battle set them up feed in resources and then set proprieties of attack and defense. Use chat channels to coordinate when you unleash your various kits and then PCs support the action as it unfolds.

Goblin Squad Member

All I ask of WAR is to know my enemy by sight. All the rest is rotting meat on the field waiting to happen.
I don't care if you geared up godling when you stand out on the battle field in your circle of defeated foes your the new target for everybody left and fresh to the fight we will see if you survive the wave of death that comes!
Ok I am crazy but war is not fair if I pick the wrong side boo hoo wah! I will live it is only a game and I can start over again some where else in the world if need be.
From what I have read from the blog there will be war we will fight over resources and land rights of passage all kinds of things the only problem I can see is Knowing your Enemy How do you spot a patrol of those damed Richvill Raiders when your a member of Kingston's Kossacks? How do we see them from normal adventuring guys?

How about tours of duty? You sign up get a colored tunic with or without heraldry and you serve for a time.
Then what do you do if a adventuring group with no colors buts into your little war?

Goblin Squad Member

Don't forget the spells Fly and Overland Flight also the ones that can transform a person into a Flying creature.
Brooms of Flying, Carpets of Flying, Wings of Flying, Cauldrons that Fly as well. There is a rich tradition of flight in the P&P game to expect flight to be included is not far fetched.
I would fully expect flight to be as dangerous as ground travel with ambushes from many different Ariel monsters maybe even high ranking Rogues with mounts or items.
It would set the Game on its own level to all other mmo's. to have Ariel combat as a standard part of the game.

Goblin Squad Member

Gruffling wrote:
. We won't have to worry about hordes being intentionally groomed to fill a hex, as if they're seeded at Day 1, by the time anyone gets to em, they'll be veritable orc and ogre empires.

Sweet I would so love to get Krackin on defeating an orc/monster empire! that would be epic to start newbi fresh cutting your teeth on an Empire and Finnish them off at Epic badass!

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Fractional reserve banking is a Ponzy scheme designed to create Debit. Look at today's world banking market Everybody with their hand in everybody else's pockets digging for a bailout that is what you get.

Anyone who wants to run that system is ether a crook or ignorant any way you cut it I don't trust you with my money.

Goblin Squad Member

I like the suggestion that parking for the night in a barracks or fort really any building would make available for its defense ether your character run like a bot or an NPC of your level.
This would make taking a city more difficult or robbing building a pain.

Goblin Squad Member

A ball buster what to do with Fabricate?
Should it speed up Crafting? Should it replace needing certain tools allowing work to be done cheaper? or in places not normally condusive? wet caves and farmers back 40.

Shrink Item is it just a wizards backpack boosting spell? or can all trades benefit?

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A cool +1 Verbatim bomb like that any day I will read!

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The bridges and boats must have a reason to exist! sink the Plate packers!
Paid for by Teamsters Union.

Goblin Squad Member

I am happy they mentioned Draft animals so vehicles like wagons are in!
And many methods of traveling hopefully that includes Magic items as the game develops.

Goblin Squad Member

No slowmo bull dreck fight in the moment or not at all if you want slowmo get a video capture system prog and live it up! boring heferlumping DRECK!

I want cover to matter hiding to matter jumping and dogeing like mad monkeys to matter no walking pushing though another character I want to have to circle you to get your flank trick you to turn wrong and Bam! sneak attack! It would be great if I didn't need to push a Sneak attack hot key just the right place and time but that sounds complicated.

Goblin Squad Member

WAR! kill them all!
It does look like the locals will have a resurrection advantage at an inn or how ever they do res points there inn should be closer but they could have a Mobile or build on site shrine/inn binding point to even that out then it comes down to players with powers and numbers flowing into the conflict. Perhaps treaties with other settlements will come into play raising armies to relive sieges and fight on a level playing field army to army and the besieged settlement can always sally forth and pincer move the Aggressors at such a time.
It could get up to quite a Brawl lines mixing friend and foes shifting around targeting will be a nightmare without a TAB tracking. Battle Colors would be nice to cut down wasted time looking in the wrong direction IE We are blue They are red and green are Friends and so on.

One life per war sounds dreadfully DULL in a game where I could get snuffed in seconds I say let me come back as many times as I like till I get bored with dieing in a hale of arrows and fireballs.
In War forget Bounties it is hell time the worst happens, Rise up and beat it back oh Goodies Two Shoes I dare Yah!

Tactics the plan the brawl what happens it will be grand! I say let fights burn for as long as people are willing to spend resources( time equipment arrows loss of degrading armor whatever war costs) to achieve their goals.

Goblin Squad Member

Remember Caesar's great siege he build two walls one to keep the enemy in the city and one to protect his men from attack from without by partisan forces against the Gauls I believe.
So attackers should be able too build defenses as well or be flanked and dealt with harshly.

Goblin Squad Member

If I was resting at an inn and surprise! it is being knocked down burned what ever when I log back on I might just start some killing just for the heck of losing my fav inn and I don't want to be picked off standing in the wreckage like a duffus.
Indeed what should happen to all those who loged off at a building? No rest benefits? HP damage? loss of goods?

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I do! seriously how are merchants going to compeat with just anybody with a backpack?
I want to design and color it from the ground up. get some high walls with arrow slits for fighting back bandits from cover. Maybe a archer turate on the roof. Upgrade the wheels with blades to cut down chasers and so on.
And I could take my whole party with me to fight.

What do you want to build?

Goblin Squad Member

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I just want a Hideout for a cool stash place in the woods forget the banditry just good country livin.

Goblin Squad Member

I hope they do full swimming environments in lakes rivers and dungeons just so they can have the mechanic for doing Flying in the rest of the world. I am not a programmer but it would seam an easy thing to do.
Fishing sounds fun. With proper magical gear exploring the depths can be a blast. Again I think 3D movement for all areas would be KILLER the top game of the year!

Heck I want a book on castles and vehicals and running them for fun and profitable adventure.

We don't ride horses we fly the skyship Perigrin we live in castle Stormgalt we go goblin bogging in our Battlewagon Heracules!

Something along those lines with gear and enchantments to spice it up.

Goblin Squad Member

Blaeringr wrote:
Keep in mind that the bounty system only works in areas where law is enforced. If you're walking through the wrong forest, you simply won't be able to place any bounties at all (at least officially) on ol' RJ.

Why shouldn't a griffer be hunted down no matter where they are? I didn't think it relied on NPCs to enforce bounties just Pc interaction.

Goblin Squad Member

So I am walking through the forest and Robber John ganks me ticked off after coming back to life I place a Bounty on RJ For say ten gold.
But in the mean time RJ has been a busy boy and ganked three more guys who want to put a bounty on his head, As I understand it once you put a bounty it is money spent from your character and you don't get it back and the Collector of the bounty gets the money automatically.
So I want all bounties issued on a single character to stack this way a new character with low resources can contribute to the down fall of a higher powered character by pooling the money and making it worth the time and risk for others to kill RJ.

Goblin Squad Member

How about making spell casters use reagents to cast spells. Low lvl spell would only use say 2 ginseng, 2 garlic, 1 mandrake root, these reagents would be cheap cost off npc vendors.

Higher lvl spells would cost more in reagents and even some reagents could only be gathered from highend zones or drops from elite lvl creatures.

This would prevent spellcasters from spamming spells if it cost them a fortune, this way spellcasters could still have extremely powerful spells but only at a cost.

And with weight limitations and bag space one could only carry so many reagents at a time.

Having to pay for low lvl reagents also helps consume ingame gold, and high lvl reagents would give the adventurer something to find and sell for a good price on the market.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- I completely disagree with this in would hamstring a wizard having no inventory for loot constantly running out of one of three items needed to cast Tops PF has one consumable item per spell and casters I play take Eschew Materials to avoid even that.
Go with an energy bar slash spell point system way before the pile of junk casting.

Goblin Squad Member

I like the extra D storage items I think they should be just as hard to make and find in a normal PNP game.
As for keeping them after death Shrug the price you pay to live in danger I would like to keep the Bags and Items after death but can find no logical reason such treasure would be left behind.
Maybe you could "Trap" the containers Arcane Lock, Fire Trap, the clerical Ward spells, Explosive Runes, something to put a Sting in on thieves and murderers Perhaps you could track you stolen items and ambush your previous killer? Arcane Marked Items and so forth.

Goblin Squad Member

I want Mounts, Flying as per items and spells and special Mounts, and Spells Teleport, D Door, Plane Shift two required , Druid Plant travel.

I also like the Idea of being cargo for Caravans sign up before going off line get dropped off at your destination minus fees.

Goblin Squad Member

I like the Strix Idea Flying is Amazing fun.

Goblin Squad Member

I think a look at the Kiva Model of how to get many people in and rewarded for investing on a loan/investment might help in building an investment with multiple persons each with a sub-percentage of the total investment in that block of funding.
Think of it as a investment Fund raiser with a thermometer each micro transaction is recorded to an account for the individual investor but the motivator is none of it is used until the total investment block is made.

Like a Ron Paul Money Bomb it is the small flow of cash that pays off people every week/month putting in 20 dollars not just to play a game but now you can own a piece of it that will earn a return on investment through enjoyment and subsidizing your gaming habit with Dividends/Money!

Sign Me Up! take my cash and make THE game of the decade!

Goblin Squad Member

I like in pnp ff it make the battle a puzzle I solve by Improved Initiative and going first or high as possible in the round Blast foes before partys close for melee buff party with Hast and start casting ranged touch spells as needed.
I can see doing that in a mmog.

Goblin Squad Member

Alarm spell enchantment to warn you when your being robbed and only able to be robbed when online?
Leadership feat you could have people guarding your house or hirelings and pay monthly
I think that is a good start.

Goblin Squad Member

I think Constructs will be the way to go for armys of minions if they can be flexable in HD size and scope from skeleton/framwork types to siege golems 4 storys tall.
Better control low upkeep no rotty smell.
Upkeep price in oils?

Goblin Squad Member

As a mage save or die spells have sucked eggs for me even with high DCs because of rng it never seamed to work out and I died a lot as the foes close and kill me. Terrain changers Walls pits and so on Hand spells anything to delay and disrupt the enemy was a team win. more so if I could force them in to a damage overtime area effect.

Again save or die spells without a blocker tank something are risky business.

Goblin Squad Member

I think thieves should rob encampments of foes like orcs and barbarians and drow you know be able to cruse through stealthing silent kill a few and rob the rest blind of their lootables. This would give Rogues an outlet without killing everybodys fun.

Goblin Squad Member

If we are limited to groups of 24 how will wars be handled?
Each 24 is a company? will banners or colors/uniforms be available?

How will friendly fire be handled? Could I Fireball a melee mixed group and only the bad guys get killed?
Can you miss with arrow fire and hit others by shooting a mob of people?

Could I Fly up Greater Invisible and Spell blast/weapon fire downward?

Caravans where mentioned would they just be PCs loaded up with goods walking from place to place or is there a vehicular/mount component we could expect?

If there is a guild fight where do you duke it out and would getting caught in a crossfire kill you as an uninvited party?

Will fighting guild vs guild trip the Marshals to attack?
If we have an Independent city could we wipeout an NPC city? through warfare?

How much Collateral damage could a Pc fight deal in a town? with fireballs and Lightning bolts arrows and blades zinging about we could wrack up dozens of npc/pc deaths to work off some how. I know the first answer is don't fight in town but what happens when you have PC settlement vs another attacking randomly or in organized waves?

Goblin Squad Member

I want to know how the building blocks are going to be handled 3d parts bins? grab and click them at attachment points? Do you "buy" the parts with resources and time invested "milling" parts? to size them.

Could you spray paint color what you build? IE Camouflager to crazy bright so you don't loss it Ever.

If you do grab and click to A-points do you get the place the A-points around the base pieces or would there be stock options like four wheel mounts on flat bed. Bench mod for front on A-point and so on?

Personally I believe many towns started as a group of wagons huddled up for safety as on or more people build more permanent structures of coarse the wagons need a reason to go out in the wilds and that's business hauling more goods than a single person could hope.
I would take out arrows healing kits what ever you can expend adventuring and Trade or sell for resources like all metals, woods, herbs and really whatever there is a source and a use/market.

I think I would try for a central location in a hex, defensible terrain and keep people there doing business 24/7 shipping out only a wagon or two at a time when full of "raw" goods. Escorts of the wagon would be goodly rewarded.

Then we might get Pc builders who want the lower price for raw goods come to the wagon towns to work or stay.

A wagon town may give a higher risk and reward by playing outside of a comfort zone for longer being closer the wilds.

What do you guys think?

Goblin Squad Member

So lets say I oould build a Wagon and it would provide me extra resouce hauling now if I had control of very the look and shape of the wagon to get an AC/defense bonus for me and passangers IE high wagon sides arrow slits exetera.
Would that be possable?

If wagons can be made should they be hidered by some types of terrain? trees being to close, rocks and what not.

Could we have caravans go out to the wildernes and be a temporary PC base? Used as a resorce depote and defense ponit Circled wagons western rip off? No immediate needs to run back to town every hour/harvest cycle.
Perhaps PC/npc merchants buying resouces/loot at the wagons in the wilderness for a discount?

Later as casters and creators get more power could they be enchanted? with increased durabiity fire and other energy resistance? Levetation/ Flying?

Now if flying/levetating caravans are possable ground based melee monsters are less of a threat so Hopfuly ariel monsters will exist Grippons arrowhawks dragons air elementals so on to keep an edge to things.

If we can build them what limits on size/shape and at higher levels materials should there be?

I am all for single man/groups being harvesters but logicaly wagons and other such devices were used for a reason.

Most importantly Do you Players want anything like this in your game?

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