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Bloodstone Swords

Broccan Dunchad's page

1,314 posts. Alias of Cuchulainn.

Full Name

Broccan Dunchad




Fighter 9 I AC 28 T 13 FF 26 l HP 153/153 l F +11/15* R +5 W +3/5* l Init +2 l Perc +12




Medium (5' 9" 160 lbs.)



Special Abilities



Neutral good


formerly Erasil, now disaffected


Wolfstone (Diamond Lake)





Strength 14
Dexterity 14
Constitution 20
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 9

About Broccan Dunchad

AC: 28 (flat-footed 26, touch 13) AC in mithril shirt, no shield: 17(flat-footed 15, touch 13)

HP: 153 (10 base +80 levels, +45 Con (+5 x 9), +9 Toughness, +9 favored class bonus)
current hp: 153

Initiative: +2 (Dex)
Speed: 20 ft. (30 ft unarmored)

BAB: +9/+4 ATTK: +11/+6 (+16/+11 w/longsword, +12/+6 w/warhammer, +12 w/javelin)
CMB: +12 CMD: 22

HERO Points: 4

Fort: +11 (+15 vs non-lethal fatigue damage)
Ref: +5
Will: +3, (+5 vs fear effects)

Description: Though young in years, Broccan appears much older. His body bears all the marks of a man raised on hard work. He is not overly muscular, but his body is lean and hard. His face is scarred, his nose crooked from being broken, and some of his teeth are missing. His chin, cheeks, and upper lip bear a scraggly beard. His manner is reserved around those who appear of noble or high stature, and more open with those he perceives as equals. He rarely makes eye contact with anyone, and speaks in an unrefined dialect of common.


Broccan, like many in Wolfstone, has worked the mines since he was old enough to lift a pick-axe. He went around to the mine bosses each morning, looking for work, although he went to Balabar Smenk as a last resort. Some days, he didn't work, but knew that no work meant no pay, and no pay meant no food, and no money for a better life. He spent most of his evenings in the Feral Dog, and occasionally the Emporium. He has been known to engage in bare-knuckle boxing to earn extra money, and he recently won a small gem (worth 150 gp) in such a match, which he has used to finance his nascent adventuring career. Broccan doesn't think much of himself. He has always wanted a better life, but isn't certain that he deserves it. He doesn't know if he can become a hero if he wasn't born to it, but he's decided to try.

+1 Spiked full plate (+10 AC, +3 max dex, -4 ACP, move 20 ft)
+2 Spiked heavy steel shield (+5 AC, -0 ACP)
+1 Ring of Protection
Keen longsword +1 (1d8+6 (+2 str, +1 magic +2 specialization, +1 training, 17-20 x2, type S)
Masterwork warhammer (1d8+2, x3, type B)
Spiked Gauntlet (1d4+2, x2, type P)
Javelin (1d6+2, x2, 30 ft, type P) (5)
Dagger (1d4+2, 19-20 x2, 10 ft, type P or S)

Earring of Darkvision
Traveller's Outfit
Flint and Steel
Belt Pouch
Mithril shirt (+4 AC, +6 max Dex, -1 ACP, 10 lbs.)
Grappling hook
50' of silk rope
1 Bag of Caltrops
2 days' trail rations
4 empty sacks
220 gold, 2 silver, 70 copper pieces
3 packets of Flash Powder (from APG)
2 packets of Sneezing Powder
potion of haste

Weight carried: 131.5 lbs. (heavy load: +1 max dex, -6 ACP, 20 ft, run x2)

In-town Gear:
Traveller's clothes
Mithril shirt
Belt pouch
earring of darkvision
1 packet of Sneezing Powder
19 gold, 2 silver, 10 copper pieces


Weapon Focus: longsword (+1 to hit with this weapon)

Greater Weapon Focus: longsword (+1 to hit with this weapon)

Endurance (+4 to checks and saves to avoid non-lethal damage, can sleep in light and medium armor without being fatigued)

Toughness (+3 hp, and +1 hp per level after 3rd)

Improved Unarmed Strike

Die Hard: Automatically stabilizes at negative hit points. May act as disabled rather than dying. May take move actions without losing hit points, or standard actions at -1 hp per action.

Weapon Specialization: long sword (+2 to damage with this weapon)

Shield Focus: +1 to shield bonus towards AC.

Weapon Training (heavy blades): +2 to hit, damage, CMB and CMD.

Weapon Training (spears): +1 to hit, damage, CMB and CMD.

Armor Training: reduce ACP by 2, increase dex bonus limit of armor by 2.

Vital Strike: single attack does double damage (before modifiers and multipliers)

Saving Shield: as an immediate action, grant an adjacent ally a +2 AC bonus whenever he or she is attacked.


Perception, Wis, Ranks: 9 (+3 class skill): +12
Profession (miner), Wis, Ranks: 1 (+3 class skill): +4
Survival, Wis, Ranks: 7 (+3 class skill) +10
Knowledge (dungeoneering), Wis, Ranks: 9 (+3 class skill): +12
Knowledge (local- Cauldron), Int, Ranks: 1: +1

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